MKW Chapter 373

Chapter 373 [Finding people is very troublesome]

Warning please read no further if you are against misportraying of USA military

Warning please do not read further because the story below mostly contain misportraying of USA military


After the pilot chief has instructed, the fighter jets immediately release their guiding missiles, which immediately chase after Swallow 1.

Zhang Meixuan gives an order: “Xiao Mi, it is your turn.”

“Yeah, meow~ Xiao Mi wants to hit the bad guys meow!”

Xiao Mi immediately jumps to the side of the cabin door and opens its. The plane instantly shudders but swiftly regains its stability.

Luckily the people who are sitting in the plane are not ordinary people and the pilot put on his safety belt, thus no one is pulled out by the turbulence from the cabin door being opened.

Xiao Mi completely disregarded the high altitude turbulence and climbs up to the top of the plane, before stretching out her hand, aiming at the guided missiles flying over and uses her ability.

“Disappear meow!”

The air distorts for a moment and the guided missiles flying over instantly disappear in mid-air!

The pilot chasing after them were stunned, where did the missiles go?!

How on earth did they disappear for no reason?!

The work of God?

That is also wrong, why would God protect these invaders who have popped out from nowhere?

“Settled meow~ I will protect the plane meow~”

Xiao Mi sprawls happily on the plane and smiles happily.

“Shoot! Shoot! I don’t believe that God would always protect them!”

The chief pilot went mad as he gives his underlings the command.

Instantly the four fighter jets open fire and bullets rip apart the air and fly towards Swallow 1 like rain.

“So many ah…”

Xiao Mi keeps using her spatial ability and removes the bullets, but she is helpless as the bullets are simply too many and is unable to remove all of them in time. A while later, some of the bullets that have escaped from her spatial ability hit the plane. Luckily it did not hit any important part of the plane.

“I’ll go out and help.”

Liu Yi says as he jumps out of the cabin door.

The moment he leaves the cabin door, he immediately feels the raging turbulence. If he did not control his body properly he would immediately be blown away.

But who is Liu Yi? An immortal expert who is able to instantly kill earth grade experts!

He immediately revolves the qi in his body and stabilizes his figure before swiftly putting on his Monarch Armour.

The black armor covering his body makes him looks like a warrior!

He agily jumps onto the top of the plane and stands at the very top.

At the same time, he holds the Scorpion tail lance in his hand as he activates Black and White World and uses the lance’s body to deflect away the bullets shooting over.

The lance in Liu Yi’s hand weaves like a ball, making it impossible for the bullets to touch the plane body.

“Damn it! Who can tell me what on earth is that damn thing!”

The chief pilot starts cursing.

“Liu Yi! Go and deal with those fighter jets. We are about to reach our destination.”

At this moment from the earpiece that Liu Yi is wearing comes the command of Zhang Meixuan.


Liu Yi immediately replies and slightly bends his knee.

Following which he leaps off the plane and instantly shoots tens of miles away and lands on the back of a fighter jet.

“What the hell…”

The fighter jet pilot was so shocked that his heart nearly flew out when the lance in Liu Yi’s hand pierced a hole on the fighter jet.


Sparks start to fly out from the fighter jet body, causing the pilot the be frightened into pressing the ejection button. He is immediately sent flying away along with his seat like a bullet high up into the sky.

Very quickly, the parachute opens up and allows the pilot to float down to the ground slowly.

Liu Yi leaps from that fighter jet onto another fighter jet instantly.

The fighter jet immediately starts to shake causing the pilot within to turn pale.

“Get down as well!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he swings his lance and chops off a wing of the fighter jet.

When the fighter jet lost a wing, it instantly loses its equilibrium and immediately starts trembling as it falls towards the ground.

The pilot is stunned and forgot to even how to eject himself as he sits there stupidly and falls along with the plane.

“Are you an idiot.”

Liu Yi punches open the fighter jet window and grabs hold of the pilot and tossed him out as well as pulling his parachute.

A beautiful flower opens up and slowly floats down with the pilot.

The other two fighter jet pilots are stunned. How would they dare to fight anymore as they immediately escape away.

Liu Yi did not chase, instead, he jumps back to Swallow 1 cabin door and pulls Xiao Mi to sit inside.

“Good. The annoying obstacles are settled. Swallow 1 prepare to enter stealth mode.”

After Zhang Meixuan sees Liu Yi boarding Swallow 1, she gives a new command.


The pilot nods his head and pressed a button.

After which, Swallow 1’s signal is immediately blocked off. Following which the entire plane seems to warp in the sky a few times before disappearing.

Liu Yi is very shocked, plane invisibility technology?!

This is a bit too high tech already ah!

[KG: Why didn’t they use that earlier and I do not like how they portray America’s air force]

It must be known that the current invisible plane is actually a special coat of paint of the plane, after which they hide the radar signal. There is no plane that is able to make the entire plane completely disappear.

“It is my ability.”

Seeming to see Liu Yi’s suspicion, Zhang Meixuan explains without even turning her head, “My ability is illusion. It can also be called a diversionary technique. Anything or people who are in contact with me can be influenced by my illusion technique.”

“What the!? So overbearing?!”

This kind of contact type illusion seems to be a lot stronger than Little Cai’s visual type of illusion!

“This way the American troops would not be able to find our trace. After flying for a while more, we will be close to our target.”

“Understood….but where on earth is our destination?”

“A military base within America.”

As Zhang Meixuan speaks, she takes out a tablet and on it is a map. She points at a spot and shows Liu Yi.

“F*** me! A military base! You guys are really messing around with me ah!”

When Liu Yi sees the large military base on the map, his eyeballs almost pop out.

In such a big place…where do I go and find a corrupted official ah?!

“Big sister ah…where am I supposed to look for that person ah…”

“I also do not know. Any way you fumble around yourself. After finishing the task you’ll return back on your own. How about it, do you have the confidence?”

Zhang Meixuan’s words nearly made smoke spout out from his nose.

“No confidence at all!!! Isn’t that just digging a hole for me!”

“No choice Liu Yi. Our people are unable to infiltrate inside, after all this is the military base with the strictest security! Furthermore, there are also Americans Templar Knights guarding his place. Later when you go down you need to be careful.”

Liu Yi asks “What are the Templar Knights?”

Why do I keep hearing this name in the Dragon Group.

“It is a high tech equipment that belongs to the light religion.”

Zhang Meixuan explains, “They use a type of thing called Dou Qi which is different from our side. But this Dou Qi is somewhat strange. These Templar Knights are very powerful.”

“I understand. Let me take a look at these Templar Knights then.”

Liu Yi sighs, looks like this task is also a test for me.

Liu Yi work hard! You still need to go and save Lin Tong back! If you are unable to do this minor task properly how are you able to go and save your Immortal Fox sister back!

“Master meow~ Do your best meow~”

Xiao Mi also encourages Liu Yi, “Later when master returns, Xiao Mi still wants to eat good food meow~”

Liu Yi is standing at the cabin door and was about to pull open the door when he hears what Xiao Mi said, nearly causing him to collapse onto the floor.

Zhang Meixuan extorts and instructs continuously, “Below is their base! Remember you must kill that Lei Dafu as well as get back the entire 1.2 billion!”

“Understood! Leave it to me!”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath before jumping out from the plane.

His body is covered with black armor, hiding his appearance. He is free falling downwards.

Very quickly the base’s radar has scanned Liu Yi who is falling down and immediately lock-on onto him.

“There is an unidentified object falling down! Shoot it down!”

The base commanding officer immediately gives the command to shoot.

Instantly all of the defensive weapons in the base are all aiming at Liu Yi.

At the same time, bullets and missiles start to fly towards him.

Liu Yi did not dodge as he curls up and continues to fall down.

-Boom, boom, boom-

The missiles are continuously exploding on Liu Yi’s body and instantly there are large flames in the air engulfing him.

But very quickly Liu Yi’s figure appears again, passing through the flames and continues to fall towards the ground.

“What is that damn thing?”

The commanding officer frowns as he stares at the falling black object.

He looks at a screen by his side which has enlarged Liu Yi’s figure.

“A human? Android?”

Before he is able to figure out the figure already landed on the ground.


As his legs touch the ground, the whole base starts trembling.

“Goddammit…falling from such a high altitude…is he really an android? Even if it is an android, falling from such a high altitude would have turned it into scrap metal!!!”

“My dear Lei Dafu, I am looking for you.”

Liu Yi glances at the enormous military base and notices a group of soldiers running towards him with guns when he suddenly has an idea.

He uses immortal qi to warp his voice and let Little Jade translate before saying out loud, “Everyone listen up. I’ll give all of you ten minutes to hand over Lei Dafu otherwise all of you shall die.”

Although a lot of people here are only normal soldier, Liu Yi is not going to be kind-hearted to them. Because at the moment they are going to war with China, there will be a lot of China ghosts who will die under their guns.

Furthermore, they are protecting a corrupted official from China and this point makes Liu Yi very unhappy.

Since there are soldiers then they should have the consciousness of sacrificing their lives for their motherland.

Since your motherland is protecting an evil person then you shall have to pay the proper price.

“Commanding officer, it is asking for us to hand over Lei Dafu!”

The underlings immediately relay the news.

“Send him up to meet God.”

The commanding officer sneers before raising his hand and say: “Fire!”

The moment he gives the order, all of the soldiers immediately fire their guns.


Bullets start to pour down on Liu Yi’s body.


Chapter 373 [Finding people is very troublesome]

Teaser of the day:


“Xiao Mi do your thing!”

“Meow~~” cries out Xiao Mi as she jumps out of the plane, onto the top of the plane.

She looks a the incoming missiles and

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  1. The US military in this is all sorts of wrong and the best example is the phrase “send him up to god” which no one would say instead send that bastard to hell would be more appropriate if the author wanted to add a religious connotation to the dialogue. BTW he is falling like a stone from a plane who the he’ll has time to fire back?

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  2. Is it just me, or has the recent chapters just become a circle-jerk of “China #1! China #1!”
    To be honest, I had to kinda force myself to read this chapter.. Hopefully it improves soon..

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  3. Nationalism is something hard to get away from with a lot of CN novels.
    They illegally enter US airspace, disregard military warning, destroy millions of dollars worth of US property and only then do they decide to activate active camo which they should have done from the start.
    And another thing, a military base identifies an unknown object falling from the sky and their immediate response is to lock on and fire off all their artillery simultaneously?
    Like, author, we get that you want to show off the power of your characters but a little more realism would be appreciated, also please do more research on foreign sensibilities when introducing foreign environments and cut back on the nationalism a little bit, it leaves a pretty nasty stain on an otherwise enjoyable novel.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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