MKW Chapter 387

Chapter 387  [Russian Hitman]


When Liu Yi appears in front of Murong Die once again, her eyes light up.

To let Murong Die be satisfied, Liu Yi specially selected an Armani suit that Little Jade has referred to him.

The black suit is neat and helps sculpt the body. With Liu Yi wearing it, the originally delicate and pretty looking him has an additional noble temperament.

Like the saying, Human needs clothing while Buddha needs gold attire, or the clothes make the man!

With Liu Yi wearing Armani, even the usually picky Murong Die is unable to find a flaw for a moment.

Seeing Murong Die’s blank look, Liu Yi ask curiously: “What are you looking at?”

“No, nothing…”

Murong Die turns her head away with a red face while taking deep breaths.

Isn’t he just slightly more handsome…there is nothing good to see…it must be my eyes are blurred!

“Then let’s go. Where is the dance party held at?”

“At, at the small assembly hall….”

As Murong Die speaks, she suddenly takes the initiative and hooks her arm around Liu Yi’s arm and walks towards the small assembly hall with him.

Being pulled by Murong Die, as well as smelling her fragrance, Liu Yi is somewhat complacent.

Why is it possible for a girl to have a fragrance on her body. So mysterious.

It is rumored that there are wrenched guys who are able to use the fragrance on a girl’s body to differentiate who it is!

Mother ah, this ability is really weird!

What feeling does this missy have towards me…

Liu Yi turns his head over and secretly activates his goodwill eyes and takes a look.

Above Murong Die’s head instantly appears a few characters.

Close Friend: 55

I’ll be damned…when did it become so high?

It is already at the stage of close friends as well as 55 points!

With another 45 points, her goodwill towards me would turn into love…

This progress is indeed very fast…but thinking through it, it seems like we have already known each other for over two years.

Time is like water, life is like a song. Sighs…

“Damn it who is the guy beside goddess! I wish to kill him!”

“Damn it…it seems like he is Liu Yi from Ke Da! He is very famous!”

“Gods, a flower being stuck on top of cow dung…”

The two of them walk together like a golden couple, attracting the gazes of a lot of people.

Among which most of it is naturally the gaze of guys filled with killing intent who wish to kill Liu Yi.

After being glared at by the gazes, Liu Yi more or less is somewhat uncomfortable.

Forget it. After all, I am already used to this kind of gaze. Who asked Murong Die, Wang Lele, and Wang Yuzheng to be such supreme beauties.

After thinking for a bit, it should be me who has gotten the advantage.

As the two of them walk towards the small assembly hall, there are already a lot of people inside.

A student staff member is giving out masks to the people going in.

“It is actually a masked dance party ah! Interesting!”

Liu Yi is very happy, “I want that butterfly mask!”

“Okay, enjoy yourself.”

The male student glances at Murong Die a few more times as he chooses the most pretty butterfly mask and passes it to her, “I am a year two student and the publicity executive secretary of the student union. I am called…”

“This one for you.”

Who would know what Murong Die directly ignores the later part of the guy’s sentence and chooses a pig mask from all of the pile of the mask and toss it to Liu Yi.

“What the, why am I this one!”

Liu Yi holds onto that laughing pig mask as his heart shudders.

“It suits you. Quickly put it one! Let this miss help you!”

As she speaks, Murong Die takes the initiative and takes the pig mask from him and puts it over his face.

Damn it…this lass is really overbearing…

Murong Die looks at the pig face Liu Yi as her heart becomes happy, hehe this way no girls would be attracted by him!

The sense of security doubled!

After which she puts on her butterfly mask before linking their hands and walks into the small assembly hall with him, leaving behind the bitter gaze of the student union member.

There are a lot of people in the small assembly hall, guys and girls are all wearing masks as they dance gracefully on the dance floor.

By the sides are two self-service food and beverages and it seems to be free.

In front of the dance floor is a small band which Liu Yi finds to be somewhat familiar, it must be somewhat famous.

Man! QingBei is indeed a famous school, what a lavish move ah!

“Liu Yi quickly come over. Dance with me!”

Feeling the atmosphere, Murong Die seems to be somewhat excited as she pulls Liu Yi’s hand and walks towards the dance floor.

“Oi, oi, oi. Big miss ah, I do not know how to dance…”

“Why are you saying so much nonsense. This miss shall teach you!”

Murong Die forcefully pulls Liu Yi and walks into the dance floor.

The soothing music and charming beauty.

If we describe it, this place can be considered as a heaven on Earth.

At this moment, Murong Die is holding Liu Yi’s waist gently with a hand while the other hand is clasping his hand.

The small soft hand is being held within Liu Yi’s palm.

Her body is basically sticking to Liu Yi, allowing him to be able to feel her somewhat hurried breathing.

“I, I really cannot ah…”

“Get lost. How can a guy say that he cannot! This miss is an Empress in dancing. I will definitely be able to teach you! Dance with me!”

Murong Die gently starts to take dance steps.

Liu Yi is very good at fighting…but as for dancing, he is indeed a little overwhelmed.

He steps out in a flurry and steps onto Murong Die’s foot.

“Aiyah…idiot where are you stepping on!”

“I, I, I, I am not doing it on purpose…”

“Pig Head! I really did not put this mask on you wrongly!”

Liu Yi dances along with Murong Die a few more steps, although he did not step onto her, but it is very clumsy making her somewhat mad.

“Damn it. If you do not learn properly again I shall go and dance with other guys!”

“Don’t ah…I will try my best…”

Liu Yi has no other choice but to shout for external help.

{Little Jade, requesting for support ah!}

{Okay master. Dancing system is loading now.}

Little Jade’s sweet voice replies him, “Loading 30%….55%….90%…Loading complete!”

Instantly Liu Yi’s body trembles slightly as clear dance steps flash continuously in front of his eyes.

This is another one of Little Jade’s ability, auxiliary learning system!

Liu Yi passes the control of his body to Little Jade, afterward, Little Jade will base on the teaching system of a dance master and guide Liu Yi to hug Murong Die and dance with her.

Murong Die who was originally gloomy that Liu Yi is dimwitted and in a blink of an eye, the initiative is being taken away by him.

He pulls her as he steps gracefully, as he brings her along to dance on the dance floor.


Murong Die lets out an exclamation, “How did you learn so fast…”

Before she is able to understand, Liu Yi is already pressing against her body as he hooks her waist closer, pressing his body against her.

That intense male aura rushes towards her making Murong Die’s heartbeat to increase as her face and ears turn red.

This, this fellow…is basically a dancing expert ah….

Murong Die is not willing to be weak. She does not wish to let Liu Yi take away the aura and initiative like this!

I am a Dancing empress! Who is afraid of who!

At this moment, the dance floor is no longer so relaxed, as the song is changed to a quick number 3.

The two of them move rapidly and starts to have a hidden competition on the dance floor.

This pair of golden couple release their splendor on the dance floor and within moments, a lot of people stop dancing as they watch the pair.

Murong Die is like a butterfly among flowers while Liu Yi is a butterfly catcher, their dance steps are light and quick, occasionally bold and unrestrained.

Their low-profile radiance no longer existing, at that moment, the two of them are like dazzling stars attracting the gaze of the surrounding people

At that moment, Murong Die’s heart is like a violent ocean spray, no longer able to calm down.

She hopes that time will forever freeze at that moment and let this moment belong to the two of them…

But at this moment the dance song changes again as the entire dance floor turns dark, following which the light flashes as clubbing music starts to broadcast.

The people on the dance floor starts to be excited as they start swaying to the beat and dance.

The people on the dance floor increases as in a short moment, Liu Yi and Murong Die are pushed apart.

Damn it! Why are there so many people suddenly!

Liu Yi sees that there are so many people surrounding them and starts to frown.

There are too many people in the room causing Murong Die’s aura to be distorted!

Liu Yi immediately shouts in the Scarlet Cloth Guards frequency, “Moonlight, Factory! Where are you guys?”

“Reporting to Commander. We are currently near the dance floor. Murong Die and you are in our sights.”

Liu Yi sensed for a moment, indeed the two Scarlet Cloth Guards are high up by the sides.

“Which direction is Murong Die at?”

“Reporting to Commander. Murong Die is dancing at your three o’clock”

“Damn it that lass is really relaxed!”

Liu Yi curses, “Making me so scared and anxious!”

While he is speaking, Liu Yi suddenly senses an evil aura. He immediately activates Black and White world and instantly notices a figure in red light walking towards the dance floor.

“A fish is hooked. Take notice of that person that has just entered.”

Liu Yi orders the two Scarlet Cloth Guards.

“We have located the big fish. He is moving towards the dance floor.”

Liu Yi orders, “Bring him away and play with him a bit.”

“Understood. Leave it to us, Commander.”

Bole Sharnsky is a Russian who grew up in Siberia. Unlike ordinary people, Bole Sharnsky is born with a larger than normal size, causing his mother to have a difficult birth and die from blood loss. Earlier, his father who was a soldier had already died in the war, thus when he was born, Bole Sharnsky no longer have parents.

The only relative that he had, his second uncle felt that raising a child is too troublesome and secretly threw him into the forest of Siberia.

Who would have known that Bole Sharnsky is heaven blessed and did not die. Instead, he was raised by a Siberian bear.

When young, Bole Sharnsky was basically a bear man. Heaven blessed strength, violent and wild. Afterward, a hit man found him and killed the female bear. The hitman brought the kid home and started to teach him knowledge, grooming him as his successor.

Although Bole Sharnsky is rank 11 on the Heaven Roll, his record never had a failure before!

The way he kills people is simple. Rush up enthusiastically and with a bear hug, before the enemy is able to react, he is strangled to death.

This time around the target is a lady but the only thing that makes Bole Sharnsky unhappy is that it is not to kill people but to kidnap. How good it would be if it is to kill people!


Chapter 387   [Russian Hitman]

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