MKW Chapter 374

Chapter 374 [Templar Knight]

Warning please read no further if you are against racism and desecrating of God

Warning please do not read further because the story below mostly contain looking down on USA and desecrating of God

And I mean almost the entire story


In everyone’s heart, this guy wearing black armor will definitely be shot into a sieve!

But afterward, they were shocked because the black armor guy is standing among the bullet rain. When the bullets land on him, other than creating sparks and making him look scary, it did nothing.

“All move aside and watch me!”

A soldier holding grenade launcher walks over and shoots out a grenade at Liu Yi.


Unexpectedly the black armored person actually used his right hand and slapped the grenade flying away to a military building behind him exploding.

“God … what is this ah….”

“God….only God can explain this…”

The group of soldiers is so afraid that they are unable to hold their guns properly.

“ 9 minutes.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he kicks the lance by his side up and grab it with his right hand before swinging it backward.


Instantly the military building behind him is cut into two as the top half is still falling.

“Save me ah…this, this is a devil!!!”

“Kill him! Kill him!”

There are some soldiers who are frightened into throwing aside their guns and running away while those who are daring are shooting madly at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi cannot help but sigh, looks like these people are not planning to hand over Lei Dafu. Looks like they are not going to give up without seeing blood.

“Do not blame me. It is you guys who are asking for it.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he holds the lance with both hands as he jumps up into the sky, tens of meter high.

Lance like a dragon, in a blink of an eye, Liu Yi is among the soldiers as he swings the lance downwards along with his body and heavy smashes onto the ground.


Instantly, a large hole appears on the ground and red lava sprays out.

Within the radius of 30 meters, a huge shockwave spread out and blasted all of the soldiers into pieces.

Liu Yi’s current strength is very large and without using any techniques, just based on brute strength, he is able to kill anyone with normal attacks!


“Monster!!! Save me!!!!”

When the rest of the lucky soldiers see this scene, they toss aside their guns and run for their lives.

“Armoured division! Immediately activate the armored division!”

The commander is also shocked as he gives his next command.

Very quickly rows of tanks start to drive over from the side as they aim their barrels at Liu Yi.


One of the tanks fire a round and the shell immediately flies towards Liu Yi


Liu Yi did not bother to dodge as he swings his lance and slams the artillery shell back towards another tank.


The tank is instantly flipped over by the explosion while the other tanks are rocking from the shockwave.

“Attack! Continue the attack! I do not believe that he is invincible!”

The commander roars out in anger,

The tanks start firing as shells fly towards Liu Yi.

But Liu Yi just swings his lance as he walks forward, sending the artillery shells in front of him flying away.

Flames exploded out beside him but they are unable to injure him at all.

Very quickly Liu Yi is already among the group of tanks.

“All of you turn into scrap metal for me!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he swings his lance and pierces through one of the tank’s caterpillar tracks before lifting that tens of tons tank into the sky and crashing it down on top of another tank by the side.


Raging flames instantly exploded out as both tanks explode at the same time.

The rest of the tanks starts dispersing to try and dodge Liu Yi’s lance.

Although Liu Yi is wearing a heavy armor, his speed is very fast. With just a step, he once again appears in front of a tank tens of miles away.


He swings out his lance in a half circle. Instantly the heavy tank is sent spinning up into the sky by this lance before finally crashing onto a military building and exploding in flames.

Another tank hastily speeds away and very quickly it is far away!

But Liu Yi does not have the intention to let it go as he turns around and throws out the lance.

The lance starts lengthening and soon it is over 5 meters long and with a ‘tss’ sound, it pierces through the escaping tank and pins it onto the ground. After which the tank is blown up by the accumulated force in the lance.

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and the lance which finished reaping lives instantly flies back into his palm.

“God above…begging you to save us…”

Some of the soldiers who are within the flames are already kneeling down and praying for salvation.

The commander is also trembling not knowing what to do.

“5 minutes.”

Liu Yi raises his lance in a domineering manner and says loudly: “If you do not hand over Lei Dafu after 5 minutes then I shall kill everyone in this place.”

The commander’s jaw drops as wide as a frog as he starts to hesitate.

“Who is it who dares to be so arrogant in front of me!”

At this moment, a thunder-like roar comes from the military base.

When the soldiers hear this voice their bodies tremble.

The commander also becomes happy, this is great! The Templar Knights are finally moving out! We are finally saved!

A man wearing a white suit walks out from one of the military buildings and he is still holding a wine cup in his hand.

The guy seems to be a gentleman as he gently sways his cup of red wine while saying: “What a really annoying fellow. To disturb my wine drinking mood what a disappointment.”

“With so many people dead, you still have the mood to drink wine?”

As Liu Yi looks at the white suit guy he frowns slightly.

He is able to sense a weird strength within that person’s body, is this fellow the rumored Templar Knight?

“Those ordinary lives are not my concern.”

Lawrence smiles and says faintly: “My strength is so pure and holy how can it be used for these dirty people?”

As he speaks, he stretches out both hands as a white halo slowly spreads out from his body.

This halo seems to carry an aura that makes people want to worship and even Liu Yi is nearly affected by it.

The rest of the soldiers are unable to withstand it and starts kneeling with pious expressions.

As Lawrence raises both his hands high up he asks Liu Yi coldly, “Why are you not kneeling when you see the envoy of god?”

“Rubbish envoy.”

Liu Yi sneers, “This is making me recall that evil cult…”

“Do you see it, the god’s prestige in my body?”

Lawrence smiles, “All ordinary people must kneel down and worship my god’s authority!”

He says loudly and within his voice, it is filled with glory and arrogance.

“This is also called god’s might?”

Liu Yi starts laughing, “Okay then. Then let me show you what that is worth.”

He stabs his lance onto the ground as his aura erupts out of his body in all directions.

This aura instantly envelops the whole place causing those kneeling soldier to instantly turn pale as sweat starts to cover their bodies. They do not dare to breath loudly like they have met something very scary.

Even Lawrence is forced to retreat backward a few steps as the halo around his body is scattered.

“This, what kind of strength is this.”

Lawrence expression is very ugly as he looks at Liu Yi in shock.

“Strength that is able to beat you up.”

Liu Yi sneers as he withdraws his dragon’s prestige.

The soldiers are already unable to get up as they collapse on the ground.

Lawrence is still okay, other than an ugly expression he is still able to move.

“Good fellow…you actually have a bit of power. But in front of the Templar Knights you are still too weak!”

As he speaks, he tears off his upper white suit and tosses it aside, revealing a muscular body.

On his back is a pair of white wings which cover his entire body.

“This fighting method is really wasting clothing.”

Liu Yi sighs.

“May the saint’s light protect me!”

With the shout, the wings suddenly open wide, scattering white feathers all over the place.

A man wearing white armor walks out holding a knight greatsword and a shield.

[TL: something like the dark knight greatsword in dark souls 3]

“Little fellow have a taste of God’s Anger!”

“After tasting too much anger, there is already no taste.”

Liu Yi crosses his arms, “But which god are you under?”

“How dare you insult God! Your seeking death! Let me trial you!”

The Templar Knight Lawrence roars in anger as the wings on his back flap and he flies up.

His charging force is even stronger than a tank.

The shield in his hand is raised horizontally, as he rushes forwards.


Liu Yi wields the lance with both hands as he swings it to block the shield bash.

His legs stagger slightly as he steps firmly on the ground as he slides backward slightly.

This fellow has quite a bit of strength ah.

“Have you felt the God’s anger! This is only the beginning! Criminal, accept the trial from the god!”

As he speaks, the other hand holding the greatsword chops towards Liu Yi’s waist.

“Trial your sister!”

Liu Yi is too lazy to bother about this god thingy as he raises his leg and kicks the Templar Knight in his chest.


Before Lawrence’s greatsword is able to touch Liu Yi, Liu Yi had already kicked him in his stomach.

Instantly, Lawrence is sent flying away out and crashed into a tank by the side, forming a human-sized indent in the steel of the tank.

“Seven stars.”

With their simple crossing of blows, Liu Yi is able to determine his peak strength.

These Templar Knights are rather powerful. Seven stars is not weak!

Among the cultivator sects, there are so many cultivators of this strength.

Even that traitor Liu Yuping who was incharge of Hunter’s Organisation branch in North Dragon City was only 8 star. Long San who is the team leader of Dragon Group team 3 is only 8 stars as well.

The west actually has such a strong organization? Interesting…

Liu Yi suddenly has the interest in fighting.

“Damn it…I was careless.”

Lawrence climbs to his feet and picks up his greatsword, “But failure will only be this single time. Your trial is already descending! Wait to go to hell CRIMINAL!”

“MotherF***er you think you are a tour guide?! Where the hell are you even pointing!”

Liu Yi is really bothered as he lifts up his lance again.


Chapter 374 [Templar Knight]


15 thoughts on “MKW Chapter 374

  1. “the story below mostly contain looking down on USA and desecrating of God”

    I don’t really see any of those :

    (Looking down on USA) :
    Not really looking down on USA, as Liu Yi could have done the exact same thing in any other military base in any other country in the world. And the soldiers would probably would have reacted the exact same way anywhere in the world, facing a human-like monster like Liu Yi.
    And he does not really say anything negative and looking down about the country in itself.
    (also, Liu Yi himself recognise that they have some powerful organisations after seeing the templar’s strenght being 7 stars.)

    (desecrating of God) :

    The chapter is basically a fanatic religious (Inquisition type) against an ennemy, I’m pretty sure things would evolve about the same way, whether in other novels or in reality.
    if this is a “desecrating of God”, you should not study history or things like that, because it basically proves that, this is about the way things were in reality…

    Liked by 1 person

    • First of all there’s the fact that this is our first look at America and Americans in this novel, and it paints a pretty poor picture. There’s nothing redeeming at all.
      There’s stuff like:
      “Some of the soldiers who are within the flames are already kneeling down and praying for salvation.”
      ““This is making me recall that evil cult…””
      “Lawrence smiles, “All ordinary people must kneel down and worship my god’s authority!””
      ““Those ordinary lives are not my concern.”
      Lawrence smiles and says faintly: “My strength is so pure and holy how can it be used for these dirty people?””
      “Lawrence smiles, “All ordinary people must kneel down and worship my god’s authority!””

      As one commentator said, this is less like an American military base and more like a fanatical cult.
      This may have been a somewhat accurate representation of medieval Christian Europe, but the thing is it’s not medieval Christian Europe, it’s America in the 21st century.


      • “Some of the soldiers who are within the flames are already kneeling down and praying for salvation.”

        When you are in complete desperation and almost completely sure to die, you usually start praying for someone to save you.

        ““This is making me recall that evil cult…””

        I’m pretty sure that the “great god cult” he faced multiple times said pretty much the same thing (“Why are you not kneeling when you see the envoy of god?”)

        “Lawrence smiles, “All ordinary people must kneel down and worship my god’s authority!””
        ““Those ordinary lives are not my concern.” (+ the 2 others…)

        Thats just the “arrogant cultivator” and “arrogant envoy” trope, nothing unusual here.

        “This may have been a somewhat accurate representation of medieval Christian Europe, but the thing is it’s not medieval Christian Europe, it’s America in the 21st century.”

        Go into an upper-elite gathering about anywhere in the world, and it should be around the same degree of arrogance and “status protection” as here, usually the top of the upper classes does not like to meddle with what they consider low-class people.
        That’s about the same thing here.


    • Honestly if this took part in Europe then I could see this situation happening as a supposed holdover from a derived version of the mideval Spanish Catholicism or perhaps they could even use the crusades as an explanation. However if you’re going make the US into an enemy then it’ll have to be either a government Gene therapy experiment turning them into mutants or something to do with aliens.


  2. Seems less like the US army and more like a fanatic cult, if I replace all mention of the US besides location it makes the reaction more plausible. (I wonder how close the reaction would be to this if liu ye attacked a heavily armed Vatican city)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well Liu Yi is a cultivator, so naturally conventional weapons are ineffective. The first example of a cultivator we’ve seen so far is a Knights Templar which is a rank given to those in America who are members of Secret organizations like the Free masons. So yeah, the base is fanatical not a real depiction of the US Armed Forces. Plus, there are too many differing depictions of God so which God is being desecrated? I don’t see it


  4. If a grower so powerful in reality, would happen exactly the same. Farmers living killing gods and destroying mountains, a world as the land is a rock in the entire universe to explore.


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