MKW Chapter 410

Chapter 410  [Dissection class]


On the other side, Liu Yi has once again entered cultivation state. Since the big battler in the Bagua stage, Chen Keqing no longer kicks down the door. Occasionally when they meet in the dining hall or Concealed Scripture Pavillion, her face would turn red and escape.

Liu Yi is curious, is her brain infected with a virus?

But he does not have time to communicate with Chen Keqing. Other than eating and reading books, Liu Yi spends the rest of the time cultivating.

After making a copy of the Demonic Sword Technique and passing to Liu Haisheng, he places the sword scripture below the Through Sky sword in the main hall. It seems like this Through Sky sword has a very powerful formation protecting it. Other than him, no one else is able to open it.

After which a lot of people actually got defeated under the hands of Raising Immortal Palace Hall! A lot of people who are born in the villages of the cultivation world starts coming out to be disciples!

This task of accepting new people lands on Chen Keqing and in a blink of an eye there is actually over 60+ new people who wish to join Raising Immortal Palace Hall! Furthermore, this number is still on the rise and she believes that soon it would break through a hundred or more!

Everyone in Raising Immortal Palace Hall is very happy. You must know what in the past when Raising Immortal Palace Hall personally sends people to other villages in the cultivation world to accept disciple, no one bothered to care about them!

All of the youngsters in the villages, who among them do not wish to enter a large sect!

Raising Immortal Palace Hall previous used to be an unremarkable sect within the Sword Pavillion, thus who would want to join it! This is the reason for Liu Haisheng’s worry. Even for cultivators, they will still die of old age unless they are able to progress and scatter the void.

Thus as the older generation passes away, the rise of the newer generation is very important! After Ma Long had left Raising Immortal Palace Hall, it loses its capability to have new blood and starts declining.

But since Liu Yi had shown his might and killed hundreds of devil sects’ disciples, Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s name once again spread throughout the cultivation world!

Within a short period of time, Liu Yi suddenly has over a hundred junior brothers and sisters.

The normally quiet Raising Immortal Palace Hall currently become bustling with noise and excitement.

The other reason why Chen Keqing did not come to and disturb Liu Yi is because she is busy with inducting the new junior brothers and sisters.

Every day on the Bagua stage, Chen Keqing is drilling the new disciples and teaching them Through Sky Sword technique.

Now when Zhang Wentao occasionally sees Liu Yi, his face is no longer filled with unhappiness.

It can be said that with Liu Yi’s joining, it allows Raising Immortal Palace Hall to once again regain fame and opportunity.

After cultivating for a night, Liu Yi’s soul leaves his cultivating body and returns back to Ke Da.


Before Liu Yi opens his eyes, he felt that there is something heavy on his body.

On his chest seems to have something soft which carries a nice fragrance tempting his nose.

Eh…what is going on…is it Xiao Mi?

Liu Yi opens his eyes slightly and realizes that a naked red hair figure is lying in his embrace. The figure is curled up and lying on his chest sleeping like a little cat.

What the heck!

How is this Xiao Mi ah, it is obvious Xuefeng ah!

What on earth does my body do when I am not here?!

Everyone else is still in deep sleep while Lai Junwen’s snore is still as loud as thunder.

“Master is awake…”

It seems like Mingyue Xuefeng has felt Liu Yi’s movement as she opens her eyes. She mischievously stretches out her tongue and licks Liu Yi on his chest.

Liu Yi instantly freezes, what the….

It is not only a female’s nipples that are sensitive, actually, the guys’ ones are also the same.

“You, why are you sleeping here ah…”

Liu Yi compresses his words into a line and asks Mingyue Xuefeng while ‘enduring’ her mischief.

Mingyue Xuefeng lazily replies, “I have always been sleeping here…”

Liu Yi got a shock in his head as he hurriedly asks, “Then did I do anything to you?”

“Nothing ah…I am very curious, is master no longer interested in me?”

Mingyue Xuefeng looks at Liu Yi with a pitiful appearance. Currently, Liu Yi is her one and only pillar. If there is no Liu Yi then she would have nowhere to go. On the other hand, following Liu Yi gives her a very safe feeling which is also very comfortable.

Furthermore, the school is very interesting, a hundred times more interesting than 18 layers of hell…currently, if Mingyue Xuefeng can return back to hell, she would not want to!

Liu Yi sighs in relief, luck…while my main soul is away, the other body will follow Little Jade’s system instructions and follow the commands. Looks like this system does not have a virus in it and did not do unmentionable things to Xuefeng.

“Master….I…want it…”

Currently it is in the wee hours and Liu Yi’s lower half is supporting the sky currently.

Mingyue Xuefeng suddenly stretches out her hand and gently grabs hold of Liu Yi’s little brother…

Liu Yi shivers and looks at the red head beauty and starts to get excited.

After tasting the taboo, most people will start to become addicted.

Even for the worker of 18 layers of hell is also the same. Mingyue Xuefeng had not received the moisture from Liu Yi for these few days and is already somewhat impatient.

Ah, wrong…isn’t it, should be thirsty…

When Liu Yi hears Su Junping on the upper bunk flipping his body he immediately says: “Stop messing around…there are still other people here…”

Xuefeng rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “No worries…they would not be able to see me.”

“But…they are able to hear you okay…”

“Oh, in that case…watch me!”

As Xuefeng speaks, she blows out a purple smoke from her mouth.

This purple smoke carries a sweet scent and quickly covers Liu Yi’s bed.

“Hehe…this is an ordinary sound blocking barrier.”

Xuefeng raises her eyebrows when she sees Liu Yi’s doubt and says: “Now we can do as we please…”

She aims properly at Liu Yi’s little brother and starts riding it.

Liu Yi and Xuefeng let out satisfied sounds at the same time. After which Xuefeng transforms into a female knight as she rocks her butt and rides Liu Yi continuously.

This causes the double-decker steel bed to start creaking loudly.

If there wasn’t this sound barrier, I am afraid that the people downstairs would be kicking down the door by now….

Like the proverb, a few days of separation wins newlyweds. Actually, this sentence is rather interesting, it actually means that if the two of them did not have sex for a long time, their craving for it will be very large!

Very quickly Liu Yi is not satisfied with being ridden by a girl. How can the initiative be given to other people!

He flips over and instructed Xuefeng, “Xuefeng kneel on the bed.”

“Eh…what is the matter…”

“Ill massage your shoulder…”

“Oh, okay….wuwu…master…you  liar…”

Liu Yi feels that after meeting Xiao Mi and Xuefeng, he is starting to have a daytime sex lifestyle.

To the extent when he leaves the dormitory in the morning he keeps yawning.

Really taxing on one’s mind and body ah…in comparison, Mingyue Xuefeng is bouncing energetically by the side.

‘Liu Yi after class come and pick me up. Let’s go to the library to read books.’

At this moment Liu Yi received Wang Yuzheng’s SMS. Perhaps these few days my body is carrying out the task according to the system and did not accompany her…

‘Okay, what time does your class end?’

‘Second period, meet at the library.’

Wang Yuzheng’s SMS is forever so concise and comprehensive. Liu Yi cannot help but think of her appearance in his mind.

If he wants to compare, Wang Yuzheng is like a white rabbit milk candy, sweet and delicious. Most importantly is how obedient is she.

Although she looks very obedient, she is a very stubborn girl. The things that she had decided on cannot be changed no matter what.

Since the matter at the self-study room, their relationship had gotten closer. Although no one says it out, Liu Yi also did not give her any commitment.

Because he still had yet to save Immortal Fox Sister, thus Liu Yi is unable to give any other girls any commitment. Everything shall wait till Immortal Fox Sister is back!

But her position as a girlfriend will not run away. Now that my strength is almost there, this time during the World’s Dao Gathering, I must help this girlfriend snatch the pill!

Liu Yi lazily walks with his roommates to the classroom for Zhang Meixuan’s class.

Yoko Nishikawa had come earlier as she sits by the side with the rest of the girls. Seeing Liu Yi walking in, they lock gaze for a while before she turns her head away and continues chatting with her friends, but her expression does not seems to be concentrating.

Looks like this lass is still thinking of the matter back then…but wanting to forget about it is also very hard!

“Junwen ah! This weekend let us go and play!”

Xiao Ya turns around and says to Lai Junwen with a merry smile, “The two dorms go out and play. How about we go to Pleasure Valley? I have been wanting to go there and play!”

Go out and play again?

Liu Yi starts to become apprehensive.

By the side, Xiao-Fen immediately looks at Liu Yi in interest, like she has not given up on her thoughts of getting him.

After all, currently in school, Liu Yi is now considered a famous person. He had utterly dominated Roukou Tetsu, which is enough to make the girls desire him.

From the looks of it, this Xiao Ya seems to be trying to find an opportunity for Xiao Fen?

Lai Junwen hearing what his girlfriend had said immediately nods, “Okay, okay. It will not be a problem.”

“Liu Yi must come as well! If he does not come then we will not go as well!”

Lai Junwen instantly stares at Liu Yi, “Eh? Old two had you heard it. You must go ah!”

Liu Yi gives him a middle finger, “Tsk, if you do not call me old two then I’ll go!”

“He promised already.”

Lai Junwen immediately reports to Xiao Ya and Liu Yi immediately says: “Oi, oi don’t be in a hurry to agree! I will also bring along a few friends!”

Before Xiao Ya ask, Xiao Fen already asks: “Who else are you bringing?”

“A few of my friends.”

Liu Yi is thinking of Wang Yuzheng, Murong Die, and Wang Lele.

Going out to play, how could I not bring this three lasses. If I do not bring them other…I might die….

“Oh…then you shall threat!”

Xiao Fen suddenly says fiercely to Liu Yi.

“That…fine then…”

Liu Yi covers his forehead, looks like I have offended that lass’s narrow-mindedness.

“Hmph, hmph….”

“Then that is settled. This weekend, Pleasure Valley let us enjoy ourselves thoroughly!”

Xiao Ya does not seems to mind, after all being able to be with Lai Junwen is her plan!

At this moment Zhang Meixuan walks in through the door, she is wearing a short skirt which attracts the gazes of all the guys.

In her hand is a transparent tank filled with lots of frogs which makes Liu Yi take note.

“Students for today’s lesson teacher shall be teaching you guys dissection”


Chapter 410  [Dissection class]

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