MKW Chapter 388

Chapter 388  [Wang Lele is in trouble]


Bole Sharnsky is a natural born homicidal maniac. His favorite thing to do is to twist off his target’s hands and legs and then watch them struggle on the ground helplessly before dying.

This kind of pleasure is not something that anyone can enjoy!

Thinking of the pretty girl on the picture, Bole Sharnsky licks his lips.

Just after Bole Sharnsky entered the small assembly hall, two men wearing red military fatigues suddenly block in front of him.

One of the men who sounds like a eunuch says: “Apologies, this path is blocked.”

Bole Sharnsky instantly frowns as he realizes that he might be exposed!

Shouldn’t be ah, although I am slightly bigger I am wearing the mask given at the entrance ah!

How is it possible for me to be discovered so quickly!

“You guys must have gotten the wrong person!”

He says with bad English before walking onwards.

As for the two people who block in front of him like door guardians, Bole Sharnsky has decided to use his brute strength to push them away!

The strength that he possesses is not any inferior to an adult Siberian bear!


Bole Sharnsky crashed into the two men but what shocked him was that the two men who he rammed into did not move and is standing on the original spot like they were nailed down.

These two are not weaklings!

Bole Sharnsky knows that he has kicked a steel plate.

He is also not stupid as he borrows the rebound force and turns around, running out of the small assembly hall.

Moonlight and Factory look at each other before chasing after Bole Sharnsky.

Bole Sharnsky is not an idiot. He has already done his homework on the map of QingBei school campus grounds and knows where he can run to.

He turns and runs towards a quite small forest area, planning to borrow the trees to block line of sight and escape.

Moonlight and Factory smile faintly, we are only afraid that you would not escape to a place with no people!

Their figure flashes and disappear.

Bole Sharnsky’s running speed is very quick and instantly he is in the forest, borrowing the trees he hides his figure.

Looks like this kidnap attempt has failed. That lass had experts watching over her!

Next time, the plan must be even more perfect. I am a killer, even if the target has their guard up, I will definitely find a way to kidnap her!

The forest is Bole Sharnsky’s home, within the forest it is as simple as one, two, three to hide.

I should have more or less thrown off those two door gods!

Bole Sharnsky looks backward, indeed there is no one behind him.

He laughs complacently before turning back.

This turn causes him to be shocked as one of the door gods is standing in front of him with his arms crossed and sneering at him, “Commander’s orders. You must die!”

“Your seeking death!”

Bole Sharnsky roars in rage as he opens his arms and lungs towards Moonlight with a bear hug!

He is confident in himself that his killer bear hug will definitely be able to crush all of the bones of the guy in front of him!

But his bear hug hugs the empty air as his enemy figure disappears in front of him.

“Big clumsy bear look over here.”

From the top of a tree nearby, comes the voice of Moonlight.

Bole Sharnsky turns around in shock as he looks at Moonlight who is sitting cross-legged on a tree branch as he holds a sniper rifle. The sniper rifle’s body is placed on the thick tree branch while the muzzle is aimed towards him.

When did he run over there!

And where did that sniper rifle come from!

Bole Sharnsky’s mind is unable to comprehend what is going on!

He does not know that Moonlight has the shadow step technique as well as the ability to summon his Natal pet.

Liu Yi feels that the Scarlet Cloth Guards’ Natal pets are somewhat weak, thus he has improved the ability, fusing in the technique of transforming the spiritual beast into a weapon, allowing the Scarlet Cloth Guards to summon out their Natal pet as Natal weapon!

When Moonlight is in the army, he is best at firearms! Especially sniper rifle!

Thus there is no need to ask for his Natal weapon is the sniper rifle in his hand, point where and shoot where!

Being pointed at by the black muzzle, Bole Sharnsky’s legs are somewhat soft.

Although he is not familiar with that sniper rifle model, he understands with this kind of large caliber rifle can completely blast apart his muscular legs.

Not to mention his head!


Bole Sharnsky seems to be reacting subconsciously as he raises his hand and fiercely smashes the ground.

Instantly a large dust cloud flies up, covering his figure.

Taking advantage that the line of sight is blocked, Bole Sharnsky turns around and gets on all fours, exerting strength on his legs and hands like a wild bear, his escaping speed increased by a lot!

As he runs, he exerts strength on his legs to crease large dust clouds behind him.

As long as I borrow the dust clouds, I will definitely be able to escape!

Bole Sharnsky wildly escapes like his life depends on it, at the same time he is filled with hope!

At this moment, from a tree behind him flies out a black light.

Bole Sharnsky faintly hears a humming sound. He frantically looks back as sees a hat like an object landing on his head, covering his head.


Blood sprays out from Bole Sharnsky’s neck as the headless corpse runs a few more steps before collapsing on the ground.

-twirling sounds-

Under the humming sound, Factory keeps his flying guillotine.

“I have already said before that during a real fight your toy would be useless.”

As Factory speaks, he takes out Bole Sharnsky’s head from within the flying guillotine and flaunts it.

“Damn it. This was an accident!”

Moonlight unhappily carries his sniper rifle, “I had already predicted his next stepping location. Even if you did not take action, I could also settle him!”

“Enough with your hindsight. Hurry and deal with this corpse. Commander had given orders to make him die bravely.”

“Yeah, I know what to do.”

The two of them, one holding the head while the other grabs the headless corpse disappearing at the same time from the forest.

“Ha, ha. Today I enjoyed myself quite a bit.”

After a while, Murong Die and Liu Yi walk out from the small assembly hall. Liu Yi sends Murong Die to the dormitory, after which Murong Die loosen her muscles and says: “I did not expect that your dancing skills are quite good! Let’s find a chance next time and compete again!”

“I am only dancing randomly…”

Liu Yi instantly has a headache. This time around he basically was relying on a cheating method to dance. If he really depends on his real dancing capability then he would definitely be very lousy.

“Tsk, why are you being modest in front of this miss for! In the future let’s dance together! Tonight I shall let you off first. Go back and have an early rest, do not go around chasing after girls ah!”

After Murong Die has warned Liu Yi, she turns around and went upstairs.

Just as Liu Yi is about to go back, Murong Die suddenly turns around and beckons Liu Yi over.

“Liu Yi come back!”

“Eh? What is the matter?”

By the time Liu Yi turns around, Murong Die has already walked in front of him.

“Hmph…seeing that your performance today is quite good, let me reward you .”

Murong Die stands on tiptoes as she kisses Liu Yi on his cheek before immediately turning around and running off.

After running past the dormitory entrance, she turns around with a red face and shouts, “It is only a reward! You are not allowed to think too much!”

Done speaking she dashes into the dormitory.

Liu Yi touches his still warm cheek as he thinks in his heart, this reward is rather good…if only it was a few more times!

Liu Yi stands there blankly for over ten minutes before his consciousness returned.

Damn it, I better return to my dormitory. If I stand here any longer I can go and be a statue already!

Just as Liu Yi is about to move, he suddenly receives a call from Murong Die.

Eh? Didn’t she just go upstairs? Why did she call me?

Liu Yi accepts the phone call and instantly he hears Murong Die’s anxious voice, “Liu Yi! This is bad, Lele is having a fever and it is very serious! She needs to go to the hospital! You quickly come up ah! We are in room 302!”

“I’ll come up instantly!”

During the phone call, Liu Yi is able to faintly hear Wang Lele’s unwell mumbling. Without hesitation, Liu Yi immediately turns around and runs into the dormitory.

“Oi, Oi! You, which department are you from! This is the girl’s dormitory! Males are not allowed in!”

When the dormitory aunty sees Liu Yi running towards the stairs she immediately blocks in front of Liu Yi.

How would Liu Yi have time to deal with her. He immediately taps the aunty on her arm and uses Meridian Seal!

The fierce aunty immediately freezes like a statue, unable to move.

“After ten minutes you’ll be fine.”

After saying this Liu Yi rushes up the stairs.

There are a lot of girls wearing revealing underwear in the dormitory, seeing a guy rushing up they start shrieking in fear as they escape.

“AHHH! Why did a guy run up!”

“Pervert ah! There is a pervert!”

“You have seen me! You must take responsibility for me!”

Liu Yi is disinclined to bother about the girls. He rushes up to the third floor and kicks open the door of room 302.

Murong Die and the rest of the girls in the dormitory are surrounding Wang Lele’s bedside, seeing Liu Yi, Murong Die shouts anxiously: “Liu Yi quickly send Lele to the hospital!”

Liu Yi rushes over to the bedside and sees Wang Lele wearing pink silk pajamas lying there as her massive chest moves up and down rapidly as she breathes rapidly.

Her originally snow white skin is currently somewhat pink while her red lips are white. Her eyes are closed tightly while making gasping sounds.

Liu Yi touches Wang Lele’s forehead.

What the hell! So hot!

Her temperature is definitely almost 40 degrees already! If this goes on, her brain or lungs will be damaged by the fever!

Liu Yi quickly scoops Wang Lele up into a  princess carry before turning around and rushes downstairs.

“The hospital is at the back of the school’s residential area. Liu Yi quickly!”

Murong Die runs along beside Liu Yi as she gives him directions.

“I know! I make a move first!”

Liu Yi has already let Little Jade scan the whole QingBei university map. He follows the map directions and swiftly rushes towards the hospital.


Chapter 388   [Wang Lele is in trouble]

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