MKW Chapter 379

Chapter 379 [Raising Immortal Palce Hall]


The black butterfly can also be considered as one of Liu Yi’s minor clones. When it meets this kind of situation, it immediately has an idea.

It lands on the ground and swiftly transforms into a thumb-sized black scorpion before crawling through the crack.

When it entered, I’ll be damned, endless spring ah!

QingBei university dormitory is similar to Ke Da’s, which is 4-person dorm rooms.

At this moment there are three girls lying on their own beds, dreaming.

As it is hot, they are basically not wearing anything, bare legs, revealing butt and in all kind of strange sleeping postures.

Liu Yi climbs up by the side to take a look, Murong Die is also the same, lying there naked as she hugs a pillow and sleeps sweetly.

Don’t know what is she dreaming of, smiling so sweetly.

But very quickly the smiles disappear as she pouts and starts scolding.

“Damn it Liu Yi….see if this miss would not hit you….kneel down and be a horse for this miss…hehe.. good boy…”

%$#@%#$….what kind of dream is she having…

“Aiyah…you, why are you striping…what? A horse does not wear clothes…damn it…you big pervert…why do you strip off here…”

What the hell?!?! What is this situation?!?!

Looking at Murong Die hugging the pillow as she rubs her legs together with an extremely red face, the little scorpion nearly fall off the side from fright.

Is this lass having a spring dream?

Why am I even in it ah!

[TL: So any guess on which one Murong Die is? Top or Bottom]

The little scorpion jumps back to the ground, waving its tail. it is better to go to the bathroom to take a look…

Currently, Murong Die’s situation is rather dangerous. What if the killer is in the bathroom right?

The little scorpion turns around and crawls through the crack in the door into the steamy bathroom.

A beauty’s figure is faintly discernible through the steam.

The little scorpion is instantly excited, the figure within the steam seems to be very familiar…

Especially the two ball like objects in front of her chest…theyre so large. Other than that large chest girl who else could it be?

The little scorpion very excited and wishes to get closer to take a look.

At this moment the girl suddenly shrieks, “Ah!! Hot….”

Instantly the nozzle is aimed towards the direction of the little scorpion.

The boiling hot water splashes onto the little scorpion!

This is only an imitation of a scorpion and is incomparable to the shell of the Monarch Scorpion!

Instantly it is almost cooked as it escapes out of the bathroom.


At this moment, thousands of miles away.

Jasmine Li is standing on her flying swords looking at Liu Yi who almost dropped from the sky and asks immediately: “Master, what is the master?”

Liu Yi wipes off his cold sweat as he stabilizes his flying sword and withdraws his conscience from the little scorpion as he laughs and says: “No, nothing…haha…”

Damn it…so unlucky…

As Jasmine Li controls the flying sword, she asks: “Master are we still very far away from Raising Immortal Palace Hall?”

“We roughly still need to fly for a while. This Raising Immortal Palace Hall is a hidden sect in the cultivation world. Not everyone can see it. When it’s time, I will use my technique to open the barrier allowing us to fly in.”

“Okay, master. Disciple shall be relying on you.”

Jasmine Li smiles merrily as she chases behind Liu YI.

This assassin disciple ah…is somewhat mischievous.

But her growth speed really shocks me.

“Right. Put this on”

Liu Yi suddenly thought of something as he takes out a bracelet and passes it to Jasmine Li.

“What is this master? Is it some super powerful magic equipment?”

Jasmine Li happily receive the bracelet, “I know master treat me the best…”

“It is not a powerful magic equipment ah.”

Liu Yi hurries and explain. Following Ma Hua that beggar, how is it possible for him to have good things to pass to his disciple!

“This is a special toy that I have specially requested from your grandmaster. It can block off the strength of your soul.”

“Oh, this ah…”

Jasmine Li pouts like she is somewhat disappointed.

“Don’t look down on this toy! It is to protect your life!”

Liu Yi solemnly remind Jasmine Li, “With this, your spiritual body will not be discovered by other people! Do you know what is the end result of a spiritual body being discovered in the cultivation realm?”

“Eh… I don’t know.” replies Jasmine Li as she shakes her head.

“The price is death.”

Liu Yi’s eyes turn cold as he looks at Jasmine Li, making her shiver.

“To them, your spiritual body is the most delicious food…whoever is able to eat you will be able to obtain your spiritual body…of course that is only for girls.”

Liu Yi tells Jasmine Li all of the information regarding the spiritual bodies that he heard from Ma Hua.

“Eat, eat me?”

Jasmine Li looks at Liu Yi in shock, “But, I am not Tang San…”

[TL: Tang San is monk in the story Journey to the West.]

“You are more valuable than Tang San. The spiritual body is something that can only be discovered not sought.”

Liu Yi reminds Jasmine Li, “Think about your heaven-defying cultivation speed…do you think people do not wish to have this kind of cultivation speed?”

“Damn it! Master compared to you what am I considered as! You are the real pervert okay! Why doesn’t master let your disciple eat you?”

As Jasmine Li speaks, she starts to sexily lick her lips.

“Scram! Don’t take advantage of your master!”

Liu Yi shudders before glaring fiercely at Jasmine Li, “Master loses control easily!”

“Hehe, master’s shy appearance is so cute!”

“Shy your sister! If you spout nonsense again do you believe that master will smack you down with a palm!”

“Wuwu…master don’t ah…at the most, I’ll let master eat me up…”

Jasmine Li bats her eyes at Liu Yi.

“Master is a man! Only woman eating you will be effective!”

“Hehe…only men are able to eat disciple ah…master is not aroused?”


Liu Yi is somewhat regretful, this disciple of mine is too damn sexy…somewhat unable to stand it!

He immediately increases his flying sword speed and flies through the sky like a shooting star.

“Aiyah! Master wait for disciple!”

Jasmine Li hurries and chases after Liu Yi and does not dare to mess around. Hehe, master is too shy! This kind of teasing is completely fun ah!

Looks like my task is very important. I must make master’s face somewhat thicker!

After the two of them have flown for more than an hour, Liu Yi finally says: “We are nearly there. Should be around here.”

“There is nothing here ah master? Unless your eyes are blinded?”

Jasmine Li looks at the majestic mountain range as she ridicules.

“Idiot. Didn’t master say before that cultivation world is hidden by a barrier! Look carefully!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he stretches out both hands and forms a seal before pointing below him.


As he lets out a shout, the space below him starts to warp like opening a hole.

From the transparent hole, Jasmine Li seems to see something down there.

“Come with me!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he drags Jasmine Li and dives into the hole.

Instantly towers of majestic halls appear in front of Jasmine Li’s eyes!

Stars instantly appear in Jasmine Li’s eyes as she excitedly says: “Wah! So cool!”

“Of course, after all this is the cultivation realm!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he slowly descends.

On the ground, all over the place is ancient pavilions and gardens.

In the center of the Raising Immortal Palace Hall is an enormous plaza. An enormous Eight-Trigram is drawn above the plaza, with a pair of yin and yang fish hugging each other in the center.

The plaza is not small at all and is at least 200 miles wide! The plaza is built on top of a broken off overhanging cliff wall, making half of the plaza on top of the mountain while the other half in mid-air! A sect of the cultivation world is indeed very impressive!

While Liu Yi and Jasmine Li are hovering above the Raising Immortal Palace Hall, from the large temple an enormous figure flies out!

When the figure stands up, it is over 30 meters tall. With an enormous sword in his hand, he stares fiercely at the two little ‘mosquitos’ in the sky.

“Who dares to barge into my Raising Immortal Palace Hall! Report your names!”

Jasmine Li is shivering in fear of the enormous figure as she pulls on Liu Yi’s arm and says: “Master…they have sent people out…”

“Don’t be afraid, master is here.”

Liu Yi comforts Jasmine Li before clasping his hands and says loudly, “This one is Liu Yi. I am the inheritor of Ma Long. I am here to pay a visit to martial uncles!”

At that moment when Liu Yi finished speaking, the originally quiet Raising Immortal Palace Hall suddenly erupted in loud noise!

Liu Yi is able to hear a lot of people discussing him while the enormous sword immortal figure shudders slightly before saying: “But, but my junior brother Ma…”

“Are you Martial Uncle, Liu Haisheng?”

Liu Yi recalls what Ma Hua told him regarding the matter with Raising Immortal Palace Hall as he says loudly, “I have a letter written by my master, which is for Martial Uncle Liu!”

“Good, good, good. Come to Through Sky Pavilion!”

A path made of golden light flies out from the tallest peak, piercing through the sky growing longer and wider until it reaches Liu Yi.

“Let us go.”

Seeing the golden light path, Liu Yi secretly praises Raising Immortal Palac Hall for its profound mysticism. He calls Jasmine Li over as he flies along the golden path towards Through Sky Pavilion.

At this moment from a hall by the suddenly comes a voice full of rage, “How dare you, evil disciple of Ma Long, that traitor comes to my Raising Immortal Palace Hall! Take my attack!”

While speaking a golden ray shoots through the sky towards Liu Yi swiftly!


Liu Yi is able to see that it is not a lightning bolt but rather a golden flying sword.

He immediately pushes Jasmine Li aside with his palm while uses Imperial Sword Technique with both hands to block in front of him! Using Imperial Sword Technique to snatch over control of his opponent’s sword!

As long as his magic is stronger than his opponent, he will be able to succeed.

But at this moment, Liu Haisheng’s voice rings out.

“Zhang Wentao! Don’t be impudent!”

Following which the golden path suddenly distorts and transforms into a ribbon-like object and rolls up Liu Yi within.


The flying sword hits into the golden light ribbon and is sent flying away.

“Sect Head! Why do you block me!”

Zhang Wentao rages, “Why do you not let me kill this evil disciple!”


Chapter 379 [Raising Immortal Palace Hall]

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Liu Yi transforms into a small scorpion and crawls in. He immediately sees

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