MKW Chapter 419

Chapter 419 [Battling an enormous snake]


Everyone got a shock as they stare that the place where it seems like a black hole has swept through.

Only Liu Yi and Chen Cai know that Ye Hanshuang did not suicide with Ao Ri. Asure Reversal is a space-time transfer technique which is also Ye Hanshuang’s unique supreme technique! She definitely must have brought Ao Ri and transferred to some other place to buy time for Liu Yi.

“Thank you…”

Liu Yi says softly towards the place where Ye Hanshuang disappeared before continuing to rush towards Ling Xiaowu.

“Damn it. I am about to finish!”

Ling Xiaowu starts to become anxious and her hands that are making the seals tremble slightly.

“Stop for me!”

Liu Yi who is in the air suddenly summons his Taiji sword over and uses Imperial Sword Technique.

The Taiji sword revolves in front of Liu Yi before transforming into a shooting star and pierces towards Ling Xiaowu.

The seal stele in front of Ling Xiaowu is about to scatter, hopefully, it can reach in time!

“I will not let you succeed!”

But at this moment, Jiang Qini who is lying on the ground turns serious.

She stretches out his hand and aims towards Ma Yixuan who is lying in the rainwater unconscious. Five ghost transportation!

In a blink of an eye, Ma Yixuan who was lying originally lying on the ground appears in midair blocking in front of Lu Yi’s sword!

If Imperial Sword technique continues to go, Ma Yixuan will definitely be pierced and die!

Liu Yi trembles and at that moment he subconsciously changes the direction of the Imperial Sword Technique.


The Taiji sword dodges Ma Yixuan and shoots into the empty space by the temple, blasting out a large hole in the ground.


Jiang Qini starts laughing, indeed although this guy is very powerful, he forever has a weakness!

Last time during the battle at their gathering location, I have realized that this Blood Emperor seems to have some relationship with my disciple…furthermore Wenren Qian also strangely has goodwill towards Blood Emperor…with me following the clues and investigating in all directions, I have finally gotten a conclusion.

Blood Emperor is actually Liu Yi.

But I do not know why when I wanted to take action on Liu Yi’s family, the Sect Leader actually appeared to stop me and also fiercely scolded me.

But luckily…I still have a treasure to deal with Blood Emperor, and it is Ma Yixuan!

“It is done!”

During this gap, Ling Xiaowu becomes happy. The groups of snakes on her left and right have all lost their lives and lie on the ground.

But the enormous stele in front of her has scattered as a black storm rolls out from the stele.

With the black storm dashing into the clouds, the heavy rain becomes even heavier!

“Finished…we are really finished…”

Long San drop to his knees among the rainwater as his expression turns numb, “Who can save China …”

Blood Emperor is injured, the earlier mysterious woman has also brought Ao Ri away and disappeared.

Now with Devil Child coming into being who else can block him.

Ao Ri and Devil Child are both the left and right hand of the Demon Emperor back then.. Their strength is out of the ordinary and their demonic techniques have no boundaries!

Back then the founder of the Raising Immortal Palace Hall had sealed the Demon Emperor and seriously injured Ao Ri, causing Ao Ri to possess half the strength he possesses back then!

Devil Child also did not escape the fate of being sealed. Although he has been sealed for so long, Devil Child’s demon qi is definite still abundant! At the very least it would not be weaker than the current Ao Ri!

“Quickly escape!”

After Ling Xiaowu revived the Devil Child, she swiftly moves over to Jiang Qini and pulls her up, “After reviving, Devil Child will not possess any rationality for a while!”

“Bring her along!”

Jiang Qini will not give up Ma Yixuan, this top quality cauldron. After she had instructed Ling Xiaowu, the three of them take advantage of the confusion when the Devil Child came into being and slip away.

The rest of the people do not care about them as the revival of Devil Child is giving them too much pressure.

A black storm links the heaven and earth as an enormous black snake appears within it.

Before completely revealing himself, just looking at the silhouette, it seems to be over a hundred meters long!

Liu Yi stares blankly at the enormous black storm and does not know how he should feel.

While Xuefeng who is pretending to be Liu Yi lying in the rainwater licks her lips and says, “If this is turned into snake stew it would be enough to eat for a long time!”

What the hell! Even at this point in time Xuefeng this lass still thinks of eating!

The storm suddenly disperses as the downpour turns heavier!

In a blink of an eye, the entire public square is completely flooded! The earlier haunting snake demon Devil Child has disappeared. Everyone was hurrying to avoid the flood thus losing the position of Devil Child.

“He is definitely hiding in the floodwater.”

Liu Yi glanced as Xuefeng who was submerged under the water and observes a moment of silence for her before floating up Li Biyue and placing her down on a tall building.

“En….you must be careful…”

Li Biyue stretches out her hand and gently caresses Liu Yi’s cheek under his mask.

“You must definitely come back alive.”

Liu Yi nods his head and reply, “I will elder sister.”

Like she is trying to make Liu Yi determined to survive, Li Biyue suddenly says, “En…if you are no longer around, elder sister will also come along with you.”

Gazing at Li Biyue’s serious looking eyes, Liu Yi takes a deep breath.

“We will all survive! Wait for me, elder sister!”

Liu Yi turns around and enters the wind and rain.

He stands on the Taiji sword and looks at the floodwater below him.

Although his strength is still recovering continuously, his earlier usage was too big…and the fight with Ao Ri had greatly injured his vital energy!

Yuan Zhenyue and the rest are finding a spot to stand. Yuan Zhenyue also did not forget to pull out the black armored ‘Liu Yi’ and place him on top of the roof of a building by the side.

“Everyone be careful. We do not know when Devil Child would start his attack!”

Long San wipes away his cold sweat as he reminds everyone.

“Devil Child had just revived, thus he will definitely follow his instinct and looks for food to allay his hunger!”


The Dragon Group agents, as well as the twelve zodiac members, all make a sound of acknowledgment while Zhang Meixuan also lands the helicopter and jumps down, preparing to take part in the combat as well.

Liu Yi is also somewhat worried. Although this zodiac members all have the strength of earth grade, their actual combat capability is only 6/7 stars, that’s all.

They still need a lot of practice first. The currently main combat force is only me and Chen Cai ah…

Liu Yi activates his Black and White world but is still unable to find the silhouette of Devil Child.

All around is saturated with demon qi which obscured Liu Yi’s Black and White World judgment ability.

But his instinct is still there!

Liu Yi suddenly shouts out a thunderous warning, “XIAO MI BE CAREFUL!”

When Xiao Mi who is standing on a lamppost hears Liu Yi’s shout, she subconsciously dodges into the void.


The surface of the water trembles as an enormous snakehead shoot out from the floodwater and bites the lamppost.

The light flickers as lightning hits the water and the lightning snake jumps out very far!

It seems like the black snake is angered from missing its target and dives back into the water.

“What the heck man… so scary…”

Chen Zhenggang and the rest are starting to get worried.

Xiao Mi is crouching on the roof of a building by the side staring blankly at Blood Emperor who is standing on a flying sword.

How does he know my name…unless…he is really master meow~~??

Liu Yi transmitted to Chen Cai in a line, “Chen Cai force him out!”

“Understood boss.”

Chen Cai acknowledges it as he knows his meaning. He immediately throws a black mushroom into the flood water.

This mushroom looks completely normal but is actually Chen Cai’s strongest killing technique!

“Why did you throw a mushroom into the floodwater?”

By the side Zhang Meixuan asks in annoyance, “Do you want to throw in some pepper and salt as well? Cook a pot of mushroom soup?”

Chen Cai blinks his eyes as he looks at Zhang Meixuan, “It is even more passionate than mushroom soup.”

Following which an extremely violent explosion occurs!


The entire water surface exploded upwards as a black mushroom cloud of smoke rushes into the dark clouds!

Nuclear Mushroom!

This is Chen Cai’s killer technique!


A black snake finally appears in the location where the explosion occurs.

Fuck me! This black snake is nearly 200 meters long! Its demon qi is so dense. No wonder it would be sealed here!

Are we really able to defeat this scary snake with just this lot?

Even Liu Yi himself is starting to become timid.

Just as everyone got a shock, the enormous snake on the ground starts moving.

It’s body suddenly shoots up and opens its mouth wide biting towards Liu Yi in the sky.

“Going for me? That’s great!”

Liu Yi did not dodge, instead, he stomps down on his Taiji sword.

The Taiji sword immediately lets out a green light and shoots into the snake’s mouth. With a tearing sound, the Taiji sword tears off a piece of its meat before flying out.

After being injured, the black snake roars a few times before landing back into the floodwater.

Red blood dyed the water surface!

Even Long San has to admit that Blood Emperor did well.

Only this fellow is not willing to join Dragon Group. If only he surrendered and join Dragon Group how nice would it be.

After the black snake got injured and returned back into the water, no ones know where did it swim to. Liu Yi floats in the sky not daring to be careless.

Currently, Devil Child is completely relying on his instinct to attempt to hunt and the prey is them.

It is a pity that Chen Cai can only create a Nuclear Mushroom once every hour. If he can create a few more than he could just explode this fellow to death!

Liu Yi’s instinct screams out as he exclaims, “Yuan….those over there be careful!!”

Recalling how he had accidentally called out Xiao Mi’s name, Liu Yi becomes more conscious as he bellows towards the direction of Yuan Zhenyue.

Currently, Yuan Zhenyue and Ling Yunxi are standing together on an eight-story building. When they heard Liu Yi’s shout, they instantly turn their head over.

At the same moment, an enormous snake tail emerges from the floodwater and smashes into the building.


The tall building is hammered into collapsing as Yuan Zhenyue and Ling Yunxi lose control of their body and fall towards the floodwater.

The enormous snakehead once again emerges from the floodwater and bites down towards the two of them.

As the distance is too far, no one is able to save the two girls in time! The circumstance is imminent!


Chapter 419  [Battling an enormous snake]

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