MKW Chapter 391

Chapter 391  [Who is abusing who]


“Don’t dare do what? Is there even a need to ask?”

Ye Hanshuang lets out killing intent from her eyes, “With these girls here, you are not willing to go back to the Asura Realm with this Queen. So this Queen shall kill all of them and end your thoughts of them.”

She turns around and flies towards the hospital.

“Ye Hanshuang you dare?!”

When Liu Yi hears what Ye Hanshuang says, his heart trembles.

When he thinks of Murong Die and Wang Lele is in danger of dying he is like a keg going to explode.

This kind of feeling is like a thousand sword continuously stabbing into his body, making his heart unbearably painful as his eyes turn red.

“They must die, my Imperial Consort.”

As Ye Hanshuang speaks, she raises the Asura Blade in her hand and aims towards the hospital building.

Even with the Asura Barrier up, the hospital will not able to withstand a single blow from Ye Hanshuang!

Liu Yi forces out between clenched teeth, “Ye Hanshuang if you dare to touch them then I shall kill you…”

“Imperial Consort is joking again. With your strength how are you going to kill this Queen?”

Ye Hanshuang ignores Liu Yi’s threats as she raises her Asura Blade.

“Stop ah…..”

“After killing them, this Queen will also go and kill that Lin Tong as well as Ai Ling and the rest.”

Her Asura Blade descends.


At this moment, a powerful aura which contains Dragon Might erupts out from behind Ye Hanshuang and pressures onto her, causing her body to freeze and unable to swing down her blade.


Ye Hanshuang turns around and sees Liu Yi lifting up the enormous Asura Door on his back and stands up.

His body is covered with black dragon scales and his eyes are red.

“This…what is this power…”

Ye Hanshuang has never seen before the strength that Liu Yi possesses after his Dragon Transformation and got a shock.

Liu Yi punches the Asura Door and a small crack instantly appears on the Asura Door and slowly starts to lengthen until it runs through the entire Asura Door.

With a rumbling sound, the Asura Door split into two halves and fall apart before turning into black rays.

“How is this possible….when did Imperial Consort possess this kind of strength…”

Within moments, Liu Yi’s strength has increased by over tens of times shocking Ye Hanshuang.

How is he able to do so? This makes no sense ah!

Liu Yi only opens his enormous black wings which start shrinking and soon it becomes mini wings and is tucked behind his shoulders.

The dragon scales on his body have also disappeared as he stands there like nothing is wrong.

“After erupting then you become strengthless?”

Ye Hanshuang looks at Liu Yi but she does not feel like the danger has passed instead it has increased.

“Why does this Queen feel frightened…not possible. Something must be wrong…”

As she speaks, she turns around and slashes down with her blade again.


As the blade descends halfway, it was suddenly stopped in midair.

Ye Hanshuang realize in shock that Liu Yi who was originally standing behind her appeared in front of her and has stopped her descending Asura Blade with just a single finger!

He actually possesses the strength to block my Asura Blade with just a finger?

Wrong! He has condensed all of his strength onto his finger and formed a small-size forcefield and blocked my blade!

Liu Yi’s finger moves to make the Asura Blade that Ye Hanshuang always thought to be unblockable fly away.

The webbing on her hand turns slightly numb from Liu Yi’s strength.

At that moment Ye Hanshuang feels like the Liu Yi in front of her is another person!

“Imperial Consort…what is the matter with you…”

“Who is your Imperial Consort?”

Liu Yi smiles faintly, “Not bad, you are an expert, worthy to fight.”

His figure flashes and instantly appears in front of Ye Hanshuang.

So quick!

Ye Hanshuang realize that Liu Yi’s speed increased by a lot of times, making her unable to react in time!


Liu Yi attacks with a palm, blasting towards Ye Hanshuang who blocks with her arms.

An enormous force presses against Ye Hanshuang as her body instantly sinks down into the ground from the force.

Ye Hanshuang tastes a sweetness in her throat as blood spurts out from her mouth.

I actually vomited blood? I actually got injured!

I who is an Asura God in the Asura Realm was actually injured by my Imperial Consort!


Ye Hanshuang roars as she climbs out from the ground as a circular black light erupts from her body.

“Interesting, I actually know this kind of technique, interesting…”

In the sky, Liu Yi closes his eyes for a moment before suddenly opening his eyes and smiling widely.

He looks at Ye Hanshuang below him before his body turns into a white light ray.

Ye Hanshuang is shocked because she is sensing that a very scary danger!


As an Asura God, although Ye Hanshuang looks down on the whole world, she will never look down on her opponent!

Especially the current Liu Yi in front of her who make her sense a never felt before pressure!

-Boom, boom, boom-

Rows of Asura Door emerges in front of her, eight of them each being ten meters tall and 2 meters thick blocking in front of her.

Even if an Immortal God has come, the eight Asura Door would be able to block him!

Before Ye Hanshuang is able to get a breather, the eight Asura Doors are suddenly sliced apart by a blade beam and pass through Ye Hanshuang’s right arm as well.

Ye Hanshuang’s arm drops onto the ground as dark red blood flows out.

“This Queen…”

She collapses onto the ground as she stares blankly at her chopped off hand.

Liu Yi appears behind her and slowly stretches, “This move is not bad, furthermore I can also absorb quite a bit of soul strength.”

Demon Beheading, allows the user to absorb part of the soul of the enemy that was beheaded.

Other than the pain, Ye Hanshuang also felt a part of her soul is gone.

“Damn it…”

Her right shoulder trembles and a brand new arm grows back out.

“You have actually become so strong…looks like that is how that Asura God died…”

Ye Hanshuang is unable to see through Liu Yi’s strength when he entered the second stage of Dragon Transformation.

Originally she was suppressing Liu Yi during the fight but in a blink of an eye, it was completely flipped over.!

“Let me send you off with the next move.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he aims his right hand at Ye Hanshuang.

Ye Hanshuang’s mind jolts violently as gathers her strength and escapes from her original spot and entered her invisible mode!


A corner of the hospital building behind her is instantly blasted off by Liu Yi’s Illusion Extermination!

“Tsk, tsk you actually dodged it…”

As Liu Yi speaks, he narrows his eyes and searches for Ye Hanshuang’s figure.

Ye Hanshuang is both shocked and afraid, isn’t Liu Yi protective of the two girls in the hospital? But why is it that now when his attack struck the hospital he is not bothered by it!

Ye Hanshuang borrows her invisibility time and rearranges her thoughts and tries to comprehend what is going on.

Asura God’s invisibility is very strong, even her smell is blocked off and even when Liu Yi activates his Black and White world he is unable to detect her.

“You like to play hide and seek? Then let me find you!”

As Liu Yi speaks, the mini wings on his back start to flap gently. He aims his right hand towards the sky.

Descending Rain!

Over hundreds of thousands of palm images start falling from the sky like rain and blast apart the field,

Ye Hanshuang immediately starts avoiding the palm rain to prevent herself from being blasted out.

The palm rain radius gradually starts to increase and in the end, it even moves towards the hospital.

If this goes on the hospital will definitely be destroyed!

Although Ye Hanshuang is not concerned with the life and death of the people in the building, she is curious. Why is Liu Yi who was originally struggling with all his might to protect the two girls currently no longer cares about their lives?

What on earth happened to him?!

But at this moment, a five-colored chain start emerging from Liu Yi’s body and swiftly twine around him, binding him down.

“What is…resisting me…”

Liu Yi’s voice trembles slightly like he is resisting something.

What is the matter with him?

Ye Hanshuang does not dare to reveal herself as she is afraid that there might be a trap.

She does not know that currently within Liu Yi, half of his soul is fighting against his body!

After Liu Yi cloned himself, this body which has entered the second stage of Dragon Transformation takes over control of the soul. While the other half of the soul in the other Liu Yi immediately wakes up and start fighting to regain control of his body!

During this struggle, Liu Yi realized in shock that his current status during this time is not like what happens to him originally! After his soul was split into two, one half is the two-faced him while the other is the silly him who was fighting over control of his body!

This time around…it is obvious that I have completely turned sinister ah!

What is this situation?!

Liu Yi can only use his overwhelming vital energy to keep attacking his blackened soul!

If I continue to let myself fight on, Murong Die and Wang Lele will definitely be in danger!

I must free myself from the second stage of Dragon Transformation!

Under the gaze of Ye Hanshuang, Liu Yi is standing there with his body chained down by five colored shackles while white light keeps emitting out from his body.

He keeps letting out angry roars like he is not willing.

But the white light is getting more and more splendent and finally dazzles her eyes.


An eruption of force instantly spread out in all direction, causing the surrounding ground to convulse, even Ye Hanshuang is unable to dodge it as she is sent flying by the force revealing herself.

Damn it!

Ye Hanshuang is shocked, this time around, this Queen will be in trouble!

But what shocks her more is that Liu Yi did not take advantage and attack, instead, he stands there panting.


As Ye Hanshuang looks at Liu Yi, she only feels that at this moment Liu Yi is somewhat frightening…but also somewhat mesmerizing!

In the Asura Realm, she never had a worthy opponent, other than Shan Honghe that pervert whom she had not fought before, she is basically the strongest in the entire realm!

Finally, she met a guy who is able to bully her…Ye Hanshuang’s heart starts to feel weird.


Chapter 391   [Who is abusing who]

Today’s teaser

The second day, QingBei university erupts in an explosion.

A field close to the hospital in the school seems to have experienced a typhoon and is in complete devastation. Even the hospital is missing a corner. No one knows what happened and the higher-ups had sent out a special investigation team to investigate but they are unable to find any clues.

At the same time, on the school’s flagpole hangs a headless corpse and its head which belongs to a Russian!

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