MKW Chapter 372

Chapter 372 [Swallow 1]

Warning please read no further if you are against racism of USA and its military

Warning please do not read further because for the second half of the story it contains looking down on USA and its military


I’ll be damned!

Isn’t that voice Xiao Mi’s ?!

Don’t tell me the person who will be completing the task with me is Xiao Mi, the dog zodiac?

This….is a bit unreliable ah!

Liu Yi raises his head and indeed, inside a black helicopter in front of him is Xiao Mi wearing sexy leather clothing as she lies on the cabin of the helicopter with her ass is the air and her tail wagging, waving her hands at him.

I’ll be damned…it is really Xiao Mi ah!

“Owner quickly board the helicopter meow~ we are about to go~”

“Mr. Liu, Ill be waiting for your victorious return.”

Ni Weibo salutes towards Liu Yi before watching him board the helicopter.

“Xiao Mi, why are you here?”

“I am here to accompany Master to do a task together meow~

When Liu Yi boards the plane, Xiao Mi immediately rushes into his embrace and rubs against his body.

Xiao Mi’s body is very light and rubbing against his embrace is very comfortable especially the unique fragrance from her body, which Liu Yi especially loves.

I don’t know what fragrance is this, but I feel like it is something similar to musk.

But whatever, it is nice to smell…

Liu Yi takes two deep breath and has a feeling like he is taking drugs.

While Xiao Mi also likes to stay in Liu Yi’s embrace, as it is like a small nest which makes her feel very comfortable.

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and gently touches Xiao Mi’s hair as well as pinching her ears.

“The higher-ups are really….why did they send you here. This is not a joke.”

“Owner, Xiao Mi is also very strong okay meow~”

Xiao Mi wags her tail and says: “Xiao Mi can help Owner to fight against the bad guys meow~~”

“Yes, yes, yes. Our Xiao Mi is the strongest.”

Liu Yi rubs Xiao Mi’s head, making her narrow her eyes happily as she cuddles up against Liu Yi. Saying she is a little white dog but is more comfortable than a kitty.

At this time, the helicopter suddenly trembles and starts to lift off.

Below is the colonel Ni Weibo who is looking at Liu Yi and did not lower his salute.

“Oh? Are we flying off just like this? I am still not completely clear of the task! Damn it the higher-ups are too irresponsible ah.”

Liu Yi almost wishes to curse.

“How would that be. The higher-up do have complete preparation.”

At this moment, from the copilot seat comes the voice of a girl.

A beauty seats up straight before removing her headphones and turns around, and says to Liu Yi, “I am your commanding officer for this task. I hope that we can have a happy cooperation.”

“How, how, how….how is it you!”

When Liu Yi sees her he got a huge shock!

This beauty is way to familiar especially the full globe on her chest….

Even if he does not recognize her face, he will definitely recognize her chest ah!

“What is the matter do you not recognize me, Student Liu?”

The beauty smiles sweetly causing Liu Yi’s heart to race.

“Zhang, Zhang, Zhan…Teacher Zhang Meixuan….how come it is you?!!”

“Why would it not be me?”

Zhang Meixuan fluters her eyes at Liu Yi, “I am also a member of the twelve zodiac beast ah!”

Eh??? Even Zhang Meixuan is also a zodiac beast?!

But…but thinking about it, it is also correct ah. Zhang Meixuan is a teacher specialized in biology…if she is not a part of the zodiac beast plan, it is not really possible!

Haaa…in the end I am still too gullible!

“Hehe, Master, Aunty Meixuan is a rabbit ah!”

Xiao Mi suddenly reminds in Liu Yi embrace.

“Xiao Mi! How many times have I told you! Call me older sister!”

Zhang Meixuan unhappily stretches out her hand and grabs hold of Xiao Mi tail and pulls it twice.

“Wuwu….don’t play with Xiao Mi’s tail meow….very painful meow…”

“Then what do you call me next time when you see me!”

“But…but…Little Aunt asked me to call you Aunty meow…”

“Maki that damn lass! Making me sound old! Do not care about her. In the future when you see me call me older sister, do you hear me!”


Zhang Meixuan’s hand pulls twice making her immediately shakes her butt and shout out, “Older sister older sister meow~!”

“Good girl that is right.”

Zhang Meixuan is very happy and she harshly pats Xiao Mi’s butt.

“This lass ah, this feeling is really good!”

Watching Zhang Meixuan raising her hand as well as her shaking chest, Liu Yi also have a feeling…yeah, the feeling will definitely be very good!

“Enough. Let’s introduce ourselves again. I am call Zhang Meixuan, Rabbit zodiac of the twelve zodiac beast. In my body is the gene of the mystical beast Chasing Moon.”


Looking at Zhang Meixuan figure, Liu Yi feels like a rabbit is not suitable for her. it should be called a milk cow to be correct….

“For this task, I will be your commanding officer. I am responsible for bringing you to the task location and will be your external help commander. As for the rest, you shall be responsible for it.”

“Okay then….let’s have a pleasant cooperation.”

“Very well. We will be flying for a long time. Take a rest first. You can come and ask me anytime when you have things that you do not understand.”

As Zhang Meixuan speaks, she puts on her headphone again and returns back to her co-pilot seat.

Ai, Ke Da is indeed filled with hidden dragons and crouching tigers. I did not think that my guider is actually a member of the zodiac beast!

Liu Yi reclined on the chair ruefully.

Ever since I have known Lin Tong, my previous daily lifestyle had completely collapsed.

A whole new world is beckoning me.

Liu Yi did not regret joining this world.

His life because of these has changed.

He sits there and takes advantage of the rest time, he starts to silently revolve his qi. Ninth star jade ah. Even though he is bearing with it and not rushing, but Liu Yi still wishes to be able to break through earlier and step into the gateway of Earth Grade.

With more power, when it is the arranged time, it will be another layer of protection ah!

“Master meow~ Xiao Mi is hungry meow~”

At this moment Xiao Mi suddenly raises her head and looks at Liu Yi while licking her lips.

Liu Yi is so frightened that he starts to sweat, ah…it can’t be right!

Don’t tell me that Xiao Mi meaning is that she wants to eat that again?!

At this moment, Xiao Mi has already stretched out her hand and starts pulling on his waistband.

Liu Yi is so frightened that he immediately stops Xiao Mi’s hand and say: “That….Xiao Mi ah. later when we reach America, I will treat you to hamburger okay…”

“Xiao Mi doesn’t want a hamburger, Xiao Mi wants to eat master meow~~~~”

Xiao Mi pitifully looks at Liu Yi. Hearing this, Zhang Meixuan who is sitting on the co-pilot seat says without turning her head around, “On the right-hand side, there is a food inside the package.”

“Okay, okay…”

Liu Yi lets go a sigh of relief, luckily there is food!

“Xiao Mi be good. Later when we are back then you can eat okay…”

Liu Yi uses qi to transfer his voice into Xiao Mi’s ear.

“Master is a miser…”

Xiao Mi unhappily pouts, “Master does not love Xiao Mi meow…”

Looking at Xiao Mi’s pitiful looks, Liu Yi immediately says: “Xiao Mi, think about you. If you eat, when your Aunty Zhang sees it, she will definitely want it as well. If she wants it, you say, should master give her eat or not?”

While boastfully speaking, Liu Yi wipes off his sweat.

“That’s right meow…only Xiao Mi alone can eat, cannot give other people meow~!”

Xiao Mi narrows her eyes and suddenly appears to understand, “Master is very clever meow~! Indeed you still love Xiao Mi the most meow~! Later when there is no one else, Xiao Mi shall eat then meow~!”

She walks over and opens the package on the right-hand side and takes out a packet of crackers and opens it.


Liu Yi lets go a sigh of relief as he leans against the chair.

Ah…life is really filled with all kinds of danger!

“Prepare a bit. We have already entered the airspace of the USA.”

A long while later Zhang Meixuan suddenly says: “It seems like there are radars locking on us.”

While she is speaking, the alarm for being locked-on starts to ring. At the same time from the communication device comes a warning in english.

Liu Yi lets Little Jade translate to English and more or less it says, ‘You have entered the air airspace of the USA. Immediately descend. Immediately descend. Otherwise, we will use military force!’

Liu Yi asks Zhang Meixuan, “What should we do. Do we listen to them?”

Zhang Meixuan indifferently waves her hand and says: “No need. Continue to fly.”

The helicopter continues to fly in the air towards their destination.

At this moment the pilot reminds, “Commanding officer, four fighter jets have appeared on the radar at our six-o’clock.”

“En. Understood. Perhaps they are our tail.”

While they are speaking, Liu Yi seems to be able to hear the vibration sound of the fighter jest.

He looks out of the helicopter window and indeed, the silver colored fighter jets are already closely tailing their helicopter.

“Immediately descend, immediately descend. Otherwise, we will be forced to use military action!”

Their communication device is still relaying their warning.

“Their speed is too much. We are not able to fly faster than them.”

Liu Yi hints that this is just a helicopter.

“Hehe. Let me show you our research breakthroughs.”

Zhang Meixuan does not seem to be afraid, instead, she is excited!

She stretches out her hands and opens the computer control panel and enters a command code.

Instantly Liu Yi starts to feel the helicopter vibrating.

While outside of the helicopter, the pilots of the fighter jets that are following them widen their eyes as they watch the helicopter suddenly start changing shape in midair.!

The rotating propellers are kept away as two wings start to emerge from the side of the helicopter.

Following which the tail is pulled apart and split into two parts, before receding back by a lot.

Very quickly a swallow-shaped fighter jet appears in front of them.

Zhang Meixuan orders, “Show them the gorgeous flying technique of the Swallow 1!”

“Understood commanding officer!”

The pilot nods his head and he suddenly pulls down a helmet from above and fastens it on his head.

A completely new pilot stick flicks up in front of him and is grabbed on tightly by his hands.

Instantly the originally freefalling plane immediately smoothens out before Liu Yi feel like an enormous force is pressing his body against the chair.


Behind the plane, two rows of blue flames spray out and push Swallow 1, instantly into the clouds and pull away from the fighter jets.

“F@#$ what is this toy!”

The chief pilot starts to curse, “Chase after and attack!”

He and another chief pilot bring their own fighter jets to increase speed and chase after Swallow 1.

While Swallow 1 is indeed very agile as it keeps doing all kind of extreme flying movements, nearly causing the four fighter jets behind them to nearly lose them.

“Its movements are too erratic! Use guided missiles and shoot it down!”


Chapter 372 [Swallow 1]

Teaser of the day:


“Xiao Mi do your thing!”

“Meow~~” cries out Xiao Mi as she jumps out of the plane, onto the top of the plane.

She looks a the incoming missiles and

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