MKW Chapter 404

Chapter 404   [Greetings Sect Head Ling]


Liu Yi turns around to see that Xiao Mi who was out doing tasks had returned unknowingly.

At this moment Xiao Mi is hugging Liu Yi’s other arm while shaking her little tail and staring at Mingyue Xuefeng on Liu Yi’s right in vigilance.

What? Xiao Mi is able to see Mingyue Xuefeng?

The zodiac beast gene is indeed very mysterious!

“Who are you?”

Mingyue Xuefeng is able to sense the aura of an enemy, it is not a life and death enemy but…a love rival!

“I am master’s pet, meow~”

“I am master’s Netherworld servant!”

“Master belongs only to Xiao Mi!!”

“Hmph, now he is also my master!”

“Master will not care about you meow~ Master only cares about Xiao Mi meow~”

To show her position she says, “Every morning master will give Xiao Mi something good to eat meow~!”

At that moment Liu Yi starts sweating!

What the heck…why does it seem like something bad will happen!

“What good food? I am also able to eat it as well!”

“You will not be able to eat it meow! Only Xiao Mi is able to eat it meow!”

“What thing is it?”

“It is master’s meowah~”

Liu Yi immediately covers Xiao Mi mouth to prevent her from saying things that cannot be revealed.

“Damn it…someone is coming, we shall decide who win or lose next time meow~”

Xiao Mi suddenly senses something and with a sniff, she immediately turns around and turns into a small white dog, wagging her tail and runs to the side.

“Just a small dog and you still want to fight with me!”

Mingyue Xuefeng plays with Liu Yi’s arm and squeezes it with her chest. Like a mother hen protecting food, she says towards Xiao Mi retreating back, “I will not be afraid of you meow~~ what am I saying, why am I infected into speaking in this manner!”

“Don’t talk about you. I am also almost infected as well meow…damn it…”

Liu Yi gently slaps his mouth, damn it this infection rate is way too quick…

“That annoying girl…I don’t like her hmph!”

Mingyue Xuefeng raises her chin and pouts.

Liu Yi laughs secretly, it is obvious that you are jealous for affection yet you try to sound dignified.

“Xiao Mi is actually quite good. In the future, you girls will get to know each other better.”

Liu Yi does not wish to let the two of them get into conflict as he tries to calm the situation down.

“Hmph, I still thought that master is very pure and innocent, to think that you are actually very fickle!”

Mingyue Xuefeng pouts in unhappiness, “But seeing that you are willing to protect me, I shall just keep an eye closed about this!”

This lass really doesn’t like to admit to her mistake.

Liu Yi shakes his head and pinches her nose.

After all, they have already gone for 49 rounds of relationship, their affections with one another were matured over a ‘day’.

“Annoying! Don’t pinch my nose. It will become ugly!”

“Well no one would be able to see you, it’ll be fine if it collapses.”

“Annoying, it is not like that okay…”

The two of them bickers as they walk towards the food convenience stall.

At this moment, Li Heqiang pops out from out of nowhere and stands in front of Liu Yi.

“You came over to chat with me.”

This Li Heqiang’s tone is very arrogant, his attitude is completely haughty making Liu Yi uncomfortable.

“Just say what you want to say. I do not have time to go with you to a secluded area to have a unique hobby.”

Liu Yi crosses his arms and stares coldly at Li Heqiang.

Mingyue Xuefeng stands curiously by Liu Yi’s side, it is only a pity that Li Heqiang is unable to see it.

Mingyue Xuefeng is very mischievous as she runs to the back of Li Heqiang and starts making weird gestures, making Li Heqiang looks very comical.

Liu Yi wants to laugh but he can only bear with it and hold his laughter.

“You are just a loose cultivator. How dare you be so arrogant.”

Li Heqiang looks at Liu Yi in complete disdain.

“I am here to warn you. Junior sister is my Nimble Gate’s rare seen genius in a hundred years. She is a participant for the World’s Dao gathering and is also a seeded competitor. She is not someone who you are able to get close to. If you let me see you getting close to her, little fellow, don’t blame me for being impolite and breaking your legs!”

Liu Yi pretends to be afraid as he asks: “Is this your threat towards me?”

“Threat? Haha. I am only telling you how to survive. The road is chosen by you. I hope that you won’t choose wrongly.”

Li Heqiang’s expression is very arrogant, completely similar to the first time they had met.

Liu Yi feels like he should remind Li Heqiang, “This kind of question, you should first discuss it with my underling.”

“Your underling?”

Li Heqiang laughs, “The two people hiding among the bushes? Apologies but you better let those two three-star fellows go back and train more first. Your underlings only have so little strength.”

“Aiyah…looks like I’m being underestimated.”

Liu Yi’s face suddenly turns red, “But they are only ordinary people…I am talking about my other underling…”

“Only knowing how to say rubbish, how is there another cultivator in this place…”

Before Li Heqiang is able to finish speaking, shapeless airwave brushes by his ear and the tree behind him breaks in half.

Cold sweat starts to form on Li Heqiang’s forehead, “Who, who is it!”

I am an eight-star expert…but why is it that I did not sense the existence of another person?!

Is it Liu Yi who had taken action? But what did he use to baffle me?

Just as Li Heqiang is starting to get suspicious, a girl’s voice rings out in his ear.

“If you say another bad sentence towards master, then my next arrow shall shoot into your mouth!”

A very scary pressure descends upon Li Heqiang.

As a cultivator of Nimble Gate, Li Heqiang’s courage should be quite big!

But what human’s fear the most is the unknown!

An invisible enemy gives Li Heqiang too much pressure.

“You, you just wait for me…”

As a man who knows when to retreat, Li Heqiang glares at Liu Yi before escaping.

Liu Yi immediately shouts warmly, “Eh, why are you running away? Aren’t we going to discuss properly?”

How would Li Heqiang dare to stop, he escapes so quickly that he is gone in a blink of an eye.

After Mingyue Xueheng had scared away Li Heqiang, she keeps her bow. Turning around she says to Liu Yi, “Hmph this kind of weakling actually dare to come and bluster, master your temper is too good. If this was the 18 layer of hell, if we meet this kind of person, we would slice off their tongue!”

Sweat, why is the 18 layer of hell so savage!

“If all matter were always solved with violence, then the human race would have devolved.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulder and expresses his viewpoint.

“Master…this kind of words coming from your mouth doesn’t seem right ah…”

Mingyue Xuefeng gives Liu Yi a contemptuous look.

“Actually I am a pacifist person.”

Liu Yi opens his hands and says: “I believe in peace and despise violence…”

Mingyue Xuefeng suddenly points to the side and say: “Master there is someone over there taking liberties with First Miss Wang Yuzheng!”

Liu Yi instantly flies into a rage, “Damn it! Who is it! I am going to kill him!”



In a very lavish villa, a girl is sitting on a beautiful and enormous goose feather bed.

She is very beautiful and sexy. She is naked and sitting on the bed.

She is surrounded by several adorable and charming shotas, attending by her side and playing with her.

Her methods are very awesome, one person playing with several shotas very skillfully and easily.

“Sect Head…there are people outside looking for you…”

At this moment, from outside the door comes a person’s voice.

“How many times must I tell you!”

The girl’s expression suddenly turns strict as she scolds, “When I am resting do not come and disturb me!”

“That…it, it is a noble guest who is at the door…”

“Noble guest? What person can be considered as a noble guest?”

“Sect Head…it, it is best if you meet her personally…”

The voice outside the door trembles slightly.

The girl is instantly angry and says in displeasure, “When is it your turn to decide what I am supposed to do?! Are you seeking death?!”

The voice outside the door speaks up in fright, “No, no…Sect Head….because….she is currently holding my throat…”

Before the voice is able to finish, another girl’s voice suddenly speaks up, “Sect leader Ling, there is no need to put on such airs. I am the Great God Sect’s Law Keeper, Jiang Qini. I have some business that I hope to be able to discuss with Sect Head Ling.”

Great God Sect’s Law Keeper!

The girl’s eyebrow jumps slightly.

This girl is none other than Acacia Sect’s, Sect Head Ling Xiaowu.

Ling Xiaowu greatest hobby is to toy around with young boys.

As for those mature guys, Ling Xiaowu is not interested in them, she finds the young ones very tender and tasty.

Especially when she uses her Plucking Yang to supplement Yin technique, she is able to absorb these shota’s essence and turn into her own strength and strengthen her youthfulness.

That is why even though she is over a few hundred years old, Ling Xiaowu looks no different from an 18/19 years old girl.

“Great God Sect…Why is the Great God Sect looking for me?!”

As Ling Xiaowu speaks, she waves her hand and the door instantly opens.

Standing outside the door is two girls, one tall and one short. The tall one is wearing a red qipao which slit is open all the way up her waist, revealing her black lace panties. She posture is alluring and with one glance she is like a fox temptress.

The other girl is younger and short but is also a beauty. She is also smiling faintly the entire time.

But Ling Xiaowu does not feel that this girl is smiling, because she is able to see chillness in her eyes!

“Greetings Sect Head Ling.”

Jiang Qini smiles faintly while the beauty by the side tossed away the Acacia Sect’s disciple that she is grabbing by the throat.

“This is my unworthy disciple Ma Yixuan. Why are you still not greeting Sect Head Ling!”

“Greetings Sect Head Ling!”

Ma Yixuan walks forward naturally and respectfully curtsies at Ling Xiaowu.

Ling Xiaowu does not feel happy, instead, she becomes more unhappy.

These two fellows who turned up without invitation have already fought their way in! So what if they have etiquette or consideration. Instead, it is more like provocation!

“Your Great God Sect and my Acacia Sect mind our own business! Why are you looking for me?”


Chapter 404  [Greatings Sect Head Ling]

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