MKW Chapter 416

Chapter 416  [Li Biyue’s past]


“Ao Ri, if you do not move aside I will not be polite.”

Li Biyue seems to indeed have some old affection towards Ao Ri. She did not straight away take action, instead, she is trying to use hard diplomacy.

Ao Ri did not get angry, instead, he says calmly and peacefully, “Hehe, Yue Yue. You are not my opponent. You only possess the strength of an eleven star.”

“Even if that is the case, I still have methods to stop you guys!”

As Li Biyue speaks, she lowers her black blade as black smoke emits from her body. After which the black smoke starts to swiftly revolve around her body!

“This is…”

Ao Ri does not appear to have seen this move before as he asks curiously, “This is a new technique that you created?”

Li Biyue sneers, “That’s right. It is specially prepared to kill you!”

Her black blade suddenly erupts and turns into a black light that surrounds her body.

“Second phase function….burst out!”

Following Li Biyue’s roar, her hair turns even darker and longer until it reaches her heel.

But her hair is not messy, instead, it is like slightly curved blades and forms an arc as it floats behind her back.

At the same time her clothing that she is wearing completely tears apart as a black battle attire covers her body causing her figure to become even sexier, every curve is perfectly displayed making Ao Ri stare at her with more fever!

At that moment Liu Yi sensed that his elder sister has become even stronger!

Her second stage activating caused her to break past 11-star cultivation…and reached around 13/14-star cultivation!

But is this enough to defeat Ao Ri who is the cultivation of 16-star?

Before Liu Yi is able to understand, Li Biyue has already turned into a row of afterimages as she flashes to the back of Ao Ri and pierces towards his throat with a knife hand.

Even if it is Ao Ri, he still has to frown as he moves his neck and dodges Li Biyue’s knife hand.


Just now the strong barrier which was able to withstand Liu Yi’s Scorpion Tail lance for a while, as well as Li Biyue’s attack, is pierced through by Li Biyue’s knife hand.

Liu Yi is shocked, elder sister is so powerful!

Looks like this second stage ability should allow her and her ability to completely fuse together and allows her power to erupt massively!

But this kind of technique….definitely has some side-effects to her body!

-boom, boom, boom!-

The sky lets out a lot of exploding sounds. Although Li Biyue did not hit any of her attacks, she continues to attack non-stop. Instead of slowing down, her attack speed increase in tempo and every time she is able to rip apart the air!

Ao Ri does not seem to want to go against Li Biyue head on and there is a number of times where he is forced to retreat.


Li Biyue descends with a dropkick and creates a large hole on the barrier with her leg.

When Ao Ri sees this, he starts to frown.

He stomps on the ground and instantly lightning erupts in front of Li Biyue and sends her flying away a few meters.

“Do not force me to take action, Yue Yue.”

Ao Ri once again stands in front of the barrier as he block Li Biyue.

“How can you still be so shameless and call me Yue Yue?”

Li Biyue only laughs coldly, “Ao Ri. I am no longer the little girl who admired you daily. Please keep away your fake appearance and fight with all your strength!”

“Since that is the case then let me use my fist to wake you up.”

Ao Ri raises his eyebrow and stretches out his right palm aiming towards Li Biyue.


A lightning dragon 1 meter thick erupts out from Ao Ri’s palm and charges towards Li Biyue.

Li Biyue got a shock as she waves both her arms and sends out two black crescents towards the lightning dragon.

But in a blink of an eye, the two crescents are torn apart by the lightning dragon. The lightning dragon continues to charge and finally rams into Li Biyue.


Li Biyue lets out a stifled groan as her body is sent flying and collapsed into the rainwater. There are still blue lightning crawling all over her body.

“I must admit that you are a genius.”

Ao Ri crosses his arms and says, “But the difference between our strength is still too big.”

“Even so I would not let the Devil Child be revived…”

After receiving Ao Ri’s attack Li Biyue bears with her pain as she struggles to her feet and stands up wobbly.

“Still want to continue?”

Ao Ri shakes his head and says, “It is better not. Your body is already unable to take a second attack from me.”

“You want to kill me?”

Li Biyue suddenly smiles, “No worries. After all, this is not the first time.”

She slowly walks forward.

“Do not force my hand.”

Ao Ri frowns as he raises his right hand again as lightning gathers in his palm.

“Do your worst.”

Li Biyue continues to walk forwards like she does not fear the might that Ao Ri is showing.

“Yue Yue…do not blame me…”

In Ao Ri’s eyes flashed a trace of determination before an even more solid lightning dragon erupts out two meters thick and roars towards Li Biyue.

A smile appears on Ling Xiaowu’s mouth.

While Li Biyue stands there as she watches the lightning dragon charges towards her.

Perhaps everything all end like this…

Like all stories before their death, in that brief moment before death, Li Biyue recalls what happened seven years ago.

The her back then was still a newbie in the Hunter’s Organisation. During her first task, she met Ao Ri,

Needless to say, she was defeated, but Ao Ri did not kill her, instead, he let her go back.

But his heroicness and charm caused Li Biyue who was still a young girl to yearn for love.

Perhaps it is fate, the two of them met each other more and more often. Until in the end, they fell into the river of love.

The two of them made a promise of undying love and in the end, both of them decided to elope together.

But in the end on that day they promised, at the promised location Li Biyue did not see Ao Ri appear at all.

Later she came to know that Ao Ri had never had thoughts of leaving the Demon Emperor. In the end, he chose to assist the Demon Emperor and let the Demon Race once again rise up and dominate the Human Realm.

Furthermore, on that day Li Biyue’s little brother died.

From then on Li Biyue falls into deep hatred and self-blame until she came to know Liu Yi. This allows her to make up for the crack in her heart.

The lighting is already in front of Li Biyue and is about to hit her. Even turning into a shadow will not allow her to avoid the lightning attack.

Just like this…perhaps I can finally be free…I can go and accompany my little brother…

Li Biyue who was originally smiling suddenly thinks of something.

A youngster’s figure appears in front of her shocking her awake.

Cannot. I cannot die…I still need to take care of him!

For Liu Yi…I must live on…

A strong desire to survive rushes through Li Biyue’s mind. She instantly starts retreating backward while using movement techniques.

But the lightning dragon’s speed is very fast as it chases after her footsteps.

The two of them are getting closer and closer to each other. Closer and closer and it can be seen that they are about to crash into each other.

At this moment, a youngster appears in front of Li Biyue as he sends out a palm.

An enormous ice palm appears in front of the two of them, blocking the descending lightning!


The seven to eight meters large ice palm burst out ice fragments continuously but it firmly blocks the lightning dragon causing Ao Ri’s expression to change.

Who is this person?

“Little brother…”

Seeing this figure, Li Biyue lets out a shocked cry.

Currently, Liu Yi is in his Blood Emperor attire. At the same time, he activates Spiritual Beast Transformation thus he is not wearing a white mask but a bone mask.

Although he had changed his attire a lot of people have a very deep impression of his technique.

“It is Blood Emperor!”

Long San and the rest exclaim while Yuan Zhenyue clenches her fist.

On the other hand, Xiao Mi who is standing by the side stares at the man curiously after sniffing a bit.

Isn’t that the scent of master meow~~~??? Why did he change his attire then come out meow?

Then the one lying on the ground meow~~~is the bad woman who was fighting against me for favor meow~~~

What is this situation meow?~~~

Xiao Mi’s thoughts start to confuse her.

On the other hand, after Liu Yi uses Mountain Mist and blocks Ao Ri’s lightning, he supports his sister with his left hand around her waist and uses shadow step and swiftly moves to the other side.


After losing the support from Liu Yi, the ice palm finally scatters and the lightning dragon rushes out, blasting an enormous hole in a building nearby before disappearing into the sky.

“So strong…”

Even Chen Cai cannot help but sigh. With this power…it is enough to instakill me!

Boss is boss. He is able to save someone from this perverted person.

“Younger brother….you….”

In front of so many people, Li Biyue is unable to call Liu Yi’s name.

“Elder sister. Relax and wait for me here. Leave the rest to me.”

Liu Yi places Li Biyue under a pavilion to hide from the rain before smiling and say, “Now it should be my turn to protect elder sister.”

“A hunter eh…”

Ao Ri’s nose sniffs a bit before this voice turns cold, “Very well…today you must die here.”

Hunters are people who have killed a dragon. Smelling this scent, Ao Ri immediately becomes unhappy.

Especially when he sees how close Liu Yi and Li Biyue are, Ao Ri is even angrier as the flames in his heart burn fiercer.

“Elder sister. Wait for me. I’ll be back swiftly.”

Liu Yi suddenly grabs hold of Liu Yi’s hand. When Liu Yi turns around, Li Biyue wants to say something but hesitates.

“What is the matter elder sister?”

“Be careful…”

Although she has a lot of warnings and advice, when she opens her mouth she only managed to say this two words.

“Relax. Nothing will happen to me.”

Although Liu Yi says so, it is only to comfort Li Biyue.

It can be said that Ao Ri from all of his experience is the scariest enemy he has ever met…

Even Ye Hanshuang is not as scary as this guy.

After all, Ye Hanshuang will not really kill him but this guy would. The way he looks at him is completely cold and has a trace of jealousy.

“Those who injured my elder sister, definitely will not be spared.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he beckons with his hand.

The dark cloud in the sky parts as a while sword descends from the sky and pierce into the ground in front of Liu Yi.

It is the Taiji Sword that evolved.

“Today I will use your fresh blood to test the edge of my Taiji sword!”


Chapter 416  [Li Biyue’s past]

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