MKW Chapter 389

Chapter 389  [My Queen]


Liu Yi runs swiftly, with every step his body will borrow strength from his soles and knees to speed forward a few more meters.

This kind of ridiculous running manner makes the surrounding passersby to be stunned as they watch.

“What the, who is that! He can run so fast despite carrying a girl!”

“So familiar ah…isn’t the girl in his arms the school flower Wang Lele!”

“Damn it! There is a pervert who drugged Wang Lele and wants to bring her away and do bad things with her!”

Seeing Liu Yi carrying Wang Lele and running so madly in the school campus, this rumour spread out.

A group of guys who likes Wang Lee immediately move out and chase after Liu Yi while shouting the slogan that they want to snatch back Wang Lele!

But Liu Yi’s speed is very fast, even those long legs sportsmen are unable to catch up!

Wang Lele who is in Liu Yi’s embrace seems to be somewhat awake.

She blinks her eyes as she looks at Liu Yi’s face and says: “Xiao…Xiao Yi brother…”

Liu Yi sees that the hospital location on the map is getting closer, he hurriedly says to Wang Lele, “Don’t speak. We are about to reach the hospital.”

Wang Lele leans against Liu Yi and moans out softly, “Lele….so uncomfortable…”

“Do not worry. You will get well very quickly!”

If he was not afraid of shocking the whole world, Liu Yi would have already stepped on his flying sword and fly to the hospital.

His speed has already increased to the peak of a human capability, very quickly he passes through the long campus and residential area district and reaches the hospital in QingBei.

During the night, there is basically no one in the hospital. Liu Yi swiftly got a number and brought her into the respiratory department.

A doctor wearing a white coat checks Wang Lele’s condition and say: “Luckily you came in time otherwise it would have been dangerous.”

The doctor starts to treat Wang Lele.

Liu Yi sits by Wang Lele’s side holding her feverish hand tightly.

Damn it, although my magic is very strong, I do not know any medical skills. If only I had a miraculous medical technique how good would it be!

But it is a pity that it seems like only the Medical King Valley possess experts of this kind of capability.

The unconscious Wang Lele would occasionally cry out Big brother Xiao Yi as well as Sister Xiao Die.

“Sister Xiao Die, from young I have always been giving way to you…but this time, I do not wish to give way to you…really cannot…”

When Wang Lele shouts out this sentence, Liu Yi becomes curious, what is this lass dreaming of?

The hospital treatment method is very professional. Very quickly Wang Lele’s fever starts to recede as her breathing calms down and she quietly lies on the hospital bed.

“For now her fever receded.”

The doctor exhorts to Liu Yi, “The illness is upper respiratory tract infection. It looks like the patient’s body is very weak. You need to take note to supplement her with nourishment and strengthen her immunity. For now, she needs to be hospitalized for two days for further observation. Remember to go to the counter to handle the hospitalization procedure.”

“Understood. Thank you doctor.”

Liu Yi went downstairs to help Wang Lele settle the hospitalization procedure. After which when he returns to the hospital room, Murong Die and her dorm mates have all arrived.

When Murong Die sees Liu Yi, she immediately asks: “Is Lele fine?”

“No problems now. Her fever has receded.”

Liu Yi says, “She will be fine after nursing for a few more days. The doctor says that Lele’s body is very weak and they need to strengthen her immunity.”

“Ai, this lass has always been picky with food. I have already told her off a few times but she just does not listen.”

When Murong Die hears that everything is fine, she lets out a sigh of relief, “This time she really scared me to death.”

Seeing Murong Die’s concerned expression, Liu Yi’s heart starts to bleed as he says: “Relax with me here, I would not let you guys get into trouble.”


At this moment Liu Yi seems to believe Liu Yi as she nods her head, “When can Lele be discharged

“She needs to stay for observation for 2-3 days. I just settled the hospitalization procedure.”

“How much is it?”

“Don’t you think that talking to me about money is like treating me as an outsider?”

“This…you are also not a rich person…”

“Relax. I do possess this bit of money. Lele is also my friend. Don’t treat me as an outsider.”

“Oh, okay then…luckily there is you around, otherwise I really have no idea what to do…”

As Murong Die speaks, she sits down and squeezes Wang Lele’s hand.

“Big brother Xiao Yi…”

Wang Lele mumbles, causing Murong Die’s complexion to change.

“This lass…is actually dreaming of you.”

Murong Die raises her head and glares at Liu Yi.

“This..hehe…she must be thinking of calling Sister Xiao Die but in the end, she called the wrong name.”

“Save it! Loathsome fellow…idiot…”

Murong Die scolds before lowering her head and stops speaking.

“You still have not eaten dinner yet. I’ll go and buy some food for you guys.”

Liu Yi feels that the atmosphere is somewhat awkward, thus he finds an excuse and walks out of the room.

Haiz…just now the room is too stifling already, really cannot stay inside.

Does Murong Die like me?

Liu Yi starts to recall all of the things that has happened in the past…did that lass really secretly start to have feelings for me?

Thinking of Murong Die’s 55points Liu Yi suddenly realizes.

Unable to imagine ….a rich missy would actually take a fancy of me.

But if Murong Die really likes me…then what about Immortal Fox sister?

Furthermore in Liu Yi’s heart contains another girl, Ai Ling. It not known why, but he keeps thinking of her, wishing to see her like he is bedeviled, unable to forget her.

But am I able to reject Murong Die?

It seems like I am unable to…I feel that after I reject, it might harm Murong Die. this proud missy…

Liu Yi instantly feels like his head is big! Ah wrong, it is a hundred times bigger!

He shakes his head before deciding to first toss away those nonsense thoughts to the side before walking down the stairs.

But it is at this moment, Liu Yi suddenly realizes that the scenery in front of him has turned somewhat gloomy red.

Instantly the gloomy red color congests all around the hospital as the surrounding seems to have turned still!

What is the matter? Did Chen Cai come over?

Something is wrong. Chen Cai’s Asura Barrier is not so strong…

This barrier…seems to come from…what the hell! Asura God!

“Liu Yi. This Queen has finally found you!”

A familiar voice rings out from the stairs of the hospital.

Hearing this voice, Liu Yi’s legs instantly soften.

My mother ah! Why is it her! Ye Hanshuang!

Liu Yi immediately turns around and runs towards the outside of the hospital.

At this moment, the floor of the corridor collapses as an enormous palm stretches out from below and crushes the floor of the corridor.

Following which the palm slowly disappears as a female figure jumped out from the hole and lands in front of Liu Yi.

“This Queen has said before, no matter where you escape to, you will never be able to escape from my palm! You better be obedient and follow this Queen back and be this Queen’s Imperial Consort!”

“Damn it! Ye Hanshuang are you sick!”

Liu Yi looks at the seductive Asura God in front of him and retorts, “Who wants to be your Imperial Consort! I have already said before that I am not interested in you!”

“He he he he he…”

The female Asura God only laughs as she narrows her pretty eyes and looks up and down Liu Yi.

“Not bad, the more I look the more pleasing you are. Indeed you are the best choice as an Imperial Consort. Come be obedient and don’t be unyielding. Follow this Queen back and let this Queen properly f*** you.”

“F*** your sister! Only a ghost would follow you back!”

Liu Yi retreats a few steps wishing to be further away from the female Asura God.

But behind him, a black curtain suddenly appears and blocks Liu Yi’s path like a wall.

“Where do you still wish to escape to? Let me tell you, no one is able to escape from my Ye Hanshuang’s palm! My beloved, you are destined to be my Imperial Consort. Be good, this Queen will love you a lot and let you be the king of this Queen’s harem.”

“Harem your sister ah! Ye Hanshuang are you crazy? Why do you keep bothering me ah! In the Asura Realm, there are so many guys who want to find you!”

As Liu Yi speaks he secretly observes the surroundings, thinking of which direction to escape in.

It can be said that Ye Hanshuang is the strongest woman he had met in the Asura Realm…his current strength in comparison to hers…is slightly weaker…

“This is all fate.”

Ye Hanshuang licks her lips, “You killed the Asura God who was originally going to marry me. Since that is the case then you shall becomes this Queen’s Imperial Consort.”

Seeing the gaze that Ye Hanshuang is giving him, Liu Yi shivers.

^$%#^$%….who would have known that the Asura God that I had accidentally killed while I was in my second stage of Dragon Transformation would be the lover of you, Ye Hanshuang!

Afterward all Liu Yi did was running away from Ye Hanshuang!

Originally Liu Yi had thought that everything would be over after he left the Asura Realm! But who would have known that Ye Hanshuang would have chased all the way over!

$#%$ just what is this situation! Me and my little buddy are stunned ah!

How is it possible for an Asura to escape from the Asura Realm! This is not scientific at all ah!

“To find you, this Queen has killed a million asuras and used their spirits to find the location in the human realm where the slaughtering qi is most concentrated at before forcefully breaking apart the realm barrier…Originally I was only giving it a try, but I did not expect that his method actually worked…”

Liu Yi asks curiously: “Him? Who told you this method?”

“Of course it is that old bastard who stays in the black abyss! That old bastard is really scary. Luckily this Queen is strong enough otherwise I would have died under his sword.”

“Shan Honghe…”

“Eh? My Imperial Consort, how did you know his name?”

Ye Hanshuang is somewhat shocked, “Unless you have also met him in the Asura Realm before? You actually survived! You are indeed my Imperial Consort!”

“Damn it who is your Imperial Consort! There are so many guys in the human realm why can’t you find another one?! I’ll help by introducing some to you ah! I know a rich second generation one, a young master from the Ling Family! As well as a powerful immortal, my martial uncle Wentao. You can choose one…ah wrong you can accept all of them! If both are not suitable I also have a good friend, a very handsome Asura…”

“My Imperial Consort, this Queen only wants you.”

Ye Hanshuang licks her lips again, “Be obedient and follow this Queen back!”

As she speaks, she raises her hand as a large palm instantly flies out and grabs hold of Liu Yi.


Chapter 389   [My Queen]

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