MKW Chapter 400

Chapter 400  [Bully an endearing silly girl]


Liu Yi waits there and in less than a minute, the derailed girl jumps back out patting her chest and says: “Lucky, lucky that I ran very quick…I had made you wait.”

“Talking about this, beauty….”

“I am not called beauty. I have a name and it is Mingyue Xuefeng!”

The beauty sticks out her chest and arrogantly says: “I am the Hell’s Messenger from the 18 layer of hell! My grade is very high!”

Liu Yi asks: “Talking about that…why are you guys looking for me?”

“Because you had distributed us from reaping the soul! As well as capturing a task member from the 3rd layer!”

Mingyue Xuefeng raises her nose and says: “You are indeed cultivators who likes to give us problems! Don’t think the after becoming a cultivator you can go against the heavens! Hell already had us this team of elites especially to maintain the order of soul collecting!”

“Soul collecting? My Wang Yuzheng is a good student and had never done anything bad, why are you collecting her soul! If you want to collect soul…you can take that big brother over there and bring him in in exchange.”

Liu Yi points towards Li Heqiang who was seal by the time.

As for why he himself is not sealed as well, Liu Yi also does not know.

At this moment Yan Qiuhong says unhappily.

“You are an idiot! I am a Monarch Scorpion! Do you think that my defense can only block physical attacks? This kind of barrier attack is also within my defensive area! Idiot!”

….Yan Qiuhong is so strong…I had really picked up a treasure!

My luck is way too good! How to get past it. Looks like that Great God curse is nothing much…

Perhaps that curse was resisted by Yan Qiuhong defense.

“What do you know. It is not bad guys who would get their soul collected.”

Mingyue Xuefeng curls up her mouth and says to Liu Yi, “Being born, turning old, sickness and death are all the rules of the world. This girl’s predestined lifespan is up, thus we will naturally come and collect her soul. She will not be able to escape her fate of dying, even if we do not come, she will still die to other causes. At that time, without us to guide their soul, their soul will not be able to find the direction and be reincarnated. Our existence is to maintain the cycle of souls!”

Although it sounds correct, Liu Yi does not wish to see Wang Yuzheng die.

“Even if that is the case, today I shall keep this Wang Yuzheng’s life. If you give up, you can take your underling’s soul back.”

“Damn it! Who do you think you are! How dare to talk so big!”

Mingyue Xuefeng becomes angry and nearly break her heels from stomping, “I am not here to beg you, do you understand?! Today both my underling’s and her soul belong to me!”

A black ray emerges from her hand as a bone bow appears in her hand. An arrow is nocked on and pointed towards Liu Yi.

“If you do not hand it over, then you shall die.”

“Then let me take a look just how strong are you, this Hell’s Messenger from the 18 layers of hell!”

No matter what Liu Yi will not let Wang Yuzheng get injured!

There are so many souls of evil person that are not reaped away! Why are you going to reap the soul of Wang Yuzheng!

In this world, there is indeed too many unfair matters!

Liu Yi clenches his fist as black armor emerges around his body.

With this time freeze on, no one will be able to discover my twin identity!

Thus he can use his full strength!

“Illusion Extermination!”

Liu Yi uses Glorious Sun Palm and attacks Mingyue Xuefeng.

Mingyue Xuefeng dodges and reappears on his other side.

“This palm had already been recorded by us, you idiot!”

As she shouts, she pulls open her bow.

Instantly a bone arrow pierces through the air and flies towards Liu Yi.

“Open for me!”

Liu Yi sweeps out with his Scorpion Tail Lance and tries to sweep the bone arrow away.

But to his shock, his Scorpion Tail Lance actually hit empty air while the bone arrow pierces in his left shoulder.

The piercing pain causes Liu Yi’s sight to turn black.

What the shit…what is happening.

“It is useless. All of your defenses are useless.”

Mingyue Xuefeng sits on her bow in the sky with her legs crossed and says proudly, “The netherworld qi that we use can ignore all kind of defense and directly attack your soul. This bone marrow is also the same. What that was pierced by the bone arrow is not your flesh body but your soul ah!”

There is actually this kind of magic technique! It actually has the same effect as my Glorious Sun Palm’s Soul Damage!

{Big sister ah, aren’t you very powerful? Are you able to defend against soul techniques ah?}

{Stinky brat, do you really think that we Monarch Scorpion’s are omnipotent!}

{Damn it….when I need help, you are useless!}

Liu Yi looks miserable as his shoulder is still trembling in pain.

He stretches out his hand to try and pull out the arrow but grabs empty air instead!

Damn it…I can’t even grab it…how am I supposed to pull it out!

“It is useless. Don’t waste your strength.”

Mingyue Xuefeng smiles proudly, “How is netherworld qi something that you are able to understand! It is very profound! You ah, just be obedient and wait for this miss to kill you!”

She pulls open her bow again and shoots towards the sky.

Instantly an arrow rain descends from the sky caging Liu Yi within.

@#$#@, are you fucking for real!

This time around, Liu Yi no longer dares to take the attack head-on. He uses shadow step and dodges a few meters away and lands on top of a tree far away.

As for the arrow rain, it completely disappears as it pierces through the ground.

It is actually really a technique meant to deal with souls ah…

Liu Yi starts to sweat on his forehead, the opponent should be around 13 stars….if I fight with my full strength, it was originally not a problem…

But her technique is too troublesome! And it is making me at a disadvantage!

Since the matter has come to this stage why don’t I try to see if I am able to restrict her first!

{Xiao Cai come out and help!}

Liu Yi waves his hand and summons out the five-color chains.

The five-color chains directly emerged from under Mengyue Xuefeng’s leg and around her body like a dumpling and bind her down.

Seeing that his technique works, Liu Yi faintly let’s go a sigh of relief.

But unexpectedly Mengyue Xuefeng only smiles and say, “Tsk, do you think that this kind of parlor trick is able to deal with me?”

Her figure suddenly turns transparent like a mirage!

The chains instantly went past her body and drop onto the ground.

“I can let my body enter a netherworld state for a short moment and become immune to all attacks except for soul attacks!”


Liu Yi’s eyes brighten up.

“I do not believe it!”

He pretends to be inconvenienced and summoned out the chains again to bind down Mengyue Xuefeng who had just restored her body back to normal.

Mengyue Xuefeng shakes her head and sighs, “Haiz why do you just not understand. You are unable…..”

While she speaks, she lets her body enter netherworld state.

But before she finished speaking, Liu Yi appears in front of her and slams his palm towards her.

“Soul destruction!”

This palm is specialized in attacking souls!

So what if you turn into netherworld state, you still need to obediently eat my attack!


Mingyue Xuefeng’s pretty eyes widen not understanding what is going on as she is sent flying by Liu Yi’s attack.

Her body went through the protective net before materializing and collapsing onto the running track outside.

“Pain, pain, pain…”

Mingyue Xuefeng holds her stomach as she cries out in tears, “Wuwuwu, how can you not have protective feelings for the fairer sex, wuwuwu….”

What the….why does it sound like I am the evil one ah!

This is illogical ah!!!!

“Damn it all. I don’t care anymore. I shall use my full strength and kill you!”

As Mingyue Xuefeng speaks, she pulls down the bone mask on the top of her head onto her face.

Instantly Liu Yi senses that the aura of Mingyue Xuefeng had changed.

What is going one…how did wearing a mask make her so strong…

What is the property of the mask ah!

It is only a fight only! There is no need to be so excessive ah!

“Die, evildoer!”

She pulls open her black bow before her figure flashes and ten figures instantly appear surrounding Liu Yi completely.

Liu Yi senses that all of them are not illusions and all of the ten figures seems to be real!

What is going on…Ducuplets???

At the same time, ten bone arrows shoot towards Liu Yi in all directions.

This time around I had really played too big….

Liu Yi sweats when he realizes that there isn’t any direction to escape in, the ten arrows had completely sealed up the surroundings!

This time around I am really going to be so tragic…

Liu Yi starts to wish that his soul is able to fly away and escape!

If only Immortal Fox sister was here, she will definitely be able to tell me a way to escape…

Damn it how can I keep rely on Immortal Fox sister… Liu Yi calm down, there will definitely be a way…

At that moment, he activates Black and White world, causing all of the arrows to slow down.

But all of the directions are sealed and Liu Yi has no way to escape and can only wait to be pierced by the arrow.

How to deal with soul technique…how to deal with netherworld qi…

Among all of the techniques that I had to learn which one was specially meant to deal with souls…

Wait! Wait!

Liu Yi seems to have thought of something!

A technique that is specially meant to deal with soul….I, seems to have one!

A gleam flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes as his body turns into a white sword light and crashes against the bone arrows.

-dang, dang, dang!-

A number of bone arrows are cut apart by the demon sword that Liu Yi transformed into!


Mingyue Xuefeng is shocked as her mouth opens, “How is this possible…how are you able to break my soul magic,”

“This is nothing.”

Liu Yi floats in the air as he summons out this Taiji sword with his hand.

“What is going to happen is then the real wonder.”

Spirit recall!

Liu Yi pulls out the soul of the Soul Reaper and pushes it into his Taiji sword!


Chapter 400 [Bullying an endearing silly girl]

Today’s teaser


“Ahahah you are forcing me to use my final technique!”

Who would know that Mingyue Xuefeng is not willing to give up. She keeps her bow and hesitates for a while before finally taking out a       fill in yourself        .

“I really never expected…that I might need to use this to deal with you…if Leader knows about this he will definitely scold me to death…”

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