MKW Chapter 390

Chapter 390  [Ye Hanshuang]


This is the asura hand that is only possessed by asuras!

Even if it is Liu Yi, he is also bound by the hand for a while!

“You are this Queen’s Imperial Consort! You will never be able to escape from this Queen’s palm.”

Seeing that Liu Yi is captured by her Asura Hand, a smile appears on Ye Hanshuang’s face, “This Queen is the most beautiful in this world, I am also the strongest Asura God! What this Queen wants, it is impossible to not obtain it!”

“I am the exception, Ye Hanshuang!”

Liu Yi’s aura changes as the black Monarch Armour emerges on his body while a skeleton mask covers his face.

Spiritual beast transformation!

Facing Ye Hanshuang, Liu Yi is unable to hide his strength, he can only use his full capability!

“Spiritual beast transformation again. I already saw this thing before.”

Ye Hanshuang sneers, “Imperial Consort ah, why are you so mischievous ah. Let this Queen f***you properly.”

As she speaks, she waves her right-hand and grabs hold of a long and thick black whip.


Liu Yi shivers while exploding out in strength!

He pushes out with his arms, breaking apart the Asura Hand binding him before using shadow steps and dodges to the side.


The whip in Ye Hanshuang’s hand land on the location where Liu Yi was previously standing on and smashes a hole in the ground.

I must not fight in the hospital! Ye Hanshuang’s strength is too large, even if there is the Asura Barrier, she will still be able to harm the surrounding structures!

If the shockwaves hit Wang Lele and Murong Die then they will be in trouble!

There are also other patients in the hospital and Liu Yi does not wish to kill them by accident!

“Since I cannot fight back then I shall escape!”

Liu Yi pretends to be afraid as he shouts before smashing through a window and lands on the field outside.

“Imperial Consort don’t run! This Queen promises to be gentle!”

Indeed Ye Hanshuang chases along by jumping out of the window as two enormous Asura Hands grasp towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi is also not weak, after spiritual beast transformation, his strength has increased to 12 stars!

He keeps using shadow steps and keeps flashing left and right, dodging the Asura Hands!


Now and then, the trees blocking in front of the Asura Hands are crushed into pieces.

While Liu Yi is still safe and sound as he keeps dodging in front of Ye Hanshuangs.

“If Imperial Consort is so mischievous, this Queen will be somewhat vexed ah!”

As Ye Hanshuang speaks, she presses her palms together as two forces press against each other before spreading out.

Enormous bone doors suddenly emerge from the ground blocking Liu Yi’s path.

Asura Doors!

Liu Yi stares at the ten-meter tall bone doors as he stops using shadow steps.

@#$@#$….these Asura Doors are her ultimate move…don’t think that they are just doors made of bones…its toughness is even harder than titanium, it is not something that can be easily broken!

“Imperial Consort, let’s stop messing around.”

Ye Hanshuang is flying in the sky with her arms crossed while she looks at Liu Yi who is surrounded by her Asura Doors, “Although this Queen likes your mischievousness  if you mess around for too long I will also punish you.”

“Ye Hanshuang are you done? I will not escape this time around. Since you insist on bothering me then lets fight.”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath as he starts revolving all three of his qi.

He summons out his Monarch Lance and brandishes it.

“Very good. This Queen shall let you know the difference between our strength. This way you would no longer have the thoughts of escaping. From now on, you shall obediently stay in the Imperial Palace that this Queen has built for you.”

“No one is able to restrict me.”

Liu Yi holds the Monarch Lance tightly, “Even the gods are not allowed to!”

As he speaks, he tosses the Monarch Lance into the sky before pointing at Ye Hanshaung.


The Monarch Lance instantly catches on fire and enlarges until it becomes a 7-8 meters long flame spear and descends towards Ye Hanshuang.

Ye Hanshuang uses Asura Hand and flicks aside the descending enormous flame lance.

Instantly the flame lance diverts from its target and pierces onto the empty ground by the side.

An enormous ten mile radius hole is blasted out from the empty ground while raging flames burns all over the place, in the center is a black lance.

Ye Hanshuang smiles merrily and says: “It seems like Imperial Consort’s strength has increased again, but in front of this Queen it is still not enough ah.”

“Ye Hanshuang! Take this!”

The previous move of Liu Yi’s is but a fake move, his original body has appeared in front of Ye Hanshuang while his right palm aims at her body.

“Illusion extermination!”

When he uses illusion extermination within a hundred miles, wherever he points he will hit it!

But this a cracking sound, Ye Hanshuang’s figure is blasted into fragments and disappears under Liu Yi’s palm.

“What a cute Imperial Consort ah.”

Ye Hanshuang speaks out behind Liu Yi while Liu Yi is not really shocked, instead, he blasts a palm backward.

“Desolate Flames!”


This palm directly strikes Ye Hanshuang on her arm.


Ye Hanshuang’s body turns into a light and smashes into the ground.

The ground shakes and another hole appears!

Ye Hanshuang stands on the ground while her arms are still emitting green smoke.

“My Imperial Consort. If you keep messing around, this Queen will really be angry.”

Ye Hanshuang looks at Liu Yi as she slowly says: “If I really break you, this Queen will feel heartache. Ai, this is really confusing ah, love is indeed a very troublesome matter.”

“Then don’t love me! Quickly go back to your Asura Realm!”

Liu Yi stands in the air as he raises both palms, “Falling Rain!”

At that instant over thousands of palm shadows fall from the sky, densely packed as they descend upon Ye Hanshuang.

Ye Hanshuang did not move, instead, an Asura Door emerges from the ground and blocks in front of her, helping her receive the descending palm shadows.

-Boom, boom, boom-

The Asura Door trembles from the attack as green smoke spread out, but the door is still okay and Ye Hanshuang is fine as well.

“Looks like this Queen must teach you a lesson.”

Ye Hanshuang’s voice comes from behind the door, “Asura Blade!”

A ten meters large enormous black blade appears in the sky, the handle is held in Ye Hanshuang’s hand as she waves it around a bit.

Liu Yi is shocked as he immediately summons out Monarch Shield and blocks in front of him.


Eye-catching red sparks erupt out from Liu Yi’s Monarch Shield! The Monarch Shield which has never been damaged before was immediately left with a very clear blade scar!

While Ye Hanshuang’s own Asura Door was cut into half by her slash! The upper half is slowly sliding off!

Liu Yi is sent flying by Ye Hanshuang’s enormous strength, at the same time he withdraws the Monarch Shield.

Good fellow! Ye Hanshuang is indeed second only to Shan Honghe! Her might is above mine!

Even if I have used Spiritual Beast Transformation, I am still very far off from her might!

Especially with her perfect usage of her Asura Qi, wanting to defeat her will not be easy at all!

“Asura Door!”

Ye Hanshuang’s eyes is following Liu Yi as her hands push downwards!

Instantly an enormous bone door descends from the sky and lands on top of Liu Yi, pressing him against the ground making him unable to move!

Liu Yi feels like he is Sun Wukong who was being crushed under the Five Element Mountain! No matter how capable he is, he is unable to struggle out from under the Asura Door crushing down on him!

“Stop struggling, it is useless.”

Ye Hanshuang lands in front of Liu Yi as she smiles merrily and says: “This Queen’s Asura Door is 50 million kg. Your strength is not enough to move it. Come be good and surrender. Follow this Queen back and enjoy the rest of your life. This Queen promises you that I will only marry you and concentrate on you, okay?”

“Damn it Ye Hanshuang just kill me and give me a quick ending!”

Liu Yi rolls his eyes, after all, this body is but a clone only! Although it will injure my strength if it gets killed but it is better than being captured by Ye Hanshuang and brought to Asura Realm!

“My Imperial Consort, stop saying silly things. How would this Queen bear kill you?”

Liu Yi says coldly, “Hmph, I’d rather die than follow you back to the Asura Realm! Even if you capture me back, I will still find ways to escape!”

When Ye Hanshuang hears this, her body trembles as her complexion wanes.

“You…truly hate me so much?”

Hearing the faint tremble in Ye Hanshuang’s voice, at that moment Liu Yi feels that she is nothing but a woman as well.

Ye Hanshuang is indeed a devastatingly beautiful woman, her figure is also very perfect and shapely, attracting the love of guys!

But based on these and desire to stay in my heart, then I would really be too superficial already!

Liu Yi looks into Ye Hanshuang’s eyes and says ruthlessly, “That’s right, either you kill me or you release me! I definitely would not go back with you!”

Originally Liu Yi thought that after he said such things Ye Hanshuang would either kill him or leave sadly. But outside of Liu Yi’s expectation, Ye Hanshuang only raises her eyebrow slightly and says, “Something is wrong, in this world how would there be a man who is not interested in this Queen? Liu Yi, I, Ye Hanshuang wans to take a look at what kind of things are contained in your head!”

Ye Hanshaung stretches out a finger and taps on Liu Yi’s forehead.

At that instant, Liu Yi feels that he was stripped naked and exposed in front of Ye Hanshuang!

It seems like all of his secrets are seen by Ye Hanshuang!

“So that is the case…your heart actually contains other girls!”

Ye Hanshaung’s voice turns cold, “Who is Ai Ling? Who is Lin Tong as well? How are the two of them stronger than this Queen?!”

“In my heart, they are a thousand times better than you!”

Liu Yi is very unhappy that his mind was scanned by Ye Hanshuang!

“Very good…in this hospital it seems like there are two beauties who make you worry, right?”

As Ye Hanshuang speaks her gaze lands on one of the floors of the hospital.

“Ye Hanshuang! Don’t you dare!”


Chapter 390   [Ye Hanshuang]

Today’s teaser

Ye Hanshuang lets out killing intent from her eyes, “With these girls here, you are not willing to go back to the Asura Realm with this Queen. So this Queen shall kill all of them and end your thoughts of them. After killing them, this Queen will also go and kill that Lin Tong as well as Ai Ling and the rest.”

With that her blade descends.

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