MKW Chapter 420

Chapter 420 [Gu Yu]


Both Yuan Zhenyue and Ling Yunxi are in despair.

Especially Yuan Zhenyue. As she is falling, her past flashes across her mind.

From young, she worshiped her father…how badly the death of her father had hit her…

The first time she met Liu Yi on the bridge…crossing blows with Liu Yi in the warehouse.

Originally she thought that Blood Emperor was her father’s murderer, until the day when Cold Rain was thrown at the main doors of Dragon Group.

Yuan Zhenyue feels that her happiest moment is the moment where she personally   Cold Rain. But after killing Cold Rain she became empty again.

What am I alive for?

After losing my target…which direction should my life go towards?

Loss and emptiness flooded her heart.

But today after meeting Blood Emperor again and hearing Blood Emperor and Ao Ri’s conversation, Yuan Zhenyue finally awakes.

I still have a new target and that is to protect the human race.

Looks like there is still this Demon Realm who are eyeing the territory of China.

As Long Xin’s user, I have this duty and must also do it!

But now…am I going to die like this?

I am really not willing to die here…

Who else is there who is able to save us….

Yuan Zhenyue looks at the horrified eyes of Ling Yunxi. She stretches out her hand and grabs hold of her hand.

Even if I die, I must die courageously.

Their figure is about to fall into the mouth of the black snake!

At that moment of life and death, the water surface suddenly starts to freeze into ice, following which a 2 meters thick icicle rapidly rises up and catch the two girls, before continuing to rise up into the sky.


When its food that is about to enter its mouth was snatched away, the black snake starts raging and slams into the icicle, smashing it again.

By then Liu Yi has already arrived and holds both of them under his arms.

Yuan Zhenyue still has not reacted, I was actually saved by Blood Emperor?

“Everyone pay more attention. Do not give us unnecessary trouble.”

As Liu Yi is using the identity of Blood Emperor, he purposely makes his way of speaking nasty. Before throwing the two of them towards the side onto the roof of a building.

“Damn it…this fellow….who wants him to save me!”

Staring at Blood Emperor, Yuan Zhenyue clenches her teeth and punches the roof.


A hole is smashed open by her on the roof.

“Don’t say it like this ah…I feel that he is rather handsome.”

Ling Yunxi who have survived from her near-death experience wipes away her cold sweat and sits down. Her eyes brighten up as she looks at Blood Emperor.

“Scram why are you being smitten! He is our enemy!”

“Enemies can also be very handsome ah…oh if we fall in love with each other, wouldn’t it be a taboo relationship…”

Ling Yunxi hugs herself and appears to be longing for it. Yuan Zhenyue immediately knocks her head awake.

At this time how could Liu Yi have time to listen to the conversation between the two women. He stands on his Taiji sword and floats above the floodwater, trying to find a way to attack the large snake!

The deep floodwater and the heavy rain that contains dense demon qi, this is basically the enormous snake’s best barrier!

Damn it if I don’t enter the tiger’s den I would not be able to capture the tiger cub!

Finally, Liu Yi clenches his teeth as he steps on the Taiji sword and enters the floodwater!

The water is very muddy making it impossible to see the surrounding clearly.

But after Liu Yi have entered the water, he is able to sense the demon qi clearer!

Water is a stronger conductor of demon qi. Liu Yi activates his Black and White world and indeed he sees an enormous and long red creature not far away from him!

Without thinking about how devilish this enormous creature is, Liu Yi has already whipped around and swiftly moves within the water and arrives in front of the enormous snake.

The enormous snake also opens it’s mouth wide and bites towards Liu Yi.

As Liu Yi has cultivated in Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra, he is very agile in the water and swiftly dodges the enormous snake’s mouth and floats in below him.

“Go up for me!”

Liu Yi aims at the enormous snake belly and strikes upwards with his palm.

Desolate Flames!

All of Liu Yi’s strength gathers into this palm move as he uses it!

An enormous sun colored floodwater exploded up, following which the enormous snake cries out as it’s 200 meters long body is sent flying out of the water by Liu Yi’s palm high up into the sky!

“Gods…what strength…”

“Blood Emperor…is actually so strong….”

The twelve zodiac members and Dragon Group agents are all stunned!

Swiftly Blood Emperor turned into a human-shaped beast in their eyes!

Scary….really scary ah!

After the enormous snake flew out into the sky, it keeps twisting as it bears with its pain like it wants to return back into the water.

But Liu Yi does not wish to give it the opportunity. He also chases into the sky and position himself under the snake body, and starts blasting palm attacks with both hands.

-boom, boom, boom, boom-

Exploding sounds keep occurring!

The enormous snake body is unable to fall from the sky, instead, it is actually being forced higher up into the sky by Liu Yi’s palm attack!

The jaws of everyone who are watching dropped. Just now the enormous snake which was wreaking havoc is now being beaten by Blood Emperor without being able to retaliate!

“Go and die for me!”

Liu Yi continues to hit out countless palms and sends the enormous snake 700-800 meters into the sky before he places his left hand on his waist as he went parallel to the ground, aiming towards the enormous snake.

Glorious Sun Palm, Illusion extermination!

The formless palm directly hits the enormous snake on its 7th inch. Golden light immediately erupts from the other side of the enormous snake before a hole appears and fresh blood flows out.

The enormous snake body instantly starts dropping and enters the floodwater once again.

“Huff, huff….”

Liu Yi stands back onto the flying sword as he floats in the sky panting.

With the usage of this set of palm techniques, he has used up almost all of his strength.

That black snake Devil Child should be dead now right…

I have even pierced through his seventh inch as well!

Just as Liu Yi thought that Devil Child is dead, the floodwater underneath him starts boiling again.

A thunderous roar attracted the attention of everyone as they see the black snake that should be dead stretch out its head from the water with its mouth wide open, as dense black wind shoots out from within its mouth!

The black wind instantly engulfs the entire region! It is like a black hole applying strong pulling force on everyone, pulling them into the enormous mouth of the black snake!

“What is this…”

“God…I am almost not able to hold on anymore…”

A few of the agents and zodiac members are unable to withstand it as they try their best to grab hold of stuff around them to prevent themselves from being sucked in!

A few buildings surrounding the black snake have already broken down into pieces and enter the snake’s mouth as debris!

It can be seen just how fierce is the enormous snake’s sucking ability is!


Li Biyue’s body is very weak currently and did not manage to grab hold of the stone bricks beside her, thus she instantly flies out and swiftly enters the enormous snake’s mouth!

“Elder sister!”

Liu Yi who was originally bracing himself bitter instantly got a huge shock when he sees Li Biyue being suck in!

He immediately flies swiftly following the wind direction and near the mouth of the snake, he pulls Li Biyue into his embrace.

After Li Biyue knocks into him, Liu Yi who is standing on the flying sword almost entered the snake mouth.

But he swiftly exerts his strength once again and the flying sword below him emits green light, pushing against their body preventing them from entering the snake’s mouth.

But the enormous snake sucking force is too strong. Even if Liu Yi uses his full strength, their body is being pulled backward bit by bit!

“Put me down…you escape on your own…”

Li Biyue is being princess carried by Liu Yi. She stares at the side of Liu Yi’s face. She reaches out and gently touches Liu Yi’s wrinkled brows.

“You will not be able to escape…if you bring me along…”

Even if I am unable to protect little brother, I also do not wish to become his burden..

“Elder sister, didn’t you say before that we shall die together.”

Liu Yi who is struggling against the pulling force forces out the words between clenched teeth.

“If elder sister dies…I will also not live on my own…it is either we die together or we live together!”

Liu Yi exploded out with all of his strength. Red flames explode out from under the sword pushing the sword along!

At this moment Liu Yi only has a single thought, I must bring elder sister out and live on…

Under his efforts, their figures finally come to a stop just a few cms from the mouth of the snake.

The two of them are struggling with all their might but the enormous snake seems to be impatient.

Blacklight suddenly emerges from its body causing the demon qi in the air to reach the peak!

The sucking force strengthens causing Liu Yi to be unable to control his body. He hugs Li Biyue tightly as they start to fly towards the snake’s mouth slowly!

If this goes on, sooner or later the two of them will become snake food!

At this life and death moment, a strong ice qi spread out throughout the sky!

This aura is very familiar!

Liu Yi is able to clearly sense that it is Mysterious Icy Qi!

Icicles start to form behind the enormous snake!

The sucking force also weakens and Liu Yi takes the opportunity and flies out hugging Li Biyue. In a blink of an eye, they are tens of meters away as they float in a safe position before looking back.

Only to see tens of guys and women wearing white Taoist robes descending from the sky. Every single one of them is forming seals and casting out their spells at the same time to contain the enormous snake that is frozen.

In a blink of an eye, the enormous snake turned into an ice sculpture and turned into a statue floating above the water.

An absolute beauty wearing white dress also descends slowly from the sky.

Her long black hair floats behind her like a black waterfall.

How to describe this beauty? Clean as jade and clear as ice? Beauty as a painting?

But those descriptions are not worthy of her…

“Gu Yu…”

Liu Yi looks at the beauty that only he recognizes.

“Head Green Formation!”

[TL: what do you guys prefer? the one above or Forever Green, Long Green, Elder Green.   Comment below so I know which to choose ^_^]

She orders them and the tens of disciple below her acknowledge it. They move apart and forms a strange formation, after which they continue to exert their Mysterious Icy qi.

The trembling snakehead instantly quietens down. At this moment another woman descends from the sky, her expression seems to have turned older but is still as beautiful as a fairy.


Chapter 42  [Gu Yu]

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People from Immortal Snow Peak!!!

Liu Yi’s mind starts spinning and he immediately understood what is going on. He immediately re…..

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  1. I like Elder Green but Eternal Green ( instead of Forever Green ) sounds cooler. But still as Crywolf said Green is out of the place 😛


  2. Elder green sounds more better lol
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    I have a feeling Qian is going to show up next lol
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  3. I think it was ment to be evergreen, probably a play on words. As it means the trees preserve their leave all year round it might have ment frozen in time. They also tend to be in cold places to begin with.


    • 长青阵,
      长-long can be used for both time and length
      青-meanings: 1. A lighter green color# 2. Clear ( as in clear water or of the kind) #those 2 are more related meanings I think. Tbh can’t think of much else, but I think there’s still more meanings..
      阵-well this should be formation


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