MKW Chapter 417

Chapter 417  [Love the beauty don’t love the rivers and mountain]


After the Taiji sword evolved to the third grade, it still has not touched blood.

Liu Yi looks at Ao Ri who is crossing his arms, he plans to use his dragon blood to christen his Taiji sword!

“Haha, you still need to have the capability first.”

Ao Ri stands there like a door guard not moving.

Originally his target was the twelve zodiac laboratory but after knowing that the Devil Child is being revived, he immediately rushed over.

Devil Child is the same as him who is the Demon Emperor’s left and right hand.

Back then demons ran amok around China and were basically under the rule of demons!

Back then during daytime, it was still oka. But no one would dare to go out during night time! Even the famous cultivation sects do not dare to step forward as no one is able to block the demon race army!

But it is a pity that afterward a mysterious guy appeared and injured the Demon Emperor and crippled a portion of the Demon Emperor’s cultivation.

Afterward, Devil Child was also sealed and of the entire demon race army only I remain of all the generals.

After which that guy established Raising Immortal Pavillion Hall and fostered countless sword immortals, allowing the cultivation sects to gradually gain their confidence.

As for me and the rest of the demon race army, we can only retreat back to Demon Realm. One to rest and recuperate as well as help the Demon Emperor to slowly restore his strength.

Now the chance to rise once more is here!

Once Devil Child is revived and we snatched over the gene map, we’ll help the Demon Emperor to restore his full strength. China will once again become our territory!

For the glory of the demon race, Ao Ri can sacrifice anything! Including his beloved woman!

Thus it cannot fail!

Liu Yi moves his hand and activates Imperial Sword technique and the Taiji sword in front of him starts to move and floats in front of him while emitting green radiance.

“It is a damn sword immortal.”

It can be said that Ao Ri hates Sword Immortals completely.

Back then it was because of the guy who established Raising Immortal Pavilion Hall which fostered a large number of sword immortals and destroyed the demon race army, causing them to fail to achieve their ambition!

New enmity and old hatred shall both be given back today!

Thinking to here, Ao Ri raises his right hand.

The sky instantly start changing as a lightning bolt starts weaving among the dark clouds like a blue demon snake!

“Let’s see if your sword is faster then my lightning.”

Cold intention fills Ao Ri’s eye as well as dense arrogance as it seems like he did not place Liu Yi in his eyes.

“Interesting. I like this competition.”

Liu Yi also starts smiling as he spread open his hands, causing the Taiji sword to aim towards Ao Ri while the sword blade keeps trembling as it accumulates power.

Everyone starts to become nervous especially Long San whose eyes is spinning rapidly.

Why would Blood Emperor appear here? Furthermore, he actually helped Li Biyue!

From what I hear….it seems like he is Li Biyue’s little brother? And he is going to fight against LOST’s Ao Ri?!

This is crazy! Everything is too crazy already!

This is the first time where Long San feels that his brain is not enough. He is completely unable to comprehend what is going on!

Where on earth did the problem appear?

Damn it who can give me an explanation ah!

He really wishes to know the answer to the point that his mind is almost exploding!

The rest of the people are also unable to guess or explain what is going on. But more of them are attracted by the nervous atmosphere. The two of them seem to be both experts, so who would be the one who win….

This question is in all of their heart and while the atmosphere becomes even more nervous, Liu Yi and Ao Ri did not take action. Instead, they are still accumulating their power like they are waiting for an opportunity.

The rain falls even harder and the earlier quiet enormous snake suddenly lets out a roar.

At that instantly Ao Ri’s gaze flashes.

The sky suddenly brightens up as the lightning strikes towards Liu Yi.

The moment Ao Ri’s eyes light up, Liu Yi also takes action.

The reason why neither of them attacks first is to wait for the gap that appears when the other attacks!

Just now when the enormous snake roars, Liu Yi’s attention was diverted slightly. Thus when Ao Ri sees the opportunity he immediately sends down his lightning!

Liu Yi is also not weak. Seeing the small gap during the descent of Ao Ri’s lightning he sends out his sword.


The lightning lands on Liu Yi and smashes him into the ground.

While Liu Yi’s Taiji sword also shot over but Ao Ri only lazily dodges and the Taiji sword only brushes past his waist.

Although it only gently brushes pass his wait, Ao Ri’s injury is not light!

A hole immediately appears on the right of his stomach like a semicircle was dug out.

The sword qi on the Taiji sword is too strong and Ao Ri is not able to completely dodge it!

Liu Yi lies on the ground while black smoke covers his entire body and the smell of cooked meat spread out.

On the other hand, Ao Ri is half kneeling on the ground as he covers his bleeding stomach.

Although it seems like he is in the advantage and won this round, Ao Ri is frowning seriously.

The barrier behind him was pierced through by Liu Yi’s flying sword. Like the last straw on a camel’s back, the barrier shattered completely into fragments.

“What a cunning fellow.”

Just as Long San planned to take advantage and disturb Ling Xiaowu’s casting, Ao Ri stands up as the hole in his stomach swiftly close up.

“Attracting my attention and using yourself as bait, in the end, your target was the barrier behind me?”

He sneers, “But even if you destroy the barrier so what. I, Ao Ri am still here. Who is able to get close to her!”

His tone is very domineering.

The strong regenerating powers of the dragon race allows him to swiftly recovers his combat ability.

After he speaks, he glances around.

Everyone subconsciously retreats a step as his gaze is too scary…and his strength is equally scary…

Li Biyue clenches her teeth and wants to stand up but the side-effects of the second stage eruptions are too overbearing thus she collapses instead.

Ao Ri slowly says, “Looks like there is no one.”

“Who says there is no one. Aren’t I still here.”

Ao Ri’s eyes widen as the youngster who was turned into smoke climbs to his feet.

His body which was burned is rapidly healing up.

A very familiar aura emits from his body causes Ao Ri to be shocked.

“You….are a dragon hunter!”

“Yeah. You can say so.”

Liu Yi loosens his joints. Just now was really to close. Luckily I have already completely absorbed the dragon pearl resulting in 100% efficiency of dragon qi thus my body’s recovery rate is equally as strong.

Otherwise after being struck by lightning, and my body being turned into roasted pig how is it possible for me to recover.

My gamble with my life indeed worked. Without the barrier Ao Ri will have the problem to guard both front and back at the same time, thus it is impossible for him to use his full strength to deal with me!

“So that is the case….so that is the case…”

Ao Ri keeps nodding his head like he had understood something, “Talking about this, you can also be considered as a member of my dragon race…in your body contains the precious bloodline of my dragon race. Why are you standing by the side of the human race.”

Liu Yi sneers and says, “I was originally a human.”

“Even if you so say but it cannot change the fact that you are a member of the dragon race.”

As Ao Ri speaks, he suddenly widens his eyes.

An enormous dragon might instantly spread out, causing Long San and the rest to be unable to take it and were all forced to kneel on the ground due to the dragon might!

Liu Yi also releases his dragon might and blocks his dragon might.

“Can you feel it!”

Ao Ri starts laughing madly, “Only my real dragon race is able to possess such a strong aura! Do you see this, the surrounding people are bowing down to us! We are their kings!”

“They do not respect you but are afraid of you instead.”

Liu Yi mocks, “Everyone is afraid of you. What is the point of being this kind of king?”

“You are still young, thus it is natural for you to not understand. Let me explain to you.”

Ao Ri suddenly becomes excited as he says, “This kind of feeling of being under a person and above millions, you will slowly understand. You are a dragon race which is a member of my demon race. Why don’t you join us, and follow me? With your strength, you can achieve the same position as me! At that time, we shall assist Demon Emperor and conquer the entirety of China or even the entire world! Join us and follow the Demon Emperor and you will know what it means to rule the world! What is the meaning of being worship by thousands of subjects!”

Liu Yi looks at Ao Ri who is looking somewhat manic and asks, “What do you want these for?”

“How is this not enough, which guy does not want all of this?!”

Ao Ri looks at Liu Yi as their gazes lock each other like two blades clashing against each other!

Recalling his elder sister Li Biyue Liu Yi asks, “For all of this, you can sacrifice the woman that you love?”

“It is only a woman. How can it be compared to the greater cause!”

Ao Ri looks at Li Biyue by the side before the tender feelings in his eyes are gone as he says coldly, “After achieving the great undertaking, I will obtain the world. As for women and the likes, naturally, I will also get it.”


Liu Yi starts scolding, “If you are unable to protect your own woman, how can you discuss dominating the world!”

Liu Yi’s words cause Li Biyue to tremble.

She realizes without her knowing her little brother has changed so much.

Back then the young, immature and silly youngster has already grown so big in a blink of an eye. His back view has also started to look so high.

Liu Yi says word for word, “If it is for the great undertaking if I must kill the woman I love, I rather not want this kind of great undertaking.”

“Really a person who does not know how to appreciate favors!”

Ao Ri snorts, “I have given you a chance and you did not appreciate it. Want a beauty but do not want the river and mountains. Such a gutless person what is the use of you in my demon race! Since you cannot be of use to me then go and die!”

He stomps on the ground.


A lightning instantly exploded out from below Liu Yi and blasts into him, sending him high up into the sky.

“Prepare to die under my technique then!”

As Ao Ri speaks, he starts forming seals as lightning surges in the sky like they are going to strike Liu Yi who is in mid-air into ashes.

As Liu Yi is in the sky, he is actually smiling.

He stretches out his right hand and points towards Ao Ri below him.

“Illusion Extermination!”

The air surges.

Ao Ri’s expression suddenly changes as he flashes and appears tens of miles away from his original position.

The ground trembles for a while as a part of the ground sinks down and a ten-meter wide palm-shaped hole appears on the spot where Ao Ri was standing.


Chapter 417  [Love the beauty don’t love the rivers and mountain]

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