MKW Chapter 415

Chapter 415   [Ao Ri]


Chen Cai does not know how many Asuras or Asura Kings he killed before finally strengthening himself and lighting up the 13thstar jade in his body.

From the 500 years deadline, there is still 200+ years. Chen Cai believes that within this 200+ years he will definitely be able to improve further and light up his 14th star jade and enter the realm of Asura God!

Just one more star jade and I will be able to become an Asura God…this way I would not become boss’s burden…

But, why is it that I am still unable to block boss!

A single horn grows out from Chen Cai’s forehead as he wears the battle attire of an Asura while staring at Liu Yi who is in dragon transformation second stage.

I am already at 13-star cultivation but I am still unable to withstand the aura from boss!

“Are you an expert?”

Liu Yi is standing opposite of him with a calm expression like he is not angry.

“Boss. It is me ah Chen Cai ah!”

Chen Cai keeps reminding, “Did you forget me?”

“You are an expert…then die.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he suddenly appears in front of Chen Cai.

His hand presses against Chen Cai’s chest and following with an unblockable force passes through his Asura battle attire and an enormous palm energy erupted out from his back.

Everything turns dark in front of Chen Cai’s eye as he descends into darkness.

When he wakes up, his strength has already dropped by a lot and he has turned back into an Asura General.

From that moment onwards Chen Cai swears that he cannot continue to drag down boss…

[TL: the above passage are Chen Cai’s flashback for those who got confused]

Currently, as everyone’s gaze lands on Chen Cai, they see that he is wearing a blackish purple battle attire and split the enormous skull with the black demonic blade in his hands.

“How is this possible…”

Jiang Qini trembles slightly, I did not think that my magic technique would be so easily broken by him.

“Aunty. Boss has something going on so he cannot accompany you. I will take good care of you.”

Chen Cai smiles wretchedly causing a lot of girls to give him dispising looks.

“I will toy with your corpse.”

Jiang Qini’s expression turns serious and knows that she cannot look down on the opponent in front of her.

Chen Cai suddenly flashes and appears in front of Jiang Qini instantly. As his index finger of his right-hand taps on her forehead, he says, “Aunty your taste is too heavy. No wonder my boss does not want to get close to you.”

An enormous force erupts from his finger and attacks Jiang Qini. The attack sends Jiang Qini flying away instantly as she collapses onto the ground.

Jiang Qini vomit blood as her body keep trembling.

Why is this fellow so strong?

How old is he, but his strength seems to have gone past Earth Grade!

I still have not reached Earth Grade…

“Boss, it’s settled. You can continue.”

After beating down Jiang Qini in two moves, Chen Cai turns around and gave Liu Yi an ‘OK’ sign.

“Hmm, you work hard.”

Liu Yi nods his head as he continues to use his lance to attack the barrier.

What is out of Liu Yi’s expectation is that the barrier is actually very firm. Although there is already cracks on it, it is still very tough. If Liu Yi wants to break it, he will need around 3-4 more minutes!

It is a pity that I cannot use other techniques or Emotion Sword Technique. If I can pull out an emotion sword from either Xuefeng or Yuan Zhenyue…as well as unceasingly using Glorious Sun Palm I would also be able to be able to break this barrier!

Liu Yi starts increasing his lance swing speed, after all, time is money and he must not let the Devil Child come into being!

At this moment from the sky suddenly comes a clear dragon roar.

Hearing this sound everyone looks up and looks into the dark cloudy sky.

A silvery-white dragon appears within the cloud.

Seeing this silver dragon, Ling Xiaowu who was focusing on unsealing the Devil Child immediately raises her head in surprise and delight.

“Ao Ri …is it you…you are finally willing to come out…”

The enormous silver dragon stretches out his head from the clouds and opens it mouth aiming towards Liu Yi.


A blue lightning shoots out from the dragon’s mouth, splitting apart the raining sky and slams into Liu Yi.


Although Liu Yi is wearing the Monarch Armour, he is still injured. Following which black smoke emits from his body as he falls onto the ground.

The lance also falls onto the ground along with its owner.

“Liu Yi!”


Everyone wants to go up and help but a lightning bolt falls from the sky in front of them blocking them.

A white figure descends from the sky and lands by the side of the barrier.

It is a handsome guy who looks way too pretty. He is wearing a white shirt and has a pair of eye-catching dragon horns on top of his head.

He lifts his hands and stands arrogantly by the side and says a few words, “Cross-realm expert, die!”

On the ground where the lightning had struck, a long crack is left there.

Liu Yi lies on the ground as he looks at the white cloth guy in front of him in shock.

Who on earth is this guy…he is so strong!

If I only use Monarch Armour, I am completely not his opponent!

Mingyue Xuefeng kneels by Liu Yi’s side and asks softly, “Master what should I do?”

Under her spiritual state, even that strong white shirt guy is unable to see her existence.

“You enter my Monarch Armour and help me pretend to be me.”

After a deep thought, Liu Yi says, “I need to use to full strength to deal with this guy…”

Mingyue Xuefeng says in worry, “Master be careful. My eyes are able to see through his star map…he…possesses the strength of 16 stars…”

Well shit!

16 stars!!! Are you trying to toy with me to death!!

Liu Yi looks at the surrounding Chen Cai, Maki, Xiao Mi and the rest and clenches his teeth.

To protect them I cannot play dead here!

“Xuefeng enter!”

“Understood master.”

After Liu Yi let Xuefeng enters his Monarch Armour, he transforms into a fingernail-size small scorpion and crawls out from the gaps of the armor into the rainwater.

“Who are you?”

Long San looks at the mysterious guy in front of him and says coldly, “I am Long San the team leader of Dragon Group Team 3. The Dragon Group is carrying out a task here. Unless you want to go against the government?”


The guy starts clucking. Although his laughter is soft it carries a domineering stand!

“My LOST has already existed for over thousands of years and has seen countless of dynasties. It is not me who should fear you guys, but you guys who should fear me. I am Ao Ri, High-rank official of LOST.”

LOST’s Ao Ri!!!

Long San’s face instantly changes! He even stops Yuan Zhenyue who is preparing to attack.

By the side, while Ling Xiaowu continues to cast her magic technique, she says bitterly, “You are finally willing to come out?”

“Xiaowu, it has been a long time since we last met.”

Ao Ri’s expression as he looks at Ling Xiaowu does not contain shock, instead, it seems like he is only looking at a familiar old friend.

“Hmph, indeed I am still not in your eyes. You are only here because you wish to revive the Devil Child that’s all.”

Ling Xiaowu’s voice becomes even more bitter but her hand’s tempo increases like she is trying to prove something to him.

“Who wants to revive Devil Child! You must first ask me!”

At this moment from the sky comes another shout.

Hearing this familiar voice, Liu Yi who is hidden in the water trembles.

Elder sister?

Why did she come as well?

Before she arrives, a black crescent moon suddenly descends from the sky and lands on the barrier.

The barrier instantly shakes as the cracks on it increases by a lot like it is going to break any moment!

In comparison to Liu Yi’s attack, the black crescent moon seems to be more effective!


Ao Ri who is standing by the side stretches out his hand and pats the black crescent moon.

Instantly an eye-piercing lightning flashes out and scatter the crescent moon and saves the barrier.

Although he scattered the crescent moon Ao Ri only looks into the sky with deep love. His Adam’s apple moves slightly as he says, “Li Biyue…you have come…”

While he is speaking a girl wearing a black coat and holding a black blade lands on the ground.

Indeed it is my elder sister Li Biyue! Why is she here as well!

Furthermore seeing the way that Ao Ri is staring at his older sister, Liu Yi does not know why but his heart feels very uncomfortable.

What is this kind of gaze? Deep love? Infatuation? Hate to leave?

What is elder sister’s relationship with him ah!

When Li Biyue sees Ao Ri, her gaze turns slightly complex but she clenches her black blade tightly and says coldly, “After separating for five years, you want to revive the Devil Child again?”

“It is Hunter’s Organisation Li Biyue…”

“Haa….it seems like we are saved…”

Long San and the rest become relieved. Five years ago, Ling Xiaowu tried to revive the Devil Child before but was stopped by Li Biyue.

This time around looks like I can only rely on Li Biyue…

Haiz, who asked Long Yi and Long Er both not to be in JingDou!

“Yue Yue…”

Ao Ri calls out lovingly causing Liu Yi to become angered.

Motherfucker how dare he calls her so intimately! What is elder sister’s relationship with him?!

When Li Biyue hears this call, her body shivers slightly before she frowns and says with clenched teeth, “Ao Ri move aside.”

“Yue Yue, I feel that we can start anew.”

Ao Ri stands there and does not have any intention of moving aside. Instead, he says warmly, “We have not met for a long time…there is no need to be so cold when we meet each other.”

“Whoever who blocks me is my enemy.”

As Li Biyue speaks, she raises her black long sword and points it towards Ao Ri.

“Li Biyue don’t be too arrogant! After the Devil Child is revived it shall be your death!”

Ling Xiaowu seems to have deep hatred against Li Biyue which can be seen by others easily, what the heck…it is obviously a three-way triangle ah!

Liu Yi is also able to see it but he does not know why but he feels uncomfortable in his heart.

Do not have crazy thoughts, Liu Yi. Li Biyue is your older sister…

Yeah, it must be this Ao Ri who is too evil. Even if I want a brother-in-law it must also not be a person like him!

It is me who is rejecting him as my brother-in-law! That’s right that must be the case!

“Ling Xiaowu who asked you to butt in!”

Ao Ri berates aggressively causing Ling Xiaowu to trembles. But she did not speak anymore while the hatred in her eyes increases.


Chapter 415  [Ao Ri]

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