MKW Chapter 394

Chapter 394  [Fake Priest]



What happened afterward shocked both of them. The guy is not sent flying away, instead, he only uses an arm and presses down on the car hood, causing the car to stop in place and unable to move forwards anymore!

When Cold Rain sees this scene, he lets out a shocked cry: “Gods…what is this kind of strength…”

“Looks like we have met an expert.”

Safari checks the surrounding and starts pondering on which direction he can escape in.

“What expert! Watch me kill him!”

Cold Rain sneers coldly as his hands push downwards.


Above that unknown person’s head suddenly appears a three meters long ice pike and pierces through his back through his body and pierced into the ground.

“In front of me, Cold Rain experts mean nothing!”

Safari looks at the person who was pierced through, but it seems like he does not give off the feeling of giving up, instead an even scarier pressure spreads over.

The person suddenly stands up and breaks off the ice pike with a hand. After which the hole on his chest swiftly mends together.

“What! How is this possible!”

Cold Rain exclaims in shock as he felt like he is in a dream!

How would he know that the person in front of him is a half demon and possess very extraordinary regeneration!

Even if his arms or legs are cut off, he would be able to regrow it swiftly!

Liu Yi no longer patient as he immediately smashes the cracked windscreen.

“Quickly escape!”

As Safari speaks he flexible like a snake moves to the back of the car through the space between the front row seats and picks up Murong Die. After which he kicks open the back door and jumps to the road.

To buy time for their escape Cold Rain creates an ice wall before jumping out of the car and chased after Safari.

Liu Yi looks at the three meters tall ice wall as his heart becomes heavy.

Ice superpower…Heaven List hitmen…

Looks like this person should be the one who had killed Yuan Zhenyue’s dad!

Hmmm, should I capture this guy and pass him to Yuan Zhenyue?

Liu Yi ponders and thinks that it is possible.

“This time around I am really in deep shit because of you!”

Safari who is carrying Murong Die nimbly hides among the grass by the side as he rants.

“Relax, my ice wall is very sturdy. If that person wants to chase us, he needs to spend some time to get past it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course that is my…”

Before Cold Rain finished speaking, behind him is an explosion.

Liu Yi had blasted apart the ice wall with a punch and is now rushing over.

“Cold Rain you bastard!”

Safari runs as he scolds, “Screw your eight generations!”

“What dogshit is this! How strong is that person!”

Cold Rain also dares not to boast anymore as he runs with all his might.

He is the famous Number 1 hitman on the Heaven List! How can he die here!

While Cold Rain runs, he keeps releasing ice hail rain at Liu Yi to try and hinder him.

But Liu Yi emits out red flames making the ice hail unable to touch Liu Yi as they were evaporated completely when getting close!

“Just what is this guy’s origin ah!”

Cold Rain is frightened as he flees ignominiously.

“I remember now…he is Blood Emperor!”

Safari suddenly recalls a name that went silent for a long time, “Damn it why would Blood Emperor stick his hands into the matters of the Murong Family….”

“Blood Emperor…”

Although Cold Rain has always stayed overseas, he had more or less heard of this name.

At this moment he suddenly hears Liu Yi speaking right by his ear, “That’s right, I am Blood Emperor.”

Cold Rain turns his head around in shock as he sees Blood Emperor who was tens of meters away is now by his side.

“I am the number one Hitman!!!”

Cold Rain went for broke as he clenches his teeth as summons out a blue ice sword and slashes at Blood Emperor’s throat!

“Just an ice superpower and you dare to be arrogant in front of me!”

Liu Yi snorts. Since this person is the killer of Yuan Zhengyue’s parents, Liu Yi does not plan to hold back.


Liu Yi smashes the ice sword with a palm before immediately uses Meridian seal on Cold Rain.

Instantly Cold Rain turns into a sculpture.

Safari who is by the side watches in shock, Cold Rain who had always enjoyed turning others into ice sculpture had received the same ending today.

Amen, this must be the punishment from God.

“Let me leave you alive. Later I pass you to Yuan Zhenyue to deal with you.”

Liu Yi seals up Cold Rain and dusts his hands. After which he turns around and looks at Safari.

Unexpectedly that middle-age uncle wearing priest attire puts down Murong Die and raises his hands saying: “I surrender!”

What the heck he surrendered just like this? This fellow really does not have any integrity.

“You are a hitman…you actually surrender?”

“Eh, brother. Take a look at my attire!”

Safari points at his priest garb, “I am a priest. Not a hitman!”

“Who are you lying to?”

Liu Yi sneers, “The person who had turned the nurse into a puppet should be you right?”

Safari immediately stresses, “If it is not for Cold Rain saying that the task is challenging and there is no need to kill people. Why would I even bother taking part…”

“Tsk, tsk. Are you trying to make me happy? How is it possible to trust a hitman’s word?”

Liu Yi does not believe Safari’s words.

“I know that you will be suspicious. Fine then, actually one of the reason is because of money.”

Safari shrugs his shoulders, “The money this time around is a lot and I indeed needed it.”

“You should be a famous hitman right? How would you be lacking money?”

“If you do not believe you can check my bank account. I have donated all my money.”

Liu Yi is somewhat shocked, “Donated?”

Safari suddenly points at the sky and asks: “Brother, do you believe in God?”

“Apologies I do not believe in that thing.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, as for God and the likes, since he had never seen it before, thus he does not believe in them.

I am after all a cultivator, not an atheist. Just that as long as I had not seen it before I would naturally be suspicious, not to mention asking me to believe in them as my faith!

But Liu Yi believes in one thing and that is the there is a god above a person’s head. As long as you do a bad thing, you will definitely receive your retribution.

“But I believe.”

Safari says: “If you do good things or bad things, God will record it down. Perhaps now you will be fine but you would not know when the retribution will come and find you. I have donated all of my earnings from being a hitman to a welfare organization, hoping that I can able to pay back for all the bad things that I had done back then. Gods above…pardon me for my sins…”

Liu Yi feels that it is even more strange, what the heck….a hitman had actually turn into a priest?!

Is this the rumored ‘Lay down the butcher’s knife and turn into a Buddha’?

“If you do not believe me then kill me.”

As Safari speaks he exposes his neck, “Although after I die I would definitely descend to hell…but perhaps when I am there I would be able to wash away my sins…”

Seeing Safari’s decisive appearance, Liu Yi is somewhat hesitating.

Am I really going to kill him?

This guy appears to have experienced some stories.

In front of Liu Yi is two choices, one believe Safari and let him off, the other is to not believe him and kill him!

Liu Yi is suddenly lost, should I kill this person?

There is already blood on my hands. Adding one more is also not a lot.

But Liu Yi had always felt that he had never randomly killed people.

This Safari does not make people feel like they hate him like Cold Rain, thus Liu Yi is somewhat unable to take action.

“I can let you live.”

Thinking it through Liu Yi stretches out his hand and pats Safari on his shoulder.


Safari felt a force drilling into his body, it felt strange and makes him very uncomfortable.

“This is one of my techniques. If I wish to, your body will be refined into a sword by me and you will die.”

Liu Yi plants a sword seed in Safari, “I shall leave you alive for now. But if I know that you had done something that is harmful to me, I guarantee you that you will die very beautifully.”

Safari blinks his eyes and asks: “How beautiful would it be?”

“This beautiful.”

Liu Yi taps Safari on his forehead.

Instantly Safari realizes that his body is festering as all of his bones stab out from his body.

The extreme pain makes his scream continuously, it is even more painful than going to hell to undergo the criminal tortures!

Swiftly Safari’s body turns into a lump of flesh and from within the flesh, a white bone sword flies out and floats in front of Liu Yi.

I….I died like this….

Oh….perhaps this is my retributions…

My god, in the end, I am still unable to wash off all of my sins…


Liu Yi suddenly snaps his fingers and Safari realizes that everything had gone back to the past where his body is completely fine!

“This…what is this….”

“A technique that allows you to see what would happen to you if you betray me.”

Liu Yi continues and says: “If you wish to become like that, I don’t mind fulfilling your wish.”

The middle-aged priest asks: “No, no, no…even if they beat me to death I would not betray you…that, Blood Emperor’s meaning is…you want me to work for you?”

“Yup. Either you work for me or you work for God. Work for me, you will live. Work for God….you can only die.”

“That…do I have any other choice….”

Safari sighs, “If you want me to do evil stuff then you can kill me now.”


Liu Yi is somewhat curious, this Safari is actually unyielding?

“I said before. I would not do any more evil deeds anymore. Kidnapping Murong Die is the last and final one.”

Safari continues, “It is to get some money to donate to a welfare agency that would be closing down due to bankruptcy… God, pardon me for my sins.”

“Relax. I would not ask you to do evil deeds. From now on you are my Scarlet Cloth Guard. you will soon know what a Scarlet Cloth Guard does. Join us, I guarantee that you will not regret.”

“My God does not wish to see me join any evil organization. I serve my God with all my heart.”

“The salary is 50k per month.”

“Mother ah, when do I report for work?!”


Chapter 394   [Fake Priest]

Today’s teaser

“You should be a person with superpowers right?”

“Yup, that’s right. I am proficient in some abilities but they are just minor tricks.”

Safari says: “Actually it is a type of puppet technique which allows me to turn other people into my puppet and make them do things for me.”

“Oh? This ability is rather interesting. Then how many people can you control with your puppet technique at a single time?”

“Oh it is nothing much…just         (fill in the blanks)               


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