MKW Chapter 414

Chapter 414  [Fierce battle in the rain]


“Liu Yi be careful!”

Liu Yi does not seem to need Yuan Zhenyue’s warning as he sweeps out with his lance without even turning his head.


The human figure formed by the blood water is slashed into two half by Liu Yi’s lance and falls back into the rainwater turning back into blood water.

“There is no point in these kinds of small tricks.”

Liu Yi swings his lance and coldly remind Ma Yixuan, “In the path of cultivation the most important thing is to increase your strength, not rely on your tricks.”

Combat indeed needs techniques but underhanded moves that Ma Yixuan uses are completely useless in front of Liu Yi’s absolute strength.

Perhaps people might think that my cultivation method is rather barbarous and super simple.

But in the cultivation world where the weak are prey and the strong predators, smarts and the likes are not that useful. Working hard in improving your cultivation and personal strength is the key.

As for mental capacity and the likes, perhaps it is useful in offices and in palace wars. But in the cultivation world, it is completely useless!

In the cultivation world, the largest fist is law!

No matter how smart you are, if you meet an expert who is able to fight above his cultivation, his single fist is able to flatten an entire city. No matter how Albert Einstein you are, you will still be dead.

Why did Lin Tong have to return back to the Demon Realm, isn’t it because the Charm Fox clan is too weak and needed to attach themselves to the Ghost Fox clan for protection!

Isn’t Lin Tong’s master very smart?

Qiu Shuiyi that woman has basically used up all of her trickery! But so what if she turns bald from all of the thinking, in the end, she still has to surrender to the might of the Ghost Fox clan, even to the point where her own disciple has to be sacrificed!

When Liu Yi thinks here, his grip on his lance tightens.

“Aiyah…it was actually seen through.”

Disappointment flashes across Ma Yixuan’s eyes but her face is still smiling harmlessly, “I am only wishing to play a joke on my old classmate. You do not mind right?”

“As long as you let me pass then I will not mind.”

Coldness emerges from Liu Yi’s eyes, “Otherwise I will send both you and the barrier behind you flying.”

Hearing what Liu Yi says, her face turns pale.

This guy who was so smitten by me back then currently is able to ignore my charms?

This should not be the case ah. I have learned from Jiang Qini for so long and she had said that her body should be the best to deal against guys! Why is it useless against Liu Yi?

As Ma Yixuan thinks to here, she looks at Liu Yi pitifully as she pouts and asks: “You really can bear to?”


What replied her is a black lance.

The lance pierces by Ma Yixuan’s eyes and hits the barrier behind her, causing the barrier to tremble.

It is a pity that Xuefeng’s identity cannot be revealed, otherwise, Liu Yi would have let Xuefeng take action and deal with the barrier!

“Next time my lance will not miss.”

Liu Yi withdraws his lance and says coldly to Ma Yixuan.

Ma Yixuan bites her lips as the blood vessels in her eyes appear, “Since that is the case then I also do not have anything to say to you.”

While speaking, a very scary looking green vein emerges from the right side of her face, completely spoiling her beautiful face.

As Liu Yi watches Ma Yixuan’s face swiftly turn into a fierce appearance, he instantly got a shock and utters, “What is this…”

“This is all because of you, Liu Yi!”

Ma Yixuan’s eyes are no longer filled with the hypocritical sentiments, instead, it is blatant hatred.

Liu Yi is able to see that Ma Yixuan has already entered Ghost Infant combining mode. But comparing to the normal result, it seems like Ma Yixuan’s state is somewhat weird!

Ma Yixuan has the constitution of a gold spirit, thus her attributes will definitely carry the power of gold….

Liu Yi does not dare to look down on Ma Yixuan as he raises his vigilance and holds his lance tightly.

Ma Yixuan’s figure suddenly disappears from his sight. Liu Yi frowns before immediately retreating two steps.

Ma Yixuan’s figure reappears and her entire right-hand turns into a sharp sword which pierces into the ground.

Cold sweat starts to form on Liu Yi’s forehead. Although it did not pierce into him he has already determined that this sword that Ma Yixuan created is incomparably sharp! Even if it is my Monarch Armour, it does not seem to be able to block it!

Is this the power of a gold spirit?

Before Liu Yi is unable to think further, he suddenly senses an enormous pressure coming from under his feet!

Liu Yi did not suspect it as his instinct have already reached a heaven-defying stage during his five hundred years in the Asura Realm.

He believes in his instinct and immediately uses shadow step and flashes into the sky.


From the flooded ground instantly shoots out countless sharp swords!

Within a radius of over tens on meters from Liu Yi’s original spot, the entire ground has turned into a sword hill!

Although Liu Yi flew into the sky in time, Ma Yixuan does not seem to be discouraged, instead, she has a faint smile on her lips.

Something is wrong!

Liu Yi is also able to sense that something is wrong and the following matter proves that his instinct is right.

The sharp swords on the ground suddenly shoot out from the ground like the spikes on a porcupine’s back and shoot towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi frowns. He does not dare to use his Monarch Armour to receive the attacks from the swords head on. Instead, he starts swinging his lance and deflects the swords away.

On the other hand, scratches start appearing on the body of the lance which is caused during the contact with the sharp swords.

While Liu Yi is dealing with the sharp swords, Ma Yixuan suddenly reappears in front of him as her right hand that has transformed into a sword pierce towards him.

Liu Yi hurries and raises his lance with both hands horizontally in front of him.


With a crisp sound, the Scorpion Tail lance that Liu Yi is holding, split into two!

While Ma Yixuan’s right hand that transforms into a sword continues to pierce towards Liu Yi’s chest.

Indeed the sharp sword instantly pierces through Liu Yi’s Monarch Armour, through his stomach and out of his back.

“Liu Yi!”

Everyone exclaims out in shock and wish to go up to help. But with an increasing number of enemy stalling them, they are unable to do anything.

“Master meow~~~~!!!!!”

Xiao Mi starts crying but as a number of sect disciples are blocking in front of her, she is unable to go and help.

“Guys who overestimate your own strength.”

After Ma Yixuan pierced through Liu Yi with a sword, she pulls out her right hand and licks the blood on it, “But your blood is rather sweet. Liu Yi do not blame me. This is what you owe me, what you owe me…..hehehe, hehehe….hahahahaha….”

Ma Yixuan does not know why but she suddenly starts laughing happily. The longer she laughs, the more miserable she sounds which caused even Jiang Qini to shiver.

The laughter in the rain keeps going on, it is very ear piercing and depressing.

The rain seems to fall even heavier.

“I have never owed you anything.”

At this moment Ma Yixuan suddenly senses someone talking behind her.

Her face turns pale as she turns around and takes a look. Liu Yi’s body has disappeared without her knowing.

While the scary pressure that is coming from behind her is very real.

Cold sweat mingles with the rainwater and drips down from her forehead.


A lance pierces through her shoulder and lifts her body up.

Ma Yixuan shrieks out in pain. This shriek is several more times more miserable than her laughter earlier.

Liu Yi swings out his lance and tosses Ma Yixuan to the side.

In the end, he is still soft-hearted and did not pierce through Ma Yixuan’s heart. Instead, he avoids her vital points.

Although Ma Yixuan’s sword pierced through his body, his demonic qi had already swiftly healed up his injury.

With four different qi in his body, Liu Yi’s body is downright perverse.

As long as he does not receive any too destructive injury, he will basically recover back to normal.

Ma Yixuan lies in the rainwater as her blood flows out from her injured shoulder and mingle with the rainwater.

Black dots start to appear in her eyes as everything that she sees start to become blurry.

But the figure of the guy in black armor is extremely clear.

Liu Yi……is it Liu Yi again…..

Why….I have already put in so much in cultivation….and sacrificed a lot….a lot…but in the end, I am still unable to kill him….

Before Ma Yixuan is able to understand what is going on, she is unable to take it anymore and fainted from too much blood loss.

Do not know if it is because of the Ghost Infant or because of her spiritual body, the injury on her body starts to seal up.

Although Ma Yixuan became very strong Liu Yi trained and became even stronger after the five hundred years in Asura Realm.

After Liu Yi dealt with Ma Yixuan, he did not hesitate and turns around walks in front of the red barrier. He raises the Scorpion Tail lance that he have resummoned before fiercely smashing onto the barrier.

-boom! boom! boom!-

Heavy sounds after heavy sound. The barrier is like a chicken eggshell being beaten and cracks start appearing on it.

“Stop it!”

When Jiang Qini sees this her heart trembles, this cannot go on!

She turns around and wants to take action against Liu Yi and at this moment Liu Yi gives an order.

“Chen Cai block her.”

“Hehe, boss do I look like I need you to instruct me?”

Jiang Qini turns around and immediately sees a skinny and weak-looking figure standing in front of her.

Who is Jiang Qini, a Law Protector of the Great God Sect, furthermore she is very ambitious! When she sees Chen Cai, she does not place him in her eyes. She fishes out a human skull and blows it towards Chen Cai.

Instantly an enormous tens of meter large skull flies out as it opens its enormous mouth and bites towards Chen Cai.

A smile appears on Jiang Qini’s face. This enormous devil swallowing image will definitely be able to eat up that little fellow with no remains!

Even if a division of fully-armed army appears, in front of the might of this enormous devil swallowing image, they will still be turning into corpses!

“Be careful ah!”

When Maki and the rest see the scary skull, they immediately shout out reminders.

But Chen Cai only smiles faintly and did not dodge. Instead, he lets the skull swallow him in.

“Ah! That idiot!”

Zhang Meixuan who is on the helicopter exclaims in shock, “Is he scared stupid! Why does he not know how to dodge?”

Just as everyone thought that Chen Cai has died, a black light suddenly erupts out and split the enormous skull into two.

Chen Cai is standing in his original space, except in his hand appears a black demonic blade.

“Eh, aunty? Just now is it you who wanted to kill me?”


Chapter 414  [Fierce battle in the rain]

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