MKW Chapter 424

Chapter 424  [Dragon Gene]


Liu Yi roars and lunges towards the Sect Leader but in the end, everything in front of him blurred and the Sect Leader in front of him disappear.

“Don’t run away!”

Liu Yi suddenly opens his eyes and sits up on the bed.

So it was a dream?

Cold sweat runs down his body as Liu Yi feels like he was just pulled out from a well.

“You’re awake?”

At this moment Liu Yi realized that Maki is sitting by his bed while looking at the pad in her hands as she speaks to him.

“Xiao Mi, this lass has been by your side for three days already. You waking up should allow her to finally relax.”

Liu Yi lowers his head and sees Xiao Mi sprawling on his bedside. It seems like because she is too tired and thus is in a deep sleep.

Liu Yi stretched out his hand and gently brushes Xiao Mi’s hair.

But very quickly he reacted, “I was unconscious for three days!?”

“That’s right. Looks like your injuries were not light.”

As Maki speaks she stands up and stretches.

Her perfect curves are exposed in front of Liu Yi but it is a pity that Liu Yi does not have the heart to appreciate currently.

As moonlight enters from the window, Liu Yi notices Xuefeng who is sitting by the window.

She flutters her eyes at him. Looks like there is still someone concerned about me by the side.

At that moment Liu Yi felt warm in his heart.

But when he recalled the nightmare that he had of Great God Sect Sect Leader killing his beloved woman…Ai Ling…

Why is it Ai Ling, why did I become so angry?

What on earth are the dreams hinting… there are some dreams where I personally use techniques to kill Lin Tong and the rest of the girls…

After Maki stretches, she looks at Liu Yi and asks, “Who is the person who defeated you?”

“Great God Sect’s Leader…”

“No wonder!”

Maki nods her head in understanding, “No wonder you were so badly defeated.”

Liu Yi immediately asks, “Eh, you guys have information regarding the Great God Sect’s Leader?”

“Naturally we have a bit. Do not forget that we are a government organization.”

She taps on her pad a few time before raising it up and points towards the picture of a guy hidden under a black hat and says, “This guy is the Great God Sect Sect Leader. His identity and strength are all very mysterious. Twenty years ago he suddenly appeared and entered the Great God Sect. Furthermore, he personally killed the Sect Leader back then and became the new Sect Leader. This person’s strength is very powerful. After learning the Scarlet Blood Sutra that only Sect Leaders can learn, there is no one who can be his opponent.”

While Maki points as the information, she frowns deeply, “There was one time when Long Yi met him before. The two of them had crossed blows and Long Yi was badly defeated.”


Even Long Yi was defeated as well?

But when he recalled that he himself had been defeated when in the second stage of dragon transformation, but was still toyed with by the Sect Leader before being defeated. He can only admit to the fact, furthermore, his gaze becomes even more desolate.

Is that Sect Leader really invincible?

An enormous shadow pressed down on Liu Yi.

At that moment he really wished to give up…is there any meaning to cultivate…in the end I and still unable to protect my own woman…

Haha…perhaps it should all end here…

If I give up cultivating, everything will go back to normal…there would no longer be so many troublesome matters, no longer anyone who wants to kill me…

Liu Yi’s heart is like being pressed down by a heavy mountain. Very heavy and unhappy, giving him a lot of pressure.

An I really going to give up….

A voice keeps repeating like a recorder in his mind, give up, what is the point of working hard, it will be useless….

At that moment Liu Yi really has the intention of giving up cultivation.

But at that moment a figure appears in front of him.

{Big idiot…quickly cultivate, that way you be able to save this miss ah…}

Immortal Fox sister!!!

Right…I still need to save Immortal Fox sister ah! Lin Tong is still waiting for me in the Demon Realm!

How can I give up cultivation!

Liu Yi’s gaze becomes firm.

By the side, Maki watches Liu Yi’s gaze slacken before turning dull. After which his gaze brightens up causing her to be surprised and curious.

What on earth was that fellow thinking of just now? But he is releasing a particular charm…oi, what is the matter with me, why am I attracted to him!

Maki shakes her head as she decided to talk instead.

“We have tidied up everything and realize that the data for the gene map as well as the genetic DNA for the dragon Zodiac was taken away.”

“What? That blue medicine was genetic DNA?”

Liu Yi recalls the little bottle of blue medicine and becomes shocked, so that thing is the genetic DNA! No wonder the Great God Sect Sect Leader would come and obtain it personally!

“Yeah, that’s right…wait, wait!!!”

Maki’s eyes widen as she looks at Liu Yi in shock, “Did you say blue medicine?”

Liu Yi becomes curious, why does Maki have the appearance of wanting to eat a person…

But he still replies to her question, “That’s right. It was blue.”

Maki hurry and asks, “It wasn’t red?”

Liu Yi recalls a bit before saying, “At the start when I took the medicine from the Great God Sect disciple it was red in color but after I touched it, it turned blue.”

“So that is the case, so that is the case…”

Maki’s excited appearance makes Liu Yi very surprised, “Big sister Ma what is the matter with you?”

“Scram, you are the Big sister Ma!”

Maki rolls her eyes at Liu Yi but she excitedly says, “It is the genetic DNA showing compatibility ah! Do you know within our zodiac beasts, until now we have not found a suitable host for the dragon zodiac! As the dragon DNA rejects all the experimental bodies very harshly, in the end, we were no longer able to test it any further. I did not expect that you are actually a suitable host. This is great!”

“Wait, wait!”

First, it is not surprising that I am compatible with the dragon DNA it is normal okay! After all half of my blood is dragon blood! How could I be incompatible!

“Most importantly wasn’t the dragon DNA taken away by the Great God Sect Sect Leader? What is the point of me being compatible then?”

“Actually we still have a secret backup…”

Maki says softly before smiling proudly, “This backup is actually the No.1 experimental product. Compared to the No.2 taken away by the Great God Sect Sect Leader, there is something…slightly missing. But no worries. We will make up for it very quickly. You are an agent from Dragon Group so your character should be fine. Let’s use you as the dragon zodiac matrix origin then!”

Liu Yi immediately shouts, “Wait a minute you still have not asked me yet! How could you decide on your own ah!”


At this moment Xiao Mi who is sprawling by Liu Yi’s side suddenly moans causing Liu Yi to immediately lower his voice.

“Master meow…hurry and wake up meow….”

After dream talking, Xiao Mi falls back into deep sleep.

While Xuefeng who is sitting by the window starts pouting. She is definitely jealous.

“Speak softer. Xiao Mi has not slept for a few days already.”

Maki says in jealousy, “Don’t know if lass would be so worried if I am sick.”

Liu Yi can only smile, not knowing what to say.

“Your body has more or less recovered. Quickly come along with me.”

“Oi, oi, oi…isn’t this too fast?”

Liu Yi says in his heart, Maki’s nature is anxious already…

“Of course we must hurry!”

Maki glares at Liu Yi before saying, “Dragon gene is the strongest gene within all of the zodiacs! If you wish to defeat Great God Sect Sect Leader, this gene is your only hope.”


Hearing this sentence Liu Yi is moved.

Wonder what will be the effect after the dragon gene is injected into my dragon blood!

But, if it is able to defeat the Great God Sect Sect Leader….even if it is just 1% I must try and get it!


“Coming, coming!”

Liu Yi immediately climbs down from the bed carefully to prevent waking Xiao Mi up.

Liu Yi realizes that he is in the hospital of Ke Da. Maki bring him along and swiftly enter the secret passageway and entered the laboratory.

Currently, the laboratory had been rearranged but there are more guards than in the past.

Although the gene map had been stolen once, there are still organizations that are eyeing them and they will definitely not let them find any more loopholes to get in!

“Come in!”

Maki bring Liu Yi into a lab before calling a few of the lab technicians over like they are going to do something to Liu Yi together.

“What the….what am I here for….”

As Liu Yi looks at them staring at him, his hair starts to stand.

Why do I feel like I am a lab rat…?

“Wait a minute. Let me do some adjustments.”

Maki starts to get busy in front of a few machines, with a test tube with red liquid in the center of the machines.

While she does some adjustments, she starts discussing with a few of the researchers by her side.

Liu Yi has no other choice but to sit on a chair by the side and cultivates.

Currently, the four different qi within his body is more or less stable now. His Netherworld Qi is still somewhat weaker in comparison to other qi but is already getting there. As long as he works hard in cultivating a bit more, all four qi should have the same strength soon.

The cultivation road is still very long ah…there are still so many enemies, especially that scary Great God Sect Sect Leader! It cannot do if I do not work hard in cultivating!

After cultivating for an unknown amount of time, he suddenly hears Maki calling him.

“It is done.”

Liu Yi opens his eyes and realizes that Maki is standing in front of him with a medicine injection gun in her hand.

Red medicine solution is in the injection gun, rocking slightly.

“Take this and enter the observation room, then inject the medicine into your blood vessel.”

Maki points towards an enormous glass passageway by the side.

Liu Yi nods his head as he knows how strong is the defense of the glass.

Not only is the material used special, it is also covered with a super strong defensive barrier. Even if a nuclear weapon exploded here, it might not be able to break the glass.

Maki opens the door allowing Liu Yi to walk in before nodding at him.

Liu Yi holds onto the cold injection gun and takes a deep breath.

Success or failure depends on this chance…there must not be any problem ah.

While he is in the observation room, he is unable to hear the conversation outside.

One of the lab staff ask, “Dr. Ma…this medicine did not go through the final adjustment, will there be any problem…”

“Let’s see his luck then.”

Maki’s answer causes the rest of them to vomit blood.

Liu Yi also does not know that he was sold by Maki as he aims the injection gun as his arm and triggers it.

Blue medicine flows into his bloodstream and starts to bind with his DNA.


Chapter 424   [Dragon Gene]

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