MKW Chapter 383

Chapter 383 [Demonic Sword Technique]


Hundreds of thousands of books to Little Jade is nothing but a blink of an eye.

Very quickly all of the books are completely scanned and Liu Yi immediately starts to filter.

‘Sword technique, forbidden’

Liu Yi throws out these two keywords and lets Little Jade filter through.

Very quickly of the hundreds of thousands of books, there are only ten books which Liu Yi roughly glances through their names to sees which one he is seeking for.

Although earlier a few books were accidentally destroyed by Chen Keqing, but Liu Yi believes that since it is a book left behind by a senior, there will definitely be a special protection for it and is not possible for a seven-star grade technique to destroy it.

Otherwise that senior would be so mad that he would crawl out from his grave!

After looking through for a while, Liu Yi finally noticed a small booklet that is different from the rest.

This small booklet does not have any name and looks ordinary. It is placed on the most inconspicuous position.

Liu Yi raises his head as he based on Little Jade’s position looks at the position of the booklet.

The glance is not important as Liu Yi instantly got a shock.

There is actually nothing!

The scan obviously shows that there should be a small booklet there but on the bookshelf, there is only this booklet missing among all of the books scanned!

At that instant Liu Yi instantly understands!

Illusion technique!

Perhaps the Raising Immortal Palace Hall disciples did not think that their senior would have placed an illusion technique in the Scripture Hall!

Furthermore, the disciples of Raising Immortal Palace Hall are not proficient in illusion techniques. It should be celestial sects who are proficient in it!

That senior used a simple illusion technique and concealed it from his later generations for nearly a thousand years!

{Little Cai help me!}

As Liu Yi speaks, a chain flies out from the center of his palm and coils around the peak of the pagoda.

A five colored qi wave spread out causing Chen Keqing by the side to be shocked, what is this rude guy doing!

Although Little Cai was originally a weak little demon, but after turning into Liu Yi’s spiritual pet it has grown along in Liu Yi’s spiritual beast space!

Of the three qi that Liu Yi cultivates, the one that is not lacking the most is spiritual power!

Especially since he is stuck at the eighth-star bottleneck, there is a lot of excess spiritual power that cannot be used and are basically used as his spiritual pet’s food.

Little Cai’s current strength is already at nine stars while the Monarch Scorpion, Yan Qiuhong has already entered the big barrier of ten stars!

The chain that Little Cai transformed into links Liu Yi to the peak, the strength released by them swept the entire interior of the pagoda clean of the illusion technique!

That plain and simple small booklet finally appears in front of Liu Yi.

He is excited as he hurries and recalls the chain before flying over to that bookshelf and reached out to grabs the small booklet.

Who would have known that the moment Liu Yi touched the small booklet, it would instantly turn into a white light and enter his forehead.

“What damn thing is that!”

Liu Yi got a huge shock as he hurries and touched his forehead. It is fine, no indent or blood!

Afterwards, a swelling feeling appears in his brain instantly allowing him to realize what had happened.

Good fellow! This senior is really exceptional! He actually sealed a memory transfer technique within the small booklet!

Looks like this senior really does not wish to let his technique be known by a third person ah!

Rows of words clearly engrave into Liu Yi’s memories. Originally it is only ancient words, but Liu Yi automatically translates it into the current era Chinese words to read.

<<I, Shan Honghe have been beheading devils for a lifetime, killing countless of evil monster! Helplessly, ultimately an evil monster entered my body, which unexpectedly allowed me to comprehend these taboo moves! Roughly within these thousand years of Raising Immortal Palace Hall history, I am the first immortal disciple who possesses demon qi in my body! Ai, evil creature!>>

What the heck?!

This senior who created this taboo sword techniques actually possessed Demon Qi in his body?

It seems similar to my situation ah!

<<I made use of my own demon qi and sword qi to create this set of taboo sword moves which I named Demonic Sword Technique! This Demonic Sword Technique is incomparably weird, it is not a righteous technique. If used, it is too harmful and defying the heavens! Thus I have originally decided to destroy this set of defiance of nature sword technique but I also find it a pity. Thus. I set a small illusion technique in hope that there will be a fateful person in the future. But even if this fateful person had luckily obtained this Demonic Sword Technique, I am afraid that he would also not be able to cultivate it. Normal immortal cultivators cannot possess demon qi. Otherwise, he would die from the conflicting qi in his body. I am of a different case, thus i can cultivate it, in short, all is up to fate…>>

This Shan Honghe is a different case?

Then wouldn’t I, Liu Yi be a different case among all the different cases! Demon qi, immortal qi, and devil qi are all revolving within my body at the same time, complementing each other…tsk, tsk or is it really as fate ordains?

No matter what, this Senior Shan Honghe is thinking, I do not believe in this fate!

<<This Demonic Sword Technique only has three moves but is three moves in defiance of the heaven moves! If the fateful person wishes to cultivate, you must remember! Do not mess up the human realm, otherwise you will be cutting your own lifespan and in the end become like me and fall into the Asura Realm and never be able to reincarnate…>>


This senior actually entered the Asura Realm?

But why is it that I have never met an expert who used this Demonic Sword Technique during my 500 years in the Asura Realm?

Liu Yi suddenly trembles as he faintly recalls a legend in the Asura Realm.

It is said that within a deep abyss in Asura Realm hides a scarily strong Asura God. This Asura God is different from asuras. He have to go around and kill people, instead, he only moves around in the abyss. When other asuras get close, they will definitely die. Even other Asura Gods in the Asura Realm do not dare to go and challenge him.

Unless that person hiding in the abyss is Senior Shan Honghe?

Liu Yi thinks deeply for a while and feels that now is not the time to think about these.

He immediately started flipping through the Demonic Sword Technique and looks through it.

Indeed this Demonic Sword Technique needs to use both Immortal Qi and Demon Qi at the same time to be able to use. There is only three sword moves recorded!

But these three moves causes Liu Yi to sweat.

Defying heaven…indeed it is fucking defying heaven…

These three sword moves can only be described as defying heaven’s order!!!

The first move is called Sword seed, Liu Yi for now disregard the homonyms but looks at the killing potential of this move…

The first move is the user plant a sword seed within the body of his opponent, the enemy cannot have a higher strength than the user nor be too weak otherwise the implanting of the sword seed will fail. But when the implantation is successful, the enemy’s flesh body will be eaten away before changing into a bone sword and becoming the user’s weapon! The sword seed also has a second usage which after implanting into the enemy body, imploding it, turning the enemy’s body into thousands of fleshes sword which will attack the surrounding people!

[TL: fuck me…this is too brutal already…]

Sinister ah…really too sinister!

The second move is called Demon Beheading, the user wraps himself with sword qi and transforms into a sword and pierces through the enemy. At first glance, it seems to be acceptable but when piercing through the enemy, the user will absorb the enemy’s soul and turns it into the user’s strength!

The more you kill, the more the user benefits!

[TL: yeah this move is almost as bad as the way the Great God sect cultivates…]

As for the third move…Liu Yi is already strengthless to curse!

Sword Name Recall Spirit! The use is to seize the enemy’s soul and insert it into the user’s sword, allowing the user’s sword to possess sword spirit, thereby its strength increases by a hundred times! As for the soul that is inserted into the sword…it will for an eternity be unable to reincarnate!

Bullshit….of these three moves, which one is not defying heaven’s orders ah!

Furthermore, the last two moves are killer moves that harm the souls…no wonder even in the Asura Realm, no one is willing to get close to the abyss…

Normally it is only the death of the flesh body, afterwards, the soul will reincarnate and continue to fight…

But if they got killed by Demon Beheaded or Sword Name Recall Spirit…that means it is completely ‘GAME OVER’!

This doesn’t even give you the chance of reincarnating ah!

Liu Yi takes a deep breath. Even if he wants to give up now, the three moves are already engraved within his mind already.

As long as he wished to, with his strength, he can use them any time he wants…

Demonic Sword Technique ah, Demonic Sword Technique…no wonder you are sealed here…

“Evil disciple what did you find!”

At this moment Chen Keqing who was originally unable to speak suddenly speaks.

Liu Yi is immediately shocked awake as he looks at Chen Keqing. Looks like this lass have already found the trick and is gathering all of her strength on her mouth to allow her lips and tongue to move slightly and allow her to speak.

“Is it our Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s sword technique! Quickly hand it over, that is mine!”

“I am also a member of Raising Immortal Palace Hall.”

Liu Yi no longer has the small booklet to pass to Chen Keqing unless he uses memory transfer technique! But this kind of harming the heaven cultivation technique, Liu Yi does not wish to pass it down to Chen Keqing, this kind of beauty…moreover she is also unable to cultivate it.

“Even if I give it to you senior sister, you are also unable to cultivate it.”

“Rubbish! I am naturally smart and cultivate very swiftly! As Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s 13th generation senior disciple, I have the responsibility of reviving Raising Immortal Palace Hall! I shall definitely learn this sword technique that was left behind by senior!”

“Let it go. You are really unable to learn this thing.”

Liu Yi explains simply, “If you want to learn this sword technique, you need to have demon qi in your body first. Senior sister, do you have demon qi in your body?”

“Of course I don’t have! Stop saying nonsense! How is it possible for our Raising Immortal Palace to have a sword technique that needs demon qi! It is definitely because you are not willing to pass it to me to learn, that is why you are saying such kind of things to scare me!”

“Really not ah…forget it. If senior sister is really thinking that way then think that way. I have already found the thing that I want and shall return back to cultivating.”

Although this sword technique is really sinister, but Liu Yi needs to learn it. To be able to protect the people that I need to protect, so what if I turn into a devil?

If I did not have Immortal Fox sister even if I have cultivated until I become an immortal, what is the point?

“Damn it! You come back!”

“Relax senior sister. I will not leave Raising Immortal Palace Hall. Before the World’s Dao Gathering, I will be resting in Unfettered Pavilion. If senior sister wants to learn the sword technique you can come and challenge me. If you are able to win, this sword technique is yours.”


“It is up to you to believe. I shall be waiting in Unfettered Pavilion to fight with senior sister.”

“Damn it! You really left! Why did you not release me from the seal ah! Damn stinky fellow! I ,Chen Keqing will not be done with you!”


Chapter 383 [Demonic sword technique]

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