MKW Chapter 381

Chapter 381 [Exercise within the Pavillion]

Warning the following chapter contains PG15 content.

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Liu Yi who only has thoughts to improve his strength, left Through Sky Pavilion the moment he confirmed his identity as a disciple of Raising Immortal Palace Hall, and went to the Scripture Pavilion.

Although Through Sky Pavilion is in a slum, after all back then it was one of the top sects. There will definitely be a number of mysterious cultivation techniques in the Scripture Pavilion.

He flies swiftly to the Scripture Pavilion, which is a pagoda-style building. Indeed there is no one guarding it and is very quiet.

Perhaps Raising Immortal Palace Hall is left with an empty shell ah…

Liu Yi cannot help but sigh, although master’s past history is very tragic, he had indeed brought about quite a bit of damage to Raising Immortal Palace Hall.

Based on what master said, back then he investigated that the ones who killed his family member were from a small sect from the demonic path, which was eradicated by him afterward.

But afterward, thinking for a while it is not really possible and there is definitely some other hidden force!

After all why would a small devil sect attack the eldest disciple of Raising Immortal Palace Hall for no cause nor reason!

The one whom Ma Hua suspected the most is none other than Concealed Sword Pavilion!

The only one whom Raising Immortal Palace Hall was able to threaten is Concealed Sword Pavilion! 95% chance that it is Concealed Sword Pavilion who send people to kill my master’s family members before shifting the blame to that unlucky small devil sect.

Liu Yi is also able to understand this kind of underhanded move.

Thus this time around as he takes part in the World’s Dao Gathering, it is not only to steal the pills, gain fame for Raising Immortal Palace Hall, it is also to find the real murderer of master’s family.

What a heavy responsibility ah!

Dragon Group and Xiao Die, there still have a lot of problems. Luckily I know the avatar technique otherwise I will really be finished.

Liu Yi lands in front of the main door of the Scripture Pavilion. Keeping the Taiji sword he gently pushes open the main door of the Scripture Pavilion.

Instantly a cloud of dust blasts out, damnit how long has it been since it was last visited by people?

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and sends out a palm wind which instantly sent all of the dust out from the tower.

Damn it! Nearly choked me to death ah! Looks like usually people seldom come to this place…it can be seen how badly Raising Immortal Palace Hall has declined too!

Liu Yi shakes his head as he walks in, looking at layer after layer of ancient records.

A cultivator’s eyesight is very strong, there is 7 layers and every layer, on every shelf, there is the name of the book which Liu Yi is able to see clearly.

Among them, there is one which is the Raising Immortal Palace Hall sect’s cultivation technique <<Through Sky Sword Technique>>.

He flies over and takes down the cultivation technique to take a look. Although he cannot cultivate it, but it is okay to glance through it as a reference.

Through Sky Sword Technique talks about sword and qi combined as one which is contrary with Concealed Sword Pavilion which is sword and qi separated.

Concealed Sword Pavilion believes that sword and qi cannot be cultivated together, only cultivating one would it be able to concentrate one’s attention and cultivate to the peak!

Raising Immortal Sword Palace believes that sword and qi must be cultivated together like Yin and Yang blending together which is the king’s path of sword technique!

No matter which one, Liu Yi is unable to understand completely. After all, he has only cultivated sword techniques shallowly and is not considered as proficient.

Thus after roughly glancing through it, Liu Yi places the book back to its original position.

There are a lot of books in the Scripture Pavilion, not only is there cultivation technique, there are also some classic Taoist writings like Dao De Jing by Lao Zi and the likes.

[TL: Lao Zi founder of Taoism]

Looks like other than focusing on cultivating sword techniques, Raising Immortal Palace Hall also requires its disciple to improve their state of mind!

Liu Yi stops in the Scripture Pavilion for a long time, seeking for books that he is interested in.

After looking for half a day, suddenly he recalls an important matter!

He recalls that his master had told him before that within the Scripture Pavilion of Raising Immortal Palace Hall, there is a myth that was passed down.

Along the hundred of thousands of book in Scripture Pavilion, among one of them is an unparallel sword technique that was left behind by a senior of Raising Immortal Palace Hall!

But because this sword technique was in defiance of the natural order it was then termed a prohibited technique!

Afterward the senior started to regret creating this defiance of the natural order sword technique and thus concealed it within the Scripture Pavilion and no longer permitted the sect’s disciples from cultivating it.

Ma Hua told Liu Yi that if he entered the Scripture Pavilion, give it a search and see if he is able to find that opportunity.

A defiance of the natural order sword technique eh…where could it be?

Liu Yi is also curious as he starts to search among the Scripture Pavilion.

Hundred of thousands of books ah! No idea how long would it take for me to search through!

But as long as I can find it, during the World’s Dao Gathering as well as the matter of claiming back Immortal Fox sister, I will have more confidence!

While Liu Yi is bitterly searching, suddenly he hears a flying sword cutting through the air.

Someone is coming? Is it Sect Leader Martial Uncle? But the aura does not seem to be similar.

Because Liu Yi has not met other disciples face to face to avoid trouble, Liu Yi decided to hide first and wait for the disciple to leave.

Anyways people seldom come to the Scripture Pavilion. This disciple most probably would not stay here for long.

Thinking to here, his body turned into a black smoke and transformed into a small black butterfly which landed on a bookshelf on the seventh layer.

“Eh? Today its actually so clean?”

A girl pushes open the door and walks into the Scripture Pavilion.

“Did master send people over to clean this place?”

The girl who is wearing a golden sect attire, glancing around.

When Liu Yi sees the girl’s appearance, he got a shock.

I did not expect that there would be such a beautiful female disciple in Raising Immortal Palace Hall ah! Although her appearance is incomparable to Ai Ling or Lin Tong, she is still a beauty.

She stands in the center of the pagoda as some sweat covers her forehead.

“Don’t even know who came to my Raising Immortal Palace Hall, to actually shock my master…meh, but who cares. It is not related to me. I better continue to search for my unparalleled sword technique!”

She flips in the air and lands in front of the bookshelves on the third layer and takes out a book and slowly reads.

This beauty is actually here to search for that unparalleled sword technique as well? But looking through the book one by one how long would it take?

“After searching for over three years…there are still two months. I must definitely find you…”

As the girl flips through the book, she starts talking to herself.

I’ll be damned…so this girl is also here for the World’s Dao Gathering ah!

Looks like the disciples of Raising Immortal Palace Hall still have a sense of responsibility!

“En this book is also not book…”

As the girl speaks, she flips open another book. After glancing for a while, her face and ears start to turn red.

“Eh…this is actually a dual cultivation technique…this kind of book was also placed here…martial uncles are really not proper…”

Eh? There is actually a dual cultivation technique? This is a good thing ah.

Liu Yi cannot help but remember the position where she took the book from and prepares to take a look after she has left.

And it was at this moment, the beauty did something that shocked Liu Yi to the point where his jaw dropped.

While holding the duo cultivation technique book with one hand, her other hand actually secretly reached under her skirt!!!

“How is this dual cultivation technique any good…”

While the girl continues to talk out loud, her hand’s actions did not slow down.

As her left hand continues to squirms under her skirt, as her hand trembles, her face turns even redder as her body starts to tremble slightly while letting out indistinct cries.


Liu Yi’s eyeballs nearly pop out, this, this beauty of Raising Immortal Palace Hall…actually, actually is hand….hand….hand….

NO!! I am too pure already and am unable to continues on ah!


The beauty finally lets go of the book as she braces herself on the bookshelf while her hand moves even faster!

By the side Liu Yi who is secretly watching feels like he is undergoing the most major test ever!

How is it possible for you to not feel hot when a beauty is comforting herself in front of you!!!

Especially since Liu Yi is no longer a virgin. After experiencing a duo cultivation before, he is somewhat addicted to it.

Usually, it is still okay, with a lot of matters to handle, there is no time to think of such matters.

Now a beautiful female cultivator is in front of him doing such things…his heart is on fire ah, almost unable to bear it.

The beauty leans against the bookshelf as she sticks out her butt while her hand continues to move.

Liu Yi swallows his saliva and silently revolves his Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra to keep his mind clear.

Haiz…my god ah. I’m begging you not to test me like this again….we do not have bad blood ah…why do you do this to me…

Is that Great God’s curse still effective…please don’t play me like this ah!

Liu Yi clenches his teeth as he wishes to smash his head and die on the beauty’s butt!


After twenty plus minutes, the beauty has finally obtained her satisfaction as she lets out a long cry before finally lowering her damp hand.

“Annoying…dirty again…”

As she speaks, she removes her damp panty from under her skirt.

Liu Yi sighs, looks like the cultivation world is following along with the modern world. This beauty is wearing a lace panty!

He immediately shakes his head, fairies are also unrestrained ah! If it is a T-back then it would be perfect.

“Let me return and change to a new one…”

She holds the damp panty in her hand and steps onto her flying sword and flies out of the Scripture Pavilion.

Liu Yi lets out a sigh of relief, mother ah. Looks like I cannot stay here for long. It is best if I return later!

It is way too dangerous! There is no one blocking this kind of evil person!

Liu Yi transforms back into a human as he floats down and picks up the dual cultivation technique book on the ground.

Such a good book how can you throw it on the ground! It is best if I return and properly study it meticulously!

The cultivation path is very long. I need to continuously learn new things, right, right…

Liu Yi looks at the dual cultivation technique in his hand and feels that the things written in the book are too evil…and mysterious!

This look makes him continue reading more, making him lose himself.

In his mind, endless images appear continuously!

When I take it back, who do I research this dual cultivation technique with?

With Xiao Mi? Or should I look for an opportunity to do with Ai Ling?

Ai…how sinful…these two girls do not seem to be possible…unless, with Jasmine Li?!

Damn it! Liu Yi just how little moral integrity do you have!

Liu Yi harshly berates himself.

If it is not these people then who can I do it with…unless with that beauty earlier?

While Liu Yi is letting his imagination run wild, the main door of the Scripture Pavilion is suddenly pushed open.

“Damn it, damn it. I forgot to keep the book.”

The beauty who has done the sinful matter in front of the books walk in.

Seeing the youngster who is holding the book that she left on the ground, the beauty turns sluggish.

Liu Yi is also stunned.


Chapter 381 [Exercise within the Pavillion]

Today’s teaser

Liu Yi flies into the Scripture Pavillion. As he looks around he suddenly senses someone else heading over. Swiftly he transform into a black                       and hides on top of a bookshelf.

He watches                                   slowly looking through books and ……to be continued tomorrow

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