MKW Chapter 380

Chapter 380 [Iam an Imortal’s disciple]


Liu Yi exclaims in shock in his heart, what the, in Raising Immortal Palace Hall there is still someone who hates master?

“Junior brother do not speak nonsense!”

Liu Haisheng says: “After so many years you still have not put down the devil in your heart? Listen to senior brother’s word of advice. Swiftly withdraw.”

“I am unable to swallow down this anger!”

Zhang Wentao clenches his fist, “If not for Ma Long betraying the sect. Our sect would not have landed in our current plight!”

“Even if that is the case. It is not related to the youngster in front of us. Let him come over.”

“Senior brother!”

“Let him come over!”

The gentle voice suddenly changes, changed into a voice filled with unblockable vigor.


Zhang Wentao sees that his senior brother Liu is somewhat angered, thus he does not dare to say anymore. He could only wave his hand and retreat to the side allowing Liu Yi to pass.

“Follow along.”

The golden path once again layout. Liu Yi glances at Jasmine Li before following the golden path towards the largest Through Sky Pavilion.

Jasmine Li hurries behind Liu Yi while Zhang Wentao did not dare to be rash again as he honestly follows behind them. But his gaze towards Liu Yi is filled with deep hatred.

What kind of major mistake did master did back then to make Zhang Wentao hate him so deeply?

To the extent that this kind of hatred is shifted onto me?

Liu Yi starts to be suspicious.

Through Sky Pavilion is very imposing and vast, the main door is over 5 meters tall.

When Liu Yi flies close to it, the pair of enormous door automatically open and from inside rushes out a deep blue but sharp sword qi.

As the sword qi assaulted their senses, although it conceals its edge, it does not harm people.

As Liu Yi sighs in sorrow at the power of the sword qi, he slowly descends towards the interior of the hall.

Entering the room, the first thing that Liu Yi noticed is none other than the large golden sword in the center of the hall! The tip of the golden sword is touching the ground while the top of the handle is supporting the ceiling! Engraved on the sword body is two seal script large words, ‘Through Sky’!

[TL: normal wording is ‘通天’ for seal script it is ‘’]

The two words feel vigorous and forceful and give Liu Yi a feeling of rushing through the 9 heavens!

There is also that enormous ancient sword. It looks like it is carved out from a stone but Liu Yi is able to feel that sword qi is coiling around it!

Looks like this ancient sword is not an ordinary item!

Below the ancient sword stands an old man wearing golden qipao.

The old man has long white hair and completely looks like an immortal. With his golden qipao as he stands there, he looks like a sword that is sheathed!

Looks like Raising Immortal Palace Hall is not lacking in experts ah!

“Looks like this one is my junior brother Ma’s disciple.”

The old man is none other than Liu Haisheng who is the current Sect Head of Raising Immortal Palace Hall.

When he sees Liu Yi, a complex look appears in his eyes.

“Come in front of Martial Uncle. Let me take a good look.”


Why do you make it appear like a blind date ah. But he did not say anything. After all, this is my master’s senior brother and is also the sect head of Raising Immortal Palace Hall. The senior among senior. Since he wants to take a look then let him look. After all I would not lose anything.

Thinking to here, Liu Yi immediately gets off his flying sword and walks over to Liu Haisheng.

When he reaches the front of Liu Haisheng, his vision suddenly blurred and Liu Haisheng’s hand is already grabbing his arm.

At that moment, Liu Yi only thinks, Is this old man going to sneak attack?

Don’t tell me that this Liu Haisheng is a honeyed words vile person with a sword in his belly?!

I did not cultivate 500 years in the Asura Realm for nothing!

Subconscious reactions from Liu Yi’s body cause the immortal qi in his body to revolve on its own and rush towards Liu Haisheng’s palm.

Liu Haisheng’s palm is not deflected away, instead,it becomes even heavier.


A qi wave blasts out, causing Liu Haisheng’s beard to sway slightly.

“This junior brother Ma of mine is indeed talented. He actually taught up an eight-star talent! Hard to come by ah, hard to come by ah.”

He withdraws his palm as he sighs.

So this old man is not trying to sneak attack me but to test my depth!

Damn it…luckily my strength is somewhat different from other people. What this old man has observed is my star map of which I opened eight star jades. Which does not reflect much about my actual strength.

“Ai…to think that after my junior brother Ma left, my Raising Immortal Palace Hall no longer had this kind of talent. As for earth grade and above experts, there is only us old fogies left…”

“It is all because of Ma Long!”

Zhang Wentao’s eyes turn red again, “If I see him again I will definitely cut him into pieces!”

“Junior brother. Control your temper!”

Liu Haisheng frowns as he glares at Zhang Wentao, “The reason why junior brother Ma would end up this way, you and I are both unable to separate ourselves from this responsibility! It is because we did not protect his family properly. Over here, you Zhang Wentao have an unavoidable responsibility!”


Zhang Wentao instantly becomes silent.

“Liu Yi. Based on the letter he wrote you have come to Raising Immortal Palace Hall to represent my Raising Immortal Palace Hall to take part in the World’s Dao Gathering right?”

Liu Haisheng’s gaze returns back to Liu Yi.

“That’s right. That is indeed the case.”

Liu Yi nods his head, it is considered as helping master to fulfill his dream.

“Then this girl…who is she?”

“I, I am…”

Jasmine Li does have the courage to tease Liu Yi, but facing this immortal looking old man, she does not have the courage.

In the real world, she is a powerful assassin. But coming to this cultivation world…she is unquestionably a weakling.

Liu Yi speaks up, “Replying Sect Leader Marital uncle. This one is my unworthy disciple.”

“Oh? You have actually accepted a disciple? I did not expect that I have become a grandmaster already.”

Liu Haisheng clucks before patting Jasmine Li on her arm.

With this pat, he instantly exclaims.

“Good! Actually a seven star! Liu Yi ah, you really do have a way of training your disciple but why are you still stopped at the eight star?”

“This…I have met a bit of a bottleneck…”

“Martial uncle understands. Back then Martial uncle had also stopped at the entrance of earth grade for over a hundred years.”

Liu Haisheng’s words cause Liu Yi to be more or less gratified, but I have already stopped here for over 200 years already…

“Hmph. Just eight stars how can you represent my Raising Immortal Palace Hall to take part in the World’s Dao Gathering!”

By the side, Zhang Wentao seems to not agree to let Liu Yi take part in the World’s Dao Gathering.

“This World’s Dao Gathering has an unordinary meaning for my Raising Immortal Palace Hall! Just a mere 8-star cultivator how can you fight against the group of genius earth grade experts!”

“Talking about this, there is indeed a large disparity in power.”

Liu Haisheng nods his head before shakes his head, “But, talking about the younger generation, Liu Yi’s strength is indeed the highest…”

“Eh? It cannot be ah!”

Liu Yi is shocked, “Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s younger generation is actually so weak?”

Zhang Wentao is in a towering rage, “Go back and ask that good master of yours!”

“Talking about this, Junior brother Ma is indeed somewhat responsible for it, ai…”

Liu Haisheng sighs and say: “Back then Junior brother Ma was originally going to become the sect leader of Raising Immortal Palace Hall. But it is a pity that due to his family members being killed, he turned into a devil. Back then Junior brother Ma was an idolized person. A lot of disciples that joined the sect were because of him. When he left, a portion of the elite disciples followed him and entered the devil path, while the other portion left the sect and joined other major sects. Raising Immortal Palace Hall is no longer the same as the past ah…”

“Talking about this, where is that master of yours?”

Zhang Wentao’s gaze glitters as he asks: “Isn’t he supposed to be in the Devil Realm? Why would he be able to accept a disciple like you?”

“Master….has already left the Devil Realm and returned back to the Human Realm.”

Liu Yi’s sentence, causes Liu Haisheng and Zhang Wentao to tremble!

Zhang Wentao’s face turns pale, “How is that possible! With the Realm Guardian stopping it, who is able to defeat the Realm Guardian!”

“Since he had come back why did he not return back to the sect!”

Liu Haisheng becomes excited, “If Junior brother is here, with his strength and prestige, Raising Immortal Palace Hall will not need to worry about having no people ah!”

“Hmph, his heart no longer has the sect anymore!”

“This…Sect leader martial uncle and martial uncle. Although my master has returned back to the Human Realm, his star jades were basically crippled. As for his current strength….I am afraid it is below mine.”

Liu Yi honestly replied, “It can be said that master passed all of his hope to me. He hopes that through me, this disciple, he is able to repay his debt to Raising Immortal Palace Hall.”

“Junior brother he….his star jades are actually crippled….”

Liu Haisheng shudders in disbelief as his gaze turns regretful, “Hai…it is my fault. Back then I did not manage to stop him ah…that damn Ma Long, why can’t he change his temper ah…”

“It is a disaster that he created himself!”

Zhang Wentao turns his head away and did not say anymore.

“Enough. We shall not mention him for now. Since you have joined my Raising Immortal Palace Hall, then from now on your are my Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s 13th generation disciple. Liu Yi, since you have learned from my junior brother, have you learned the entry skill Imperial Sword technique?”


Isn’t this old man asking nonsense? If I did not learn the Imperial Sword Technique then how did I enter just now.

“Since that is the case then have you learned Through Sky Sword Technique?”

Through Sky Sword Technique should be Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s advanced technique.

“I have not learned it. Because I have already majored in other techniques thus I do not have the energy to learn another sword technique to major in. But this disciple of mine still has not majored in any technique. I hope that Sect Leader Martial Uncle is able to impart it to her.”

“This is naturally okay.”

Liu Haisheng nods his head, “But if your major technique is not sword techniques then what is it? Is it an immortal technique?”

“No. It is a palm technique.”

A gleam flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes.

Glorious Sun Palm is indeed his ace in the hole.

“So that is the case. Palm techniques also have lots of transformations, having both attack and defense, endless transformation. Since that is the case then Martial Uncle shall not teach you much. On the east side mountain peak, there is a Scripture Pavilion. Inside are records of techniques from different sects. You can go and take a look to see if there is any that are suitable for you.”

“Thank you Sect Leader Martial Uncle. This disciple will not fail to live up to Sect Leader Martial Uncle expectations.”

“No need to be so polite. You have the personal letter of Junior brother Ma. I am 100% assured of you. As for this disciple of your. Wentao. Let her follow beside you. Don’t be stingy with your cultivation technique.”

“Junior brother do not dare to!”

“Good then all of you can leave…Liu Yi, you can go to the back of the hall, Unfettered Pavilion to rest…”

“No need Sect Leader Martial Uncle. There is still two months. I wish to make good use of it. I shall go to the Scripture Pavilion to take a look.”


Chapter 380 [I am an Immortal’s disciple]

Today’s teaser

Liu Yi flies into the Scripture Pavillion. As he looks around he suddenly senses someone else heading over. Swiftly he transform into a black                       and hides on top of a bookshelf.

He watches                                   slowly looking through books and ……to be continued tomorrow

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