MKW Chapter 411

Chapter 411  [Demon Child coming into being]



“What the heck, it sounds very evil ah…”

When the students here what Zhang Meixuan says, they started discussing with each other.

“Teacher, you are after all a beauty. You must definitely be afraid of dissecting a frog!”

Chen Cai volunteered himself, “Why don’t I help Teacher.”

“Hehe, as for dissecting a frog and the like.”

Unexpectedly Zhang Meixuan only smiles widely as she reaches with a hand into the tank and captures a pitiful frog. With her other hand, she holds the knife used for dissecting and makes a few gestures.

“Let’s not say about dissecting the frog. Even if it is dissecting you, Chen Cai, I also would not have any physiological barrier.”

Zhang Meixuan’s words cause Chen Cai to shiver and immediately sits back down.

One of the girls cannot help but ask, “Teacher….that…that….would the little frog be in pain…”

“To be honest, teacher does not know about this.”

Zhang Meixuan blinks her eyes, “How about you let teacher cut you and you tell me if it is painful?”

The girl’s face turns pale and immediately shakes her head.

Liu Yi cannot help but cover his forehead, this Zhang Meixuan is indeed a crazy woman ah.

“Alright students, this is the dissecting class. This is science. So please keep away your useless compassion.”

Zhang Meixuan had always been crazy towards science, “Student Junping what are you doing?”

Her gaze lands on Liu Yi’s side, on the guy wearing spectacles and praying through the Buddha beads on his wrist.

Su Junping got a shock and immediately says, “Re…port, reporting teacher…I am praying for them…”

Zhang Meixuan, “………………..”

No longer caring about the students, Zhang Meixuan starts explaining as she starts to dissect the pitiful frog.

Amitabha, pitiful frog, just treat it as you are contributing to the glorious science experiment…talking about this, human beings really treat themselves as the most precious creature. As long as it is favorable to human beings, the rest of the creatures can all be used to serve humans. They have become human beings, food,   or offer their short life as medicine for humans.

It can be said that humans splendid come from stepping on countless bloody corpses of plants and animals.

Thinking to here, Liu Yi starts to become somewhat compassionate. Is this what that monk in that monastery meant by being fated with Buddha?

It is only an ordinary sympathy that’s all…

How am I suppose to obtain Buddha qi?

In Liu Yi’s mind, all kind of random thoughts starts emerging. By his side, Mingyue Xuefeng is giving all her attention to Zhang Meixuan explanation and she appears very interested.

A Hell’s Messenger with such heavy taste…

In the classroom, there are already a lot of girls as well as guys who are unable to watch on anymore and were all in shock from the fright of the bloody scene.

Zhang Meixuan’s expression is the thing that makes Liu Yi dumbstruck! The heck…it is obviously only dissecting a frog but in her eyes, there is actually franticness!

That’s right it is franticness! This woman is really a mad scientist! What most people cannot bear it but this girl is very excited about it!

The frog’s devastation under Zhang Meixuan franticness has completely turned into two sharply differing scene!

There was even a very timid student who was unable to take it anymore and vomited in class.

Liu Yi prays in his heart, hopefully, this student will not be left with a shadow…

Just as Liu Yi prays for the students in the class, the closed window in the class is suddenly blown open.

A gale came blowing in, blowing on all of the students.

Although it is now mid-autumn, the weather is still very hot, thus everyone is not wearing a lot. When this cold wind blows in, everyone starts shivering.

“Wah, it’s suddenly raining!”

One of the students who was by the window felt raindrops on his face and immediately stretched out his hand and try to close the window.

But the wind outside is strangely very strong. No matter how much he tries, he is unable to close the window.

Zhang Meixuan walks over to the window and uses one hand to the window that the guy is unable to close at all.

The guy’s jaw drops as he starts at Zhang Meixuan who is standing by the window.

Zhang Meixuan only says one sentence, “The rain is very heavy…”

This rain lasted for three entire days.

Originally the plan to go out and play during the weekend is gone just like this. Causing the dorm room big brother Lai Junwen’s mood unhappy and sighs for no reason.

Liu Yi stands by the dorm room window and looks at the heavy rain outside.

These few days JingDou is flooded with water and it seems to be because the drainage system is worn down and did not receive repairs for years. A lot of areas in JingDou have turned into Venice.

A lot of people are joking around of coming to Jingdou to look at the new catastrophic plains, Flooded JingDou City.

There are also before who are joking about inviting people to JingDou to look at the sea.

Actually, the situation is around there. JingDou drainage system had always been a problem and every single term, the person in charge of it is not willing to deal with this problem. Because this project will waste a lot of funds but is not good to curry favor with. Furthermore, it is hard to see results during their term. Thus, everyone had always been opening one eye and closing the other towards dealing the drainage system of JingDou.

In the end, this current term person in charge is naturally unlucky. Submerged JingDou is almost becoming a joke.

“Aiyah…if this goes on, it will be bad.”

Su Junping who is playing LOL looks at the heavy rain outside the window and sighs, “The weather forecast had reported that this is the heaviest rain that JingDou had experienced in 50 years.”

Lai Junwen punches the sandbag tied to the bed fiercely a few times in agitation. After venting a bit he says, “Damn it. Why is my luck so bad!”

Liu Yi keeps looking out of the window as the corner of his eye twitches.

Is it really because of the weather? The heavy rain that comes once every 50 years?

But why is it that I am able to smell a faint demonic qi from the air?

This demonic qi perhaps has gathered within the entire JingDou. I am afraid that this heavy rain has a relationship with the demonic qi!

“Indeed this weather is not usual.”

In the world that Lai Junwen and the rest is unable to see, Mingyue Xuefeng is sitting on the table and dangling her legs as she says charmingly, “This rain is complete because the Demon Child is coming into being.”

Liu Yi immediately asks Mingyue Xuefeng in shock, “Demon Child coming into being. Why didn’t you say it earlier?”

“Second brother what are you saying?”

Su Junping who is pulling his face out from the computer and ask Liu Yi curiously, “What is Demon Child?”

“Ah, nothing!”

Liu Yi immediately covers up. He had forgotten to compress his voice into a line because he is too agitated.

By the side, Chen Cai attention is immediately attracted over and he straight away opens his hands and releases his Asura Barrier.

Instantly the entire dormitory is covered by the Asura Barrier, other than those people with qi, ordinary people are blocked outside.

“Boss, I have been observing you for a few days and it looks like you are always talking to someone?”

Liu Yi looks at the curious Chen Cai and thinks that he should let him know.

“Okay then. Xuefeng comes out and meet Chen Cai.”

“I hate Asuras!”

Although she said that Mingyue Xuefeng still reveals her real body and appears in front of Chen Cai.

“What the heck….a great beauty….”

When Chen Cai sees Mingyue Xuefeng, his saliva starts dripping down.

Liu Yi gives him a dispising gaze, “Grow up you idiot, quickly wipe your spit away!”

Chen Cai hurries and wipes his mouth, “Boss, when did you have another girl ah….so unfair…”

Liu Yi introduces, “This is Mingyue Xuefeng, a Hell’s Messenger from 18 layers of hell. My new helper.”

“Beauty nice to meet you. I am called Chen Cai and boss’s most loyal underling!”

Chen Cai stretches out his hand, “Beauty do you have a boyfriend?”

Mingyue Xuefeng did not shake hands with Chen Cai, instead, she leans on Liu Yi and glares at Chen Cai in warning, “I am master’s!”

Chen Cai instantly starts crying, “Wuwuwuwu…bos, I want to die together with you…”

Liu Yi immediately coughs, “Okay enough. Let’s talk about proper matter first. Xuefeng tell me what is this Demon Child coming into being?”

Mingyue Xuefeng’s expression turned serious, “On my information records, in the past, there was a very scary demon in JingDou! He was harming the mortal world and creating chaos! In the end, the heavens were unable to take it anymore and sent down the Northern top goddess and sealed this demon.”

Chen Cai ask curiously, “How is this story related to the demon?”

Liu Yi starts frowning like he has understood something.

“Xuefeng what you mean is….”

Before he finishes asking, Liu Yi receives a message from Zhang Meixuan through Little Jade.

“There is a task, swiftly head over to the laboratory.”

“Chen Cai remove the barrier. We need to go to the laboratory.”

“Understood boss.”

Chen Cai immediately removes the barrier and the two of them walk out.

Lai Junwen immediately shouts, “Are you two crazy? The rain is so heavy why are you still going outside?”

“We are going to buy things!”

Liu Yi waves his hands before leaving the dormitory with Chen Cai.

When they are outside, it is indeed raining very heavily. All over the ground is a pool of water with nowhere to walk.

In this kind of bad weather, there is basically no one who is willing to go outside. But the two Dragon Group agent who have a task, they have to brave the rain and go to the man-made lake.

The water level in the man-made lake is very high and is almost flooding out. If this goes on, perhaps it might really flood.

Liu Yi and Chen Cai enter the laboratory through the secret passageway and see a grim looking Zhang Meixuan.

“This time we have a task and it is very urgent.”

As Zhang Meixuan speaks she claps her hand. “The two of you follow me to Beichen side. Maki had already brought the rest of the people over there already.”

“What is the matter?” asked Liu Yi.

Zhang Meixuan brings Liu Yi and Chen Cai through the secret laboratory and to the outskirts. Climbing onto the helicopter she says: “The Devil Child is coming into being.”

Everywhere is flooded and cars are unable to pass through.

Hearing what Zhang Meixuan says, Liu Yi’s heart sinks, indeed is it like what Xuefeng said?

At this moment Xuefeng who had boarded the helicopter as well narrows her eyes at Liu Yi.

Chen Cai asks curiously, “Who or what is the Devil Child?”

“It is a very scary monster.”

Zhang Meixuan’s expression is very ugly as her bursting chest rises and sinks, it can be seen just how nervous is she.


Chapter 411  [Demon Child coming into being]

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