MKW Chapter 382

Chapter 382 [Senior Sister don’t ah!!!]


“You! Who are you!”

When the beauty sees the book in Liu Yi’s hand, her face instantly turns pale as she asks in shock.

“Who are you as well?”

Liu Yi feels that it is best not to be too passive as he hides the book behind while asking without any change in expression.

“Don’t hide! Do you think I am an idiot! I have already seen it already!”

The beauty is hopping mad, “I am Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s 13th generation disciple Chen Keqing! Damn it where did you pop out from! How dare you trespass into my Scripture Pavilion!”

“This…I did not trespass in…”

“Say what did you see just now! Today I shall dig out your eyes and cut off your tongue!”

What the hell, she is so evil!

It is not like I purposefully came and saw!

“Oi, oi, this…Senior sister Chen, you are being too excessive already!”

Thinking about this Liu Yi finally says, “What you do is your own freedom. It is not like I wanted to see…”

“You have indeed seen it! Damn it ah damn it!”

Chen Keqing is almost crazy, “Today I must definitely dig out your eyes and cut out your tongue!!!!”

As she speaks, she did not give Liu Yi any chance to explain as her hand flashes as the sword on her back shoots out, cutting through the sky and piercing towards Liu YI.

“^%^#, you attack when you say you are going to attack!!!”

Liu Yi looks at the sword flying towards him as he activates Black and White World.

At the same time, his body leans towards the left, dodging the blade edge.


The sword instantly stabs into the bookshelf behind Liu Yi, shredding a number of books.

Liu Yi exclaims, “Aiyah! This is bad! You actually destroyed the books in the Scripture Pavilion ah! Raising Immortal Palace Hall will definitely punish you!”

“Damnit! Isn’t it all because of you evil bastard! Today no matter what I must cut off your tongue!”

As she speaks, Chen Keqiang calls back her flying sword before holding it in her hand and swings it out, sending out a dense amount of crescent moon sword qi towards Liu Yi.

“Really a violent Senior sister ah.”

Liu Yi shakes his head as a black light emerges from his body as he summons his Monarch Armour.

-dang, dang, dang!-

Sparks fly out as the sword qi attacks land on the Monarch Armour which completely blocks all of them.

“What kind of defensive strength is this!”

Chen Keqing is shocked, “To be able to block my sword qi!”

“Senior sister. You only possess the strength of a seven-star cultivator. You are not my opponent.”

Liu Yi advised her with kind intentions, “Today I did not see anything nor do I know anything. You….”

“Nonsense! I am the senior sister of Raising Immortal Palace Hall whose strength has always been the strongest!”

Chen Keqiang once again interrupted Liu Yi’s sentences, “Furthermore if you say you did not see means you did not really see? Only by digging out your eyes and cutting off your tongue would I be relieved!”

“Oi, Oi, senior sister, there is no need to force me right?”

“Who is forcing you! It is you who is harming me!”

Chen Keqing does not have any intention of letting off Liu Yi as she holds the sword with both hands and lets out a roar.

Instantly a 7-8 meters tall large human shadow flies out from Chen Keqing’s back. This human shadow is none other than Chen Keqing’s sword qi avatar!

Easy, I have seen Liu Haisheng use this move before!

“You are really unbridled. Using such a strong technique, this Scripture Pavilion might be demolished by you.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he shakes his head. He cannot let Scripture Pavilion be damaged as there is still an object that he wants within!

He releases Monarch Armour state and transforms the Monarch Armour into the Monarch Shield and places it in the center of the pagoda.

A barrier is released out, protecting the pagoda’s bookshelves. Although the Monarch Barrier is not a super strong barrier but protecting the bookshelves for a while is still fine.

“Go and die!”

After her shameful action has been seen by other people, Chen Keqing no longer thinks of other matters as her enormous human shadow starts to wave its sword and attacks Liu Yi.

At this moment she does not think of anything else but to make this damn guy in front of her silent forever.

“Looks like she is really mad ah…”

Liu Yi sighs as he raises his head and looks at the enormous sword chopping towards him and slaps out with his right palm.

“Mountain Mist!”

Using Glorious Sun Palm, a six-meter wide enormous palm flies out towards the sky, blocking the descending sword edge!

At the same time, Liu Yi’s palm waves and the enormous palm also follows along and slaps out, slapping the enormous sword off course.

After which Liu Yi jumps into the sky, over seven meters high until he is level with the human shadow’s head.

“Illusion desolation!”

He sends out a palm move with his right hand and the human shadow’s head instantly burst open, causing the entire sword shadow to dissipate.


Blood trickles out from Chen Keqing’s mouth.

“You actually… so easily deal with my sword shadow…”

This sword shadow is one of the supreme techniques within the Through Sky Sword Technique!

It is rumored that an expert at Heaven stage is able to transform into a thousand meter enormous shadow and use a sword to cleave the nine heavens!

But these are myths as it has been a long time since Raising Immortal Palace Hall had an expert at Heaven Stage!

The only one is Ma Long who went to the Demon Realm.

“I feel that we should calm down and have a talk.”

After Liu Yi uses Glorious Sun Palm to break his opponent supreme technique, he starts to say, “I hate violence the most. Both of us are civilized people. There is nothing that cannot be properly talked about. Why is there a need to fight and kill?”

“How dare you say such words!”

Chen Keqing is very indignant as she wipes away the blood on her mouth. Holding up her sword she says: “Today I shall risk it all against you evil bastard!”

My innocence ah!

The girl’s innocence is gone already what else is there to say!

Liu Yi cannot help but ask: “Oi, oi, senior sister. You even wear lace panty’s already, why are you still so old school ah!”

“You indeed….saw everything!”

Chen Keqing has thoughts of cutting her own throat and ending everything. But since that is the case I must first kill this lecher in front of her!

“Senior sister don’t. We cannot be like this together ah!”

“GO AND DIE!!!!!”

“Goddamnit what a violent temper!”

Liu Yi has no other choice. The power difference between the two of them is too big. He does not dare to use too much strength otherwise he would injure this senior sister!

Looking at Chen Keqing who is rushing towards him with the sword, Liu Yi has no other choice. He raises his right hand and sends out a palm wind towards Chen Keqing.

Liu Yi’s strength is not weak! This palm wind seems to be a storm in the pagoda, coiling   Chen Keqing causing her to fly away.

But Liu Yi seems to not have controlled his strength properly as there is some trace of sharpness in the palm wind.


A few section of Chen Keqing’s clothing seems to be torn, revealing her white legs and perky butt…especially since she just removed her panties, her lower body seems to be completely revealed in front of Liu Yi….

Very quickly all of her clothing turn into scrap cloth and float onto the ground.

Liu Yi is stunned…Ah…when did palm wind turn so hentai…


Chen Keqing hugs her body as she kneels on the ground shrieking.

Liu Yi immediately turns around while explaining.

“Misunderstanding ah it is really a misunderstanding ah senior sister!”

“Misunderstanding your head! I WANT TO KILL YOU!”

A spatial ring on Chen Keqing’s finger releases out a new attire which she swiftly puts on.

At the same time, she once again raises her sword with red eyes and stabs towards Liu Yi with her sword covered with sword qi!

“Meridian Seal!”

Liu Yi has no other choice as he uses Spirit Fox Steps and dodges Chen Keqing’s sword edge before hitting out with Glorious Sun Palm’s second move on Chen Keqing’s arm.

Instantly Chen Keqing feels that her blood seems to have stopped flowing, while her body is also sealed there unable to move!


Even my mouth is unable to open! What demon technique did this fellow use on me!


She can only let out groaning sound which shows her strong protest!

“That….senior sister. I can help you release the seal but first, there is a lot of matters that I need to explain first!”

Liu Yi hurries and says, “I am not an evil person. I am a new disciple who just entered the sect. I am called Liu Yi. Of course we do not need to be so unfamiliar with each other, after all we are from the same sect. Senior sister can call me junior brother! I am very friendly, really! As for the matter today…it was really an accident. I have forgotten everything, completely forgotten! Don’t keep shouting that you want to kill me…we are from the same sect why do you want to harm your own brother! As long as you agree to calm down and have a proper chat. I can help you release this seal okay? Okay, move your eyes up and down. No, your eyes moved left and right…”

Chen Keqing’s eyes move up and down. Liu Yi sighs in relief as he pets Chen Keqing’s arm.


“Haiz, senior sister how can you be so untruthful. Your junior brother’s heart is broken.”

As Liu Yi speaks he sighs deeply, while Chen Keqing’s eyes are filled with fire.

“Forget it. Looks like senior sister would not be able to calm down soon. Then I shall not release the seal for now. After senior sister has calm down, we shall see.”

Liu Yi ignores the statues-like Chen Keqing standing there with a raised sword.

He turns around and looks at the surrounding bookshelves.

Two months time is too short. I better hurry up and find the rumored supreme technique that Master told me about and cultivate it soon!

{Master, Little Jade can help.}

Just as Liu Yi is in a headache over the hundreds of thousands of books, Little Jade suddenly speaks up, {You just need to activate Little Jade’s scanning ability then you’ll be able to instantly scan all of the hundreds of thousands of books into Little Jade’s database.  , you can use the filter method to swiftly filter out the most suitable book.}

{Damn it why didn’t you say it earlier! Quickly do it now!}

Liu Yi is impatient as he immediately activates Little Jade’s scanning function.

Instantly a green light flies out of Liu Yi’s eyes and following his line of sight, sweeping across every single book. The light ray seems to have x-ray ability as it is able to see through every single layer of paper and scan all of the contents!


Chapter 382 [Senior sister don’t ah!!!]

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