MKW Chapter 401

Chapter 401  [Poison]


The self-created Demonic Sword Technique of Shan Honghe in total only has just three moves.

Spirit recalling is the last move and is also the most despicable move!

The soul of the soul reaper is struggling with all his might in Liu Yi’s palm as it seems like it had sensed its demise.

But Liu Yi clenches the soul tightly before stuffing it into the Taiji sword.

At that moment, the cheap good from Taobao starts releasing an eye piercing radiance.

What the….I can’t even look straight!

This is only a 100+ dollars sword! But in this instance, it had turned into something very precious and expensive!

“You will not be able to escape!”

Mingyue Xuefeng does not know what magic Liu Yi used and she focuses on Liu Yi’s soul and shoots out an arrow rain.

The densely packed arrows shoot towards Liu Yi, the radius and number of arrows are way larger than previously!

But this time around Liu Yi did not dodge, with his just Spirit Recalled Taiji sword in his hand what is there for him to be afraid of?!

“Imperial Sword Technique!”

Liu Yi points with his left hand at the Taiji sword and controls it to dance around in front of him, slashing down all of the bone arrows flying towards him.

“How is this possible!”

Seeing that her attack is starting to become ineffective, Mingyue Xuefeng starts to become angry.

How is it possible for Netherworld Qi to become ineffective! This is impossible!

“Beauty, your power is no longer effective.”

Liu Yi stands there smiling while the Taiji sword revolves around him like a guardian.

“How did you do it! This is impossible!”

Mingyue Xuefeng seems to be unable to understand how Liu Yi did it and starts to become somewhat frantic.

Liu Yi laughs in his heart, this Mingyue Xuefeng should have no other methods now.

Like this, she should be going back right?

Although Mingyue Xuefeng’s Netherworld qi is very powerful, it’s bane is soul technique!

In real combat experience, she is way weaker than me! After all, I had gone through life and death experiences for 500 years in Asura Realm!

“Ahahah you are forcing me to use my final technique!”

Who would know that Mingyue Xuefeng is not willing to give up. She keeps her bow and hesitates for a while before finally taking out a conch-like item.

“I really never expected…that I might need to use this to deal with you…if Leader knows about this he will definitely scold me to death…”

Her hesitation causes Liu Yi to become vigilant.

What does this lass plan to use on me ah…

Why does it feel quite frightening…

“Be obedient and lie down for me you scumbag!”

Finally, Mingyue Xuefeng decided as she places the conch on her mouth and blows it fiercely.

Instantly a black smoke flies out and floats towards Liu Yi.

What is this toy…

Liu Yi swiftly controls this Taiji sword and creates a strong wind which swiftly blows the black smoke back towards Mingyue Xuefeng.


Just as Mingyue Xuefeng lower the conch, she sees the smoke come towards her frightening her to death, “This….how is this possible….”

She is completely unable to dodge the swiftly encroaching black smoke and is swiftly covered by it.

Liu Yi is feeling strange, would her body be corroded until bones are left?

….that seems to be a bit too cruel…

But after all, she is still a Hell’s Messenger from the 18 Layers of hell, she shouldn’t be so lousy right?

Even if she is turned into bones, she should still be able to live on…yeah, that’s right. That is the case.

Unexpectedly after the smoke dissipated, Mingyue Xuefeng is still standing there safe and sound, only her face had turned completely red.

“Wu….this aphrodisiac smoke come so quickly….”

What the hell aphrodisiac smoke????

You are a Hell’s Messenger from the 18 layers of hell!!!! You are also a high ranking worker ah why do you do have this kind of no moral stuff!!!!

“Wuu~~ so hot….”

As Mingyue Xuefeng speaks, she starts to take off her jacket and tossed it on the ground.

Two snow-white arms appear in front of Liu Yi’s gaze. Although it is still okay, this is just the signal for the beginning!

Indeed, Mingyue Xuefeng swiftly rips off her shirt and reveals a black lace bra underneath!

This girl’s chest is not small at all ah…at the very least…it is at least D cup ah!

Liu Yi swallows his saliva.

This girl likes black a lot ah…but her skin is so white..especially that slender waist, perfect figure ah….

“I beg you…help me…”

Mingyue Xuefeng’s face is total red while she begs in a low voice, “I am poisoned by aphrodisiac…if if I do not do that…I will die…”

“WHAT??? Are you joking with me?”

Liu Yi is shocked, where is there such a scary poison ah!

“I….I’m not….”

Mingyue Xuefeng’s ears are also turning red, not knowing if it is due to her shame or the poison is too strong.

“You, you must help me…”

“What the hell! I am your enemy do you understand?! You actually want me to help you? What the hell is wrong with your brain?!”

Liu Yi starts cursing, “Some more, you actually used such a shameless poison to deal with me! What would you do to help me if I was struck by the poison?!”

“I…I planned to bring you to 18 layers of hell and let those hungry evil spirit serve you for a bit…”

“What the fuck!!!”

The vein on Liu Yi’s forehead starts twitching, this girl is too evil already! To actually use such a vile move!

“Wuwuwu….isn’t it because I do not wish to lose…it is not that I am doing it on purpose….”

Mingyue Xuefeng sits on the ground and starts brawling.

“This is your own poison. Don’t you have an antidote for it?”

“This, this doesn’t have an antidote…”

Mingyue Xuefeng starts to cry even harder, “Only by having sex 7,7, 49 times then would the poison be cured…”

Fuck your sister ah!!!!

Having sex is not enough! You still need to do it 49 times???!!!?!!!

Richard Tyson would also be drained okay!!!!!

[TL: no idea who is the guy but yeah a guy would be drained dry from that]

“Doesn’t your hell have evil ghosts…you can go and find the evil ghosts….”

Liu Yi turns around and prepares to leave.

“Don’t, don’t ah….if Leader sees me like this…all of my bonus will definitely be deducted…I, I, I might also be fired….wuwuwu….I work hard for 200 years and finally managed, managed to pass the exam for an official…and with great difficulty, I became a Hell’s Messenger….I can’t lose this job ah….wuwuwuwu….”

The last few parts are completely fucking with my mind!

Liu Yi’s forehead is completely covered with cold sweat.

In front of him is a demonic beauty, especially with her propping up her upper body while sitting on the ground and licking her lips while looks at him. Her red face is begging him to eat her up…

This is heaven or hell ah…..

Even if it is fortunes, it seems to come a bit too quick already ah…

“I’m begging you~~”

“No way. I will not help my enemy!”

Liu Yi feels that this matter is not so simple, “What if after I help you and after you recover, you take advantage of me being drained and kill me!”

It is 49 times after all….how tired would I become after that!

In a scientific experiment, a certain country girl wanted to experiment just how much receiving ability she had and within a few days she had sex with over thousands of guys and nothing happened to her. Later on, a guy also wanted to test as well. The end result is after 200+ girls he had collapsed and died.

Like the ancient saying, there is only a bull that tired to death while there is no field that spoiled from being over plowed.

Even if I am a cultivator, wanting to not tired after 49 rounds… is tough!

If I had known I should have learned some bed techniques from Ma Hua ah…

“I’m begging you~~~”

Mingyue Xuefeng crawls over like a little puppy and hugs Liu Yi’s leg. Her boob presses against his leg as she shakes her body, “I, I promise you…I will not harm you…”

“Who would believe you! Oi, oi, oi, don’t bite my pants ah! It’s expensive!”

“Wuwu…I, I can sign a contract with you…”

Mingyue Xuefeng’s face is so red that it is almost dripping blood. She coyly twists her body and butt saying, “…I Mingyue Xuefeng.. will be your….underworld servant…”

Underworld servant? What is that?

Although I don’t understand it sounds like something very powerful!


Mingyue Xuefeng suddenly climbs to her feet and kissed Liu Yi on the lips.

Liu Yi is shocked and afterward, he felt something coppery on his lips.

This lass actually bit my lips?

What the heck! Did she plant a sinister magic on me!

But Liu Yi only felt a strange force entering his body, not only did it not harm his body, it makes him feel more awake and clear minded.

It seems that he also has a link with Mingyue Xuefeng. As long as he wished to, he can immediately take Mingyue Xuefeng’s life…


Mingyue Xuefeng’s hugs Liu Yi’s waist as her head pressed against his chest while her breast rubs against his waist, “I beg you to help me ah…”


Liu Yi becomes conflicted.

Although I am not picky…but I still shouldn’t take a girl on the first day I met her ah…

Furthermore, this girl…previously used to be my enemy ah! The next moment….she wants to have sex…. Just what the fuck is going on!

Before Liu Yi agrees, Mingyue Xuefeng once again kisses Liu Yi on the lips and forces her tongue into his mouth.

“Oi, we cannot…”

Before Liu Yi is able to finish, his tongue is already being sucked on by Mingyue Xuefeng.

Liu Yi feels that Mingyue Xuefeng’s body is very hot, which is definitely because the poison is too strong.

Furthermore, when her tongue enters his mouth, Liu Yi felt his body becomes hot like an arrow on a drawn bow that must be released!

What the hell….it can’t be that she has also passed that aphrodisia to me ah!

The aphrodisiac is very fierce and instantly affected Liu Yi’s entire body and in a blink of an eye, it is already affecting his mind.

The current Liu Yi other than being in an excited state, he only wishes to push down Mingyue Xuefeng who is in front of him and have a hundred rounds of sex!

Liu Yi is unable to control his body, the might of the aphrodisiac which even Mingyue Xuefeng who is of 13 stars is unable to withstand, how could Liu Yi withstand it!

Furthermore, his Dragon Nature which was suppressed by Liu Yi all these time, under the aphrodisia finally loses control.

He carries up Mingyue Xuefeng and brings her to the viewing platform by the side and presses her down on the stairs!


Chapter 401 [Poison]

Today’s teaser


“Ahahah you are forcing me to use my final technique!”

Who would know that Mingyue Xuefeng is not willing to give up. She keeps her bow and hesitates for a while before finally taking out a       fill in yourself        .

“I really never expected…that I might need to use this to deal with you…if Leader knows about this he will definitely scold me to death…”

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