MKW Chapter 378

Chapter 378 [Liu Yi’s clone technique]


-Dang, dang, dang-

The Monarch Armour is very hard and impregnable!

Although the flying sword hits his finger, every time it will only create sparks as it gets flicked away.

This flying sword seems to be low quality and feels like it is somewhat similar to the Taiji Sword that was given to me by my master!

As long as I use a bit of force this flying sword would shatter…

And people who are able to use this kind of flying sword…seem to be only that one!

“Take my attack!”

The figure lets out a loveable cry as she opens the black luggage bag in her hand and throws out a whole bunch of flying swords.

Counting roughly, there are over 30 swords and under the girl’s control, all of them slash towards Liu Yi.

-dang, dang, dang-

Liu Yi did not move as his right hand sends out numerous palm shadows, Glorious Sun Palm, Thousand Shadow!

The flying swords are all hit aside, stabbing into the surroundings of the toilet!

“Damn it! Why am I unable to hit!”

The woman is so angry that she is almost hopping as she uses Imperial Sword Technique and controls the 30+ flying swords to attack Liu Yi.

“You have grown quite a bit, but compared to master you are still too far away.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he revolves his right hand and aims in the direction of the figure.

“Desolate flames!”


The figure is instantly sent flying away and smashes into the wall behind her.

The girl jumps out from the wall as she rubs her shoulder and says bitterly: “Wu….master…your actions are too ruthless….”

“Master has already gone easy on you.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he recalls his Monarch Armour, “Rather it is you. Suddenly using this dangerous technique. Are you trying to kill your master?”

“Hehe, how is that possible!”

Poison Jasmine keeps her flying swords, “I am only wanting to look for master to test whether this part of my technique is powerful or not! Hmph, who would have known that I am unable to even defeat one of master’s hands!”

“Being able to make me use both hands can be considered as a powerful expert.”

Liu Yi is somewhat emotional, “How long has it been…from a lass who didn’t know how to cultivate into a seven-star expert…your improvement really makes people envious…”

Poison Jasmine has only had a few days…and has become a seven-star cultivator!

While I have cultivated for so long….over 500 years ah and am only an eight-star!

Damn it! The difference ah!

Although near the later stages I need to cultivate three different qis at the same time which slows down my improvement speed… as a spirit vein, this cultivation speed is way too shockingly fast!

Even Poison Jasmine is able to train to this stage…then how about Ma Yixuan? With Jiang Qini as her master how far has she cultivated too?

Liu Yi suddenly starts to feel a bit of pressure.

I must hurry and breakthrough to earth stage! If I don’t take out the dragon transformation trick then it’ll be impossible!

Poison Jasmine asks a whole bunch of question: “Master is my improvement very fast? But why am I still so much weaker than you…master what is your stage?”

“Master…has the cultivation of eight stars…” replies Liu Yi.

“Master you are lying to me!”

Poison Jasmine instantly exclaims, “How is that possible! How is it possible for the difference between seven and eight stars be so large!”

“Damn…although master is only at eight stars…I can defeat earth grade experts who are below 15 stars…”

Liu Yi thinks for a moment before saying, “If master uses all of my strength…actually even if it is a 16-star expert, master is able to fight for a while…”

“…..master is so perverted…”

Poison Jasmine’s mouth is unable to close, “Eight stars challenging 16 stars…”

“Enough…master’s strength is somewhat different. But your growth is so fast, I reckon that soon you will break through to earth grade. You won’t be able to learn much from master any longer. In a few days, come along with master. Master will bring you into a cultivation sect to find a master.”

“Really master?”

Poison Jasmine is somewhat surprised, “I, I can enter a cultivation sect?”

“Yes…we are all relying on your master’s fortune ah…

Liu Yi thinks of the letter that he is holding on and say: “In a few days time we will need to head over to the sect.”

“Few days time? Master, I am afraid that it is not possible!”

Unexpectedly Poison Jasmine stops Liu Yi, “Recently the Heaven List issued out a new task, do you know who it it?”


Liu Yi points at himself, “It is aiming at me?”

“No…if it is aiming at master I would not have come to remind you. It is aiming at the big missy by master’s side, Murong Die.”


Liu Yi instantly frowns, “Aiming at Murong Die? Who is the person who dares to harm her!”

“This I do not know. The employer information has always been a secret.”

Poison Jasmine shrugs her shoulders, “Furthermore the employer’s request is also very strange. It is not to ask us from Heaven List to kill Murong Die but to kidnap her.”

“Kidnap her?”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow, “Making you Heaven List killers to go and play bandits?”

“Actually for us killers, we are all competent in these kinds of dirty tasks.”

Poison Jasmine explains for a bit, “But killing right away is much cleaner. As for kidnapping, the reward we can request is naturally higher. Talking about this, the reward for this task is indeed very attractive…master, even I am also moved by it…”

“How much money?”

“A hundred million.”


When Liu Yi hears this number he got a shock as his jaw nearly dropped.

A hundred million to kidnap Murong Die?! It is definitely very generous!

Poison Jasmine recommends, “So it is best if master to stay close to Murong Die these few days. If something happens, you would still be close enough to protect her.”

“I understand.” Liu Yi nods his head, “Entering the sect is a must, Xiao Die will also be protected.”

“Ah? Avatar technique ah master!”

“No worries. I naturally have my own methods.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he summons out his Natal pet, Little Black.

The black monarch skeleton climbs out from the ground as it crackles and looks at Poison Jasmine’s envious face.

“Master…this pet of yours looks very strong.”

-pa, pa, pa-

Little Black starts petting his chest making Poison Jasmine ask curiously, “Master what is he doing?”

Liu Yi hurries and explains, “It is its first time hearing people praising his might so it is very happy.”

“ …okay.”

Poison Jasmine sweat for a moment.

Liu Yi walks in front of Little Black and says: “Little Black, we are going to use that magic that we had comprehended. Make your preparation.”

Little Black opens and closes its jaws to indicate that it understands.

Liu Yi nods his head before stretching out his right hand and forms seals.

Very quickly a golden glow emerges from his right hand which Poison Jasmine is unable to make head or tails of.

What is master doing?

“Natal avatar!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he uses his right hand and waves over his body vertically and extracts a fuzzy light blue glow out which is coiling around his right-hand index finger.


Liu Yi who is covered in sweat uses his right hand and taps on Little Black.

The light blue glow enters Little Black’s body.

After which under the shocked gaze of Poison Jasmine, Little Black’s body start to transform. From its original 2 meters, it shrinks down to 1.8 meters tall.

Flesh starts to grow from its skeleton and soon a naked guy appears in front of her.

Poison Jasmine face instantly turns red but her eyes are glued to the lower body of the guy…

Liu Yi instantly got a shock, “Damn it…I forget about this!”

He immediately stretches out his hand as a white ray flew out from his ring and enveloped the man’s body.

An ordinary white shirt and black jeans cover the guy’s body.

“Master….this, this…what is this kind of technique ah…”

Looking at the other Liu Yi wearing a white shirt and black jeans, Poison Jasmine covers her mouth in shock.

[TL: ehhh should it be the eyes…]

“A type of avatar technique.”

At this moment Liu Yi seems to have weakened, “Splitting my soul into two, one half remains in my body while the other half is placed in Little Black’s body…this way, Little Black is equivalent to my avatar. I can change which of the two body’s is my main body as I want…when I change to the secondary body, Little Black is able to help me do some simple things on its own for me.”

“This…can work?”

“Nothing is impossible.”

Liu Yi smiles, “After all Little Black is also part of my body and is originally a part of me.”

Natal pet was originally a part of my soul.

Liu Yi has found this technique during his 500 years of cultivating in the Asura Realm. The only problem is after the split, there will be a short period of weakening. Thus with the continuous combat in the Asura Realm, there is no time to test it. After coming out, finally, there is a chance to use it.

“Master…is there anything that you are unable to do?”

“There is a lot. After all, I am not an omnipotent god.”

It is only that I have comprehended some somewhat miraculous Dao techniques that’s all.

“Okay then. You shall follow the other me and prepare to head towards Raising Immortal Palace Hall. For these few days, I shall stay in school and prepare to block those people who are planning to kidnap Murong Die.”

“En…then master when do we leave?”

“This matter cannot be delayed. We shall leave now.”

Ma Hua has said that the World’s Dao Gathering is in 2 months, thus I shall need to enter Raising Immortal Palace Hall early, otherwise, if I am late, it’ll be hard for me to be deployed.

At the same time, he releases a black butterfly which starts to fly into the night sky towards Murong Die.

Murong Die might be in danger any moment so I must observe all of her actions.

That black butterfly shall be my eyes.

Although Ke Da and QingBei university are neighbors, both schools are very large, thus the distance to fly over is very large.

After the black butterfly has flapped its wings with all its might for over 20 minutes, it has finally managed to reach QingBei university campus.

When it enters the campus, the black butterfly starts to search with Murong Die’s scent. Very quickly it found the direction and flies to her window.

Because it is summer, the window is open but the curtains are closed.

There are a lot of little bugs on the curtain. The black butterfly feels that it is not possible to enter from here. It remembers the location of the room before flying through the dormitory main door and flies through the walkway until it reaches Murong Die’s room.

When the black butterfly reaches Murong Die’s dorm door, it found a crack but it cannot squeeze through.

In the dorm room, there is the sound of flowing water…it seems like a girl is bathing?


Chapter 378 [Liu Yi’s Cloning technique]

Today’s teaser

Liu Yi transforms into a small scorpion and crawls in. He immediately sees

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