MKW Chapter 398

Chapter 398  [Monster silhouette]


Although money is a good thing and sometimes it is able to make people abandon their dignity but other times, it is a stab at a person’s dignity.

Especially the group of people in the court who have a good relationship with Liu Yi. Although they are not any rich people, they all possess an unyielding character…

Eh, except for Chen Cai, this soft bone.

“Li Heqiang your words are humiliating us. Please take it back!”

Ling Zhuoyi raises her rackets and points at Li Heqiang and says loudly, “Otherwise this matter will not end!”

The shrewish girl becomes like a person with support since she had known that Liu Yi can ‘fight well’!

And now she is challenging Li Heqiang because Liu Yi is around so she is not afraid!

If something happens there will be someone who helps her fight what!

At the back Liu Yi frowns, this girl does not have integrity ah! She is completely like a fox pretending to be a tiger!

Haiz, forget it after all Li Heqiang’s words indeed make people mad.

“Don’t think that you are amazing with just some dirty money! There are lots of people with a lot of money and this lady has seen a lot of them as well!”

Ling Zhuoyi rolls her eyes at Li Heqiang.

“That…how about we wait a bit…perhaps after a while, there might be another free court…”

Wang Yuzheng had always been a pacifist, thus she says such words, trying to keep the peace.

“How is this possible!”

Lai Junwen says righteously as he steps forward.

“Everywhere it is first come first serve! Let’s not talk about snatching our place, they even use violence on us. How is this fair? If we do not walk it through with them how is it possible!”

“What? You want to fight it out with me? You peasant.”

Li Heqiang sneers, indeed Lai Junwen is not an opponent.

But it is me, then that would not be the case.

Liu Yi says: “Yuzheng, this matter leave it to us to handle it.”

“Aiyah, Blood….Liu Yi after not meeting you for so long, why are you still so stubborn.”

Wei Yi…ah wrong, it is Bai Xiaowei who pouts unhappily and says: “In a few days, this miss will take part in a tennis tournament. You guys giving up this court to this miss is considered as your honor!”


Originally this girl’s attitude had been changed somewhat by me, after a long time since we last met, it had changed back!

This is really you are a product of your environment. Looks like I really need to properly reform Bai Xiaowei again!

This adorable little Cat Lady how can I let her become a little princess that makes people hate her!

Indeed after Xiaowei finished speaking Liu Yi’s friend’s complexions turns ugly.

Where is there such an arrogant woman!

For a moment the atmosphere turns hostile, the P.E teacher is almost unable to sit still by the side as he watches them afraid that they would start fighting.

“Bai Xiaowei, it had been a long time since we last met. You did not change much.”

Liu Yi’s eyebrow faintly raises up, “Not much worse than the you from before.”

“This miss did not change?”

Bai Xiaowei pouts, “This miss should have become much prettier and even more classy ah!”

Indeed Bai Xiaowei is much more mature than the past her, her fair skin and long legs, she is indeed a beauty.

But her chest did not grow much and is still as flat as before.

“Them let me recall the first time when we meet.”

Liu Yi ruthlessly says: “The current you and the you back then are both arrogant and haughty.”

“Damn you! Liu Yi because of our past relationship, I will forget about what you had just say! The next time if you say such kind of rude words, then don’t blame this miss for being impolite!”

Bai Xiaowei seems to be somewhat unhappy, “Why can’t you just give in to me slightly. Why must you go against me every time?!”

In the past few times I had met him, every time there is a problem he would never give in to me at all!

In the sect, everyone always gives in to me! But why is it that he always do not give in!

Furthermore, since my luck erupted, I have incidentally practiced a hidden secret technique of my sect, vastly improving my strength. I am also one of the contestants of the World’s Dao Gathering!

With such a glorious identity, I will receive respect everywhere I go! But why is this Liu Yi always the exception!

“I am always standing on the side of reason.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulder to indicate his stance, “How about this. Since both you and we want to have this court, how about we use the most ancient method to deal with it.”

He takes the black racket from Su Junping’s hand. Originally he is only here to cheer, thus he did not bring a racket.

“Let’s have a match!”


Everyone’s eyes widen, match?

“A match?”

Bai Xiaowei raises her eyebrow, “Are you sure?

“Of course. Since we are at a tennis court, naturally we use tennis to deal with everything.”

Liu Yi starts twirling the tennis racket, making people’s eyes be dazzled, “Although I have never played tennis before usually there will always be the first time, how can I be afraid!”

He stops the tennis racket. “So do you dare to?”

“Why do I not dare to? When is this miss ever afraid?”

What temper does Wei Yi have, and she is also very arrogant.

She takes out her own white tennis racket and says: “Have a match then have a match. One set to determine who wins or loses.”

“Wait, wait!”

Just as Liu Yi and Bai Xiaowei are about to start the match, Li Heqiang suddenly steps in, “How can junior sister personally step out for this kind of matter. Leave it to me.”

Done speaking he sneers at Liu Yi.

“No way. I want to personally have a match with him!”

Unexpectedly Bai Xiaowei ruthlessly rejected Li Heqiang’s request causing him to be somewhat angry.

He does not dare to retort back to Bai Xiaowei, instead, he stares at Liu Yi like he wants to kill. Like the saying, if stares could kill, then Liu Yi would have died countless of time.

“One set to determine who is the winner. The loser cannot back out!”

Bai Xiaowei smiles, but Liu Yi feels that the smile is somewhat weird.

“Naturally, a man will not go back on his words.”

Liu Yi had never thought of regretting nor did he think that he would lose.

“Liu Yi let me tell you, I am no longer the Cat Maiden Wei Yi….”

Seeming like she remembers that Liu Yi always called her Cat Maiden, Bai Xiaowei starts pouting cutely, causing some guys to become lost.

Haiz, the killing power of beauties is really big ah…

“Prepare to take my move!”

She tosses the tennis ball high up into the sky.

Under the sun rays, it is very hard to look at the tennis ball.

“Take my killer serve!”

Bai Xiaowei smashes the tennis ball with her tennis racket.

Instantly the originally soft looking tennis ball turns into a light beam and hits the ground before bouncing towards Liu Yi’s face.

Damn it! This lass’s move is really ruthless!

If it was an ordinary person, their nose would definitely be hit and have a nosebleed!

But even if it did not hit the nose….just now when she jumps, the scenery under the white skirt…indeed can cause a nosebleed….

Her legs are really white ah…some more it is pink…

Liu Yi shivers before start chanting Amitabha in his mind to get rid of his thoughts.

At the same time, he activates Black and White world, the high-speed tennis ball which is coming towards his nose instantly slows down.

Liu Yi raises his racket and smacks back the tennis ball.

But the force behind the tennis ball is very frightening! It seems like it is going to rip the strings on the tennis racket!

Liu Yi is shocked, looks like this lass had grown by quite a bit!

A conservative estimation of her strength….it should be at least 7 or 8 stars!

Did she takes drugs, how did she improve so quickly! Is it that she has a spiritual body?! This does not seem to be the case ah!

While Liu Yi is shocked, his actions did not slow down as he gathers qi onto the racket and forms a protective net to protect the tennis racket.


Although Liu Yi had managed to hit the tennis ball, the tennis ball is unable to fly back towards the other side of the tennis court, instead, it curves around and flies behind Liu Yi.

What is this situation!

Liu Yi thinks for a bit before understanding.

Just now it should be because of the direction of the spin on the ball, otherwise, when I hit it, it would not have flown behind me.

Not bad Bai Xiaowei you have actually done this kind of move on the tennis ball! You are really crafty!

“15 Love, I have taken the first point!”

Bai Xiaowei smiles in satisfaction while Li Heqiang by the side cheers.

“Junior sister is very powerful! You will definitely be able to win this tennis match!”


Liu Yi curses in his heart, Bai Xiaowei is a cultivator, playing tennis with her, unless it is people like me, who is able to fight back?

He received a tennis ball from Wang Yuzheng and bounces it on his hand.

Their private spar and actual tennis match are completely different, for normal matches, it is one person serving for the entire set and it changes server for the next set. For their private sparing, it is the one who loses who get to serve.

“Liu Yi have you seen it. This is the difference!”

Bai Xiaowei arrogantly raises her chin, “You are unable to win me for sure!”

“That is not necessarily the case.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he tosses the ball, “Take my serve first!”

He fiercely smashes the tennis ball.

The tennis ball instantly bounces by Bai Xiaowei’s feet like lightning and before she is able to react, it hits the protective net behind her.

“So fast…”

“15 All, now we are equal already.”

Liu Yi blinks at Bai Xiaowei.

“Damn it! Just now is because this miss was careless for a moment!”

Bai Xiaowei looks at Liu Yi smile and instantly becomes angry, “Next time this miss will not go easy on you!”

She takes out a tennis ball before revolving her qi and serves the ball.

The tennis ball flies in an arc towards Liu Yi.

This time around I will not fall for it!

A smile appears on Liu Yi’s face. Just as he is about to receive the tennis ball, he suddenly notices a black figure appearing by Wang Yuzheng’s side.

The figure gives off a weird feeling like it exists and does not exist at the same time.

Currently, the figure has placed a hand on Wang Yuzheng’s arm. But Wang Yuzheng who always keeps a distance from guys acts like she did not notice and is still cheering for Liu Yi!

What is this situation! Something is wrong!


Chapter 398  [Monster silhouette]

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