MKW Chapter 408

Chapter 408  [Demonic Sword Technique’s might]

The following chapter is PG 16

Please be reminded that the following chapter contains gore and brutality.


Chapter 408 Demonic Sword Technique’s might


Liu Yi stands by the Taiji sword, although he says paying respect his hands are behind his back, giving off a proud appearance.

“Damn you. Just a puny disciple from Raising Immortal Palace Hall and you are actually so arrogant!”

The toe-digging guy starts cursing, “Since you are in a hurry to die then let us fulfill your wish! Brothers attack! Let us bury him with our attacks!”

Under the command of the toe-digging guy, the group of people with him starts throwing out a bunch of magic attack. The target is none other than Liu Yi.

“Then let us start the battle!”

Facing the attacks, the rest of the Rising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciples complexions turns heavy.

But Liu Yi, who is the person involved is very relaxed and is not afraid at all.

“Liu Yi….”

Chen Keqing is unable to look on as she turns her head away, not willing to watch Liu Yi die without leaving behind a complete corpse.

The only one who is confident with Liu Yi seems to be only Poison Jasmine.

“Monarch Armour!”

A black armor appears on Liu Yi body protecting him.

-Ting Ting Ting-

All of the magic techniques, swords or other weapons which descend upon Liu Yi, crash into the black armor and were bounced away!

“What is this!”

Seeing that the Raising Immortal Palace Hall disciple is still fine after receiving all of their attacks, the toe-digging guy’s expression turns unnatural.

“Years ago, because of my master, Raising Immortal Palace Hall started to decline. To think that even a bunch of thieves like you guys dare to bully my Raising Immortal Palace Hall.”

Liu Yi is not in a hurry to take action, instead, he uses his body to block all of the attacks to prevent from affecting the people behind him.

As he blocks the attacks he says, “Since it is my master who planted this ‘cause’ then let me his disciple to help him deal with this ‘effect’!”

[TL: or you can say karma]

He raises his right hand and aims towards the densest pack group of people.

Poison Jasmine starts to become excited as excitement flashes across her eye.

Master is going to use Glorious Sun Palm! Looks like things will be interesting!

“Illusion Extermination!”

The air starts to distort as over tens of cultivators are turn into mincemeat from Liu Yi’s invisible palm!

The blood mist spread out and among the dense pack of people, a palm shape empty space appear!

“This, this, what is this?!”

A lot of cultivators are scared shitless by this attack. They are completely unable to see Liu Yi’s attack clearly and tens of people had already died!

What can be scarier than this!

For a while, the bunch of cultivators was all shocked.

But Liu Yi does not seem to be satisfied with this as he steps forwards and hits out with his palm again.

“Falling Rain!”

-boom, boom, boom-

Instantly over thousands of palm falls from the sky surrounding a large portion of enemy cultivators.

This kind of large radius attack instantly becomes a calamity for a number of cultivators as they are all beaten up!

The earlier awe-inspiring ‘God Dragon Sect’ seems to have turned into a group of bugs in a blink of an eye!

They start escaping in all directions. They were originally only a 3/4-star beginner cultivator that’s all. How would they dare to go against an actual expert!

Didn’t you say that other than Liu Haisheng and Zhang Wentao, Raising Immortal Palace Hall does not have any experts? How come there is this fellow here!

Furthermore what he uses is not the Imperial Sword Technique but a palm technique!

Where did this fellow pop out from! How come he is so scary!

“Quickly run!”

“Save me! Who can come and save us….”

The group of God Dragon Sect people instantly fall apart. None of them wish to occupy Raising Immortal Palace Hall nor do they wish to let their name resound throughout the world. They only wish to escape as soon as possible.

But Liu Yi does not plan to let them off like this. If he lets them escape just like this where would Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s prestige go?

Master ah, back then you have tarnished Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s name and now let disciple help you reclaim it back!

Furthermore, when these people want to kill the people from Raising Immortal Palace Hall, they don’t appear to have any hesitation. Since that is the case there is no need for me to hesitate in massacring them.

But it is a pity that they had to scatter so quickly. With just an attack all of them start escaping in all direction.

Liu Yi is also a martial cultivator and is not like a Dao or spirit cultivator, thus he possesses large-scale attacks technique very late.

Although my dueling ability is very strong my ability for group fights is rather weak.

But after I obtained the Demonic Sword Technique…it seems to be no longer the case.

Liu Yi looks in the direction of the densest pack group of escaping people and stretches out his hand and plants a sword seed among them.

Liu Yi’s radius for planting sword sees is a hundred meters and that person is just within the radius.

That cultivator’s complexion changes. Following which his body starts to swell, causing the people beside him to be shocked.

“Wang Rugan what is the matter with you? Are you fine?”

Replying to him is not Wang Rugan’s voice but his exploding body.

The flesh and bone transform into sharp little swords and shoot out over tens of meters in all directions.

The people within that radius are unable to escape the fate of death. Anyone who is pierced by these little swords starts to tremble as their body starts transforming.

This time around the explosion affected tens of people and all of their cultivation is very low, not a single one is spared from being transformed into a white bone sword which floats into the air.

These bone swords did not keep still and under the control of Liu Yi’s Imperial Sword Technique, they continue to hunt down the rest of the cultivators like a reaper.

Seeing this scene, it gives everyone the feeling that if he does not kill everyone he shall not rest!

Such a scary technique causes not only the enemy cultivators to be frightened, even the people from Raising Immortal Palace Hall are stunned.

What is this sword technique! Why is it so weird?

Liu Yi did not explain as he is busy with killing people. His figure flashes into the sky and chased after another group of escaping cultivators and planted another sword seed before leaving.

In a blink of an eye, within the different groups of escaping cultivators, over tens of people are planted with sword seeds!

Instantly the sky of Raising Immortal Palace Hall is like asura hell! People keep exploding in the sky turning into sword rain and killing the people surrounding them.

In a blink of an eye, there is over hundreds of bone sword floating in the sky killing the cultivators!

When they came, God Dragon Sect gathered over a thousand people. But now only less than a hundred of people managed to escape.

The toe-digging guy is trembling. He no longer possesses any strength to escape as he collapses and kneels on the ground.

The only reason why he survived is because he was standing on the Bagua stage and did not try to escape.

After Liu Yi had killed hundreds of people, he finally stops.

It is not that he does not have the ability to kill everyone, but he purposely let a few survive to spread the word of Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s matter.

“Why, why is it like this…”

When Liu Yi had returned to the Bagua stage, the gaze of the toe-digging guy when he looks at him is lifeless like he had lost his soul.

“Do you know the end result of provoking Raising Immortal Palace Hall?”

As Liu Yi speaks, he waves his hand and over hundred of swords float behind him and dance in the air.

“I, I am wrong….”

The toe-digging guy suddenly starts kowtowing towards Liu Yi, “I am begging you. Immortal please let me live! It is me who have no eyes to see the mountain! I, I should not have provoked Raising Immortal Palace Hall! I will no longer dare, no longer dare….”

“Kill him!”

At this moment Chen Keqing did not care about asking about Liu Yi’s strength. When she recalls how this toe-digging guy wanted to eliminate Raising Immortal Palace Hall, she clenches her teeth, “There is no need to let this shameless person live!”

Liu Yi is not in a hurry to take action, instead, he turns around and saluted Liu Haisheng and ask, “Martial Uncle Sect Head what do you think?”

Liu Haisheng cannot help but look at Liu Yi again.

Although this fellow’s strength is very strong, he is not arrogant and let his mind get clouded by it. It is really rare ah.

In Raising Immortal Palace Hall, I am the real Sect Head, thus Liu Yi did not immediately kill this main offender instead he asked me for my opinion.

Looks like my junior brother indeed accepted a good disciple ah…

“This person has offended my Raising Immortal Palace Hall. Based on our rules we should behead him.”

When Liu Haisheng says that the toe-digging guy’s face instantly turns pale and nearly fainted.

At that moment he has thoughts of risking everything but with the hundreds of white bone sword floating in front of him as well as the guy wearing black armor standing by him, his courage is already gone and how would he have the strength to take action.


At this moment Liu Haisheng changes the topic, “The heavens love lives. Today Raising Immortal Palace Hall has committed a heavy sin of slaughter. Why don’t we give him a chance and let him go down the mountain? I believe that he already knows regret.”

“Yes, yes, yes I already know my wrong. I no longer dare….”

When the toe-digging guy hears that he has a chance of living, he nearly hugs Liu Haisheng’s tights and called him ancestor.

Chen Keqing pouts unhappily, “Master why is there a need to let people like him live? Let me kill him!”

“Senior sister since Martial Uncle Sect Leader gave word, let us act accordingly.”

Liu Yi says, “But since this uncle brought a present over, if we let him down the mountain empty handed doesn’t it seems like our Raising Immortal Palace Hall has no etiquette.”

He turns around and smiles merrily at the kneeling down toe-digging guy, “This uncle. What is your name?”

“I, I am called Liu Xiaobai….”

Toe-digging guy Liu Xiaobai? Tsk, tsk what a really unmatching name.

“Okay. Let me gift you a thing. Remember this is the return gift from Raising Immortal Palace Hall!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he raises his right hand which is already gathering power and emitting a green light and pats Liu Xiaobai.


A star jade within Liu Xiaobai’s body is crippled. He is unable to bear the pain and immediately fainted.

“Find a few people and throw him down the mountain. This trash can be considered as crippled.”

Liu Yi pats his hands and explains, “This is Star Destroying Hand that my master taught me. It is used for destroying a person’s star jade.”

This sentence causes all of the Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciples’ back to chill. Zhang Wentao also shivers, “No wonder he is the disciple of that devil…”

As for Liu Haisheng, his complexion turns heavy and suddenly asks, “Liu Yi the sword technique that you used earlier…is it the forbidden technique of Raising Immortal Palace Hall?”


Chapter 408  [Demonic Sword technique’s might]

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