MKW Chapter 402

Chapter 402  [Do your job properly my servant]

Warning following chapter contains R-rated material

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The viewing platform is somewhat cold but to Mingyue Xuefeng and Liu Yi whose body’s are burning in heat, it is completely not a problem!

Mingyue Xuefeng is being pressed onto the view platform while her legs are raised up by Liu Yi to his shoulder.

The current Mingyue Xuefeng’s jeans are already torn off while their body is touching each other while breathing heavily.

“Master…be, be a bit gentler…”

Mingyue Xuefeng begs in a soft voice. Although she had lived for so long this is her first time…

In hell, marriage is not allowed. Like in the immortal realm, the 18 layers of hell do not permit the freedom to love. Even if you are an official.

Thus Mingyue Xuefeng had never experience dating before…

But now she is going to directly skip the first few bases and jump to fourth base.

While Liu Yi is not being polite at all. Under the dragon nature and aphrodisiac, he hits bottom in one stroke.


Mingyue Xuefeng grabs hold of Liu Yi’s waist tightly as tears form from the pain.

Why is it so painful….damn it….

Under the pain, Mingyue Xuefeng is unable to bear it and bites down on Liu Yi’s shoulder while crying.

But very quickly from Liu Yi’s body follow out a warm force through their link into Mingyue Xuefeng’s body.

This force allows Mingyue Xuefeng’s pain to swiftly disappear and turns numb.

At the same time, from her body, a part of her strength flows out into Liu Yi’s body, forming an equivalent exchange!

Mingyue Xuefeng is shocked, what is happening…master is actually able to absorb my strength?!

Liu Yi seems to not notice this, at this moment he is completely in sex mode and starts to increase his speed.

Although the time is being frozen, sound is not possible to spread out.

But the two of them are experts who break all common sense, thus in the quiet sports field, there is the sound of their bodies joining together.

Liu Yi seems to not be satisfied as he makes Mingyue Xuefeng kneel on the view platform as he takes her from behind.

Wang Yuzheng and the girls are standing by the side not moving, their thoughts are frozen in time like a statue of a beauty, accompanying Liu Yi and Mingyue Xuefeng’s 49 rounds.

With the help of the mysterious artifact, golden hourglass, the two of them had sex for an unknown amount of time.

Mingyue Xuefeng is strengthless as she finally lies on the viewing platform, strengthless to react to Liu Yi and allows Liu Yi to do as he pleases.

Wherelse Liu Yi with the dragon qi, the longer he fights the fiercer he gets. In the end, he carries up Mingyue Xuefeng and makes her clasps his waist before starting to walk around the sports field to ‘work’ to remove their poison from their bodies.

The sun would not descend nor would the moonlight rises.

The golden hourglass is indeed the most impressive artifact to carry out a clandestine affair! With its help, Liu Yi whose dragon nature is in control and Mingyue Xuefeng fought 49 rounds!

Throughout the 49 rounds, the aphrodisiac gradually becomes weaker until finally the two of them lies on the viewing platform panting.

“Ma, master…I am very tired ah…”

Other then her heels, Mingyue Xuefeng is not wearing anything else, as she lies there not willing to move.

“Then let us rest first.”

Liu Yi sits up in a lotus position and closes his eye and starts cultivating.

After eating Mingyue Xuefeng, Liu Yi realizes a shocking matter.

What the hell!!! In my body there is already Immortal, Devil and demon qi coexisting together…and now where is there another purple qi inside ah!!!!

This qi is none other than the Netherworld qi that is unique to Hell’s Messenger like Mingyue Xuefeng.

Are you for real…just having a bit of sex and I actually absorbed her qi?!?!

[TL: right a bit….]

My body is already messy enough! Now, what the hell am I going to do!!!

Would I implode and die ah!

But what makes Liu Yi somewhat glad is that the Netherworld qi is rather calm and is moving along with the other three qi slowly, revolving around the star map making the sky in the map twirl.

Three different qi are not messy enough ah, why do I want another one?!?!

Just what on earth is happening!!!

Within Liu Yi’s spiritual beast space, Yan Qiuhong realised this situation and says, {Four different qi…stinky fellow I had always thought that it is because of your luck which allowed you to be able to possess three different qi but now…from what I see, it is not because of luck…}

{Then what is happening?}

{Little fellow you did not notice that within your body, there is a part of soul force?}

{What, soul force? I am a spiritual body?}

Liu Yi is badly frightened, {Big sister Yan Qiuhong ah!!! Please don’t scare me okay!! Isn’t a spiritual body only possessed by girls?! How can I be a spiritual body ah!!!}

{You are of course not a spiritual body you idiot!!}

Yan Qiuhong rolls her eyes and says: {I am saying that within your body there is a portion of soul force only! Who is saying that you are a spiritual body!}

{But…this is also very strange ah…}

{Indeed it is strange, but if there wasn’t the existence of this portion of soul force, you would not be able to control so many different qi at the same time…furthermore under the catalyst of this soul force, your constitution had already changed…you are no longer an ordinary person any more…}

{That’s right, I am a cultivator or a Dragon hunter.}

{No, not that. I am saying your constitution!}

Yan Qiuhong reminds, {Your current body is close to the level of spiritual veins. Even though it is a fake spiritual vein, but it does have the unique accommodation ability of the real one! Little fellow in the future when you have sex with another person you will absorb their qi. When you have absorbed 9 different qi, you will be able to challenge the Realm Guardian!}

{What the heck….so strong….but where do I go and find 9 different qis to absorb?}

{Currently I also do not know where to find 9 different qi. In the cultivation world, I only know of 7 different qis. Immortal Qi, Devil Qi, Demon Qi, Asura Qi, Buddhist Qi, Ghost Qi as well as the Netherworld Qi that you had just absorbed! As for the rest, this lady also does not know. You go and find them yourself.}

What the heck…..only seven different ones!

Furthermore, the only way for me to get the qi is to have sex…the rest is still fine…but for Buddhist Qi how the heck do you want me to get it?!

Find a monk and go for a round?!

Damn it that taste is too heavy! How am I supposed to do it ah?!

Let’s not think about it anymore. As for challenging the Realm Guardian this kind of things…as for now, it is still not possible.

Liu Yi senses that the Netherworld Qi within his body, although it is currently weak, under the jointed prompting of the other three qi starts to gradually become stronger.

Even this kind of fake spiritual vein is also so overpowering…just how overbearing would the actual person who possesses a real spiritual vein.

Some more, as for the soul force within my body…where did it come from. Among the girls that I had known that possess spiritual body’s, only Poison Jasmine possess it!

Oh wait, it seems like Yuan Zhenyue also possesses a spiritual body, thus Long San brought her into the Dragon Group and gave her super body armor!

As for the rest…it seems like there is also Ma Yixuan who had disappeared for so long…

Where on earth did I obtain this soul force…so strange.

“Master…I should return now…”

Mingyue Xuefeng sits up. She stretches out her hand which emits a purple qi covering her body.

Very quickly a new set of purple clothing covers her body and hides away her body, making Liu Yi feel that it is a pity.

“I am going back to report…I am definitely going to be tragic for not completing the task…”

Thinking of how not only did she not collect the soul, her own body was also taken by others as well as taking Liu Yi as her master…

Finished…Indeed I do not have the fate to be a Hell’s Messenger…

Indeed I am too stupid…wuwuwu….

Mingyue Xuefeng starts crying as she retreats.

As she retreats, she steps onto the golden hourglass on the ground.

-ka cha!-

With this sound, a large crack appears on the golden hourglass.

“Gods! My golden hourglass! My god artifact!”

Mingyue Xuefeng is completely stunned as she collapses onto the ground and hugs her god artifact which was broken by her stepping on it while crying nonstop.

What the hell…

Liu Yi starts sweating.

With this quality, you actually call it a god artifact?! Isn’t this too fraudulent?!

“This time around if I go back I will definitely be fired…perhaps I might also be imprisoned…wuwuwu, I don’t want ah…”

Mingyue Xuefeng cries pitifully. With the golden hourglass being spoiled, the surrounding time which was frozen starts to restore bit by bit.

“Oi, oi, oi. You quickly find a place and hide first! The barrier is going to be released!”

“Wuwuwu, I already no longer have a place to go….”

Mingyue Xuefeng keeps wiping away her tears, “If I go back down, I will definitely be locked up….I will definitely die….”

“Sweat, you don’t need to go anywhere. You can follow me.”

Liu Yi says: “You have already acknowledged me as your master, I will be responsible for you.”

“Real, really?”

When Mingyue Xuefeng hears what Liu Yi says, she stops crying as she looks at Liu Yi with teary eyes.

“But…I had failed my task and spoilt the golden hourglass…below will definitely release a wanted order…if I follow master…master will be implicated…”

“Tsk, so what if I am implicated.”

Liu Yi sneers, “Even if I meet a Hell’s Messenger and the like then I can just fight. My netherworld servant, just accept my protection.”

After all, I had already done it with this lass for 49 rounds. Eileen Chang had once said before if you want to enter a woman’s heart, you must first enter her….lower mouth.

This is the shortcut to a woman’s heart.

But to a man, it is almost the same. Otherwise, why would there be the saying, ‘One day of married life, a hundred days of favors.’

One day is already so exaggerated, not to mention that the two of them had done it for 49 rounds!

“Master…you really decided?”

“Of course! You quickly find a place to hide first! Wait for me to finish this tennis match then help you deal with your problem.”

“Hehe then I also have a place to hide!”

Mingyue Xuefeng starts smiles, “I can remain in my spiritual form. Other than master, no one will be able to see me. Master in the future I will be relying on you! Although I am unable to be an official already…but I’ve decided to work hard for master!”

An evil thought emerges in Liu Yi’s mind.

This….definitely….will properly….do it…..

[TL: ‘好好干’ is ‘work hard’, but if you seperate them, ‘好好’ becomes ‘properly’ while ‘’ becomes ‘do’]


Chapter 402 [Do your job properly my servant]

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      • What I don’t get is why he thinks he needs to have sex with a monk for Buddhist Qi.
        How does he think he got Demon Qi, Immortal Qi and Devil Qi?
        He never had sex with any demons, immortals or devils.
        A bit after Lin Tong leaves a Buddhist literally offers to give him a Buddhist cultivation technique to balance out his demon and devil cultivation!
        How stupid can you get?


  1. Immortal Qi, Devil Qi, Demon Qi, Asura Qi, Buddhist Qi, Ghost Qi as well as the Netherworld Qi.
    Immortal qi 《/》
    Demon Qi 《/》
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    Netherworld Qi 《/》
    Buddhist Qi 《》
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    {Name missing} 《》
    {Name missing} 《》
    {Name missing} 《》


  2. hello I read MAY KITSUNE WAIFU for 3 months I really like novel especially that the translations are excelente. Yesterday I wanted to know if the author had written another book in his name, I discovered another novel written by this author who is entitled My Beautiful Teacher. I read them it was really good but unfortunately the translator stopped I would like to ask you if it is possible that you resume it please. thank you for your reply


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