MKW Chapter 376

Chapter 376 [Murong Hong’s weakness]


“Go to hell and repent!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he removes the illusion that he placed on Lei Dafu.

At this moment Lei Dafu realizes that the red ants have completely disappeared while his arm and hand are fine.

“You! What did you do to me!”

Lei Dafu asks Liu Yi in shock.

“Go and ask Yama.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he points at Lei Dafu’s chest. At that moment his lance by the side instantly floats up and pierces through Lei Dafu’s heart, pinning him onto the ground.

“This is your ending for betraying China.”

After that, he recalls the lance before tossing Lei Dafu’s corpse.

His corpse instantly is hanging on the flagpole, like a very strange flag and very eye-catching.

“Settled. I should return as well.”

Liu Yi recalls the lance into his body before looking at the American military base which was flipped over by him. Bending his knees, he leaps high up into the sky.

This leap of Liu Yi’s is over a hundred meters high!

Without a plane to send him back, he can only manually fly back to China.

He is unable to use the Imperial Sword Technique otherwise his Blood Emperor identity will be easily revealed.

The Monarch Armour on his body starts to change. On the back, the sole of the feet and palms appears a few ventilation like systems.

Following which, red flames erupt from the vents allowing Liu Yi to fly!

This is something that Liu Yi learned from Ironman, which is another method of flying that he is able to use!

The flames push his body forwards, flying through the sky making his speed faster than fighter jets!

After a few more hours of flying I will be within China then it’ll be much more convenient.

At this moment a number of fighter jets suddenly appear in the sky.

“What is the matter? You guys did not have enough?”

When Liu Yi sees the American fighter jets he can’t help but smile, “Since that is the case then let me accompany you guys and play again.”

“Think about this, America’s air force is quite strong and the military expenditure is large. Let me help you guys lessen the burden.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he lowers his flying speed and slowly closes in on the fighter jets.

“This time around I shall not be lenient.”

He turns around and kicks the fighter jet behind him.


The fighter jet is instantly sent flying backward and crashes into the fighter jet behind it, causing both fighter jets to explode.

“This, is this a monster?”

“Did the higher-ups send us out to die….”

“Fire at will!”

All of the fighter jets instantly starts firing at Liu Yi. Bullet and missiles fly over.

But Liu Yi is very agile as he keeps making all kind of maneuvers that will make any pilot jealous and dodges the attacks.

Wearing the Monarch armor, Liu Yi is not afraid of the attacks. But he wants to try out just how agile is his new flying method.

Borrowing his flying technique, Liu Yi lures a few guide missiles into hitting other fighter jets.

After a while, Liu Yi is fine while over half of the fighter jets are destroyed.

“The opponent is too agile. We are unable to lock on!”

One of the pilots is almost in despair, “If this goes on, we will be completely wiped out!”

“Retreat! Retreat!”

The Chief pilot finally gives the order to retreat as the surviving tens of fighter jets immediately back off and prepare to leave.

“Wish to leave?”

Liu Yi does not have any intention of letting them off, “If I do not wipe out all of you, perhaps you guys will keep chasing after me. Since you guys have come then all of you shall stay behind.”

He turns around and starts to chase after the fighter jets.

At the same time, he aims his palm at one of the fighter jets in front of him.

“Illusion destruction.”

The air trembles slightly as the fighter jet’s body is split into two and exploded.

Liu Yi’s Glorious Sun palm is like using a cleaver to deal with ants as he attacks the fighter jets.

“A12 destroyed! A12 destroyed!”

One of the pilots reported the situation, “Reason for destruction is unknown!”

By the side, another fighter jet exploded as well.

It is like there is an invisible demon reaping the lives of the pilot in the unit.

The chief pilot immediately roars: “Spread out! Spread out and escape on your own!”

The fighter jets immediately change direction as they fly in different directions trying to escape.

“No one is allowed to leave.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he turns a full circle and uses Little Jade’s ability to lock-on on all of the fighter jets.

After which he summons out Illusion butterfly blade and makes it revolve at high speed between his hands.

“Go! I am counting on you, Little Cai!”

Liu Yi throws out and ten Illusion butterfly blade instantly fly out and chases after their own targets.

With Little Jade’s lock-on, none of the fighter jets are able to escape.

The Illusion butterfly blade instantly catches up to the fighter jets and slice apart the plane causing the fighter jets to explode one after the other.

“I hope that on your next life you will not be soldiers.”

Liu Yi prays for them before retrieving the Illusion butterfly blade and continues flying back in the direction of China.

[KG: Nice job getting that money back and all it cost was a war with America that will cost far more than 12 billion yuan…dumbass]


While Liu Yi is rushing back to China, Ling Clan group’s young master Ling Feng is getting angry.

“Damn it! Murong Hong that old fox actually wishes to snatch money from my hands! Does he not wish to live!”

“Big brother, what is the matter?”

Ling Tian who was looking for Ling Feng to discuss the matter regarding Liu Yi, got a shock as he pushes open the door and walks in to see his big brother smashing a precious antique teapot on the ground.

“Damn it! It is that Murong Hong! I am about to obtain a project when he actually wants to butt in!”

It is a big project to construct a large super commerce center in JingDou. The profits and illegal-gains are not ordinary!

If he is able to obtain this contract, Ling Feng can guarantee that he will become the real owner of the Ling Family!

Although in the Ling Family basically my words are law but because this is a big family, there are too many brothers and sisters. Other than my own little brother Ling Tian there are also a lot of cousins…wanting to snatch the Clan Head position from their hands is not a simple matter!

This large super commerce center is able to allow me to get ahead of the group and become the genuine successor of Ling Family!

For this objective, Ling Feng can become vicious, merciless and is willing to pay any price and by hook or by crook…

“Oh? Is it that large super commerce center that Big brother mentioned back then?”

Ling Tian seems to remember it, “In JingDou who else is there who possesses the power to snatch this project from the Ling Family?”

“Murong Hong! That old fox!”

Ling Feng clenches his fist and grinds his teeth, “His father and the head of the construction department…more or less have some connection. Furthermore, his funding is robust. This bidding for the large commerce center….this time around might land in his hands.”

“Damn it how dare he snatches from our Ling Family! He really does not wish to live!”

Ling Tian scolds, “Brother I’ll go bring a few people and help you teach him a lesson!”

“Idiot! Come back!”

Ling Tian hurries and stops him, “At this critical junction if you bring people and beat up Murong Hong. First, let’s not talk about getting close to him. If this thing spreads out…our Ling Family is not bullying normal people but a rich and powerful old fox! This matter must be handled properly.”

“Oh? Brother, what methods are there?”

“Murong Hong is a financial magnate of the North East, whose influence has already spread throughout the North.”

Ling Feng narrows his eyes and says: “If we want to win then we must first know what is his weakness…based on my understanding, on the business side, these old fox do not have any weakness. He dares to risk it and dares to act. His sensitivity to the market is also very high and has strong judgment. I must say…that he is a thorny opponent ah.”

“There are not a lot of people that makes you praise them, big brother.”

“He does have the qualifications…but being my enemy, then he will not have a good ending.”

Ling Feng clenches his fist.

“Then what does brother plan to do? You want to let that old fox snatch our benefits?”

“Of course not. This project is the crucial point that can allow me, your big brother to become the head of our Ling Family! I will definitely not yield!”

“Then what will we do…”

“ After we find Murong Hong’s weakness we take action on it and delivery a heavy blow then he will naturally retreat on his own.”

“What weakness does that old fox have?”

“It’s her.”

As Ling Feng speaks, he turns on the computer and points at the beauty on the screen.

Seeing the beauty, Ling Tian’s saliva starts to flow.

“Brother…who is this beauty ah…really so pretty…is she sister-in-law?”

“Of course not. Don’t just look at her beauty. To the side is her information.”

“What the…Murong Die, Murong Hong’s daughter? Currently studying in QingBei university? Isn’t that my neighboring school?”

Ling Tian’s eyes brighten up, “Brother you want me to chase after her? Okay ah, I will definitely get her!”

“Idiot don’t think about it.”

Ling Feng shakes his head, “This Murong Die is not easy to chase after. The number of rich guys who like hers is already uncountable and were all rejected by her. From the information, she seems to have a fiance which Murong Hong, that old fox seems to treat as his son-in-law.”

“Damn it, who is such so lucky?!”


Ling Feng’s expression is somewhat strange as he pulls out that guys information.

Seeing the familiar appearance, Ling Tian nearly dug out his eyes.

“Damn it ah! Why is it him again! Why is he still alive ahhhh!!! He is actually the son-in-law of Murong Family!”

“I have estimated wrongly. This person is not so simple…”

Ling Feng says darkly, “Being able to make Acacia Sect miscalculate…he is definitely not an ordinary person. Murong Hong that old fox is willing to acknowledge him, naturally he has his own reasons. But no matter what, we must kidnap his daughter and use her to threaten him,…this girl can be said as the sole weakness of Murong Hong.”

“Understood brother…what do you need me to do?”

“Do not do anything. I have already hired a killer from Heaven List. Everything shall depend on them!”


Chapter 376 [Murong Hong’s weakness]

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