MKW Chapter 4

Chapter 4 [Please cultivate


“Fox immortal?”

Liu Yi blinks rapidly as he becomes even more nervous.

“Yesterday I have only met a fox demon that wanted to kill me…”

“Coughs…that is my junior sister!”

The little fox coughs and says: “She is very very bad and I have chased after her for a long time! She nearly killed you and it is me who saved you!”

“Eh? Really?”

Liu Yi remembers that yesterday he was indeed killed by a beautiful fox demon but was later saved by a girl and that girl also seemed to have kissed him…he had also touched her chest…which is flat!

He remembers the last part very clearly.

But he does not remember the girl’s appearance…

Unless it is this so-called fox immortal in front of me?

If it is indeed the case then I really should thank her.

“You are the flat….. immortal that save me yesterday?”

“Of course!”

Hearing Liu Yi questions the little fox immediately becomes happy.

This is great! This idiot really got tricked!

I must do my best! I, Lin Tong, as a clever and quick-witted fox demon will definitely be able to take care of this mere human.

Hehe, I will definitely take care of him properly and break through the seal on his right hand and regain my freedom!

“To save you I got wounded by that fox demon! Thus I can only live within your right hand and use you to regain my vitality.”

“Ah? You wanted to suck up my essence?!”

Liu Yi is scared witless again. In his mind appears the visions of mummies …

My god! Too scary! I don’t want that ah!

“No no. What I need is your vitality!”

The little fox chuckles, “Only by absorbing vitality would I, Lin Tong, be able to recover!”

“You are Lin Tong?!’

Liu Yi got shocked by her words as he exclaims: “Isn’t Lin Tong that fox demon from yesterday?!”

“Ah that’s not it, us foxes are casually named!”

Lin Tong starts panicking as she mistakenly spills the beans when she was being proud of herself.

“The Tong from my martial younger sister’s name is the character Tong from TongHua (fairy tail) whereas the Tong from my name is the character Tong from HongTongTong (bright red), they’re not the same! I had saved you and ended up in this situation! Who would’ve expected that you would instead doubt me! Abominable human!”

“No no no no no! It is my fault, Immortal Lin Tong. Then how can I help you?”

Liu Yi rubs the back of his head as he feels like his worldview is starting to turn upside down.

But regardless of that, first he should help his savior!

“Hehe…to help me is actually very simple!”

“What can I do to help?”

“You just need to learn our de…immortal heart sutra and absorb immortal qi to restore my strength. That way I can regain my body!”

“Ah? Cultivate? how is this possible? Stop joking around with me please…”

Liu Yi immediately shakes his head like a rattle.

What a joke there is no way I am so lucky! It is definitely like those multi-level marking scams!

The little fox quickly emphasizes, “The heck why is it not possible! Even a mortal can cultivate to be an immortal okay!”

“Okay then…but I do not wish to be an immortal ah…I only wish to be an ordinary person and get into a university, afterward find a job, get married and have kids…”

“Then die of old age? Live a mediocre life?”

The little fox continues to try to entice Liu Yi, “There are a lot of benefits of being an immortal! At the very least you get to live longer! Furthermore, you can also possess strength beyond an ordinary person!”

“Ah? Then can I chase after girls?”

Liu Yi blinks as he recalls Ma Yixuan as his heart beats rapidly.

“Of course it is possible!”

The little fox becomes excited, There is an opportunity now!

“Emm…forget it…What if I have to meditate and suppress my desires….I would definitely not be able to endure that…”

Thinking that he is still a virgin Liu Yi starts to have second thoughts.

“Stinky fellow! Right now even if you wish to cultivate you must cultivate! Even if you don’t wish to cultivate you still have to cultivate!!!”

Liu Yi suddenly realizes that his right hand is no longer under his control and suddenly pulls his body up standing!

“Oi oi oi! Where are you going ah!”

Knowing that this is definitely Immortal Lin Tong’s doing, Liu Yi’s expression changes.

He desperately tried to pull back his hand but the hand does not seem to be his anymore as it pulls him to run around the park crazily.

At this moment a few people start appearing to do morning exercises.

The majority of them are elderlies who are doing Taiji and the like.

Young people who are able to get up early are extremely rare nowadays.

While Liu Yi in the eyes of the elderlies is stretching out a hand and dashing around in a comical manner.

“Is this a new fitness dance?”

An old man who is holding a birdcage stare at Liu Yi as he runs past him.

“Aiya this is much for interesting that the Chinese Vampire dance!”

An old granny shouts as she stretches her waist and raises her arm forward.

“Come come come, brothers and sisters, let’s follow along!”

Thus the group of elderlies starts to imitate Liu Yi as they run in a zigzag manner around the park with an outstretched arm.

In the park, a long dragon suddenly appears attracting even more attention then the Chinese Vampire dance!

But the group of elderlies do not know that Liu Yi is currently suffering, with no control over his body he could only run forwards unceasingly.

“Aunty little fox immortal, please spare me! Please stop messing with me!”

“As long as you continue to refuse to cultivate I will continue to mess around with you!”

“But…being a cultivator or what not…is too unreliable…”

“Fine, since you don’t want to cultivate, then let me let you not cultivate!” says Lin Tong as she glances at a couple nearby kissing each other.



Chapter 4- [Please cultivate]

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