MKW Chapter 418

Chapter 418  [Lucky star]


“Really strange…”

Ao Ri stands by the side and looks at the enormous palm print of the ground. He raises his eyebrow and says, “Obviously you have only opened eight-star jades but you have the strength of a 14-star cultivator…”

Based on logic this is not possible.

How large is the difference between an eight-star cultivator and a 14-star cultivator? This gap is impossible to cross!

This fellow’s potential is out of the world…when he is at 8-star cultivation he already possesses such strength…if he breaks through nine stars or ten stars just how scary would his strength be!

This kind of scary person if he cannot be used by my demon race then he must be killed! Otherwise, he will be the biggest obstacles when the demon race tries to conquer the human realm!

“Today you must die here!”

Ao Ri points his finger at Liu Yi who is in the sky.

Instantly a few lightning bolts land on Liu Yi at the same time and seem to form a lightning net!

“Mysterious Ice Qi!”

Liu Yi immediately hugs himself and covers himself with a thick layer of ice!

Different from water, ice does not conduct electricity.

Liu Yi is borrowing the strength of Mysterious Ice Qi to block Ao Ri’s lightning!

Despite that, the lightning bolts still exploded and turn the ice layer that Liu Yi created into fragments.

Because of the ice layer blocking for him, Liu Yi lands on the ground safe and sound.

When he lands on the ground, he bends his knee and shoots towards Ao Ri without any hesitation.

Liu Yi is a martial cultivator, thus he is best at close combat!

While Ao Ri is obviously a Dao cultivator who is an expert in using lightning!

Seeing Liu Yi appearing in front of him in an instant Ao Ri is not only not shocked, instead, he starts smiling.

“Do you think you are able to defeat me like this?”

As Ao Ri speaks, he grabs the air with both hands and instantly a halberd made from lightning appears in his hand.

“As a member of the dragon race do you think that I am incompetent in close combat?”

As he speaks the lightning halberd sweeps towards Liu Yi’s forehead.

Liu Yi got a shock but his movements did not delay. He stretches out his hand and summons over the Scorpion Tail lance on the ground and receives the attack from the lightning halberd.

Everyone thought that this Blood Emperor is only casually borrowing a weapon from the Dragon Group agent as no one would have expected that Blood Emperor is Liu Yi himself!

-dang, dang, dang!-

Their actions are very swift and the rest of the people surrounding them are unable to see their movement clearly! They are only able to hear the clashing sound of weapons!

Their fight causes the surrounding rainwater to be forced aside, forming an empty space!

Although Ao Ri does possess close combat ability, he is not as good as Liu Yi who is a martial cultivator!

Thus despite him being a 16-star cultivator, he can only fight against Liu Yi to a standstill!

“Really enjoyable!”

As Ao Ri uses his lightning halberd to attack continuous, he laughs happily.

Liu Yi keeps waving his Scorpion Tail lance in front of him and clashes against Ao Ri’s lightning halberd.

But Ao Ri’s lightning attribute seems to have some effect. The lightning arcs keep wandering around and splashes. Sometimes it would hit Liu Yi’s body causing his movement to keep slowing down.


Finally, Ao Ri’s lightning halberd sweeps out and sends Liu Yi’s Scorpion Tail lance flying away.

At that moment Liu Yi is completely defenseless!

“Go and die!”

As Ao Ri speaks, the lightning halberd in his hand pierces towards Liu Yi’s heart.

“Desolate flames!”

Liu Yi did not dodge, instead, he receives the attack with his right palm as he pushes the lightning halberd from the side.


A sun-shaped palm print instantly exploded out and slaps Ao Ri’s lightning halberd to the side. Lightning coils around Liu Yi’s right hand, causing his hand to tremble.

“You have no hope to fight against my lightning powers head on.”

Ao Ri is very confident in his lightning power. He smiles as he dashes forward and starts against Liu Yi once again.

“It is nothing but an attribute ability that’s all. Who does not have it.”

As Liu Yi speaks, his hands grab the sky.

Scarlet Blood Sutra and Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra activate at the same time! In both of his hands appears a sword. One is red while the other is blue. Which are from by flames and ice!

-dang, dang, dang!-

Liu Yi’s twin sword keeps clashes against Ao Ri’s lightning halberd. The flames and ice that burst out are not weaker than Ao Ri’s lightning!

“Scarlet Blood Sutra! Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra!”

As the Demon Emperor’s left and right hand, Ao Ri naturally has learned a lot of things. He is able to instantly identify the two supreme sutras!

“You are able to use both of these two supreme sutras at the same time!”

“The more surprising thing is still to come!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he uses the two swords to clamp down Ao Ri’s lightning halberd before moving closer to Ao Ri while sticking close to the halberd.

As long as I am able to get closer a bit more then my Glorious Sun Palm will be able to strike him on his body!

Ao Ri seems to notice this point as his face turns ashen. At this moment he suddenly gets into a horse stance and stomps on the ground before letting out a thunderous roar.


Ao Ri gathers all of his dragon might in his body and shoots it out from his mouth.

The strong suppression and attack crashes onto Liu Yi and instantly sends his body flying away, crashing into a building hundreds of mile away.

The building is smashed apart instantly as black smoke emits from the ground which is then extinguished by the rain.

Liu Yi is lying along the broken debris as everything in front of him turns dark while rumbling sound filled his ears.

Earlier he had received a few of Ao Ri’s attack. Although his abnormal body had healed every time, it is not a 100% recovery.

Now that he had received another dragon roar attack from Ao Ri, Liu Yi feels like all of the bones in his body are shattered.

He lies on the debris and looks at the ceiling above him as he feels like his conscious is somewhat blank.

Everything that I had done….is it worth it….

For other people, to prevent the Devil Child from coming into being and harming people. It seems like I am about to sacrifice my life…is it really worth it?

Yeah…if Immortal Fox sister was here, she will definitely scold me that I am an idiot…

But….it seems like I am an idiot…

Liu Yi takes a deep breath and prepares to climb to his feet and continue to battle.

But the pain his body is experiencing is unbearable, causing him to clenches his teeth and cry out.

At this moment a warm hand gently press of his shoulder.

“Go and rest…leave the rest to me…”

At this moment Ao Ri who is outside transformed into an enormous ten of meters silver dragon and flies to the building. His dragon body coils around the building as two dragon claw grabs hold of the wall. He aims his mouth at the building as lightning starts gathering in his mouth.

“What the shit!”

Everyone got a shock. If this lightning descends on Liu Yi is it possible for him to survive?!


Chen Cai who is the strongest out of the rest is finally unable to bear it as he shouts in his heart and brandishes his demonic blade and rushes over.

While Yuan Zhengyue is also the same as the dragon wings on her back flaps causing her to fly forward. Although this Blood Emperor is evil, if he must die, he can only die in my hands! No one else!

Li Biyue clenches her teeth and tries to stand up and instantly she felt faint and collapsed once again.

She hates herself so much, why am I so weak…aren’t I supposed to protect my little brother…but how is it possible for me to protect him like this!

Before Chen Cai and Yuan Zhenyue are able to get close, an enormous dragon might spread out again and presses them down onto the ground from the sky.

“Damn it…”

The people who went forward to save Liu Yi clenches their teeth helplessly as their strength is too weak and they are unable to help at all.

Am I really going to watch him get killed like this?

Chen Cai clenches his fist, not willing ah, really not willing…

But just as Ao Ri is about to shoot out the lightning, the roof of a building suddenly explodes and a female figure appears in the sky as two enormous purple arms stretch out.

One of the arm grabs hold of Ao Ri by his throat and forcefully sweeps his dragon head to the side.

The other hand holds an enormous demon blade and seems to be waiting to behead Ao Ri.

Liu Yi lies on the ground and stares blankly at what is going on in front of him.

“How dare you touch my Imperial Consort, you must be sick of living.”

The woman spits out this sentence.

Seeing this beautiful and alluring woman Chen Cai is the first to react and shouts out, “Ye Hanshuang!”

The rest of the people have never seen Ye Hanshuang before thus they are shocked and curious, who on earth is this woman who suddenly appeared!

“Who are you!”

Ye Hanshuang’s Asura Hand is grabbing Ao Ri by his neck thus the person who had gotten the largest shock is him.

“His woman.”

Ye Hanshuang only says two words before her expression turns serious and an enormous Asura Blade chops towards Ao Ri’s dragon head.


Naturally, Ao Ri would not sit there and wait for death. He suddenly detonated his gathered lighting causing lightning to spread out, shaking aside Ye Hanshuang’s Asura Hand.

Ao Ri flashes and flies towards the sky.

Ye Hanshuang only sneers as she lowers her arm and instantly rows after rows of Asura Doors descend from the sky pressing down on his body causing him to be unable to fly to the sky.

But Ao Ri’s strength is quite impressive, especially after he had transformed back into his dragon form, his strength has increased by countless times.

As he shakes off the Asura Doors pressing down on his body, he also turns around and shoots out lightning from his mouth and blast apart the Asura Doors that are still descending down from the sky.


Ye Hanshuang starts smiling, “Let this Queen play with you.”

As she speaks, she starts attacking Ao Ri. At the same time, she did not forget to leave behind a sentence, “Leave him to me.”

Liu Yi rests for a bit and his body recovers slightly.

He looks at Ye Hanshuang in gratefulness before turning around and dashes towards Ling Xiaowu who is activating her spell.

I must hurry and stop the revival of the Devil Child!

The gathering demonic qi in the sky is getting stronger and stronger!

Ao Ri roars, “Don’t think of leaving!”

His dragon mouth aims towards Liu Yi.

“Kneel down!”

Ye Hanshuang stomps down with both legs on top of Ao Ri’s dragon head causing his enormous head to crash onto the ground.

“Asura Reversal!”

Ye Hanshuang holds onto Ao Ri’s head tightly as purple light erupts from her body!

This light swiftly turns into a purple ball of light that is around 100 meters!

Within the hundred meters, everything is absorbed into the ball of light including Ye Hanshuang and Ao Ri’s enormous figure.

Finally, with a boom, the light ball evaporates everything completely disappearing!


Chapter 418  [Lucky star]

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8 thoughts on “MKW Chapter 418

  1. What I don’t get is why the hell he didn’t use Emotion Sword.
    Li Biyue is like an 8 or 10-star cultivator or something, that would definitely boost his strength, rather than fighting with an ‘attribute’ sword.
    Unless his attribute sword is stronger than Li Biyue’s because his cultivation is on par with a 14-star cultivator? If so, what the hell was the goddamn point of the author introducing Emotion Sword?


      • But she is unable to move, right after her second transformation she got beaten down and couldn’t get up….

        P.S. edit:”crashing into a building hundreds of mile away.” mile should be metres

        Thanks for the chapters.


      • Emotion Sword doesn’t render it’s target powerless, it just feels good (or something).
        Remember when he used it on whatsherface from the Great God Sect? The one who gave him the Scarlet Blood Sutra?
        She could still fight even after he used Emotion Sword on her.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Because of your naming I also forgot her name. Hahaha
        Well it’s true about that situation. But we could also argue that she was just more powerful than Liu Yi at that time. So the eefects may have lessen.(possibly)


    • She is an 11 star cultivator but that doesn’t matter. The emotion sword is based on emotions I assume. If the person liu yu gets his emotion sword from is weak willed then the emotion sword should also be weaker than usual. It is not matter how strong the person is if they are currently in a state of fright. That is my opinion on how the emotion sword technique works.


      • What evidence do you have to support that?
        The subtext has always seemed to indicate that the stronger their cultivation, the stronger the Emotion Sword Liu Yi can draw them from.
        e.g. Lin Tong’s sword is far weaker than the Great God Sect chick’s.
        Also, I think Liu Yi even says when he draws Lin Tong’s Emotion sword that it’s weaker because she’s not as strong.


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