MKW Chapter 375

Chapter 375 [Getting back 12 billion]


Lawrence kicks his shield towards Liu Yi and it is stronger than hidden weapons.


Liu Yi is unafraid as he also lifts his leg and kicks the shield that is flying over.


The shield is instantly sent back into Lawrence’s face and smashed him into the military building behind him, creating a hole in the wall.


Lawrence fanatic belief surmounts his fear as he ignored his shield and lifts the greatsword in his hand as he ruthlessly swings it at Liu Yi.

The cloud in the sky suddenly disperses, revealing a large hole.

Following which an enormous white sword falls from the sky, falling towards Liu Yi’s head.

“Looks rather interesting.”

Liu Yi raises his head as he narrows his eyes and stares at the descending enormous sword.

Lawrence laughs crazily, “Repent in hell!”

But Liu Yi’s action stuns him as he watches Liu Yi use one hand and catch the falling enormous light sword.

The light sword blade edge lands on Liu Yi’s palm but is easily received by his Monarch Armour.

Liu Yi’s leg sinks down but he is completely fine.

“Your toy is not bad.”

Liu Yi single-handedly props up the light sword as he says to Lawrence, “But it is really unsuitable for me. Let me return it back to you.”

Liu Yi throws the enormous light sword back to Lawrence.

Lawrence is badly frightened. Even if he is without fear, facing the enormous light sword which is also his own ultimate skill, it is not possible to be calm.

He frantically escapes, dodging the light sword escaping to the side.

When the light sword lands, it instantly pierces halfway into the ground.

The surrounding group trembles slightly before sinking down slightly.

This toy’s weight seems to be a bit heavy. No wonder it made that Lawrence so fearful.

“You, who on earth are you!?”

Seeing that his ultimate technique is so easily broken by Liu Yi, Lawrence starts sweating as his legs tremble. His earlier arrogance is completely gone.

“The person who shall beat you up.”

Liu Yi raises his lance and provokes Lawrence, “Come, come. I still have a lot of time so I can play with you more.”

“Damn it!”

Lawrence rages, “Do not think that you are able to win against the envoy of God! Radiant God bless me with the strength to repel the evil!”

As he speaks, he roars out loud and takes out a steel syringe and pricks his neck.

What is that?

Liu Yi is somewhat curious.

At this moment, the appearance of Lawrence starts to change.

His body keeps shuddering as his armor starts falling off piece by piece.

But some parts of the armor still remains there, like they have grown out from his body.

The flesh of Lawrence seems to have turned silver-white like it has turned into steel.

In a blink of an eye, Lawrence has turned into something that is neither human nor robot and is more like an armored monster.

From his back, a pair of steel wings grows out, with flesh membrane.

“Do you see this…this…this is my pure and noble…angel form…”

Lawrence trembles slightly as his wings keep flapping.

At this moment he is already 2 meters tall with steel-like skin and looks somewhat like an angel but Liu Yi feels that…..he is more like a monster.

“Angel? Why am I not able to see how do you look like an angel?”

Liu Yi mocks him, “Just based on your appearance you should go and look into the mirror. Angel? You are more like a devil.”

“YOU ARE THE DEVIL!” roars Lawrence, “Let me wash your soul with light!”

As he speaks, he opens his mouth as a white ray shot out towards Liu Yi.

The ray contains a very strong power as Liu Yi hurries and uses both hands to block in front of him.


When the ray hits Liu Yi’s armor, it sends him back a few meters.

Nine stars? With just this transformation it actually allowed Lawrence’s strength to increase by two stars?!

Liu Yi is instantly interested in the medicine.

“Heretic! Accept the trial of gods! ”

As Lawrence shouts out, his body suddenly disappears and reappears in front of Liu Yi.

Liu Yi exclaims in his heart, Oh his speed has increased by so much ah!

“Die!” roars Lawrence as he punches Liu Yi on his chest.

But Liu Yi only takes a heavy step back and stabilizes his body.

With just the strength of nine stars do you really think that you are invincible?

“Die! Die! Die!”

Lawrence keeps punching like he does not have enough, in a blink of an eye, he has punched Liu Yi over a hundred times.

There is a continuous row of popping sounds which are caused by the air friction of Lawrence’s punches.

The afterimages instantly cover the sky, coming from all directions.


After enduring the punches, he fiercely swings out sideways with his lance fiercely striking at Lawrence’s stomach.


Lawrence is instantly sent flying away and smashes over a cannon fort.

“Oh fuck you. Do you really think that you are a Super Saiyan? Using Pegasus Meteor punch on me?!”

Liu Yi holds onto the lance and drags it over. He spits on the ground before saying: “Just now was really enjoyable, right? Now, it is my turn!”

He jumps high up into the sky, before suddenly disappearing in midair and reappearing just above Lawrence’s head.

“Pierce through ah, youngster!”

The lance in Liu Yi’s hand ruthlessly pierces towards Lawrence’s chest

Lawrence stretches out both hands and grabs hold of the lance.

Lawrence yells out sinisterly, “Don’t think of killing me. I am the envoy of God. I will never die!”

“If the god’s envoy is really a person like you then this world would have been destroyed ages ago.”

Liu Yi keeps pressing down, slowly pushing the lance downwards.

“God bless me with your strength!”

“Even if at this moment there is really a god, I will also kill God without mercy.”

“ How dare you go against God!”

“Very simple, because you guys are my enemies.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he suddenly raises his body before stomping down on the lance.

Instantly the lance turns into a black dragon and pierces through both of Lawrence’s hands and through his chest, rending his heart.

“I am….god’s….en…”

Lawrence vacantly raises his hand as he grabs the air. Finally his hand strengthless collapse.

“God my ass.”

Liu Yi sneers and pulls out his lance before looking at the soldiers behind him who are in despair.

“There is still one minute. Do you want to hand over Lei Dafu or die.”

Liu Yi’s cold voice covers the whole area.

“You win, we”ll hand him over…”

The commander is already strengthless as he immediately activates the communication device and says it through the loudspeaker.

“Within one minute…I will bring Lei Dafu in front of you…please do not massacre us….”

Massacre, that’s right. This is indeed a massacre…

As they are protecting Lei Dafu, there will only be an end result…that is turning this location into hell.

For a Lei Dafu, there is no need to sacrifice so many lives.

This value of this location is way beyond 12 billion.

“Be quick. I am not patient.”

Liu Yi stands there like a general, making everyone terrified.

Very quickly, a military vehicle drives over from one of the military building. The people inside the vehicle is none other than Lei Dafu who is escorted by two soldiers.

“You, what do you guys want to you…didn’t you guys say that you will be protecting me?”

“Apologises Mr Lei. Now they are unable to protect you.”

Liu Yi watches the fatty being pushed down the military vehicle as he sneers.

“Now you are mine.”

“You, who are you!”

When Lei Dafu sees the black armored Liu Yi, his heart starts to tremble.

“I am a person who is here to demand repayment.”

Liu Yi stabs his lance by the side before squatting in front of the fatty, “What kind of debt you owe, you know clearly in your heart.”

“I, I do not know anything…”

“Hehe stop acting stupid. You stole away 12 billion from China. Do you really think that this sum of money will be able to enter your hands safely?”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and pets Lei Dafu’s fat and oily face.

“What, what 12 billion…I, I do not know…”

Lei Dafu keeps shaking his head and is not willing to admit.

“Looks like you do not wish to cough out this some money.”

Liu Yi sneers, “That is great. Then let me try. Is my fist stronger or your mouth.”

As he speaks, he suddenly taps Lei Dafu on his forehead with a finger.

Lei Dafu watches a densely packed small object crawl over from the side.

He looks carefully and realizes that it is actually a group of small red ants.

When the red ants climb onto Lei Dafu’s hand, they start to bite down crazily.

Amidst the extreme pain, Lei Dafu’s hand is eaten up cleanly and swiftly there is only a white skeleton hand left.

“Save, save me ah…”

Lei Dafu has already peed in his pants as pain and fear flood his heart.

“No one is able to save you. You can only choose how to die.”

Liu Yi squats by his side and says coldly, “These are man-eating ants who will slowly eat your body, starting from your arm…while they are eating you, they will spread out a mysterious poison to numb your heart. You will live to the end and slowly watch your body being eaten away. This feeling, you must tell me later okay.”

While Liu Yi is speaking, Lei Dafu’s right arm has already turned into bones, lying on the ground.

“Save me, save me! I do not wish to die like this…”

Lei Dafu is begging desperately.

“Tell me your bank account PIN and I will give you a quick ending.”

“I talk, I talk. I will say everything…”

Lei Dafu is already in despair and only wishes to die instantly. He immediately says out his bank account as well as the PIN which Liu Yi immediately reports to Zhang Meixuan.

Very quickly Zhang Meixuan’s voice is relayed over through the communication device, “Settled.”

“Go to hell and repent.”


Chapter 375 [Getting back 12 billion]


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  1. Alas my frustration with authors lately…not being able to keep track of distances, or changing 1.2 to 12 billion… I try to ignore inconsistency, but it is difficult sometimes


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