MKW Chapter 377

Chapter 377 [Classroom]

Please take note that the following chapter contains heavy/light petting!


Every single high reputation university has an all-nighter classroom to allow those students who like to study use it.

Ke Da which is a famous school is naturally the same.

Liu Yi personally has never come to this kind of place before as he is not a student who likes to study. Furthermore, from his view, these brothers are able to overnight in their own dormitory. This place is more like a place for the lovebirds to have a free place to have a chat.

But if a girl invited me, then it would be another story.

“Yuzheng, are you not tired?”

Liu Yi who is sitting by the side absentmindedly flipping the page of the biotechnology study material on the table as he asks the very awake Wang Yuzheng.

“No, not tired…how would I be tired….”

Wang Yuzheng pretends to do the paper in front of her as she secretly looks at Liu Yi.

After so many efforts to gather up my courage to invite Liu Yi to this study room…but now I do not know what to say…

My heart is like a drum…unable to calm down.

Surrounding them are a few pairs of lovers who are self-studying, being sweet with one another. There are even pairs that are sharing their drink…sniffles, so envious of them.

Wang Yuzheng looks at the milk tea in her right hand which was bought by Liu Yi for her. But why can’t that fellow buy two straws so that we can drink together…

Or should I…use that method to feed him….

When she recalls her daring act of kissing Liu Yi back then…and then drinking Sprite out of his mouth, Wang Yuzheng’s face starts to turn red.

That day…I seemed to be too daring…it is completely not like me..

But…that kiss was quite sweet…should I try it again…

While Wang Yuzheng is zoning away, Liu Yi is secretly controlling Little Jade and making her login to the schools BBS while he looks at it as it is boring.

The current hot post on the forum is the matter regarding the competition in the sports hall!

This post has a few large words, bolded red text and is very eye-catching.

‘Martial Arts club challenges Karate. Liu Yi in anger showcases China’s prestige!’

The post is a video, which consists of the combat between, Lai Junwen, Wu Jingjun, Tetsu Chiroichi and Liu Yi.

Among which the most discussed portion is the combat between Liu Yi and Tetsu Chiroichi! Liu Yi glances through the replies and sees that there are all kinds of opinions.

-God, are they filming special effects?! It is too fake already! The ground actually broke from being stepped on! 61 is an actor right?!

-The stove above. Do not anyhow say if you are not at the scene! Above me 61!

-Long live 61, I love 61, begging for 3 sizes, begging for QQ, begging for number!

-Above stove, appraisal complete.

-You bunch of perverts. Why would you want 61’s number or QQ! Why don’t you ask for something useful! 61, begging for 3S!

-Above is completely lacking moral integrity!

The forum post is very rich and colorful. Basically, no one is discussing Wu Jingjun but there are people who mentioned that near the end, Wang Zhanfeng does not dare to go up the stage.

Without a doubt, Wang Zhanfeng and Wu Jingjun have become the joke in this fight. It is reckoned that Wu Jingjun’s Karate Club name has completely turned bad while Wang Zhanfeng can no longer rely on his face to sway the thoughts of the junior sister.

Liu Yi feels that he has helped the heavens and done a good deed.

Wang Yuzheng suddenly licks her lips and says to Liu Yi, “That…Liu Yi, I am a bit thirsty…”

After thinking for a while, Wang Yuzheng feels that she should not be too spontaneous.

After ah she is a girl.

If she is always too spontaneous, she feels that Liu Yi will think that she is too loose.

It is better to be a bit more reserved…

“Ah, drink water ah!”

Liu Yi immediately places the milk tea by his side in front of Wang Yuzheng.

Wang Yuzheng’s head is lowered as her face turns slightly red as she says with a mosquito-like voice: “That…I am busy doing questions. You feed me…”


Liu Yi is stunned for a moment, this lass wants me to feed her?!

“There is no straw ah…how do I feed you?”

“You, you stupid….”

Wang Yuzheng is so angry that she starts pouting.

{Master…can you be even more naturally foolish}

Little Jade cannot bear it as she roasts Liu Yi, {Can your EQ be even lower master! Have you forgotten about Big sister Lin Tong? Did you forget about the matter of Yehan Shuang?}


Immortal Fox sister is still okay…but recalling that scary Yehan Shuang…Liu Yi starts to tremble.

Luckily I have already left Asura Realm and escaped from her pestering…otherwise…the results would be hard to say.

After listening to what Little Jade said, Liu Yi looks at Wang Yuzheng.

Realising that she is pouting slightly, Liu Yi’s heart is slightly moved.

Something warm starts to flow through his body, it is his dragon qi.

Dragons are naturally perverted…Liu Yi starts to feel that his mouth and tongue is dry.

“If you don’t want to feed then forget it…”

Wang Yuzheng snorts before lowering her head and start doing her questions seriously, ignoring the stupid wooden block beside her.

At this moment Liu Yi grabs hold of her waist with a hand as his upper body leans over.

Wang Yuzheng trembles slightly as she exclaims softly in shock.

“What do you want to do?”

“I am also slightly thirsty….”

Liu Yi licks his lips as golden rays emit from his eyes.

When his golden pupils light up, Liu Yi’s EQ automatically increases by quite a bit!

At the same time, Wang Yuzheng’s heart is racing like a deer! This, this is the first time that Liu Yi took the initiative to kiss me…

Do not know why but I am actually more nervous than the first time I took the initiative to kiss him…

Gods…begging you to save me…

Wang Yuzheng’s mind is completely in a mess when at this moment Liu Yi is gently kissing her on her lips.

Her confusion instantly disappears like smoke as everything in front of her turns white!

At this moment she seems to have forgotten everything except for this current kiss from Liu Yi.

The two of them are sitting at the last row, as the other lovebirds in the front rows are busy with their stuff, none of them notice this pair who is in the corner.

Liu Yi pulls Wang Yuzheng close, as he kisses her, his hand starts to become dishonest and move under her small shirt and start feeling about.

As it is summer, thus Wang Yuzheng is wearing only a single sleeveless yellow shirt.

Thus it is very convenient for Liu Yi’s evil hand. His hand easily reaches the front of her chest and grabs hold of the softness wrapped within her bra.

Perhaps it is because of the hot weather, Wang Yuzheng’s bra is somewhat soft and did not spoil Liu Yi’s feeling her up.

Wang Yuzheng stiffens up as she gives a soft cry, “No…”

This ‘no’ not only did not calm Liu Yi down, it instead stimulated his desire.

His fingers pull lightly and easily pulls aside her bra.

The softness instantly entirely falls into Liu Yi’s hand allowing him to squeeze as he pleases.


Wang Yuzheng trembles very violently as she grabs hold of Liu Yi tightly, putting herself in his embrace.


Wang Yuzheng feels something hard rubbing against her softest part, causing her to feel like she is shocked by lightning and her body is out of her control.

Liu Yi is also losing control. He currently only has a single thought and that is to tear Wang Yuzheng’s stockings and have an enjoyable huge battle with her in this classroom!

But at that moment, Liu Yi’s mental state suddenly palpitates.

Am I going to take her just like this?

Damn it what the hell am I thinking…Wang Yuzheng’s mother is still sick and I have never told her before that I like her…

Am I just going to take her like this?!! LIU YI you are not a person but a beast!!!

Liu Yi fiercely despises himself. Even if I am not emotionally injured I am also not allowed to harm a girl in this manner!

Especially when he sees the teardrop on the corner of Wang Yuzheng’s eye, his heart becomes heavy.

He immediately puts down Wang Yuzheng and says: “So, sorry… I’ll go and wash my face…”

He immediately escapes out of the classroom.

“Bad egg…”

Wang Yuzheng’s eyes are still foggy and her face is completely red as she sprawls on the table panting.

Just now…is really so dangerous…

But even if I give myself to him, but I would also not regret it…

Because only this guy is the one whom I really wish to rely on…

Liu Yi escapes in a panic to the restroom and washes his face with cold water with all his might, even going to the extreme of revolving Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra to cool his desire.

This dragon pearl assimilation…is really making me depressed ah!

Women have actually become invariably my poison!

After cultivating in the Asura Realm for 500 years, it seems like it makes my appearance more sharp and clear.

Does Wang Yuzheng like me? Or is it because she is attracted to the changes to my appearance?

Amorous Hand…Goodwill Aura as well as Golden Pupil…these are god techniques to get girls ah!

But Liu Yi does not really wish to rely on these to attract girls, he wishes to find a girl who really truly likes him…

From the current situation, Immortal Fox sister should truly like me…is there anyone else?

My love EQ is too low ah! How to break through?!

As Liu Yi is sighing in sorrow, his eyebrows suddenly jump as he takes a step back.


The window in the restroom is suddenly broken as a white flying sword carrying broken window shards pierce through where Liu Yi was originally standing.

Imperial Sword Technique?

Who is it?

Liu Yi turns around as a beautiful female figure jumps through the window.

The flying sword on the ground flies up again and once again attack Liu Yi.

“Parlour tricks!”

Liu Yi did not even move as he flicks aside the flying sword with his finger that is covered by the Monarch Armour.


Chapter 377 [Classroom]

Today’s teaser


                                 is so angry that            is almost hopping as            uses Imperial Sword Technique and controls 30+ flying swords to attack Liu Yi.

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  1. From the reaction of Liu Yi to the mention of that Asura Queen, it seems like he was kinda scared of her, while from little jade words, she seemed to actually be in love for him…

    seems like Liu Yi got a Yandere chasing after him in the Asura Realm ?

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  2. Lmao, I knew it. Who else would suddenly sneak attack him out of nowhere and even use his own imperial sword technique which I guess he taught her by now.

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