MKW Chapter 369

Chapter 369 [Arrival of trail


During the night, it is very peaceful in KeDa, especially in the Scenery district where it is a good place for lovers to meet up. Within such a refined atmosphere, no one dares to have too big of an ‘activity’ in case of attracting the attention of others.

During today’s night, there are ten ghostly figures that are heading towards the Scenery district without anyone else noticing them.

Black Wind Ten-man group is the most elite group that the Glorious Sun Conglomerate have trained out!

The ten of them can resist a division of soldiers!

Glorious Sun Conglomerate sent out Black Wind Ten-man group this time around to infiltrate into the underground laboratory and steal the most crucial gene map!

The ten-man group is worthy of their name, like demons, they flash across the forest towards the direction of the lake.

A female figure secretly follows alongside them watching everything that is going on.

Yoko Nishikawa is pretending to be a tree as she hides her scent and aura. She wants to see if the Black Wind ten man group is able to succeed in their current mission.

Will they be able to break past the defense of that black armored Dragon Group agent?

“Just in front of us.”

At this moment one of the group members lands by the lakeside and looks at the lake water in front of him, “Prepare to take action.”

Instantly the ten of them stands in a row surrounding the lakeside and starts to form ninja hand seals.

At this moment, a voice floats out from the forest.

“Sirs who have come to my territory as a guest. Don’t you think that it is unbecoming to not greet me when you are here?”

The group is shocked because they did not sense anyone in the surroundings.

At this moment a black figure suddenly appears in front of the ten men group. It is like he walked out from the void and stood in front of them.

Chen Cai is wearing a mask as he looks at the ten ninjas in front of him before stretching and saying: “Boss did not guess wrong. Indeed there are still a number of clowns jumping around, wishing to mess around my territory.”

Is it not the agent from before?

Yoko Nishikawa who is hiding frowns when she sees this.

“Kill him!”

The leader of the group gives an order as he throws out a bunch of ninja stars like a rain over at Chen Cai.

“Magnet mushroom!”

Chen Cai calmly stretches out his hand to the side and makes a summon.

Instantly a mushroom with a magnet growing out of its head erupts from the ground, at the same time a strong magnetic force erupted out from it.

The flying ninja stars are all attracted to the top of the mushroom head!

The ninjas are shocked as they did not think that there would be this kind of thing popping out.

What kind of technology is this?

“Since you guys like to play then let me accompany all of you and play. I am feeling annoyed recently!”

As Chen Cai speaks, he remembers that girl who wanted him to pass a love letter to boss and starts to become angry again.

He waves his hand and continues to summon out plants.

Instantly the ground behind him erupts open.

A plant instant erupts out and instantly grew to 7/ 8 meters in height as it opens its bloody mouth and roars repeatedly.

“This…what is this…”

The ten men group is badly shocked as they have never seen this kind of plant before!

-Pu, pu, pu!-

At this moment the plant suddenly open its mouth and shouts out large green peas!

The green peas are like small bombs, when they touch the ground they explode, sending out a blazing shockwave!

The ten men group are instantly sent flying as they escape in a sorry figure.

“This person is an expert! Kill him!”

One of the ninjas shouts while dodging the explosive peas.

When the plant sees that it will be difficult to hit the ninjas after they split up, in a blink of an eye, it grew out two more heads and starts shooting with three pea-heads.

The ground keeps trembling as the explosion continues.

The ten men group are completely subdued and do not even have the chance of counter-attacking.

“Aiyah…this way of playing seems to have no meaning at all.”

Chen Cai is sitting on a leaf of the plant as he holds a bag of popcorn in his hand, eating as he watches the ten men group’s life and death escape.

“Let’s add something more interesting for you guys.”

He claps his hands, “Come out, Volibear it is your turn to have fun.”

While he is speaking, a transparent maelstrom appears above his head and from within it, a three meters tall white bear jumps out.

“Welcome the storm!”

The bear roars as two lightning bolts suddenly fall from the sky and strike its claws forming a lightning arc, twining around its arms.

Following which the bear rushes forwards on two legs and chases after a member of the ten men group.

The ninja’s speed is very quick. He sneers and say: “Such a clumsy animal and still wish to catch up to me?”

Just as he is proud, the bear suddenly roars as a shockwave spreads out.

The thunder-like bellow intimidates the ninja causing his body to stiffen for a moment and starts to run about out of his control.

Following which the bear crouches on the ground with four limbs on the floor and rushes over like lightning and swipes towards the ninja’s heart.


The ninja’s body is instantly shredded into pieces and fried by the lightning.

In a blink of an eye, after the bear had killed a ninja, it turns around and rushes towards another ninja.


The ninja is stunned. Just as it stops to attack, a pea smashes down onto his body from the sky and blows him into pieces.

The earlier imposing Black Wind Ten men group has now turned into ten cockroaches as they escape in all directions in fear.

But the white bear and pea shooter chase after them like a shadow, especially the tall pea shooter whose attack radius is very large.

But they are indeed the elite team that the Glorious Sun Conglomerate trained and very soon, they are spread out in all direction of the Scenery district and are about to escape the chasing radius of the bear.

“This way is no longer fun. I should make a limit.”

As Chen Cai speaks, he claps his hands again and the Scenery district starts to trembles.

Rows of statues start to emerge from the ground, each of them at least 7-8 meters tall.

The statues are of fierce looking horsemen who are holding large swords.

One of the ten men group members did not notice a horseman statue and thought that he is able to escape out and became excited.

But at this moment the golden light emerges from the eyes of the statue and pierced through the ninja’s body.

Instantly the ninja is burned into ashes.

Yoko Nishikawa who is hiding in the forest is a shock…gods, what kind of scary ability is this!

Why have I not heard of this before!

At the beginning, Chen Cai himself also did not understand it. How did he gain this kind of mysterious ability from being struck by lightning!

Later on, after analyzing with Liu Yi, the rough conclusion is that it should be the work of the basic entry cultivation techniques that Liu Yi had passed to him in the past.

It is the basic entry cultivation techniques that have changed Chen Cai’s constitution. Afterward, after being struck by lightning, something miraculous probably happened thus resulting in this way.

This time what Chen Cai summoned is the most powerful guardian in LOL which instantly killed the ninjas!

In a blink of an eye, the ten men group have turned into caged prey and are then cleanly killed. The only survivor is the strongest which escaped out of the Scenery district with an entire body covered with injuries.

He is excited as he is about to escape out alive…

But at this moment, a black figure suddenly appears in front of him and blocked his path.

“This friend. I still have not had enough fun how can you escape.”

As Chen Cai speaks, he stretches out his hand and grabs hold of the ninja by his throat and lifts him up, “But being able to escape from my game, you can be considered as quite powerful. Since that is the case let me give you a reward.”

The ninja thought that he is able to survive as he immediately asks: “What, what reward?”

“The reward is naturally personally killing you.”

Chen Cai pushes up his mask slightly and sucks with his mouth.

Instantly from the ninja’s mouth, a black smoke emerges as his body keeps trembling like it is being shocked by electricity. The black smoke is then sucked into Chen Cai’s mouth.

A unique skill which only Asura King and above possess, Soul-Sucking.

The ninja’s soul is sucked into Chen Cai’s mouth and turned into his strength.

“Pui! Not tasty at all.”

Chen Cai spits out saliva, “Next time I should never use this skill on guys.”

Yoko Nishikawa is hiding in the forest not daring to breathe loudly while trembling in fear.

This man…is very scary…

I must not let him notice me…otherwise, I would be dead! That Black Armoured agent might let me off…as for this guy..he might not and it seems like he is a pervert.

“Boss ah…Hope you are able to return back soon, safe and sound…fighting devils this kind of exciting matter is much more interesting if the two of us do it together…”

Chen Cai’s figure once again turns into the void and disappears into the darkness.

Yoko Nishikawa dares not come out and is going to wait till morning. But she is feeling curious as that guy’s voice seems to sound rather familiar…

Did we meet before?

Yoko Nishikawa is in deep thoughts.


At the same time, Liu Yi has finally reached his destination.

The military vehicle brought him smoothly to an enormous military camp.

“Mr. Liu, we have arrived.”

The Colonel opens the car door and politely invites Liu Yi down the car.

Liu Yi did not give him trouble. Getting off the vehicle, he sees a small building which is strictly guarded in front of him.

The small building is three stories high and in front is a row of soldiers carrying gun.

“Mr. Liu. Please enter.”

The Colonel invites him in. Liu Yi nods his head and walks into the small building.

The moment he enters the small building, Liu Yi immediately senses a dense formidable aura.

There are experts inside!

He is led by the colonel and walks through the walkway until they reach a room.

“Mr. Liu, I can only lead you to here. Please.”

The colonel knocks on the door before opening the door and stands by the side of the door.

Liu Yi nods his head at him before waving goodbye and walks into the room.

The room is somewhat dusky and seems to have some other formations active.

Even with Liu Yi’s powerful vision, he is unable to see everything clearly.

In the center of the room is a chair which seems to be his seat.

And on the opposite of the chair is three figures, sitting there, looking at him in the darkness.


Chapter 369 [Arrival of trial]

Teaser of the day:


At this moment a black figure suddenly appears in front of the ten-man group. It is like he walked out from the void and stood in front of them.

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