MKW Chapter 423

Chapter 423  [I am the Sect leader of Great God Sect]


Just as he is about to leave the Ke Da premises, black lightning suddenly descends from the sky.

“What is this?”

Before he is able to see it clearly, the black lightning has already pierced through his chest and nailed his body onto the ground.

The ghost infant on his shoulder starts wailing pitifully, the sound waves spread out and attack the sounding ground uprooting a few of the trees.

But soon it is unable to cry out anymore because a hand stabs into it burning it into ashes.

“Luckily I got here in time.”

Liu Yi returned in time and killed the Great God sect disciple with a flying spear.

From that disciple’s body, he found a storage device and sighs in relief.

“Haa….Jiang Qini. You definitely would not have expected it right. Luckily I run damn fast…”

While Liu Yi keeps the storage device away, he continues to search the corpse.

Very quickly he has forcefully opened up that person’s spatial ring and found a medicine stored in a metal container.

This medicine is red in color but when Liu Yi touches it, it immediately turns azure blue.

“What is this thing?”

“This is not something that you should have touched.”

A cold voice sounds out from behind Liu Yi causing him to immediately turns around in shock.

A man wearing black Chinese-gown is standing behind him. On the black gown, there are nine red fire dragons.

Every single one of the fire dragons is very agile and moving around like they are alive.

The appearance of the guy is unclear as his black hat is screening off his face. Underneath the hat is also black clouds. It seems to be some magic spell that is used for hiding his appearance.

Liu Yi looks carefully and starts to feel a headache like he is staring at a black hole!

What shocked Liu Yi the most that the guy did not let out any aura at all! It is like he is a tree in the surrounding or a stone!

Liu Yi asks warily, “Who are you?”

His sight turns blurry for a moment and the storage device in his hand, as well as the bottle of medicine, is snatched away by the black gown guy.

Liu Yi cries out in shock, “Give it back!”

He immediately summons out the Scorpion Tail lance and pierces towards the black gown guy’s heart.

Before the Scorpion Tail Lance is able to touch the guy, a red fire dragon suddenly roars from the guy’s gown and emerges out. It opens its mouth and bites down on Liu Yi’s Scorpion Tail Lance before flying into the clouds.

This fire dragon body is several hundred meters long. When it appears among the clouds, it causes fire waves to appear and it seems like it is going to burn the sky!

An enormous pressure seems to have formed, pressing down on Liu Yi causing him to sweat.

This pressure is very familiar…it is clearly from Scarlet Blood Sutra!

Liu Yi forcefully bear with the pressure and stands up as he asks that black gown person, “You…you are from the Great God Sect?”

“Great God Sect is mine.”

The black gown man only says these few words causing Liu Yi to be in shock once again.

Bulshit! Are you for real! I am actually looking at the Sect Leader of Great God Sect?!

Even Wenren Qian only possess the strength of an eleven star cultivator!

She is only a Law King that’s all! Above here is still the left and right God’s envoy as well as the Vice Sect Head….

Just what is my luck, ah to actually bring the actually Sect Leader of Great God Sect to come personally!

Just a fire dragon that he casually let out already has this kind of pressure! On his gown, there is still 8 more of them! This is fucking bullshit!

Isn’t this just a fucking pit waiting for me to jump in and suicide?!

But no matter what I cannot let the Gene Map lands in his hands! Risk everything!

Liu Yi suddenly takes a deep breath before going into Spiritual Beast Transformation state and points his right hand at the black gown guy.

“Illusion Extermination right.”

The black gown man says faintly, “It will not be able to hit me.”

Liu Yi trembles, how on earth did this guy know of my Glorious Sun Palm? But since he knew then there it will no longer be effective.

He immediately changes his footsteps and uses Spirit Fox steps and instantly appears behind the guy and strikes with his left palm towards his stomach.

“Spirit Fox Steps with Meridian Sealing eh.”

Before Liu Yi’s palm is able to land on him, the Great God Sect Sect Leader only scoffs lightly and say, “It is also useless.”

While speaking, the Great God Sect Sect Leader’s figure has already disappeared and instantly reappeared behind Liu Yi and taps him on the back of his neck.

Sweats start pouring down Liu Yi’s body like rain…this person…just how high is his cultivation! And how on earth is he so clear about my strength! This person is too scary!

Even though he did not exert any strength on his finger but it still frightens Liu Yi badly.

He immediately uses Shadow Steps and dodges away and reappears tens on miles away.

“Shadow step is indeed suitable to escape for your life. I recommend that you keep escaping.”

Liu Yi’s shock has reached his peak. He swiftly turns around and grabs towards the Sect Leader of Great God Sect.

As long as I am able to touch him then it will be good! I must definitely touch him!

But from the Sect Leader’s body, a pair of sun blazing fire claws shoots out and sends Liu Yi flying away.


Liu Yi completely loses control of his body and like a kite with broken strings, he immediately slams into a flower bed causing over half of them to be destroyed.

The Sect Leader sits on the side of the stairs of the flower bed as he looks at Liu Yi who is lying on the ground and says, “Amorous Feeling hand. If you are unable to touch your opponent, then it will be useless as well.”

He even knows about Amorous Feeling Hand….

Don’t tell me that Wenren Qian told him everything?

But no matter what, this Sect Leader of Great God Sect….is way too strong…

I…am completely not his opponent ah…

Let me try Dragon Transformation…after defeating this Great God Sect Sect Leader then I’ll use my other body to use Boundless Vital qi to snatch back control!

How to enter Dragon Transformation…right, anger….anger ah…

I must think of angry matters…think of when Immortal Fox sister left me…

A raging anger starts burning in Liu Yi’s heart as his eyes start to turn red.


An enormous dragon roar erupts from Liu Yi’s mouth!

Enormous dragon wings start to grow out from his back as black scales emerge from his skin. At the same time, his body starts to grow taller until he is above 2 meters in height.

The current Liu Yi is basically a half-dragon person!

He keeps roaring and instantly charges in front of the Sect Leader.

The Sect Leader did not dodge. Instead, he raises a leg and kicks Liu Yi in his stomach.


Liu Yi once again sends flying away like a cannonball and blast through a few trees before collapsing on the ground.

After turning into a half dragon, Liu Yi’s body became tougher. He flips over and climbs to his feet once again.

Following which silver long hair starts to grow out as his dragon wings turn into mini-wings.

His body once again returns back to 1.8 meters and complete his second stage of dragon transformation.

“I sense the aura of an expert…”

After the second stage of dragon transformation Liu Yi is like a completely different person. Looking at Sect Leader who is standing a distance away he starts to smile.

He suddenly appears in front of the Sect Leader and smashes his palm at his forehead.

But his palm in the end only hits an afterimage and did not even touch the edge of the Sect Leader’s gown.


Liu Yi laughs loudly before attacking the Sect Leader who reappears behind him.

But no matter how the attacks, none of his attacks manage to hit the Sect Leader! Every single attack was dodged by him!

“How much longer can you dodge!”

This is the first time Liu Yi start to become nervous after the second stage of Dragon Transformation. He jumps into the sky and attacks the Sect Leader below him with an Illusion Extermination.


Instantly a ten meters large palm print appears on the ground while the Sect Leader who is standing at the center is completely fine.


Second stage dragon transformation Liu Yi is shocked. When he descended, the Sect Leader appears in front of him and a flame palm shoots out from his body striking Liu Yi in his stomach and send him back into the sky once again.


A dreadful suffocating feeling causes Liu Yi to instantly fall out from his second stage of dragon transformation as his hair once again turns back normal.

The Sect Leader lifts Liu Yi up with a flame hand as he looks at him with his eyes hidden behind the mask when he suddenly says, “Really did not expect that your strength would have increased so quickly.”

Liu Yi’s sight starts to turn dark but is unable to say anything as a deep sense of despair shrouding himself.

This Great God Sect Sect Leader…why is he so strong…even when I am in the second stage of dragon transformation I am still such so easily toyed by him…just what is his cultivation…

Eighteen stars?Not likely…his strength seems to have already broken past the Heaven stage….

But after entering Heaven stage how is it possible for him to still stay in Human Realm…

Liu Yi is starting to become lost…

The Sect Leader lifts up Liu Yi and suddenly says, “Give up cultivating. This is not the road that you are supposed to walk.”

Is it the mortal view again? Why can’t mortals cultivate!

Based on what! I, Liu Yi shall cultivate and show it to you guys!

Liu Yi’s face turns red, as he uses all his might to shout, “If you have the capability then kill me…”

“Hehe…even if I kill this you, there is still another you far away.”

Unexpectedly the Sect Leader has seen through Liu Yi’s thoughts causing him to fall into greater shock.

This person…is there anything that he does not know?

“This time around is the first time we meet so I shall not kill you first.”

His slow paced speaking causes Liu Yi to feel uncomfortable, “But it is best if you give up cultivating earlier. Otherwise, you will regret it.”

“I shall be the one who decides my own path!”

“Hmph, obstinately persisting on doing the wrong thing!”

The Sect Leader seems to be mad as his flame hand pushes down fiercely and smashes Liu Yi into the stone bridge smashing apart the stone bridge.

Liu Yi falls into the water and just before he faints he is able to faintly hear the Sect Leader of Great God Sect says, “Scram back and live your mortal life. Otherwise…next time we meet it will be your death…”

Liu Yi’s body starts to become cold as his conscious gradually fades away.

The scenery in front of him changes as Liu Yi once again sees himself standing in front of the Great God Sect Sect Leader.

The Great God Sect Sect Leader is currently flinging aside Ai Ling’s corpse.

“This is the price of your cultivation. All of your women must die.”

“I shall kill you!!!!”

Liu Yi’s eyes turn red as he roars and lunges towards the Sect Leader!


Chapter 423   [I am the Sect leader of Great God Sect]

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