MKW Chapter 406

Chapter 406  [Besiege]


Liu Yi swears that from the bottom of his heart, out of kindness wished to help his senior sister to rub her injury. There is definitely, definitely no other thoughts!

But he seems to have forgotten a matter…where Chen Keqing had fell on is none other than her butt!

“You damn bastard! Lecher!”

Indeed when Chen Keqing hears what Liu Yi had said, not only is she not satisfied, she flies into a rage.

“Raising Immortal Palace Hall had actually accepted you, this shameless disciple! This is completely our disgrace! I, I, I, Chen Keqing will have a deathmatch with you! It is either you die or I live!”

Liu Yi starts sweating, “What the, senior sister. What is the meaning, does that mean that no matter what I will die?!”

Chen Keqiang nods her head, “That’s right!”

Liu Yi looks at Chen Keqing speechlessly, “Senior sister ah, is there really a need that there can only be one of us alive? It does not seem like there is a huge hatred between the two of us…”

Chen Keqing immediately rages, “Pei! You lecher! How dare you put it lightly! Let me tell you, you can kill me but you cannot humiliate me!”

Liu Yi’s turn bitter, “Since that is the case then I understand. Senior sister, let junior brother personally send you on!”

Chen Keqiang is shocked as she looks at Liu Yi’s bitter expression and starts to retreat, “You, you, you want to kill me?”

Liu Yi looks at Chen Keqing in shock, “Oi, senior sister aren’t you the one who wants me to kill you?”

Chen Keqing’s eyes are filled with grief, “Damn it…you basterd….ancestor, please bless me and bestow me with magic power and allow me to kill this damn lecher…”

Looking at Chen Keqing’s aggrieved manner, Liu Yi starts laughing in his heart.

Looks like bullying senior sister once in a while seems to be quite good!

Just as Liu Yi is thinking about how to thoroughly tease his senior sister, from outside comes a chain of ‘drumming noise’.

The sound is very deep, like striking a person’s heart, making Liu Yi’s heart to tremble as well.

“What the hell!”

When Chen Keqing hears this sound, she instantly stops caring about her pain and immediately stands up. Holding her sword, she dashes out.

Seeing Chen Keqing immediately flying up into the sky when she exits the house, Liu Yi immediately feels that something is wrong. Thus he immediately chases after her on his own Taiji sword and asks: “Senior sister why are you running so quickly for? What is the matter?”

Chen Keqing is flying in the sky in a hurry, without turning her head she shouts, “Who asked you to chase after me! This is none of your business!”

“How can it be not my matter? I am also a member of the sect okay. Senior sister, your way is like excluding a disciple of the sect, how is this like a senior sister!”

Hearing what Liu Yi says, Chen Keqing’s ear turns red before saying, “Hmph since you want to come along then keep close! This is the sect warning bell. There is someone invading the sect.”

What? Someone invading Raising Immortal Palace Hall?

Liu Yi thinks deeply, thinking about this, Raising Immortal Palace Hall had been on a decline for so long, there will definitely be a few younger generation who would come to provoke.

He follows Chen Keqing and flies to the Bagua Stage and realizes that there are already a lot of people gathering there.

There are people wearing golden or silver changpao which are all from Raising Immortal Palace Hall.

Liu Yi does not recognize the rest of the people, he only has a faint impression of three of them.

Liu Haisheng has his hands inside his sleeves, his expression is stern as he stands in front of the crowd not making a sound.

While Zhang Wentao who has a violent temper is holding his sword as he shouts, “Sky Tiger Gate! How dare you be arrogant in my Raising Immortal Palace Hall! Do you really think that there is no one in my Raising Immortal Palace Hall?”

Poison Jasmine is there as well. She is standing behind Zhang Wentao and carrying a sword on her back.

The sword seems to be given by Zhang Wentao. Poison Jasmine’s aura seems to have changed a lot, no longer oppressive like a killer. It is now closer to a fairy like Chen Keqing.

Looks like although he hates me, he is still quite good towards Poison Jasmine.

Is it because he is an old pervert?

Eh…should not be, with Poison Jasmine’s nature, she will not be in a disadvantage.

Liu Haisheng is an unflustered person, if Zhang Wentao is an uncouth person, he will not let Poison Jasmine train under Zhang Wentao.

“So it is actually people from Sky Tiger Gate! Damn it!”

Chen Keqing looks at the guys wearing yellow changpao opposite Zhang Wentao and instantly becomes angry.

“What is the matter, is senior sister very familiar with them?”

“Hmph, who is close with those shameless peoples!”

Chen Keqing spat before cracking her fist, “These people are from a small sect from the devil sects side. This is not the first or second time they have come and disturbed us! This time around I will not forgive them! I will definitely thrash them all!”

Looks like Chen Keqing is really mad ah!

Is she perhaps Zhang Wentao’s disciple? En…perhaps, their nature is really similar!

Liu Yi follows Chen Keqing and stands on the side of Raising Immortal Palace Hall. When Liu Haisheng sees Liu Yi, he nods gently. Wherelse Zhang Wentao snorts and looks away as he continues to confront the people from Sky Tiger Gate.


Poison Jasmine waves her hand towards Liu Yi respectfully and has a bit of the appearance of an immortal disciple.

Chen Keqing walks over to Liu Haisheng and asks: “Master what is the situation now?”

Liu Yi’s eyeballs nearly pop out, what the heck so senior sister’s master is not Zhang Wentao but Liu Haisheng?!

This is crazy!!!

“Sky Tiger Gate wants to take over Raising Immortal Palace Hall territory to be their clan’s territory.”


Chen Keqing instantly becomes mad as she turns around and shouts at the people from Sky Tiger Gate, “Damn you Sky Tiger Gate how dare you have thoughts about my sect’s territory!”

As she speaks, she pulls out her sword, “Who dares to touch my Raising Immortal Palace Hall! You must first step over my corpse!”

Liu Yi glanced over at Chen Keqing, wow this lass is quite unyielding!

“Hehehe, Chen Keqing, how would I not know how serious are you?”

A vulgar guy digging his toes laughs weirdly before licking his lips and says: “A girl’s temper should not be too aggressive. Wait till we become the owner of this Raising Immortal Palace Hall, I will take you as my concubine. You will still have a place to stay, hehehe…”


Her flying sword instantly slashes by the guy’s scalp, cutting away all of his hair.


The guy picking his toes touches his bald scalp, he is in rage and shock.

“When did you sword technique become such so strong!”

I had seen before the sword technique of hers before. But just now when she used her sword technique I am actually unable to react?!

“Brothers, looks like Raising Immortal Palace Hall to fail to appreciate kindness!”

The group of Sky Tiger Gate’s disciples instantly rush forward while revolving their qi.

“Liu Haisheng, today Raising Immortal Palace Hall shall belong to us!”

Liu Yi observes for a bit and realizes that the Sky Tiger Gate’s disciples’ cultivation are not high and are weaklings.

Only that toe digging guy is around 9-star cultivation, thus he dares to be arrogant.

“Just based on you lot?”

Zhang Wentao snorts as his sword qi revolves, “I alone am enough to deal with all of you.”

“Hehe, but it isn’t just us ah.”

As the toe-digging guy speaks, he claps his hands.

Instantly from all over the place flies over groups of cultivators, each of them standing on their own magic equipment, flying in the sky as they gather around.

The Raising Immortal Palace Hall people are all shocked, so many people….it is at least a thousand cultivators!

When had Sky Tiger Gate have so many people?!

Liu Haisheng’s eyebrow faintly raises while Zhang Wentao clenches his sword tightly.

Chen Keqing’s complexion turns pale as she stares at the dense group of cultivators.

“Liu Haisheng, Zhang Wentao I bet that you guys did not expect that we would have so many people right.”

The toe-digging guy laughs in complacency.

“These are all people from leisure sects. We decided to combine together and form a new sect, God Dragon Sect! Your Raising Immortal Palace Hall shall be our God Dragon Sect’s territory!”

“A group of crows gathering together that’s all!”

Chen Keqing says in anger, “Let me kill every single one of you!”

When she finished, over hundreds of cultivator suddenly take action together as a densely packed group of magic technique descends towards Chen Keqing. The colorful techniques gather together and form a large sound.

When Chen Keqing sees the wave of attacks she got a shock and stands there blankly.


Zhang Wentao immediately steps forwards and tossed our his sword, blocking in front of the group of Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciples.

Instantly the sword enlarges until it is over tens of meters wide, with it floating there, it blocks all of the attacks.

But Zhang Wentao is not fine. His face turns pale as blood leak out from the edge of his mouth.

“Junior brother!”

Liu Haisheng finally raises his eyes and looks at Zhang Wentao.

“No problem…I can still block it…these bunch of thieves…hmph….”

Although Zhang Wentao says firmly, Liu Yi is able to see that he had suffered internal injuries.

With so many cultivators, although their cultivation is not really high…. they win in numbers. Quantitative change leads to qualitative change.

“Hahahaha, still trying to be tough!”

The toe-digging guy touches his bald head and keeps laughing, “If you guys still do not surrender, then do not blame us for being impolite!”

“Looks like I need to take action personally.”

As Liu Haisheng speaks, sword qi raises from his body.

Liu Yi noticed that there is some blood on the edge of Liu Haisheng’s mouth, is martial uncle injured?

“Senior brother!”

Zhang Wentao immediately stop him and says: “Where is there a need for you to personally take action to deal with these fellows! Leave it to us!”

“Hahahaha, still trying to act tough.”

The toe-picking guy laughs and says, “Do you think that we would not know of the news that Liu Haisheng’s had a qi deviation?”

With that person sentence, everyone is shocked.

Especially Liu Yi who looks at his martial uncle in shock.

Liu Haisheng had a qi deviation? Looks like I was too stuck in my house and do not know much….to think that I actually did not know!

No wonder these bunch of thieves dares to attack together. Looks like they are taking advantage that the only top expert in Raising Immortal Palace Hall is injured and is unable to use his qi!

“Brothers, today let us take down Raising Immortal Palace Hall and let our God Dragon Sect’s fame spread throughout the cultivation world!”


Chapter 406  [Beseige]

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