MKW Chapter 392

Chapter 392  [Unable to hold back]


After Ye Hanshuang had left, she did not return back to the Asura Realm. Instead, she tells Liu Yi that she will come back and do her best to make Liu Yi fall in love with her.

No matter what, Ye Hanshuang finally stopped pestering Liu Yi, neither does she want to kill the women he is concern about, allowing Liu Yi to breath a sigh of relief.

The second day, QingBei university erupts in an explosion.

A field close to the hospital in the school seems to have experienced a typhoon and is in complete devastation. Even the hospital is missing a corner. No one knows what happened and the higher-ups had sent out a special investigation team to investigate but they are unable to find any clues.

At the same time, on the school’s flagpole hangs a headless corpse and its head which belongs to a Russian!

For a while, all of the people in the school are alarmed and thought that there is a ghost causing all kind of rumors to spread.

Although no ones know why there are so many deep holes all around the school, the identity of the Russian is very quickly discovered.

Bole Sharnsky, a famous hitman whose code name is White Bear and is known to have killed a lot of people!

No one knows why this famous hitman died in QingBei University and his body was exposed to the public!

This new is spread throughout the world swiftly through news and other media.

A guy who sees this news on the internet instantly smiles.

“White Bear is killed? Interesting. Looks like this task is worthy of me accepting it.”

He is not in a hurry to accept the task, instead, he takes his time to cook a pot of coffee before making a phone call.

“Hallelujah…why did you find me for? Have you finally thought it through and want to come and repent?”

From the phone comes a joking voice.

“If I want to repent then you would have already gone to hell.”

“Less nonsense. Why are you looking for me for?”

“I have a task here. Are you interested in doing it together?”

“Stop joking around. I have already washed my hands of that job!”

“Hehe, stop joking. The former number one of Heaven List, how can you say no longer doing as you like.”

“I am already no longer the number 1. The current number 1 is you, Cold Rain!”

The guy on the other side sneers and say: “My heart is now waiting on God, praying every day, helping newcomers to preside over their wedding and the likes, it is rather good.”

“Oh? Are you sure? This task is rather interesting. Don’t you like challenging tasks the most, Safari?”

“Interesting, why is it interesting?”

“White Bear accepted this task earlier but he was beheaded and displayed in public. Do you want to come and have a challenge?”

“Wait for me to get off work then I’ll contact you.”

Done speaking, the other person hangs up the phone call.

Cold Rain sits in front of the computer as he drinks a sip of coffee and becomes more relaxed.

Behind him on a bookshelf, there aren’t any books on it. Instead, there is a row of frozen skulls displayed there.


Wang Lele lies on the hospital bed and she is hooked up to an IV bag as she says weakly to Liu Yi, “Brother Xiao Yi, I want to eat an apple…”

“Okay. Let me help you take one.”

Liu Yi takes a red Fuji apple from the fruit basket by the side and passed it to Wang Lele.

Wang Lele has just recovered from her sickness and is still recovering. Liu Yi and Murong Die are accompanying by her side daily. During these few days Murong Die did not have proper rest as she lies by the side of the hospital bed sleeping.

Thus Liu Yi is being as silent and quiet as possible to prevent her from waking up.


Wang Lele pouts, “I want to eat it without skin …”

“Okay, I’ll peel it.”

Liu Yi gently pinches Wang Lele’s nose before taking a fruit knife and skinning the apple.

While he peels the apple, his heart is worrying.

He does not know when Ye Hanshuang is coming and also does not know if she might take action on the women that he is interested in. She is very arrogant, completely unfettered and it’s hard to guess her thoughts.

At the same time I had exposed that Bole Sharnsky, I wonder if it would shock the people on the Heaven Roll!

After all these few days the Scarlet Cloth Guards have not slacked their hidden guarding, it seems like there aren’t any suspicious people coming close.

Liu Yi hopes that the next few days will be safe and sound, and smooth. It seems like since I had known Lin Tong and went to the Asura Realm, his normal life had said goodbye to him.

“Brother Xiao Yi? Brother Xiao Yi!”

Wang Lele shouts a few time before waking Liu Yi up from his thoughts.

“What is the matter Lele?”

“Brother Xiao Yi, do you have something on your mind?”

“Not at all…”

“Still saying that,  look at the apple that you are peeling….”

Liu Yi looks down and…. the heck, the apple that he is peeling is now left with just the core!

“Cough cough…that, let me peel a new apple for you…”

As he says, Liu Yi tosses the apple core into the rubbish bin and take a new apple.

Alas, what a shame that I wasted it!

Wang Lele asks curiously, “What is brother Xiao Yi thinking of?”

“What are you talking about…I am not thinking of anything…”

Wang Lele narrows her eyes and asks: “Still trying to hide from Lele…which girl are you thinking of?”

“What, what are you saying! Lele don’t talk blindly!”

Don’t know if thinking about matters regard Ye Hanshuang counts, but it shouldn’t be! That domineering woman…compared Murong Die to her, she is way more arrogant!

Eh, it should be the difference between a Queen and a Princess….

“Hehe…even if you are thinking of one, Lele would not be jealous.”

Wang Lele suddenly narrows her eyes at Liu Yi and says in a way that Liu Yi does not know if she is joking or not, “Like brother Xiao Yi who is such an excellent guy, it is confirmed that you will have a lot of girls by your side…yup, as long as you can leave a place for Lele then it’ll be fine.”

Liu Yi instantly got a huge shock and nearly cut himself with the fruit knife.

“Lele, stop messing around ah…”

“How am I messing around…anyway I have not found a guy that I like, then let me be brother Xiao Yi’s first then….Hehe, brother Xiao Yi would not find Lele too stupid or annoying right?”

Wang Lele seems to always be saying her true thoughts, but when she says it out, it makes Liu Yi rather frantic.

Liu Yi immediately activates his good-will eyes and takes a look at Wang Lele.

He nearly jumped up from the shock at this glance.

Good friend: 98 points!

I’ll be damned! When did it become such a high number!

Just two more points and it would jump to lovers already!

What on earth is this situation, why did our relationship suddenly increase by so much?! It is rumored that after falling in love…then you can go fourth base when he likes?

What the fuck am I thinking of!

“Furthermore the doctor had told me that if it is not for brother Xiao Yi bringing me over in time, then perhaps my brain would have been fried by my fever…yeah…from that moment, I swore that I will stay by brother Xiao Yi’s side.”

Wang Lele lies on the hospital bed with a slightly red face, it seems like she is taking advantage that Murong Die is asleep to say out all her thoughts to Liu Yi.

Seeing that Liu Yi did not say anything after a while, Wang Lele asks worriedly, “Brother Xiao Yi, after hearing me say all of these do you feel frightened…and feel that Lele is a shameless girl?”

“How is that possible idiot.”

Liu Yi immediately comforts Wang Lele, “Do not undervalue yourself. Your position in my heart is very important.”

Wang Lele coquettishly says: “Hehe…that is the best then…brother Xiao Yi, I want to eat the apple ah…”


Liu Yi slices out a piece of apple and feeds it Wang Lele.

Wang Lele uses her mouth and bites down. It seems like her action is too big as she accidentally licks Liu Yi’s finger into her mouth.

Wang Lele blinks her eyes as she looks at Liu Yi while his finger is in her mouth.

Her actions are completely and utterly alluring!

Liu Yi feels like his lower body seems to have woken up as he hurries and pulls his finger out from Wang Lele’s mouth.

“Brother Xiao Yi, why is your face red?”

“It is too hot!”

“How is it hot ah….doesn’t the hospital room has an aircon…”

Wang Lele is curious.

Damn it, this idiotic lass is really!!!! If it is not because her body is still weak from recovering from her sickness, I would just eat her up on the hospital bed!

Looking at Wang Lele who is wearing just a patient garment and lying on the hospital bed Liu Yi subconsciously swallows his saliva.

This patient garment is obviously a size small! Being worn by Wang Lele, her chest area is forced up very high causing the two side of the button shirt to be forced apart, allowing Liu Yi to be able to slightly see passed the buttons and sees Wang Lele’s snow white……

Amitabha, I have sinned, I have sinned….

“Brother Xiao Yi…that…that…”

Wang Lele who is eating her apple suddenly looks shyly at Liu Yi.

“What is the matter?”

“I, I wish to go to the toilet…”


Liu Yi looks at the IV drip which still has half.

“Bear with it longer. There is still have a pack left.”

“Wuwu…I had to hold it back for very long already…”

Wang Lele squeezes her tights together, rubbing back and forth, “I am almost unable to hold it in anymore..”

“That…let me wake Xiao Die up to bring you over…”

“Don’t ah…Sister Xiao Die is finally able to have a proper sleep…I don’t wish to wake her up…”

Wang Lele’s small face turns red, don’t know if it is because of her shyness or because of her holding back her urine.

“Then what to do?”

“That…brother Xiao Yi, you bring me…”


Liu Yi is stunned, send Wang Lele to the toilet…this sounds like a rather good task…

“That…is that okay?”

“It is nothing,…this is the hospitalt….brother Xiao Yi….I really cannot hold it anymore….”

“Okay, okay. I’ll bring you over.”

Liu Yi has no other choice as he sits on the side of the bed, “Come, climb on!”

Wang Lele has just recovered from a major sickness thus her body is weak, hence making it hard for her to walk so piggy-back is better.

“I know that Brother Xiao Yi treats Lele the best…”

Wang Lele leans against Liu Yi’s back and instantly he feels the two lumps of softness squishing against his back…

Mother ah…why isn’t Wang Lele slightly smaller…

Like the saying, happy alone is not better than being happy together, being happy together is not better than Wang Lele!

[TL: Lele in chinese is “乐乐” which also means happy]

Wang Lele urges, “Brother Xiao Yi… hurry up…”

Liu Yi has no other choice. He can only use a hand to lift up Wang Lele by her soft bottom while his other hand raises Wang Lele’s IV drip before blissfully and challengingly walking towards the toilet.

But when he walks to the door, he hears Murong Die mumbling in her dreams.

“Liu Yi….bastard…I’m going to kill you….”

Sweat….why am I so unlucky ah!


Chapter 392   [Unable to hold back]

Today’s teaser

Liu Yi stands outside as he raises the IV bag and closes the door.

Very softly, Liu Yi’s ears are rather sharp and can hear the sound of Wang Lele removing

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