MKW Chapter 371

Chapter 371 [Senior Colonel]


“I am here to save you!”

The black cloth guy’s voice seems to be somewhat impatient, “Currently you have offended the entire Dragon Group and will definitely be killed!”

Liu Yi swings his legs despite hearing that he would be put to death. He does not show any fear or nervousness like everything is calm and ask: “Oh? Then why do you want to save me?”

“Okay then. Let me tell you honestly. I am a Templar from America.”

The person speaking is shocked, “We have already been eyeing you and feel that your strength is usable by us. Come with us and leave this place that has abandoned you. We appreciate talents and when you are on our side, you can still become an overlord. At that time, money, beauties and everything that you want will come to you.”


The edge of Liu Yi’s mouth faintly creeps up.

“Is it really the case?”

“That’s right. You must believe in our financial resources.”

The black cloth guy says, “As long as you come up with a condition, we can agree to it.”

“Okay then. I am not a greedy person. You guys just need to agree to my single condition.”

Liu Yi stretches out a finger.

The black cloth guy seems to be interested as he asks: “Oh? What condition?”

“Just this small condition of incorporating US territory into China. I’m not greedy right?”

Liu Yi narrows his eyes and smiles faintly.

The black cloth guy nearly vomits blood, asking the US to join China if that is not greedy then what is it?!

“You are toying with me?”

“That’s right, I am toying with you.”

Liu Yi sneers, “No matter what, I would not carry the identity of a traitor to China. Even if Dragon Group betrays me, I would not betray the Dragon Group. Back then when I joined Dragon Group, I can still recall Long San words now. Safeguard China and no disloyalty.”

The black cloth guy trembles for a moment before asking: “China already gave up on you and Dragon Group is going to put you to death. With your abilities, dying like this, don’t you think it is a pity?”

“No matter what, I am unable to change the fact that I am a person of person.”

Liu Yi says righteously, “The blood that flows in my body is the blood of China.”

“Very good…”

The black cloth guy removes his mask and reveals the face of Long Er. “Little fellow you are not bad. You have passed the test.”


Liu Yi reveals a shocked face but in his heart he is laughing.

Get lost…are you trying to trick a kid?

How is it possible for a Templar to sneak into the military base of Long Yi.

The people from Dragon Group…hehe, seems to be a bunch of people with only strength. This kind of show can only be used to trick little kids.

Roaming the Asura Realm for 500 years, what kind of crafty enemies have I not seen before. This current situation is but a drizzle.

-Sound of clapping-

At this moment, Long San claps his hands while walking into the room.

“Nice one Liu Yi. Indeed I have not misjudged you. You are indeed a qualified Dragon Group agent. Earlier is only some tests catered for you. Anyone who has the qualifications to be a member of Dragon Group Team One have to go through this kind of test.”

Such an easy test! No wonder Chen Yu, that fellow was able to pass it.

Liu Yi mutters apprehensive as he asks: “Eh? What you mean is that you guys want me to join Dragon Group Team One?”

“That’s right, it is a supreme honor ah.”

Long San claps his hand as he smiles and replies, but his smiles contains some bitterness.

“Apologies. I will not accept that order.”

Unexpectedly, Liu Yi actually rejects the suggestion of promoting.

“I am a member of Team Three, even if I die, I will be the ghost of Team 3. In the beginning, the one who invited me in was Long San. The one who is able to be my leader is only him.”

These words, cause Long San’s single eyes to start to tear up.

Back then he had pulled in a number of talents. But it is either they are not suitable and withdraw or they are too impressive and were taken away by the higher-ups to Team One or Team Two.

When they left, not a single one of them hesitated.

But I did not think that…this new person that I had pulled in is firm in following me.

“My reputation was given by Team Three. In the future, the achievements I have won is naturally Team Three’s.”

“Liu Yi….”

Long San is so moved that he is in tears.

At this moment, Liu Yi feels that the single-eyed guy is a bit cute.

“Not wishing to join my Team one? Interesting.”

Long Yi also walks in as he looks at Liu Yi. “Little fellow don’t regret in future.”

He turns around and walks off.

“No worries. Ignore him. He is always so arrogant, only his face is unable to stand it.”

Long Er’s attitude towards Liu Yi becomes warm, “People who cherish old friendships like you are too little already. Little fellow not bad. Work hard and improve.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me so early. Your punishment is not yet over.”

Long Er suddenly waves her hand.

“Ah? There is still punishment?”

“Of course there is. After all, the one you have crippled is an elite of Team One!”

Long Er continues and says: “As Long San has helped you ask for mercy along with your performance this time around, the higher-ups have decided to give you a chance to make it up.”

“Is it to let me eliminate Acacia Sect? Great! I am already itching to have a go at this kind of devil sect that harms their own species.”

Thinking of the Acacia Sect disciple who has killed everyone in the bar to assassinate him, Liu Yi becomes very angry.

This kind of devil sect will only be a danger sooner or later!

Seeing Liu Yi’s angry appearance, Long Er immediately says: “Acacia sect will naturally need to be eradicated but now is not the time.”

Long San explains by the side, “Currently there is an even more important task for you to do…finish this task properly, then with the merits from this task, the higher-ups would not bother you about the previous matter anymore.”

“How about Chen Yu’s conditions?”

“No matter. After all, you have already proven that you are stronger than him.”

Long Er covers her mouth and smiles, “This task is very arduous. You need to kill a China Official who is protected by the Americans.”

“What crime did he commit?”

“He is a corrupt official who has taken funding and escaped to America.”

As Long Er speaks, she stretches out her hand and takes out a remote control and presses it.

Instantly on a wall of the room, a picture appears revealing the head of a man.

That man looks….Liu Yi does not know how to say it, impossible to praise ah!

There two eyes are crooked, fat face and large ears. He has completely lost the appearance of an official.

“This person is called Lei Dafu. SiC province, province Party committee deputy secretary. This person’s image is rather good and people see him as a clean and upright person. Until he was reported by his mistress.”


Liu Yi really wishes to laugh. Being reported by his mistress? This is really a story of the ages ah, mistresses now still have the use of anti-corruption?

“That’s right. After being reported, the investigation team went to check this matter. Lei Dafu immediately took all the funds and escaped overseas. He is currently under the protection of the Americans.”

Liu Yi is curious, “Why are the Americans protecting him? Let him screw with their women?”

“No…of course not. It is because in Lei Dafu hands there is…eh, how about you guess how much money he has stolen?”

“A few hundred thousand?”

Liu Yi already feels that it is already a lot.

“It is 1.2 billion”

Long Er words cause Liu Yi to nearly jump into the sky.

@$#%#@% 1.2 billion!!! Are you for real!!!

“This Lei Dafu has stolen away all of the money that the government had given to SiC province for an engineering project and then escaped to America. Based on our investigation report, after Lei Dafu escaped to America, he promised to donate 1 billion to the American Government…”

“Wipe out his whole family!”

Liu Yi’s eyes turn red, “How dare he take out blood, sweat, and money and go to America to buy his life!”

“The reason why the American government protects him is because this way not only would they be able to get 1 billion…”

Liu Yi is also not stupid as he continues from there, “They would be able to attract more corrupt officials who are planning to escape. Escape over to them and give them more money right?”

“That’s right, that is the case.”

Long Er nods her head, “Thus, your task is to kill this official as well as the 1.2 billion that he has taken. Use any method to get it back. How is it? Do you think you can complete this task?”

“Leave it to me.”

Liu Yi’s gaze turns cold, “I guarantee that Ill complete the task.”

Long Er replies: “Very good then you can set off now.”

“What? So fast?”

“En, you must finish the task before they transfer the money.”

Long Er continues to say, “The rest shall be depending on you. Liu Yi, do not disappoint us.”

“Relax I will not.”

Long Er smiles and says: “Very good. For this task, there will be someone who will accompany you. You would not be doing this task alone.”


“When you see that person you will know.”

Did not expect that Long Er, this middle-aged woman would be so mischievous.

Liu Yi turns around and looks at Long San, but he shakes his head and did not speak.

Damn it, all of them are keeping me on tenterhooks, damn it!

Liu Yi has no other choice but to turn around and walk out of the room.

Walking out of the room, surprisingly the colonel is still standing by the door.

“Mr. Liu, this way please.”

Oh is this soldier tasked to bring me around again?

As they walk, the colonel suddenly starts speaking: “I just know that Mr Liu would not be in trouble.”

“Why is that so? Is it because I am very handsome?”


The colonel turns silent for a while before replying, “Because I feel that Mr. Liu is different from other Dragon Group agents. Every single one of them is so arrogant…while you, are different.”

“To be honest, I am also an ordinary guy.”

[TL: Bunch of crap Liu Yi…you are a damn cultivator!!!!]

Liu Yi says to the colonel, “But compared to an ordinary person, I have slightly more strength. This strength does not makes me more special but instead it gives me more responsibility.”

[TL: as the saying goes, <With great strength, there is great responsibility>]

He turns around and looks at the three story small building, “The responsibility of protecting ordinary people…as well as the responsibility of protecting China.”

“Mr Liu you are a good person!”

The colonel gives him a thumb up before taking out a name card and places it in Liu Yi’s hand. “I am called Ni Weibo, this is my name card. Let’s not talk about other places but in this JingDou military district, I can be considered to have some authority. In the future, if you have trouble you can directly look for me.”

“You Weibo?”

When Liu Yi hears this name, he feels that it is rather strange, “If it is a sickness you need to treat it ah…”

“What the, it is not that…you take a look at the name card ah Mr Liu!”

Ni Weibo does not know whether to cry or laugh, this is not the first time his name has been misunderstood.

“Okay. I know, Big Brother Weibo. Nice knowing you.”

“Same as well Mr Liu. The plane is right in front…”

Ni Weibo stretches out his hand and points. At this moment, from behind Liu Yi comes a very familiar voice.

“Owner, quickly board the plane meow~~~”


Chapter 371 [Senior Colonel]

Teaser of the day:


“Master I am hungry meow~”

“Wait what!!”, good gods there is __________ sitting in front!!!

_______ says, “There is food in the bag by the side Xiao Mi!”

“Right right, have this first and afterwards I treat you to hamburger.”

“But I don’t want that, I want master *** meow~~~”

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  1. If this was the early 70s I might believe that bs about the US protecting a corrupt official for a billion (CIA black ops funding) but in today’s US we waste that much in a week on private contractors. That corrupt official would have to have something spectacular to sweeten the pot since attracting potential traitors is more of a detriment in this day and age.

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    • Perhaps if they had said a corrupt American corporation was sheltering him, or maybe a city, but even then laws and oversight are hard enough to get around that $1 billion wouldn’t go unnoticed unless it was the maffia protecting him or something. Although I can see the US Govt. Protecting him if he were to offer a few Chinese Govt. secrets.


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