MKW Chapter 395

Chapter 395  [Planting Demon Seed]


“This the location for the transfer of goods?”

Liu Yi is currently in an abandoned factory in the suburb of Jingdou, smelling the surrounding moist and moldy odor, he wrinkled his nose.

“That’s right. Cold Rain had said before that it is here.”

Safari is following behind Liu Yi as he asks curiously, “But boss. Why did you toss Cold Rain outside the door of Dragon Group’s branch in JingDou?”

Although Safari joined Scarlet Cloth Guard, he does not know that Liu Yi’s other identity is, an agent of Dragon Group.

The current Liu Yi is still in his Blood Emperor’s attire. He needs this identity to hoodwink the hidden employer.

If he is unable to seize all of the hidden people who are troubling Murong Die, Liu Yi is unable to be at ease!

“That is because I owe someone, thus Cold Rain is hers.”

Liu Yi thinks that soon Yuan Zhenyue should be receiving Cold Rain. As for how to deal with him, that is Yuan Zhenyue’s own matter.

“Boss…what kungfu are you training in? Can you teach me?”

Safari feel that his current new boss is very valiant!

“My kungfu…”

Liu Yi frowns and looks at Safari, “First let’s not talk about me. Let’s talk about you. You should be a person with superpowers right?”

“Yup, that’s right. I am proficient in some abilities but they are just minor tricks.”

Safari says: “Actually it is a type of puppet technique which allows me to turn other people into my puppet and make them do things for me.”

“Oh? This ability is rather interesting. Then how many people can you control with your puppet technique at a single time?”

“Meh… it is only around a hundred thousand.”

Safari scratches his head in embarrassment, as his face turns bashful.

Liu Yi nearly vomited blood, what the hell?! A hundred thousand people?!?!

This fellow can instantly create his own army ah!

I’ll be damned…I had actually unknowingly picked up a treasure?

This used to be number one of HeavenList…looks like Safari is not boasting around ah!

“But controlling a hundred thousand at a single time, I will receive quite a bit of side effect. I will need to lie in bed for an entire day to be able to recover my ability to move. As for ten thousand, twenty thousand, it can be done easily.”

“So powerful?”

Liu Yi becomes suspicious.

“Let me show you.”

Done speaking, Safari closes his eyes.

Very soon, Liu Yi hears countless of flapping wings. He walks out to take a look and sees a dense flock of bird!

There are at least ten thousand birds in the flock, the black swarm blocks out the yellowing sky!

The flock of birds slowly change shape and soon it forms two enormous English letter.

‘S’, ‘B’

The hell?!

“Boss, this is my ability.”

Safari’s forehead is slightly covered with sweat as he opens his eye and with a wave of his hand, he disbands the flock of birds.

“It had been a long time since I had last controlled so many living things. I am unable to get used to it for a while. Haiz, I become old.”

What the heck you controlled so many animals just to show that you are an S…B….

Liu Yi is completely lost for words.

[TL: SB in Chinese is the Latin alphabet abbreviation of the Chinese pronunciation of idiot]

Safari sighs, showcasing that he is already an uncle.

“Stop messing around. 41 years old is a guy’s prime. Unless you want to admit that you are an okara?”

[TL: Soy pulp or tofu dregs.]

“How is that possible! I am still very powerful!”

Safari pats his legs and says arrogantly, “At least every morning I am still able to lift the sky with a pillar!”


Liu Yi gifts Uncle Safari with a middle finger.

Liu Yi asks curiously: “Since you are able to use the puppet technique, why didn’t you try to control me?”

“I had tried it.”

Safari sighs, “But boss the defense within your mind is too strong. I am unable to control your mind! If I tried to forcefully turn you into a puppet, there might be a rebound and I would turn into the puppet instead!”

“So that is the case.”

Liu Yi nods his head as this is possible.

“Boss, it is almost time. They are coming soon.”

Safari lowers his head and looks at his watch, “The meetup time is 6 and it is now 5:59.”

“Yeah, I know. They are coming.”

Liu Yi frowns as he looks at a distance away.

“They are already here?”

“Yeah, it seems like there is also two experts. I shall hide first. You be careful on your own.”

As Liu Yi speaks he looks at the burlap bag by the side.

It looks like there is a person within the burlap bag but Liu Yi and Safari are both clear on what is inside it.

“Understood boss. Leave the rest to me.”

Safari nods his head before straightening his priest garb.

Liu Yi transforms into a butterfly and flies into the air.

Very quickly two SUVs stops by the door gate of the factory. A bodyguard looking guy opens the car door.

Following which a young master wearing white suit walks out with two other bodyguards behind him.

The three bodyguards are surrounding the young master, their aura imposing and looks rather frightening.

From the other car, two people get out as well.

Safari glances at the two people, from them he senses a weird strength within them, making him somewhat worried.

“You are Safari?”

The young master lights up a cigarette as he looks at the middle-aged priest and raises his eyebrow.

“That’s right. The person that you want is here. Where is my money?”

“When I see the person, I will naturally hand over the money.”

The young master blows out smoke, “Money is not an issue. The issue is the person that I want.”

“Fine, that’s fair.”

Safari nods his head and walks over to the burlap bag by the side and opens it, revealing a beautiful girl.

When the young master sees the girl, his eyes brighten up.

“That’s right. That is the person I want. Bring the money over.”


One of the bodyguards immediately takes out a laptop and starts typing.

“The money is already sent over to the bank account given by you. You can check. After checking you can pass her over.”

The young master smiles merrily in satisfaction.

As long as I have gotten ahold of Murong Die, that old fox will not be a problem anymore.

“Here you go.”

Safari tosses Murong Die who is still in the burlap bag over.

At this moment one of the old guys who is standing at the factory entrance suddenly appears in front of the young master and receives the burlap bag.

“Young Ling. There is a problem.”

The old man’s hoarse voice is not as in no way inferior to Xu Lei.

“This is not the person that you want!”

“Then who is she? She appears the same ah, this is Murong Die ah!”

The young master frowns.

“No, Young Ling you see!”

As the old man speaks, he pats Murong Die’s forehead.

With a cracking sound, Murong Die burst into light particles and returned back to its original form.

A wooden block lands on the ground scaring the young master.

“What is this thing!”

“An illusion technique!”

The old man face sinks, as he clenches his fist, “This fellow actually wanted to use an illusion technique to lie to us! He must die!”

Safari felt a strong pressure erupting out from that old man, causing his face too pale instantly and retreat.

The young master instantly stomps out the cigarette in his hand as he roars: “Bastard! How dare you cheat me! Kill him!”

“Hehehe…leave it to this old man.”

The old man stretches out his withering right hand as his fingers make a grab at Safari who is far away.

A gleam flashes across Safari’s eyes and instantly the three bodyguards by the young master side as well as the young master tremble.

“Parlour tricks!”

The other man behind the old man pats the young master on his shoulder causing the young master to regain consciousness.

“All of you scram!”

The middle-aged man roars as green smoke erupted from his body. The three bodyguards were caught within the green smoke and start dissolving and turn into three sets of skeletons.

“Next one is you!”

As the old man speaks, he opens his mouth and vomits out countless green furry moths which fly towards Safari.

Safari is so frightened that he escapes in a furry while shouting, “What the heck….what BS is this toy! Boss save me ah!”

“In front of my Acacia Sect, no one is able to save you.”

The old man snorts as he waits for the hitman to be bitten to death by his poison moth.

At this moment, a violent wind blows within the factory.

“You, who is a cultivator is actually willing to help a villain do his evil deeds. Being a dog of this evil person you deserve death.”


The two Acacia sect disciple are shocked as they look around trying to find where the voice comes from.

Where is that person hiding at?!

Why are we unable to sense him!

At this moment an enormous palm print flies out from nowhere, 6 meters large and slams into the group of poison moths, instantly killing all of them.

“What! My poison moths!!!!”

The old man’s face turns pale as his heart bleeds.

“Let me!”

The middle-aged guy behind takes out a bamboo flute and starts blowing.

Instantly an enormous bluish-green frog descends from the sky and lands in the center of the factory.

The green frog opens its mouth and shoots out its blood-red tongue towards the shadows.

“You are actually able to find where I am hiding? Not bad.”

What shocked the middle-aged man is that his jade frog did not manage to hit its target as its tongue hits a scrap truck at the back of the factory.

The truck is instantly turned into scrap metal by the corrosiveness of the venom.

“Acacia Sect magic technique is indeed interesting.”

A voice rings out behind the middle-aged man, causing him to turn around in shock to see a figure wearing a black suit and a white mask.

“Who are you?”

He exclaims in shock.

“Blood Emperor.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he points his finger at the middle-aged man, “Sword seed!”

-cracking noise….-

The peal of bone warping noise as well as the middle-aged man’s blood-curdling screech, while his body starts to distort into weird shapes. Finally, with an exploding sound, the ground is covered with flesh, leaving behind a white bone sword floating in mid-air.

Seeing this scene, the old man and the young master starts sweating as their legs turn soft. For a while, they are unable to make any sound.


Chapter 395   [Planting Demon Seed]

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