MKW Chapter 422

Chapter 422  [Luring the tiger from its tmountain]


“Who on earth are you!”

Zhang Yue askS while Gu Yu also stares at the black armored Liu Yi. She finds him to be somewhat familiar.

“I am only an agent of the Dragon Group that’s all.”

Liu Yi leans against the Scorpion Tail lance and casually says, “What am I called is not important.”

Zhang Yue asks coldly, “What do you wish to do? Are you really going to challenge my Immortal Snow Peak?”

“Why not?”

Liu Yi sneers and reminds Zhang Yue, “Although your Immortal Snow Peak is very powerful, it seems it does not possess the ability to call the shots? Your disciples are all busy with sealing the Mysterious Snake and cannot assist you. While I believe that you are also able to see that your strength. If I put it nicely, it is nearly equal. If I put it unpleasantly, I am way stronger than you.”

“What a joke!”

Zhang Yue starts laughing, “Stronger than me? Just based on you, this Dragon Group agent…”

Just as she starts speaking, a cold spear edge touches her neck.

Without her knowing Liu Yi is already standing behind her with his lance pointing at her neck as he says, “Just now what did Fairy Zhang say? Why don’t you repeat it again?”

Zhang Yue swallows back the words that she was about to say.

This guy is a martial cultivator…with him close to me, I as a dao cultivator am unable to resist back at all.

Although I am unhappy this guy is right…his strength is indeed stronger than me…

“Martial Aunt!”

Gu Yu’s face loses complexion as her hands clasped together like she is going to form seals.

“Don’t move otherwise your Martial Aunt will not be able to keep her head.”

Liu Yi threatens.


Gu Yu instantly turns mad, “Despicable!”

“I am despicable?”

Liu Yi looks like he had heard the biggest joke and ridicules, “I am only speaking reasoning with you that’s all.”

Recalling what Zhang Yue’s actions and words, Gu Yu wants to retort but is unable to say anything.

“How is it, now do you want to calm down and have a chat?”

Liu Yi shakes the lance slightly causing the tip to tremble at Zhang Yue’s throat causing her to become nervous.

I must admit this Dragon Group agent is indeed very ruthless!

Looks like Immortal Snow Peak kicked an iron board this time!

“Then what do you plan to do? You want us to give the Mysterious Snake to you guys?”

Zhang Yue thinks for a bit before saying, “Even if we are willing to give it to you, you guys do not have the ability to seal him.”

At this moment Liu Yi notices that Xuefeng has flown out from the snake mouth and his eyes narrow into a crescent shape.

“There is no need to hand it over to us. You guy can take the Mysterious Snake away.”

Liu Yi’s words cause everyone to be shocked. Since that is the case why did he cause such big action?

But after which everyone can only give him a thumbs up, this fellow really does not like to be in the disadvantage.

“But you need to leave behind some benefits as our compensation.”


Zhang Yue instantly become very mad but she cannot do anything about it.

Does this fellow really wish to risk everything to the point where the fish dies or net breaks? Then we can only give up on the Mysterious Snake!

But that is not possible! This time around we came here just for the Mysterious Snake. How can we leave empty handed! If that is the case the Immortal Snow Peak will really become a joke!

Zhang Yue starts by considering the pros and cons in her mind.

Liu Yi reminds her, “My patience is not a lot and your disciples look like they are unable to hold it anymore as well.”

“Fine then since you want benefits then I shall give it to you.”

Zhang Yu’s words cause Gu Yu who is by the side to be shocked. Martial Aunt has always been very stubborn. She actually has to give Dragon Group compensation? How is this possible!

“Oh? What compensation?”

Liu Yi smiles, “I hope that I can make me satisfied.”

Zhang Yue curses in her head, when have my Immortal Snow Peak been suppressed! If it was not for the Mysterious Snake, I would definitely not be so polite to you this bastard!

“This is a Heaven Yuan Dan.”

Zhang Yue takes out a white jade pill bottle from her skirt.

Seeing the white jade pill bottle, Gu Yu’s eyes widen.

“I believe that you will be satisfied with this as a compensation.”

“Heaven Yuan Dan? What is this thing? Do not randomly take a dan out to confuse me. I am not good at it.”

Liu Yi blinks, causing Zhang Yue to get angry.

“You village idiot! This Heaven Yuan Dan is very precious. After consuming this dan, as long as you have not broken through Earth Grade, it can allow you to light up a star jade!”

What the hell….what an amazing dan!

Did not break through earth grade….isn’t it suitable for me?

Although he is very surprised, he pretends to be unsatisfied and say, “Only using this dan to make me leave. Do you think that with yours and my ability do we still need this dan that allows us to break through earth grade?”

“I only have this thing that can give you…”

Zhang Yue clenches her teeth in hatred. How would she know that Liu Yi is actually only an eight-star cultivator! “This dan is priceless! Other than our Immortal Snow Peak who is able to get it, even Medical King Valley is unable to make it.”

Even Medical King Valley is unable to concoct this dan? Then that is rather good!

Liu Yi ‘pretends to be troubled’ as he sighs, “Fine then. Looks like it can only be this.”

He takes the dan from Zhang Yue before saying, “Immortal Snow Peak is a major sect. After giving me the dan and keeping away the Mysterious Snake, you would not come and kill me right?”

“Will not…”

Zhang Yue basically hissed out the two words between her clenched teeth. Although she indeed has this thought, she cannot smear the name of Immortal Snow Peak.

“Then that is good. Thank you Immortal Snow Peak.”

After Liu Yi keeps away the pill, he scoffs before releasing Zhang Yue and flies towards the ground.

Although it is still raining heavily,  it is always smaller. The flood water on the ground has disappeared only leaving behind some puddles.

“Let us go.”

Zhang Yue’s complexion is not good. After grabbing the Mysterious Snake with her spatial bag, she brings Gu Yu and her disciples away.

While they are flying away, Gu Yu ask, “Martial Aunt you really gave him the Heaven Yuan Dan?”

The Heaven Yuan Dan is really valuable. If Gu Yu did not remember wrongly, that Dan should be saved for her Martial Aunt’s true disciple to break through before the World’s Dao Gathering.

“Hmph although the Heaven Yuan Dan is valuable, it is incomparable to the Mysterious Snake!”

Zhang Yue touches the pouch on her waist as her heart is somewhat comforted.

“Mysterious Snake’s value is way higher than a Heaven Yuan Dan. Especially for its inner dan. Not only can it be used to make medicine, it can also be used to forge heavenly weapons! To be honest we have earned from it instead. The Dragon Group agent is nothing but a shortsighted village person. Just give him a bit of grace and he treats it like he had obtained a large advantage. But the advantage of Immortal Snow Peak is not so easy to take. This debt we shall claim in back in the future!”

“Okay then…”

Although her Martial Aunt says so Gu Yu feels somewhat uncomfortable like something is wrong.

Why is that person so familiar…who on earth is he…

Although Gu Yu knows Liu Yi, she had never seen before Liu Yi in his Monarch Armour.

At this moment Liu Yi is touching the white jade pill bottle while smiling widely in his heart.

But after which it turns awkward.

This dan can only be used before earth grade. But honestly speaking, nine-star jades is nothing but the doorway to earth grade only. The real earth grade is at ten-star jades!

Should  I eat it now and break through to nine stars, or wait till nine stars before eating it and breakthrough to ten stars….

Haiz, so troublesome ah…why does that Zhang Yue need to give me this kind of troublesome thing! Isn’t it just troubling me?

If at this moment Zhang Yue is able to hear Liu Yi’s thoughts, she will definitely vomit blood from anger.

“It has finally passed…”

Long San sighs in relief and says, “Today have been tough for everyone…also thank you, Miss Li.”

“It is okay.”

After recuperating for a long time, Li Biyue has somewhat recovered a bit. She stands up and glances at Liu Yi before waving towards Long San.

“Since there is nothing here anymore then I shall leave now. Let’s meet if we are fated.”

“Let’s meet again if we are fated.”

Long San nods his head as Li Biyue turns into a black shadow and disappears.

Holp that elder sister injures will recover soon…

Liu Yi really wishes to send the two Scarlet Cloth Guards to take care of Li Biyue but he is afraid that she might not agree to it.

“Head, this thing…”

Liu Yi shows the white jade bottle to Long San and pretends to pass it to him.

“Forget it. This is something that you demanded back. You can keep it.”

Long San waves his hands. He will not be greedy for the item. Earlier when they saw Immortal Snow Peak none of them dare to stand up. In the end, Liu Yi personally stepped out to obtain the dan so he can have it.

“Thanks boss.”

“No need to be polite. We should return back now…”

Just as Long San is speaking he suddenly receives a message from his earpiece which causes his single eye to nearly pop out.

By the side, Maki also receive an SMS which causes her face to pale.

“The laboratory is under attack!”


Everyone got a shock. All of them knows that the things inside the laboratory are very important!

After all, that is the gene maps!

Liu Yi suddenly understands something as he clenches his fist.

“Jiang Qini! We were all tricked by her!”

That woman is damn ruthless with her methods….while she and Ling Xiaowu are reviving Devil Child on this side, attracting all of the combat forces from Dragon Group over, on the side she secretly sent people to sneak attack the laboratory…

Such a simple luring the tiger out of its territory was actually effective at this time!

Long San quickly instructs, “I have just received the message. Quickly go back. Perhaps we might still be in time!”

“I’ll go first!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he shoots into the sky like a lightning bolt and swiftly flies back to Ke Da!


“Hehe…indeed it is like Law Protector Jiang said.”

At this moment the laboratory in Ke Da is in complete chaos. A figure had just transferred all of the data into his storage device before walking towards the outside.

“Stop there!”

A few armed soldiers suddenly rush out and block in front of him.

The black figure chuckles as the seven-eye ghost infant sitting on his shoulder suddenly breaths out a red smoke onto the body of the soldiers.

In a blink of an eye, the soldiers turn into blood water as their uniform and weapons drop onto the ground.

“Looks like there really isn’t any experts.”

The black figure steps on the blood water as he walks out. He swiftly walks through the passageway and reached the outside of the laboratory as he stands in the middle of the Scenery district of Ke Da.

“Our glorious god shall be returning….”


Chapter 422   [Luring the tiger out of it’s mountain]

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