MKW Chapter 421

Chapter 421  [A race against time]


People from Immortal Snow Peak!

Liu Yi’s mind starts spinning and he immediately understood what is going on. He immediately retreats a hundred meters away and transmits over to Chen Cai to take good care of his elder sister. After which he transforms into a black scorpion and disappears from everyone’s sight.

Liu Yi swiftly flies back to Xuefeng’s position before instructing.

“Xuefeng, let me go back.”

“Understood master.”

Xuefeng immediately leaves from the black armor and stands on the building by the side.

Liu Yi swiftly enters the armor through its gap. Upon entering the inside of the armor, he immediately smells a fragrance. There is no need to think, it is definitely the smell of Xuefeng.

Again, why do women all smell so fragrant?

Liu Yi does not have time to think too much because Devil Child who is in the water is undergoing a transformation.

Although there was over tens of Immortal Snow Peak disciples revolving their Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra to seal up Devil Child, Devil Child is still very strong. Originally it was sealed by firm ice but now it is cracking layer by layer.

Very quickly the black snake has freed itself from the ice seal and starts hissing.

“Damn it this black snake is going berserk!”

An older looking woman frowns and shouts, “Prepare Immortal Peak formation!”

“Understood Martial Aunt!”

Gu Yu calls the woman Martial Aunt before shouting, “Prepare yourselves for Immortal Snow formation!”

Gu Yu’s orders make the young Immortal Snow Peak disciples change their positions and in a blink of an eye, on the left and right of the black snake is an enormous six-edge snowflake!

The black snake already freed itself from the ice seal as black light emits from its body.

The black light suddenly blasts outwards attacking the surrounding floodwater.

Instantly the floodwater starts to transform! Waves start to form which then collapse and rises higher again!

Under the shocked gaze of everyone, the floodwater split into two and forms two enormous leaves which then land on the back of the black snake, transforming into its water wings!

Each of the water wings is over 100 meters long which is very shocking!

With the help from the wings, the black snake flies up into the sky.

Liu Yi cannot help but to think, too scary already…this Devil Child is indeed very horrifying!

“Eh, this black snake was actually injured!”

When the woman who was called Martial aunt by Gu Yu sees the bloody hole on the black snake’s 7th inch, she exclaims, “Who, who was actually able to injure Devil Child!”

“Immortal Snow formation! Seal!”

When Gu Yu sees that Devil Child is about to fly with his wings, she immediately gives new orders!

“Seal!” roars over tens of disciple at the same time.

A blue ray shoots out from their hands like a rope, layer after layer ties down Devil Child.

The snake body instantly tremble, following which layers of ice starts to cover its body once again and seal it up in ice!

Not only was it sealed, even it’s pair of water wings also turn into ice!

Liu Yi is speechless seeing this scene, indeed they are the number one sect in the world, really strong.

The enormous snake that was giving them a headache was such so easily dealt with by them.

At this moment the snake that is sealed in ice starts trembling once again. The wings break out from the ice and start to flow once again. It coils around the snake’s body, fiercely breaking apart the ice sealing up the snake. Trying to help its owner break free from the ice seal!

The disciples’ face turns ugly like they are unable to hold the seal anymore.

The woman called Martial Aunt finally takes action personally. Her hands form seals before patting the flowing water surrounding the snake.

Instantly from the flowing water grows out a pair of ice claws which firmly coil around the enormous snake.

The ice claws once again release a cold air which once again strengthens the ice seal around the enormous snake body! The flowing water also starts to freeze.

This woman strength is not normal!

Liu Yi looks at the Martial Aunt, if this goes on the Mysterious Snake that I have injured with so much hard work would be taken away by them.

After the woman has sealed Devil Child, she says to the surrounding people, “Everyone. I am Immortal Snow Peak’s ninth generation disciple Zhang Yue! This Mysterious Snake Devil Child harmed the human world. We Immortal Snow Peak have sealed him up and shall bring him back to our sect!”

Although it sounds like a greeting, from her words, it is clear that she does not give a damn about them.

Immortal Snow Peak’s disciples are all very arrogant, after all, they are the current strongest sect!

But Zhang Yue is shocked in her heart, who is the one who injured the Mysterious Snake Devil Child!

If it is not for the injury at his seventh inch, we would not have sealed the Mysterious Snake so easily!

The entire body of the Mysterious Snake is a treasure! The corpse of the Mysterious Snake is also the reason why Immortal Snow Peak rushed over from thousands of miles away!

“Since Immortal Snow Peaks wants it then you can take it.”

Long San sighs faintly, he also knows that the Mysterious Snake’s body is a treasure.

Although Immortal Snow Peak have taken advantage of them he is unable to stop it. After all, there are so many Immortal Snow Peak’s disciples and they are fewer in numbers!

Furthermore, there are also two experts that white shirt beauty and Zhang Yue the ninth generation disciple. He is unable to defeat either of them.

Blood Emperor has also disappeared to gods know where. Looks like he also does not wish to get into a conflict with Immortal Snow Peak.

“Sire is a smart person.”

As the only one who is of around the same level as her is Long San, when Zhang Yue nods her head in satisfaction when she hears his agreement, “Prepare to transport the demon!”

She takes out a golden cloth bag and aims towards the Mysterious Snake Devil Child.

This should be a spatial bag!

Liu Yi thinks rapidly and asks Xuefeng, “Girl are you able to steal the Mysterious Snake’s inner dan?”

“Easy peasy. The Mysterious Snake is no different from dead currently!”

Xuefeng nods her head before turning into a purple ray and shoots towards the Mysterious Snake opened mouth.

By then Zhang Yue has already activated the golden bag and immediately an enormous sucking force start to pulls the snake into the small bag.

Liu Yi starts to become nervous, this cannot go one. Xuefeng would not be able to make it in time!

I must buy time for her!

“Let go for me!”

He immediately jumps up from the ground and summons back his Scorpion Tail lance before throwing it towards Zhang Yue in the sky.

The Scorpion Tail lance shoots through the sky like a shooting star and instantly reaches in front of Zhang Yue.

Zhang Yue is shocked as she quickly keeps away the cloth bag and starts forming seals.


An ice layer forms a protective layer in front of her, blocking the lance.

The sharp point of the lance pierces through the ice shield as the lance body is stuck in the shield.

Just a bit more and the spear point would have pierced Zhang Yue’s throat scaring her into fright.

“Who is it! How dare you sneak attack me!”

Her eyes become filled with rage as she stares at the black armored guy below her.

Liu Yi has hidden his aura to prevent Gu Yu from identifying him.

“Immortal Snow Peak is so shameless.”

To buy time for Xuefeng, Liu Yi immediately coldly ridicules them.

“We have injured the Mysterious Snake and you actually want to take advantage of us and take it away? So this is the rumored number one sect in the world? From what I see, you guys are no different from a tyrant!”

Hearing Liu Yi’s words, Long San and the rest got a shock.

What does this fellow what? He wants to go against Immortal Snow Peak?!

When did he wake up? How come when he woke up he immediately created this mess?

Although Long San is worried,  he did not speak out and stopsLiu Yi. As he himself also feels that Immortal Snow Peak is too overbearing and if he counters Liu Yi’s words doesn’t that indicates that Dragon Group can be bullied?

Think it is best to quietly observe and sees what Liu Yi plans to do.

“How dare you!”

When Gu Yu hears how the black armored guy criticises Immortal Snow Peak, she starts frowning and says loudly, “If it is not for our Immortal Snow Peak help, you guys would have already been eaten up by the Mysterious Snake! How dare you not to be grateful!”

“Indeed you guys did put in some effort to capture the Mysterious Snake.”

Liu Yi stands there like he does not worry about the pressure from Immortal Snow Peak and faintly says, “But your Immortal Snow Peak actually wishes to take away all of the rewards. This does not seem like the style of a major sect!”

“Are you threatening Immortal Snow Peak?”

Without waiting for Gu Yu to say anything, Zhang Yue is already very unhappy.

When does Immortal Snow Peak need others to criticize their actions?

“I am only just telling the truth.”

Naturally, Liu Yi would not be frightened away by Zhang Yue’s words, “Unless Immortal Snow Peak does not talk justification?”

“Very well then let me tell you what is justification!”

As Zhang Yue speaks, she forms a few seals and instantly several tens of ice sword shoots towards Liu Yi.

“Looks like this is your Immortal Snow Peak’s justification.”

Liu Yi shakes his head as he places his hands together and does a pulling action.

The Scorpion Tail lance reappears in his hands as he starts a spear dance.

-dang, dang, dang-

The descending ice swords are all smashed apart by Liu Yi’s lance!

Zhang Yue’s frown deepens, just what is this guy’s strength? To think that he is able to scatter the ice swords that I had created!

But just now was only an experimental attack to see how strong is the opponent!

Looks like he indeed has some ability.

“Not bad. You are indeed worthy to fight against me!”

As Zhang Yue speaks, her hands start forming seals.

Instantly from the leftover rainwater on the ground, an enormous ice claw grew out and grabs towards Liu Yi who is standing on top of a building.

Liu Yi did not manage to dodge in time and is grabbed by the ice claw and smashed onto the roof.

Instantly half of the building is being sealed in ice!

Zhang Yue thought that she had taken care of Liu Yi. She snorts and says slowly, “Hmph. This is the price for going against Immortal Snow Peak!”

At this moment the ice claw on the frozen rooftop make a cracking sound and scatters.

Liu Yi props his Scorpion Tail lance up as he stands on the rooftop and starts at Zhang Yue in the sky.

“What! You are actually able to break free from my seal!”

Zhang Yue’s face instantly loses color as she looks at the black armored guy.

Within Dragon Group, other than Long Yi when was there such a strong person?


Chapter 421  [A race against time]

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