MKW Chapter 413

Chapter 413  [A completely new Ma Yixuan]


In the past no matter how she tried, Ma Yixuan was unable to find Liu Yi pleasing to her eyes.

Ma Yixuan finds that the Liu Yi back then was a foolish and silly fellow. Although he is kind-hearted, what is the use of that.

In the current society is kind-heartedness able to find food to eat?

In the eyes of Ma Yixuan who is unceasing in chasing after the protection of strong guys, Liu Yi is completely unable to enter her discerning eyes!

But since the last time at Tiantai, she was shocked by Liu Yi. And now she sees him again and realizes that this guy is completely different from the past.

His eyes are like the cold stars in the night sky, carrying a sharp glint like a pair of knife landing on my body. Like he is stabbing me!

What a sharp gaze!

Furthermore, this gaze carries a strange force and seems to be like bottomless water. The more I look, the more I feel like I am falling into it.

Ma Yixuan is shocked, when did Liu Yi become like this?!

Unless he is also a cultivator?

This annoying fellow….does he like to go against me all the time?

But…even if he does not look for me, I will still go and look for him!

The reason why I have become like this is all thanks to him!

Ma Yixuan’s hatred towards Liu Yi is not small at all!

Currently when she sees Liu Yi once again, although she is slightly shocked there is more hatred.

Since he had appeared here today then later it will be his time to die!

Jiang Qini’s ghost eye lands on Chen Cai as she smiles merrily and says, “Person from Dragon Group. Those that block us must die. Little brother although this older sister likes you a lot perhaps it will be more interesting playing with your body.”

“What the heck! Although your figure is not bad that large pupil of yours is too scary already aunty!”

Chen Cai directly rejected Jiang Qini’s ‘kind intentions’.

Hearing him calling her aunty Jiang Qini is instantly angered.

A fierce glint flashes across her eyes as the blood water on the ground starts boiling and blood arrows start flying out and shoots towards Chen Cai.

“Chen Cai be careful!”

Maki gives a warning as a large number of soldiers who were tasked with guarding this place got injured by this attack and have all turned into blood water!

But Chen Cai is calm as he summons out a row of Tall Nutwalls to block in front of him as well as protect Maki and the rest behind him.

-pa, pa, pa, pa-

The blood arrows crash onto the Nutwalls and exploded out a lot of fragments but the Nutwalls are still very secure and are still standing up straight.

“What a ruthless woman ah!”

When Chen Cai sees how much damage that his Nutwalls received he exclaimed in shock, “Indeed the prettier the woman the scarier she is!”

Because he needs to protect Xiao Mi, Maki and the rest, thus he can only keep receiving the attacks of Jiang Qini.

While on Yuan Zhenyue’s side, it is not going well as the Demonic Infant is getting stronger and stronger. In the end, the Demonic Infant finally manages to injure Chen Zhenggang with a blood arrow. Next, the Demonic Infant aims towards Yuan Zhenyue and prepares to use a blood arrow to pierce through her body.

Seeing that the Dragon Group side is in danger, a figure descends from the sky and while he is descending down, a black armor starts to encase his body.

At the same time, he pulls out a black Scorpion Tail lance and directly slashes off the Demonic Infant’s head as he lands on the ground.


The head flies up and is grabbed by Liu Yi who had just landed on the ground.

“Ah! You can’t kill him!”

When Yuan Zhenyue sees Liu Yi slashing across the Demonic Infant’s neck she exclaims in shock, “Idiot. This will only make him stronger ah!”

“Hahaha! My Demonic Infant will settle all of you!”

When Jiang Qini sees this scene she starts laughing.

But very quickly she is no longer able to laugh because the scene of the Demonic Infant reviving did not happen and the headless corpse collapses onto the rainwater and stops moving.

Liu Yi stands there cooly with a head in his hand like a Killing God.

How would she know that the instant when Liu Yi lands, not only did he not chop off the Demonic Infant’s head he also allows Xuefeng to collect the soul of the Demonic Infant right away.

The soul would be kept for him to do Soul Return afterward to upgrade his Taiji sword.

But for now, leaving it with Xuefeng is the best.

“Eh? Why did it not revive?”

Seeing the corpse on the ground not moving, Ling Yunxi carefully walks over and kicks the corpse.

“It’s dead! It is really dead!”

Yuan Zhenyue looks at Liu Yi in shock, how is it that no matter how we killed the Demonic Infant we are unable to kill it but it is instantly killed by Liu Yi?

“I have scattered his soul. Naturally, he is unable to revive anymore.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he tosses aside the head casually before dusting his hands like it is a very simple matter.

“Good fellow well done!”

Long San instantly understood what had happened and gives Liu Yi a thumbs-up.

So this is the secret behind how the Demonic Infant is able to keep reviving! Why did we not think of it!

Seeing a guy who suddenly appeared such so easily deal with the Demonic Infant that he had summoned out, Jiang Qini’s face losses color and asks: “Who are you?”

“Dragon Group agent.”

Liu Yi points his lance at Jiang Qini, “How dare you try to revive the Devil Child! Do you really not place the lives of all living beings under the heavens in your eyes?”

“Live of all living beings under the heavens?”

Jiang Qini starts laughing, “The whole world belongs to the Great God. All of these mortal lives are like ants. Why do I need to place them in my eyes? Rather it is you, little brother who I am interested in. Why don’t you join my Great God Sect and older sister will pamper you properly.”

“How about not aunty.”

Recalling how mad Jiang Qini become from Chen Cai calling her that, Liu Yi smiles as he uses this term of address.

It seems like she is very unhappy to be called aunty as her expression instantly sinks.

“Very well then how dare you refuse a toast for forfeit! What are you guys waiting for! Why are you still not taking him down!”

Jiang Qini berates the disciple of Great God Sect and Acacia Sect.

As Liu Yi had suddenly appeared and instantly killed the Demonic Infant, Jiang Qini is unable to guess his strength. Before she is able to determine his actual strength, Jiang Qini will not personally take action.

“Kill him!”

“For the Great God!”

“Use his corpse and feed my poison bugs!”

The Great God Sect and Acacia Sect people start rushing over angrily, over thirty of them rushing overconfidently as they summons out either their ghost infant or their own poison creatures like bugs and animals. The scene causes the surrounding people to shiver as their hair starts standing.

“Bunch of mobs.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, with me wearing my Monarch Armour the position from this group of people are still not enough to harm me.

He raises his lance and was about to attack when he suddenly has a thought.

“Little black come out and help!”

Although this body is a clone created through Little Black Little Black’s ability is unlimited creation and reincarnating!

As Liu Yi forms the magic formation, instantly a black formation eye emerges from the ground.

A huge black bone horse neighs as it steps out from the formation eye. This bone horse’s eyes and hooves are burning with scarlet red flames like a nightmare!

Liu Yi jumps onto the bone horse and charges on the horse towards the crowd of disciples.

The speed of the bone horse that Little Black transforms into is very fast. Like the wind, it is instantly among the group of disciples.

The attacks from the group of disciples send out towards Liu Yi are completely ineffective as they are all blocked by the Monarch Armour that he is wearing.

On the bone horse’s back, the Scorpion Tail lance in his hands is like a sickle of a death reaper, harvesting the lives of the disciples. Within a short moment, the disciples are escaping in a sorry figure.

After they start running away, Liu Yi keeps away his playful heart and jumps off the bone horse and rushes towards the red barrier that is protecting Ling Xiaowu.

“Damn it!”

Seeing that this Dragon Group agent is so valiant, Jiang Qini instantly starts frowning.

She sees that the only who has combat ability is her own disciple Ma Yixuan and Ling Xiaowu is about to complete her magic spell, she immediately starts attacking Chen Cai crazily while shouting out sharply, “Disciple kill him!”

“Yes, master!”

Hearing Jiang Qini’s command, a complicated glint flashes across Ma Yixuan’s eyes before she flashes over and blocks in front of Liu Yi.

“Apologies, this road is blocked”

When Liu Yi sees Ma Yixuan, his speeding figure instantly comes to a standstill as well.

Ma Yixuan gently toys with her fringe before smiling and says: “I did not expect that when two of us meet once again would be in this kind of scenario.”

Liu Yi shivers slightly, it is already at this stage and she can still smile?

After disappearing for so long, Ma Yixuan has indeed changed a lot!

“Old classmate, do you want to remise about our past first?”

Although Ma Yixuan hates Liu Yi to death she speaks as if they are chatting.

At the same time, one of her hands is behind her back forming seals continuously.

“Ma Yixuan put away your tricks.”

Liu Yi raises his lance and snorts. Although he used to have good-will towards her in the past at this moment it is all gone like smoke.

“If you want to take action then do it openly. Why is there a need to do it like a ghost behind your back.”

“Aiyah… I was actually found out by you.”

Ma Yixuan’s face turns red like she is a young lady whose thoughts are seen through by others as she lowers her head in embarrassment.


What an evildoer ah!

Hasn’t she changed too much already! She is able to act so much?

The current Ma Yixuan is basically another Jiang Qini!

Damn it! Jiang Qini ah Jiang Qini you had brought up Ma Yixuan to this way?

Liu Yi says, “Ma Yixuan your transformation is really big.”

“You also feel that my breasts have become bigger?”

Ma Yixuan looks at Liu Yi in surprise before stretching out her right hand and pulling down the collar in front of her chest slightly, revealing a deep ravine, “How is it do you want to take a look?”

Liu Yi trembles slightly before frowning.

Looks like Ma Yixuan is no longer saveable.

Not I must admit that she is really good at attracting my attention.

Yuan Zhenyue who is dealing with some weaklings turn around and saw this scene. Her face is instantly drained of blood as she shouts out in warning, “Liu Yi be careful!”


Chapter 413  [A completely new Ma Yixuan]

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