MKW Chapter 384

Chapter 384 [Murong’s Family Crisis]


After Liu Yi obtained the Demonic Sword Technique, he peacefully sits in Unfettered Pavilion and cultivates.

The Unfettered Pavilion is not small but it seems like there is only Liu Yi within in. Other than during the time when Chen Keqing or Liu Haishenh who come and look for him, Liu Yi would let his spirit stay in the body at Jingdou.

While Chen Keqing has come and looked for Liu Yi a few times, but she has failed in all her challenges.

After all, Chen Keqing only possesses the cultivation of seven stars, while Liu Yi is a perverted opponent.

“Liu Yi! Quickly wake-up!”

While Liu Yi is sprawling on the desk drowsily, Murong Die by the side suddenly pushes Liu Yi a few times.


Liu Yi absentmindedly rubs his eyes as he sits up.

“You bastard. Didn’t you say that you wanted to accompany me for lessons? You only know how to sleep!”

Murong Die unhappily pouts as she rolls her eyes at Liu Yi.

“That…your professor’s hypnosis technique is too powerful. I am unable to resist it ah!”

Liu Yi yawns innocently.

“Who says so. History is very interesting. En, especially regarding the myths and legends of ancient China…”

While Murong Die listens to the professor talking about the stories of ancient China, she asks: “You say, do you think that these stories are real?”

Nuwa, Fuxi, and the likes?

Liu Yi raises his eyebrows. These he has not seen before but different kinds of sword immortals, fake angels ah, he has seen quite a few.

Liu Yi replies ambiguously, “Who would know. You should treat it like listening to a story.”

“Get lost! Why doesn’t this miss just go to novels! I have heard that there is an author that wrote about an interesting story call <Beauty please hold your steps>! I plan to ask Lele to help me download into my Ipad to read.”

“What! My big miss ah, you cannot randomly read ah!”

Liu Yi immediately says, “I remember that I have read it before. You, it is best for you not to read it….”

“Why? Why can’t this miss read it?”

Hearing what Liu Yi says, Murong Die’s interest becomes bigger.

“That, that….”

“That? Liu Yi, why are you mumbling are you a man a not ah you?”

“Damn it of course I am!”

Liu Yi clenches his teeth as he takes out his handphone and goes online, flipping out a part of the plot of that novel, he passes the phone to Murong Die.

After looking through it, Murong Die’s face and ears turn red as she throws the phone at Liu Yi.

“Damn it you scoundrel how dare you give this miss this kind of thing…”

“What the, how can you fall out with me like this! It is you who wanted to read it ah!”

Liu Yi is feeling wronged

“Hmph, you evil person! I was thinking why these few days you are willing to ignore your lessons and accompany this miss, so it is actually a weasel paying the chicken a visit! No good intentions!”

“What the, you are a chicken?”


Murong Die’s voice is somewhat loud, attracting the attention of the professor.

The professor pushes up his spectacles as he asks: “Student Murong Die, do you have any questions regarding here?”

“No, don’t have…”

Murong Die’s face turns red as she turns around and glares at Liu Yi, “It is all because of you scoundrel! Wuwu….my normal points will definitely be deducted….”

The surrounding guys are all glaring at Liu Yi in hatred.

Murong Die is the female goddess in the eyes of the QingBei guys…pretty face, noble temperament, especially with her missy background, countless of males are having fantasies in their dreams.

Whoever is able to marry to her…ah wrong, whoever is able to take Murong Die as a wife, this lifetime it’ll be worth it!

But where did this fellow pop out from! How dare he ruthlessly occupy our Goddess Murong!

It must be known that usually, Goddess Murong does not care about the other guys!

Against reason ah!

Liu Yi smiles faintly but did not say anything. Because recently Murong Die is being eyed by terrible people, Liu Yi decided to ignore his lessons in Ke Da and runs over to QingBei University to protect Murong Die the whole day.

As for at night…even if Liu Yi wants to protect her by the side, Murong Die does not let him!

As Murong Die is seething, her handphone vibrates a few time. She takes it out and takes a look before secretly saying to Liu Yi, “Sir Scumbag, Lele says that tonight our school has a dance party. This miss wants to go. Do you want to go?”

Although it is asking Liu Yi, the tone indicates that if you do not go then you shall die.

“This…why would there be a dance party for no reason ah…”

Liu Yi is unable to understand.

“Idiot. This is welcoming the new student’s activity that our school has every year!”

Murong Die explains, “Now that the military training has ended and school has started properly for a few days already. All of the clubs have more or less finished with their recruitment. The dance party is a retained tradition of our QingBei. It is said that a lot of the new students would be able to find their beautiful predestined love during the dance party…”

Liu Yi mocks, “What the, so nice…isn’t that just taking advantage of the confusion and fooling around together before leaving to have an ONS/419(for chinese)!”

“Go and die…you pervert…”

Murong Die glares at Liu Yi, “Do you think that everyone thinks so dirtily like you!”

“Oh? Isn’t that the case?”

“Even, even if that is the case…that, if both parties are willing…”

“Then going one time is fine…who knows, perhaps I’ll be able to find my predestined lover, hehe…”

Just as Liu Yi is fantasizing for a moment, he suddenly feels a very scary killing intent coming from his side. He turns around and sees Murong Die’s pretty eyes glaring at him causing him to tremble.

“Haha…I am only joking…”

I estimate that tonight’s dance party would be messy. I need to stay by her side to protect her, how would I have time to go and chase girls ah!

“Hmph, no matter what. Tonight this miss shall bring you along to take a look! If you dare to secretly fool around you shall die!”

“Will not, will not. I will definitely not secretly fool around…”

“That’s more like it!”

“I will be upright and frank when making friends with girls…”

“Liu Yi you definitely are unhappy to be alive!”

Murong Die’s killing intent appears again causing Liu Yi to immediately stop talking. Mother ah, really wish to plant a sword seed in Murong Die…ah wrong, plant an emotion thingy to make her obediently listen to me!

Wuwuwu, if only all of the girls were like Xiao Mi, so obedient how much better that would be!

It is a pity that recently Xiao Mi that lass is sent out to do other tasks and is not in the laboratory. It has been some time since I have released the fire in my body.

Life ah…when can I have a girl that I can have sex with ah…

I really wish to have a girlfriend ah!

Liu Yi nearly howls like a wolf towards the window.

While Liu Yi daydreams, he has finally endured the dull lesson. After the lesson, Murong Die brings Liu Yi to the canteen to have a meal. She ordered another set to bring back for Wang Lele who is resting in the dormitory as she has recently gotten a cold.

While Murong Die is going down the stairs she lets out a long sigh, “What a pity. If only Lele did not get a cold, she would definitely be able to join the party tonight.”

Liu Yi asks curiously, “Such a hot day, how did Lele catch a cold…”

“I also do not know. Lele says that last time when she was bathing, she felt like someone was peeping at her and she did not wipe her body properly and ran out. Should be caused by the wind.”

Liu Yi swallows his saliva…mother ah…it can’t be because of that time I went there right…

But that time was also an accident ah…

Just as Liu Yi and Murong Die are discussing whether they should pull Lele off her bed to go to the party together, by the side comes a warm voice, “Xiao Die, I have finally found you after a long time, so you are here ah.”

The two of them turn around and see a guy wearing western attire, his hair is combed glossy shiny standing there with a large bouquet of blue roses.

“Xiao Die, today is the one year anniversary of our first meeting. These are blue roses that I had my people imported over from Holland. There is a total of 99 of them. I hope that you like them.”

Liu Yi frowns, who is this guy? Where did he pop out from!

He even imported blue roses from Holland, look like he is very rich ah! Furthermore from the appearance of this brother…he looks to be at least 40 years old!

An old cow eating young grass! He can still say it out!

Furthermore,  what one year anniversary of knowing each other….what the heck man, if counting the days, I and Murong Die have already known each other for 3 years already! Doesn’t that means that I have to send a truck full of flowers?!?!

“Xie Yue are you done yet?”

When Murong Die sees this guy as well as the 99 blue roses, she is not happy, instead, she raises an eyebrow and says: “I have already told you that I have a boyfriend. Can you have a bit of restraint! With your age you can already be my uncle okay!”

“When a guy is of 40 years old, then it is his golden age ah.”

Unexpectedly the guy is not angry, instead, he smiles like everything is fine as he says: “Your father and I have been business partners for many years. I think that he is willing to pass his daughter to me to take care of.”

“Baaa! Uncle if you keep disturbing me I shall ask my boyfriend to step out!”

“Boyfriend? This gigolo by your side?”

That Xie Yue middle-age man turns around and looks at Liu Yi with disdain, “I say Xiao Die ah, you are already so old why are you still like a little girl. Is this kind of guy reliable? What can he give you?”

“What do you think that I lack?”

Murong Die snorts, “Uncle Xie Yue. What you have, I also have. What you do not have I also have. Do not use this method to chase me okay? I am not interested in uncle!”

“Hehe, are you sure?”

Unexpectedly Xie Yue chuckles as he says calmly, “Xiao Die, your father really pampered you too much. Looks like there are somethings that you also do not know.”

“What are you talking about?”

Murong Die and Liu Yi’s heart sink at the same time, what trump card is this uncle going to take out?


Xie Yue only laughs before saying, “Your father’s funds are all stuck in a project in Jingdou city. If he is unable to take this project, his finances will crash any moment….while from what I know, he still needs a lot of funding for this project, but I am afraid that your father is already powerless. Xiao Die, if I do not lend a helping hand, your Murong Family can only wait for bankruptcy.”


Chapter 384 [Murong’s Family Crisis]

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