MKW Chapter 409

Chapter 409  [Strengthening the Taiji sword]


Liu Haisheng’s complexion turns heavy as he asks Liu Yi, “What you executed is the forbidden technique of Raising Immortal Palace Hall?”

With the words, he, and everyone’s gazes turn slightly strange.

Especially Chen Keqing who uses inquiring gaze to look at Liu Yi, waiting for his reply.

“That’s right. It is the Demonic Sword Technique that was left behind my Senior Shan Honghe.”

Liu Yi feels that there is no need to lie on this thus he replies honestly.

When Liu Yi says this, he notices a radiance flashes cross Liu Haisheng’s eyes but when he blinks he thought that he had seen wrongly.

“There is actually such a technique…can you take it out for me to take a look?”

Liu Haisheng’s voice is slightly trembling.

“This…apologies Sect Head Martial Uncle.”

Liu Yi makes a face, “Senior Shan Honghe is somewhat weird. He has set a small mechanism on his technique. When I touched the book, the Demonic Sword Technique book automatically destroyed itself. Currently, the only place that has this sword technique is my mind.”

Most of the other disciples do not believe in what Liu Yi says and he can see a few of them sneering.

The meaning of the sneer is you purposely destroyed the book to prevent us from training and becoming stronger than you.

While Chen Keqing only blinks. From her gaze, Liu Yi did not see any suspicion.

She believes me?

Liu Haisheng sighs, “So that is the case.”

“Sect Head Martial Uncle if you really want it, I can write it out.”


Liu Yi’s words cause Liu Haisheng to have hope. But the later words cause his heart to sink on again.

“But I must say it first, this technique can only be trained by people who possess Demonic qi.”

Liu Yi’s words cause the rest of the people to start whispering to each other and it is obvious that a lot of them do not believe him.

“It actually needs demonic qi?”

Zhang Wentao is the first to be suspicious, “Liu Yi could it be that you possess demonic qi?”

“Martial Uncle Zhang watch.”

Liu Yi smiles and did not explain much, instead, he starts revolving the dragon strength in his body.

His hair starts to turn silver as his eyes emit golden light. An enormous demonic qi surges out from his body.

“He actually possesses demonic qi…”

Everyone got a shock!

When Liu Yi completely released his demonic qi, his body starts to transform.

It is the demonic transformation!

As for the dragon transformation, it is caused by reaching the peak of demonic transformation.

Chen Keqing’s eyes widen as she stares at Liu Yi and covers her mouth in shock.

Gods…he actually really possessed demonic qi in his body!

No wonder he said that it is impossible to learn this technique…looks like I had always been blaming him wrongly.

Thinking about her brief encounter with the forbidden technique, Chen Keqing sighs.

Looks like I am unable to shoulder the responsibility of reviving Raising Immortal Palace Hall…perhaps this junior brother in front of me is able to…

“So that is the case…”

Liu Haisheng bitterly nods his head, “Looks like this technique is indeed not suitable for my Raising Immortal Palace Hall…Liu Yi, recall your demonic qi. Remember that during the World’s Dao Gathering, you must never reveal that you possess demonic qi. Otherwise not only you, even Raising Immortal Palace Hall will become the target of all sects.”

“Understood Sect Head Martial Uncle.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “I will not destroy Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s name.”

After all, I am trying to complete the task that my master gave me which is to revive Raising Immortal Palace Hall!

I think after this matter, Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s name will be spread out.

“Good. This matter shall end here. Liu Yi, you also go and rest earlier. Right, if you are free, go make a copy of that Demonic Sword Technique. After all, it is Senior Shan Honghe’s original technique. It is good if you could leave a copy in Raising Immortal Palace Hall.”

“Understood Sect Head Martial Uncle.”

Liu Yi nods his head, this is not an unreasonable request.

After everyone had dispersed, Chen Keqing stayed behind. After staring at Liu Yi for a while, she finally opens her mouth and says: “Today…thank you…”


Liu Yi is still thinking of what Chen Keqing would say to him and did not expect her to apologize.

I did not hear wrongly, right?!

Chen Keqing is actually apologizing to me? Doesn’t this lass always keep shouting about wanting to kill me?

“I definitely must have heard wrong…”

As Liu Yi speaks, he checks his ears and finds that they are fine.

He walks over to Chen Keqing’s side and feels her forehead.

“Ah! What are you doing!”

Chen Keqing feels like her forehead got a shock as she retreats in fright, “You scumbag I only praise you slightly and you are starting to get itchy hands!”

“There is no fever ah…”

Liu Yi withdraws his hands as he blinks and says, “But why is she speaking nonsense?”

When Chen Keqing hears what Liu Yi say her good-will towards him immediately disappears like clouds. She clenches her teeth in anger, “Damn it, scumbag! Go and die!”

She steps onto her flying sword and flies off.

Good gods…girls are really like the sky on May…changing as she pleases ah!

“Forget it. It is best if I strengthen my Taiji sword.”

Liu Yi looks at the Taiji sword that he had stabbed into the Bagua stage as he starts to become excited.

Although Taiji sword is a cheap good that was bought from Taobao, after the Hell reaper’s soul was inserted into it, it is more or less no longer an ordinary grade already.

Demonic Sword Technique’s other mysticism is that the user can continuously strengthen his sword. It does not only rely on inserting souls in, the user can also use the bone swords to strengthen his sword’s toughness and grade!

This magic tool is split into 9 grades. From the lowest 1 to the highest 9.

9th grade and above are all the rumored legendary equipment which neither Liu Yi nor Lin Tong had never seen before.

Currently, I have over 100 bone swords with me. I don’t know what grade would this Taiji sword be strengthened to with all of them.

The current grade of the Taiji sword is roughly grade 1, after a soul is inserted in.

Liu Yi waves his hand and the hundred plus bone swords start floating and revolve around his body.

“Give me a bit of a surprise!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he points towards the Taiji sword!

Instantly all of the bone swords form a row and one after the other enters the Taiji sword.

With every sword that enters the Taiji sword, it would let out a droning sound like the echo of a bell being hit.

Liu Yi is also able to sense that his cheap Taiji sword is increasing in grade and is about to break past grade 1 and enter grade 2.

The green light emitted by the Taiji sword is getting more and more dazzling. Looks like this Soul Returning is indeed a heaven-defying technique ah…

After 40+ swords are inserted in, Liu Yi suddenly realizes that he seems to be transforming into a devil…

What is going on?

It is because the bone swords are too evil? Or is the side effect of continually using Soul Returning?

If this continues on, before a hundred of the bone swords are forged in, I would already enter qi deviation or even turn into a devil and transform into a real devil!

Sensing the danger within his body, Liu Yi immediately empties his mind from all thoughts and takes several deep breaths. After that, he starts rousing his Boundless Vital Qi.


He shouts out a dragon roar and the sound echoes continuously around the Raising Immortal Palace Hall.

After shouting out the impure qi within his body, Liu Yi starts to feel his spirit becomes much more invigorating, the violent thoughts in his mind are also gone.

Boundless Vital Qi is indeed a good thing ah.

During this one month plus of cultivation, Liu Yi did not waste his efforts. He has at least realizes that his Boundless Vital Qi is able to restrain his Demonic and Devil qi!

If a clone accidentally enters Dragon Transformation state, it seems like I can use Boundless Vital Qi to awaken it!

But waking up is not the best method. Liu Yi wants to find out if he is able to maintain conscious when he enters the Dragon Transformation state!

As long as I am able to control the Dragon Transformation, I will be able to challenge even stronger experts! When I am saving Immortal Fox Sister, I would have another guarantee as well!

Although today I killed an entire group of cultivators until they escaped in a sorry figure but these fellows are nothing but cabbage only. They are incomparable to real experts!

I do not know just how strong is the Ghost Fox clan but the only thing I know now is to strengthen myself! Continuously strengthen myself!

After Liu Yi controlled the devil transformation, he continues to insert the bone swords in. When the devil qi is too strong, he will use Boundless Vital Qi and cleanse his heart. Under this continuous cycle, he finally manages to insert all the hundred+ bone swords in.

At this moment the Taiji sword has already undergone a very large change. The Bagua symbol on the sword becomes much clearer, at the same time its covered with demonic qi.

The sword hilt is starting to transform into a bonelike material while the sword body also reveals some trace of bone.

The sword’s grade has also increased to grade 3!

Although it is not a very high-grade sword, it is countless of times stronger than the previously cheap sword!

Senior Shan Honghe ah, you have really left behind a good thing for me. Furthermore, I am the only person who is able to use it.

Liu Yi sighs ruefully before keeping the Taiji sword and leaves.

He did not know that in the dark, there is a pair of eyes secretly observing him the entire time.

As for the battle between Raising Immortal Palace Hall and ‘God Dragon Sect’, it is swiftly spread throughout the cultivation world.

Almost everyone within the cultivation world more or less knows of Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s slaughtering case.

The group of God Dragon Sect’s people overestimated their capability and challenged Raising Immortal Palace Hall. In the end, they were slaughtered by Raising Immortal Palace Hall and only a small portion of people survived!

Furthermore, the leader of God Dragon Sect, Liu Xiaobai’s cultivation was crippled by some unknown technique!

This disciple’s name was swiftly spread throughout the cultivation world.

Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s 13th generation disciple, Liu Yi!

In the past, no one had heard of this name before but now in a blink of an eye it is spread throughout the cultivation world! Especially since the day of the World’s Dao Gathering is getting closer, everyone is more or less wary of the owner of this name.

Although he killed some trash, after all, it was nearly a thousand cultivators! If they combine their strength together, their might is not small at all!

Is it possible that Raising Immortal Palace Hall is going to rise again?

At this moment on a mountain peak of Concealed Sword Pavillion, a girl is standing there as she watches the scenery in the sky.

“Liu Yi…I have finally heard your name again….”


Chapter 409  [Strenghtening the Taiji sword]

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