MKW Chapter 386

Chapter 386  [Scarlet Cloth Guards coming to pay respects]


“Boss, you say that time that I have entered Dragon Group is not short, but can be considered wholehearted to you right.”

“It can be considered…but why are you suddenly saying this?”

“You see, I have helped the country chase back 1.2 billion, it can be considered as establishing heroic contributions?”

“Yeah this amount is not small, most importantly it will harshly attack the influence of corrupted officials and make it so that in the  future when they escape, first they must consider about us!”

“You see, I am so great, don’t you think that the country should help me with a small matter?”

“What the. I just know that you do not have good things to say. Still wanting to discuss terms with the country!”

Long San unhappily says: “Just say what you want to say! What trouble did you get yourself into again!”

“Err, I did not get myself into trouble this time ah, it is playing pimp for the country ah!”

“What? Playing pimp for the country? Are you crazy?”

“No, no…didn’t Mr. Murong Hong recently has an investment project in JingDou. This Murong Hong is a taxpayer of our North Dragon city who belongs to a rich family. He is an Ethnic Group People’s Congress representative ah. He has come to our JingDou to invest, should we assist him a bit and support the nationality corporation?”


On the other side of the phone, Long San’s eyebrow twitches, “When did you start to care about these business matters? Ah right, Murong Die and your relationship seems to be rather good ah…tsk, tsk…”

“Cough, cough, we are currently purely discussing matters regarding business, do not divert it to girls!”

Liu Yi immediately pulls the conversation back, “You see, I have done so many things and I did not request for much. I only hope based on my contributions, that the country can assist Murong Family’s Ethnic Group Company.”

“You wait a bit. Do not hang up.”

Long San seems to leave for a while before he quickly coming back and says: “You bastard! Your ambitions are really big eh! Murong Hong’s investment project in JingDou needs at least a few tens of billion to be able to obtain it! You have only helped the country to get back 1.2 billion! Opening your lion mouth eh!”

“Hehe…how about this, in the future I shall not want my wages, I just help the country do free labour do you think it is possible?”

Long San curses: “Possible your sister! Your wages every month is only how much!”

“Don’t be like this ah. After all, we are on the same side. Boss if you do not help me then who do you help ah!”

“Damn it, I just knew that knowing you was not a good thing. Based on principles, the country should not be meddling with this investment project…but, assisting an ethnic group company is also one of our policy objectives. Fine then, since you have given up on the change of promoting to team 1, then let’s take it as you using it to exchange for this term.”

“Boss, you are willing to help?”

Liu Yi is very excited. As long as the country is willing to help, how would that small matter of Murong Hong be any problem?

“Still okay. There is no conflict in our interest which is also a good thing. Actually, this investment project also has a preference for Murong Family Group. After all they do have the experience and power to construct this kind of large-scale commerce center. Looks like recently they are quite tight in funds right?”

“That’s right.”

Liu Yi says honestly: “After all, they are our North Dragon city’s leading enterprise, I hope that we can assist them more.”

“Tsk, stinky fellow. Saying all this is useless. Isn’t it all because of Murong Die that lass! Otherwise, even if Murong Hong was North Dragon city’s top idol you would not have bothered!”

“Cough, coughs that, the weather is quite good. I shall go and take a look at the scenery. Let’s talk later.”

Liu Yi immediately hangs up.

If this old fellow did not roast me would he die?!

After Liu Yi waits for a while more, on top of the wall in front of him, two figures suddenly appear.

Both of them are wearing the unique red cloak of the Scarlet Cloth Guards and around their collar is a scarf.

The way the two of them come over is none other than Shadow Step!

When Liu Yi had trained the Scarlet Cloth Guards, he had taught them some qi cultivation methods as well as spiritual force cultivation techniques.

Along with some techniques from the Hunter’s Organisation, it is all to make them super mortals! His Scarlet Cloth Guards be a team that he is able to take out and use! After all, in the future, they need to fight against some extraordinary people. Furthermore, their main task is assassination and the likes, without unique skills how is it possible?

“Scarlet Cloth Guard, Li Yilong. Codename, Moonlight. Paying respect to Commander.”

“Scarlet Cloth Guard, Xu Lei. Codename, Factory. Paying respect to Commander.”

The two of them kneel down in front of Liu Yi and greet. Liu Yi raises his hand and lets them stand up.

This Scarlet Cloth Guard Xu Lei, his pitch seems to be quite high…did he get the code name Factory because….

“You guys know your task?”

Liu Yi looks at the two Scarlet Cloth Guards as he nods his head in satisfaction.

Not bad, both have the power above three stars. Although it is not enough to help me against cultivators, to deal with ordinary people, it is enough. Moreover, as time goes on, their strength will slowly increase.

“Commander, I have finally gotten to see you, Commander…”

Moonlight suddenly grab hold of Liu Yi’s arm and excited say: “Commander, give me an autograph ah Commander…”


Liu Yi starts to sweat, this bro is a bit too warm already right?!

“Quickly come back…”

Factory quickly pulls Moonlight back and apologize to Liu Yi, “I am sorry Commander, this fellow is a newbie who has joined recently…he still does not know the rules and regulations well.”

“No problem. We are on the same side. In the future, I will be depending on you guys for Murong Die’s safety. If there are any abnormal sights around her, notify me on the frequency any time.”

With Little Jade around, getting in touch is way too simple.

Originally Little Jade should not be able to exist within two bodies. But Little Jade has an awesome ability which is called Implant Client.

Little Jade can clone her own computer program and through a special material, implant into the body of other people.

The other body contains a complete clone of Little Jade’s programming while the Scarlet Cloth Guards only contain a simplified programming which contains a few simple abilities like communication and information transfer.

The most important point if their client did not possess the ability to think for itself, thus it is not an AI but an artificial auxiliary system.

“Relax Commander. Leave it to us. We will guarantee that we complete the task.”

Factory guarantees Liu Yi.

“Oh, recently Murong Die is being eyed by the Heaven List people. You guys need to be more careful. Especially tonight we are going to take part in a dance party. There will be a lot of people there and it’s going to be messy so you need to watch carefully.”

“Heaven List?”

By the side, Factory licks his lips as his expression turned somewhat excited, “If we can exchange moves with them that would be even better.”

“What is the matter. You have seen the people of Heaven List before?”

“Yes, Commander. In the past, I was a bodyguard for a wealthy person and had met an assassin who had come to assassinate him from Heaven List. But that Heaven List assassin’s rank was quite low, not even in the top 100 and was easily dealt with by me.”

Factory rubs his hands together, “I have heard that the top 100 especially the top 10 are the experts! I am somewhat itching to fight…”

“You will definitely have the chance.”

Liu Yi smiles, “I have heard that the top 10 are not ordinary killers, every one of them has some special power. I cannot guarantee that you guys will be stronger than them. So you guys must be careful at all times.”

“Relax, commander.”

Factory smiles darkly, “Hehehe…they are experts in killing, we are also experts in killing. If we really encounter each other, then we shall let these killers have a taste of being hunted.”

Tsk, tsk what us. This fellow really thinks that he is a general director in charge of the palace affairs ah!

“It is better to…”

“LIU YI where did you die off to?!”

At this moment from the side comes the shout of Murong Die cutting through Liu Yi words. Damn it. Why did this lass speed up?

“Let’s stop for now. Do not let other people notice you.”

“Yes, Commander.”

Factory nods his head and uses shadow step and his figure disappears.

“Commander. Give me an autographCommander!”

Moonlight tugs on Liu Yi’s arm, causing Liu Yi to sweat.

Factory’s figure appears again and gives Moonlight a kick before pulling him by the collar and disappearing.

This fellow is a bit too excited…

“Liu Yi! How dare you play hide and seek with this miss! If this miss knows that you have slipped away then you shall die!”

Liu Yi immediately runs out form the corner as he shouts, “Big miss, I am here!”

“Why did you run over there for?”

Seeing that Liu Yi did not leave, Murong Die’s expression instantly becomes somewhat happy, but afterward, she starts to become suspicious, “Is it because…you need to go number 2?”

“What the, you’re the one who need to pee! I am strolling around because I got bored. Big miss after all you are the one went upstairs for gods know how long!”

“I, I went up to change my clothing what…”

Murong Die’s face turns red before saying, “Is it that my attire is not nice?”

Only now did Liu Yi notice the way Murong Die dressed-up for tonight.

She is wearing a white lace-trimmed tunic and a black princess skirt which covers until slightly above her knees. Her long legs are wrapped in black stockings! Along with her missy temperament, her dress makes her appears like a noble princess!

I’ll be damned…the destructive power is a bit too much ah…I am afraid that tonight’s dance party, the guys would be in for a treat for their eyes ah!

Liu Yi sighs while appreciating Murong Die’s pair of beautiful legs.

“You, where are you looking at…”

Realising Liu Yi keeps staring at her legs, Murong Die instantly gives him a light push.

“Cough, cough. That, tonight’s weather is rather good…”

Murong Die suddenly changes her direction of attack and proudly asks: “Scram! Is this miss’s legs nice to look at?”

Liu Yi looks towards the direction of the dormitory entrance, “That…is Lele not coming down?”

“Go and die you scumbag! I am going to ignore you!”

Murong Die is so mad that she instantly turns around and strides away in large steps.

“Hey, hey, my big miss don’t ah! Wait for me ah!”

“Hmph, how are you going to the dance party with your current attire! Let’s go, this miss will bring you to buy some clothes.” She walks towards the school exit.

“I have a lot of clothes ah! There is no need to buy!”

Liu Yi immediately says, with my Little Jade clothe changing system, buying clothing and the like is too wasteful.

“Then you go and change ah! Who would wear a school uniform to attend a dance party ah!”

Murong Die fumingly stares at Liu Yi’s current school attire.

“Then wait for me a bit…I’ll go and change now…”

“Quickly go and come back! If you come back late then you shall get it from this miss!”

“No need! You are already very good looking!”

[TL: basically you shall get it in chinese is 让你好看 where 好看 can also means good looking while 让你 means show you/make you]

“Glibbed tongue…”

Murong Die’s face turns red again.


Chapter 386  [Scarlet Cloth Guards coming to pay respect]

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  1. uhhh… Can someone explain to me how a high pitched voice gets you codenamed Factory? sidenote, what kinda codename is Factory!? What’s next, Shopping Mall?


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