MKW Chapter 412

Chapter 412  [The sealed off location]


“Devil Child is a snake demon. He is sealed under the Northern Top Goddess of Fraternity at North Star Road.”

Zhang Meixuan expression becomes heavy as she says: “Originally the top did not know about this matter until there is a year when the top wanted to construct an Olympics building and wanted to demolish this Northern Goddess of Fertility temple. In the end, when they had just torn down two external walls, a tornado formed and killed two workers and injured many more.”

Chen Cai’s eyes widen, “So sinister?”

Zhang Meixuan nods her head and says: “Back then, there was a famous cultivator that came over and told the top that this Temple cannot be touched. The top was under a lot of pressure but in the end, still decided to retain the temple and thus the Olympics building had to be built in another area. Only then did the tornado stop and the two people who died mysteriously revived.”

“I’ll be damned….”

When Chen Cai hears this he is stunned, indeed the cultivation world is a very mysterious place.

Liu Yi did not say anything as he starts thinking.

If it is this case, that seal is definitely very important and very secure. It is impossible for it to be unsealed for no reason.

If that is the case then how did that Demonic Child revive?

When Liu Yi thinks here, he raises his head and asks, “Who is the person who opened the seal?”

“How did you know that it is someone who opened the seal?”

Zhang Meixuan looks at Liu Yi curiously as she obviously had not said it.

Liu Yi casually says, “Guessing.”

“Your guess is quite accurate.”

Zhang Meixuan glances at Liu Yi before saying, “Based on the current reports, it is the Sect Head of the Acacia Sect, Ling Xiaowu who did it.”

“Acacia Sect again!”

Liu Yi clenches his fist tightly, “What is this group of people planning to do!”

Zhang Meixuan shakes her head, “We are also unable to guess it…but this time around it does not seem to be only the Acacia Sect but also the Great God Sect who are involved. Other than a person protecting Ling Xiaowu who is forcefully breaking the seal, there are also groups of people from the Great God Sect blocking our people.”

“Why are the sects working together?”

Liu Yi is shocked, “This matter is becoming weirder….currently who is on which side?”

“A few of Dragon Group members as well as us Twelve Zodiac people.”

Zhang Meixuan says, “But the people from the Great God Sect are too powerful. We are unable to get close to the Northern Goddess of Fertility temple.”

“The people from the Great God Sect are powerful?”

Liu Yi is curious, “How strong are they?”

“Very powerful. No matter what method we use, we are unable to kill them. They keep reviving and after every time they revive they become even stronger and scarier!”

Zhang Meixuan’s words cause Liu Yi’s heart to sink, is it a Ghost Infant again?

Looks like the people from the Great God Sect already control the method of controlling the Ghost Infant?

This Ghost Infant is earth grade and above. This is not the most important point. The most important point is that it can revive endlessly!

But I have already controlled the methods of killing the ghost infant, furthermore, with Xuefeng here, she is the most suitable to deal with Ghost Infant!

Liu Yi is currently calculating the winning chances. As for killing a Ghost Infant, he can rely on Xuefeng.

But if the Devil Child revived…am I able to win it?

A demon that the heavens actually sent someone to suppress…just how strong can he be?

Liu Yi recalls that in his spirit pet space there is a strong old demon and thus he asks: {Senior Qiuhong, do you know this Devil Child?}

{You asked the right person.}

Qiuhong laughs before saying, {This Devil Child’s name is even more famous than me, this Monarch Scorpion.}

{He is so famous?}

Liu Yi starts to become worried.

{Relax. He was sealed for so many years, his cultivation will definitely have dropped and will not be as scary as back then. With your current strength and my ability, we can definitely be able to fight against him.}


Liu Yi starts to raise his vigilance and prepare for the upcoming huge fight!

“The entire South district is sealed. So you can relax and fight later. We must not allow the Devil Child to come out and harm the human world!”

While controlling the helicopter, Zhang Meixuan says serious, “Liu Yi, Chen Cai the two of your powers exceed the power of Group 3. Group 1 and 2 people currently are not around. Dragon One and Dragon Two were deployed overseas for tasks, thus we can only rely on the two of you.”

Why is this Dragon One and Dragon Two so busy…

The helicopter is having some trouble flying in the rain, but it is still fast. After a while, they reached the skies of the South district.

Indeed this area seems to be sealed, but even if it is not sealed, with this kind of heavy rain no one would come as well.

Liu Yi sees a very eye-catching Olympic building which everyone in JingDou treats as a very grand building.

Close to it, is a very common looking temple standing among the rain on its own.

At this moment on top of the temple is a light red light covering the entire temple.

Indeed it is ghost qi!

Within the light, is a woman that cannot be seen clearly. Covering her body is countless poison snakes and seems to be casting some sinister magic.

Is that the magic to break open the seal?

Liu Yi starts to frown.

Current there is a lot of Great God Sect disciples who are wearing red Qipaos standing outside of the light.

Their leader is a woman wearing a red qipao and is a beauty. Her chest is almost bursting out which makes Liu Yi recalls profoundly.

Jiang Qini!

Since this woman is here then how about Ma Yixuan?

Liu Yi turns his head and indeed standing by the side is the figure of Ma Yixuan!

Currently, she is wearing cowgirl attire and is fighting joyously against a twelve zodiac member.

While even more Zodiac members, as well as the agents from Dragon Group, are fighting against a figure.

That one person has no pressure while fighting against over ten people at the same time! From the way he uses his techniques, he should be the Ghost Infant!

Yuan Zhenyue and her team are also here, the half stone man Chen Zhenggang is using a stone fist to send the Ghost Infant flying.

The little nurse Ling Xiaoxi’s face is pale white as she dodges the blood rain attack while shouting, “My mind control is useless against him!”

“Everyone dodge!”

Long San glares with his single eyes and keeps using his power to send the magic attacks flying over away and protect his underlings.

“Leave it to me team leader!”

Yuan Zhenyue indeed has the swift and fierce image of a policewoman. Currently, she is wearing her golden red dragon armor as she rushes in front of that Ghost Infant and punches him in his face,

Liu Yi realizes that Yuan Zhenyue’s dragon armor had some changes and is not like what it used to. Instead, it is more streamlined and has a pair of enormous dragon wings flapping on her back. With her dragon shape helmet, she completely looks more like a dragon than him in dragon transformation state!

Is this the third stage that Long Xin transformed into?

Liu Yi sensed that she has around eight-star strength!

Ai, spiritual body cultivation speed is indeed very exaggerated…although I myself also have spiritual veins…

As the few of them deal with the Ghost Infant together, although there isn’t much close combat, Long San and Yuan Zhenyue together are able to control the Ghost Infant.

While Jiang Qini is also not resting as she fights against a few of the Zodiac members.

Xiao Mi and Maki are dealing with Jiang Qini but it seems like Jiang Qini’s strength has increased by a step. As she is dealing with Maki and Xiao Mi who are not used to their abilities, she is very relaxed.

Liu Yi also notices that among all of the zodiac members, most of them are women and there are only two guys.

While the two sides are fighting, from the Northern Goddess of Fertility temple comes a rumbling sound.

Following which, an enormous black python image raises its head from within the temple and lets out an angry roar.

Although it is only an image, it causes everyone at the scene to shiver.

The figure is over 20 meters long and with its head raised up in the sky, it seems like it is going to break out from something that is binding it!

Zhang Meixuan exclaims, “Damn it! The Devil Child is about to break the seal!”

Following which the black python enormous figure lifted up and a fierce wind start blowing. Along with the heavy rain, it causes the helicopter to fly backward quite far away.

Liu Yi crouches on the helicopter door and gives some simple instruction, “Chen Cai you are in charge of that qipao girl. I’ll be in charge of that Ghost Infant.”

“No problem. I like to get close to beauties the most. Especially big chest girls.”

As Chen Cai looks at Jiang Qini, he starts smiling.

Liu Yi hurries and reminds, “Get lost. Don’t be so wrench. That woman is very powerful!”

“Understood boss. Watch me. I am very powerful okay…AAAAHHHH…”

Chen Cai steps onto the doorway of the helicopter, but the rainwater makes the surface too slippery and before he is able to stand firmly, he falls down as he shrieks.


Jiang Qini is using her ghost qi at full strength and sends Maki flying away with a blood wave.

At the same time, Xiao Mi uses her spatial technique and moves instantly to her back but is sent flying away by her Five Demon Transportation.

“Watch me!”

A small-sized vulgar guy seems to also be a zodiac member squeak as he flashes over to Jiang Qini’s side like a lightning bolt.

“Parlour tricks.”

Although she is shocked by her opponent’s speed, Jiang Qini only claps her hands together.

Instantly a ghost eye emerges from her forehead, it is obviously an ability that she obtained after combining with her Ghost Infant.

She opens her mouth and shrieks.

This shriek is very powerful. It instantly sends the vulgar guy flying away with ruptured eardrums as he bleeds.

“Hehehe…you guys are too weak. Send some stronger people over.”

Jiang Qini smiles as a black figure suddenly descends right in front of her from the sky.

Chen Cai climbs out of the hole in a sorry figure while massaging his butt, “Aiyah…my butt…”

Jiang Qini does not know Chen Cai and seeing the way he appears she cannot help but ask, “Eh, little brother who are you?”

By the side, Ma Yixuan who is fighting against a zodiac member, face changes when she sees Chen Cai.

Why is he here as well?

Since Chen Cai is here…perhaps, Liu Yi is also here?

Ma Yixuan turns her head and indeed, she sees Liu Yi who is sitting at the side door of a helicopter in the sky.

Currently, Liu Yi is sitting at the side door, one hand pulling on the handle while the other pressing against his forehead.

Their gazes collide with each other in the sky.

At that moment Ma Yixuan’s heart trembles, Liu Yi seems to have changed….and become even scarier…

But currently with his black shirt sitting at the side door and frowning…why is he have a peculiar charisma…

Strange…when did this fellow become so pleasing to the eyes!


Chapter 412  [The sealed off location]

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  1. It’s a reunion Eh
    So what is it this time?
    A massacre or just a murder?
    Killing a sealed something isn’t a crime right?
    Thanks for the chap ~


  2. LOL! Now Ma Yixuan thinks the MC looks kinda cool, but only after he got scarier hahahaha! However I think her Sensei will kill her and absorb her before letting them join up. That also drive another wedge between him and the great god sect… just a hypothesis, but making this guess because he is over due for some traumatic experience


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