MKW Chapter 385

Chapter 385 [Planning Strategies]


“What did you say?”

Murong Die’s expression instantly pales, “Liu Yi wait for me a while. I’ll be back soon!”

She takes out her handphone and rushes out.

While she leaves, Xie Yue takes out a cigarette and lights it up. Taking a drag he says to Liu Yi, “Little fellow, I am giving you a warning. If you do not wish to die then leave Xiao Die’s side. The things that I, Xie Yue want, I have never been unable to obtain it.”

“Then I must apologize. Xiao Die is not an object.”

What the heck am I saying…

Liu Yi feels that his word is somewhat ambiguous but he ignores it and continues saying, “Everyone loves beauty. Although you are already so old, liking beauties is understandable. But Xiao Die is a person with her own thoughts. She is not your pet that you can get when you want. A guy using proper methods to chase a girl is okay, but you use this kind of despicable method to threaten Xiao Die… it is not what a guy should do.”

“You still have thoughts to teach me?”

Xie Yun blows out a mouth of smoke, “Looks like if I do not teach you a lesson, you will not know my power.”

Done speaking, he waves his hand.

The two burly bodyguards by his side instantly step forward, one on each side and pull on Liu Yi’s arms like they are going to toss him out.

But Liu Yi is like a pole nailed to the ground standing there calmly. No matter how much strength the two bodyguard exert to the point where their faces turn red, they are unable to move Liu Yi.

“What are the two of you doing? Did you not eat?”

Xie Yun is somewhat unhappy. He has spent a large sum of money to hire these two bodyguards. They are champions of their martial arts, how is it that they are unable to deal with a minor student?

“Boss…its sorcery ah…”

The bodyguard on the left clenches his teeth and say: “We…we are really using all our strength…”

“Enough, stop struggling already.”

As Liu Yi speaks, his arms shake slightly and send the two bodyguard flying away instantly onto the ground in a sorry figure.

Liu Yi mocks: “I hate people like you the most. With some money, you start to think that you can do anything that you want. Even depriving others of their love. Brother, even if you have money, it does not means that you are king.”

“This action…”

Unexpectedly Xie Yun is not angry, instead, he frowns deeper, “I understand…so you are a bodyguard that Murong Hong has arranged by Xiao Die’s side? I said before how would Xiao Die casually eat a meal with you, this gigolo.”

“Are you done?”

Liu Yi really wants to plant a sword seed in this fellow as he is really an asshole.

“If you are done with talking then scram. Because now I really wish to beat people up.”

“Hmph, a peon who only knows how to use brute force.”

Xie Yun snorts as he carries the mindset of a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him and brings his two bodyguards and leave.

Liu Yi nearly went mad. First he sends his bodyguards to attack me but in the end, he says I use brute force?

No justice ah, simply cannot stand it.

As Xie Yun is leaving, Murong Die runs back in.

The two of them greet each other as Xie Yun gives Murong Die a smile.

“Xiao Die, consider it properly.”


Murong Die clenches her teeth but did not say anything.

“Xiao Die what is the matter?”

Liu Yi asks Murong Die, this lass must have definitely gone to call Murong Hong, that old fox.

“Dad did not say anything…but I can hear that he is hiding some matter from me.”

Murong Die is after all that old fox’s daughter. After living together for over ten years, no one understands his actions better than her.

“Relax. Your father is an old fo…oldy who is at the top of the business world for a few years with lots of experience. He would definitely have met this kind of situation many times. He will definitely be able to settle this matter.”

Liu Yi nearly smoothly says old fox.

But as Murong Die is concerned about her family matters, thus she did not hear it.

“Be good. Tonight we still have a dance party. I will accompany you to send the food to Lele then after you change your clothing, we’ll head to the dance party together. As for matters regarding business, your worries would not be helping.”


Murong Die gently leans against Liu Yi arms and say: “Really…I am somewhat tired…”

“I understand…”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and gently blocks Murong Die’s shoulder.

Liu Yi has only seen the appearance of the weak Murong Die twice. Once is when he went with Murong Die to her house, the second time is now.

“Enough, this fellow who tried to take advantage. This miss wants to send food to Lele. You wait for me downstairs.”

“Oh, okay.”

Liu Yi accompanies Murong Die to her dormitory ground floor. The dormitory door lady is sitting at the entrance nibbling a cucumber. Seeing Liu Yi, she gazes at him with the expression of if you dare to go up, I shall eat you up like a cucumber.

After Murong Die went up, Liu Yi immediately gives Murong Hong a call.

“Why would you give me a call?”

Naturally, when he receives Liu Yi’s phone call, Murong Hong is very shocked. His voice seems to be somewhat hoarse, it can be heard that he is angered.

“Uncle, I have heard that your business recently had some problems so I am a bit concerned.”

Murong Hong did not reply, instead, he asks: “Where did you hear it from?”

“Xie Yun has already come and knocked on the door already. How would I not know.”

“That bastard…”

Murong Hong says in anger, but soon he calms down, “But it is nothing much. Don’t let Xiao Die be too worried about me. This is not the first time I have met this kind of matter. It will be settled.”

“If you meet with difficulties, uncle can tell me about it. Perhaps I am able to help you.”

“You really know how to amuse me. You are just a student how are you able to help. Okay, that will be all. I am hanging up.”

After Murong Hong hangs up the phone, Liu Yi asks Little Jade, {Have you found the information on his phone?}

{Yes. Replying master, Murong Hong previous tens of phone calls are towards banks. It looks like he is calling to borrow money.}

{It has already reached the point where he has to find the banks to borrow money?}

Liu Yi starts making guesses, What trouble did Murong Hong meet? Forget it. Who asked him to be Xiao Die’s father, let’s just help them.

He lets Little Jade call Chen Dahai and gives him orders, “Dahai, go and check on the latest business dealing that Murong Hong and Xie Yun have. I propose to directly get him into our hands, also help me teach him a lesson.”

“Understood boss. Wait for the news.”

The elites of Scarlet Cloth Guards have already hibernated for a long time. It should be time to let them exercise their muscles and bones for a bit.

Currently, the Scarlet Cloth Army’s powers have already started to infiltrate into JingDou and they are busy with setting up the bodyguard company.

The only pity is that Scarlet Cloth Army’s influence in JingDou is not deep enough, thus when dealing with the license matter, they have met with a lot of trouble.

After Chen Dahai hangs up the phone, he turns around gives Guan Yihua a call.

“Xiao Guan, you and Military Blade go and help Boss deal with a problem. Yes…the target is Xie Yun.”

It is rumored that girls take an extremely long time to change clothing, currently, Liu Yi has deeply experienced this point.

On the ground floor of the female dormitory building, he and that aunty have already gazed at each other for over an hour and Murong Die still has not come down.

The aunty has already eaten through an entire bag of cucumber already, just how much water does she need to supplement?

Just as Liu Yi is about to be impatient with waiting, his handphone rings and it is Chen Dahai.

“Boss, I have already investigated clearly.”

“Oh, is it successful, did you alert anyone?”

“Haha, boss relax. Scarlet Cloth Guards are personally trained up by you. How is it possible for there to be loose ends! That Xie Yun is just a soft bone. Just scaring him a bit and he already peed. He even almost told us the location of his ancestor tombs.”

“What did he say?”

“Oh, he says that Murong Hong recently had a large business transaction on a project in JingDou. He has also put in a large sum of money in, among which a portion is borrowed from banks. If it is successful, Murong Hong would be able to double his capital! Furthermore, he would be able to successfully enter the market of JingDou. Originally Xie Yun was Murong Hong’s business partner and both have cooperated and had some business dealings as well. But a few days ago this old thing was bought over by the young master from Ling Family and removed a sum of funds from the projects that they are collaborating in, causing Murong Hong to have some troubles.”

“Ling Family? Ling Family from JingDou?”

Liu Yi enters deep thoughts.

“Boss what shall we do afterward?”

“Does Red Scarf Army have spare money?”

“What the… boss, you can’t be ah, you really want to treat Murong Hong that old fox as father-in-law and help him?”

Chen Dahai is somewhat shocked, “Our Red Scarf Army is currently busy with the establishment of our bodyguard company. Thus we do not have much spare money. We do have a few million but the money that Murong Hong is currently lacking is not a few million but a few billion ah!”

Chen Dahai words cause Liu Yi to be serious.

Money is indeed a good thing ah, especially when we need it.

Looks like I need to use a bit of special privilege.

“Turn that Xie Yun into an idiot. The rest of the matters leave it to me.”

Afterward, Xie Yun will definitely retaliate against me. Since he is an enemy then there is no need to be polite.

“Okay, that is easy. Is there any other orders boss?”

“None…oh right, send over two of the more quick-witted Scarlet Cloth Guards over to help me guard Murong Die in secret.”

It is not possible for me to accompany Murong Die daily, finding two Scarlet Cloth Guards to watch over her should be okay.

“No problem. Boss, enable the Scarlet Cloth Guards special frequency then send me your coordinates.”

Liu Yi activates Little Jade’s frequency mode and switched over to Scarlet Cloth Guards special frequency and send over his coordinates.

“OK, they will be there within twenty minutes.”


Liu Yi gives Murong Die a call and asks when would she come down.

“Aiyah, you are a man so what is the hurry. Wait for another half an hour! I still have not found the suitable clothing!”

“No problem…you take your time. I am not in a hurry.”

…still, I need another half an hour, I better go and find a place to wait for the two Scarlet Cloth Guards then.

Under the gaze of the aunty, he turns around and walks over to a corner by the side which has no people.

He did not just wait there, instead, he gives Long San a call.

“Oi, what trouble have you gotten yourself into again?”

I’ll be damned, I am not Conan how would I have so many troubles!

Liu Yi holds back his curses and says.


Chapter 385  [Planning strategies]

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