MKW Chapter 368

Chapter 368 [Take a trip with us


“Young master Ling, with just one sentence from you, we shall go wherever you command!”

In the early morning, Ling Tian is standing at the ground floor of the dormitory of Liu Yi and his brothers, with over 30 hired thugs from online.

These hired hands are people whom Ling Tian have befriended through drinking and meals. Different from students, they are real people from the triads and are really ruthless!

A few of them are even carrying daggers on them!

The head of them is called An Quantao! Each character of his name on its own are incomparably honorable. But together it sounds sinister!

Thus he has never let other people call him by his full name, and most of them call him Brother Tao! Even those who are above him call him Xiao Tao.

And it is because An Quantao is ruthless enough!

Every day he would carry a dagger on him. Whoever dares to challenge him, he would daily camp by his path until he retaliates! Even if he got beaten up, the second day he would come again. Even if the bones of his arms are broken he would return after he had recovered!

Because of this ruthlessness, the people of the triads give face to him and keep their fangs, no one is willing to provoke this fellow.

At this moment he is petting his chest as guarantees to Ling Tian.

“That is good then. After killing him, I will give you enough money to escape to America without worries for your entire life for clothing and food.”

Ling Tian sneers. Liu Yi, let see how I shall play you to death this time!

A poor dog dares to fight against us rich people! Do you think that this is a novel! In the real world, I can easily play you to death!

[TL: poor guy but yes this is a novel hahaha]

“Hehe…relax Young master Ling, my fellow has never left me before.”

As An Quantao speaks, he touches the dagger he had hidden on his body.

Although An Quantao is fierce, he is not stupid. He never used his dagger to slash people before as if he really slashed a person to death, he will definitely go to jail! That is equivalent to taking his life!

He always holds the small dagger within his palm and uses his finger to press against a section of the dagger blade.

This way he is able to control the depth of the stab and stab as deep as he wished. An Quantao is an old fox and knows where he should not stab. For example, the stomach is a no go. What if he accidentally stabbed the person’s intestine or if he stabs the stomach then he would be in deep trouble!

Thus whenever he stabs a person it is on their legs. There is more meat on the leg and bleeding a bit is fine. Furthermore, every time after stabbing, the opponent might be afraid after seeing blood.

To hang around the street you also need to be able to use your brain! Just guts is not enough!

As for killing people, this is the first time for An Quantao. But he is not afraid because he knows that after finishing this job, he would be able to get away! Who is Ling Tian? A young master of JingDou! The amount of money he will give me will be enough for me to enjoy for an entire lifetime!

Have courage, have a plan!

This is the two most important elements to be able to make it big!

“Good. I am relieved handing it over to you. I will hide by the side just in case I get splashed with blood.”

As Ling Tian speaks, he retreats and walks over to the corridor by the side.

He does not wish to be implicated by it. This kind of matter where if one can’t show their face to settle it, it is best to not invite trouble.

“In a while, you guys surround him and pretend to be in a conflict, but do not let him leave. At that time, I will pretend to knock into him and stab him to death. You guys shall then make it messy so that I’ll be able to slip away.”

An Quantao instructed his underlings.

“Understood big brother!”

The group of little brothers is eager as they wait for Liu Yi to come out.

Very quickly, Liu Yi and his brothers appear at the dormitory entrance.

An Quaotao hinted at his underlings with his eyes as the group of them walk over.

At this moment, suddenly within the school, there is a horn sound.

Everyone turns around and takes a look, only to see a row of green and brown alternating military vehicles driving towards them.

When Ling Tian sees it he also got a shock. What the heck man, there is at least 8 military vehicles! Furthermore, it is the active duty ‘East Wind Armour’!

Why did the people from the army come here for? Is there something important in the school that they have to transport? It is definitely not related to my matter.

Ling Tian hinted to An Quantao to continue on.

The military people would not bother about matters like a few hooligans fighting each other.

An Quantao nods his head before bringing his little brothers to surround Liu Yi and his brothers.

“What is this?”

When Su Junping sees the group of fierce-looking people from the underworld surrounding them, he is the first to start trembling.

Different from Liu Yi and the rest, Su Junping was pampered since young and as an otaku, how could he have seen such a formation before.

Liu Yi frowns as he and Chen Cai stand in front of Su Junping.

Lai Junwen is still lying in the hospital bed and still has not recovered yet. Tetsu Choroichi’s attack was too heavy but Liu Yi also did not let him off easily and it seems like Tetsu Choroichi might need to stay in the hospital for a month.

“What is the matter eh. What are you staring at!”

A minor hooligan walks up and pushes Chen Cai. But instead of Chen Cai being pushed backward, the hooligan was forced backward.


The minor hooligan is short as he did not think that the weak looking Chen Cai would have such strength.

“What do you guys wish to do?”

Liu Yi stops Chen Cai who is rolling up his sleeve and asks faintly, “It seems like we have not provoked you guys before?”

“I just don’t like the looks of you! Damn it! Brothers teach them a lesson!”

The group of hooligans start to make threatening gestures and are about to take action.

Liu Yi sighs, looks like I need to fight again so early in the morning.

Why it is that it is impossible to have a peaceful day ah!

But just as he is about to take action, the military vehicle suddenly stops in front of the dormitory building. From the military vehicles, a group of soldiers wearing combat fatigues gets off.

“Everyone don’t move!”

The soldiers form a row as they point their submachine guns at the group of hooligans.

An Quantao and the hooligans are completely stunned. Come on you guys can’t be for real! Activating soldiers to deal with us hooligans…there is no need to go so far right…

When could these hooligans see such a situation before as all of them immediately kneel down and raise both their hands.

Those with little guts were so scared that they peed in their pants!

Ling Tian is also shocked. What on earth is happening?!

It can’t be that Liu Yi has the backing of the military side?

Liu Yi himself is also somewhat shocked, why would the military people come and look for me?

Just as the two sides are being curious, a colonel walks down from the military vehicle and walks over majestically.

“Liu Yi right. I am from the military. Please make a trip with me.”

Liu Yi frowns as he asks: “What crime have I committed?”

“I also do not know. It is the higher-ups who gave the command to meet you.”

The colonel points at the sky with his finger.

Liu Yi immediately understands. Looks like these are the actions from the Dragon Group side.

Chen Cai is anxious as he seems to understand something as he hurriedly says: “Boss let me go with you!”

“Not allowed. Don’t forget the task. You stay here and watch over this place.”

Liu Yi transmits his words to Chen Cai, <The various forces are watching by the side. I need to make sure of the safety of the laboratory. You must not let them take the opportunity.>


<Relax Chen Cai. Do not forget how did we live for the past 500 years. I never really placed this small formation in my eyes.>

Liu Yi smiles faintly before turning around and saying to the colonel, “Let us go then.”


The colonel is rather polite as he makes a please gesture with his hand and leads Liu Yi to the military vehicle.

<Do not forget your task!>, at the brief moment of boarding the vehicle, he is still transmitting to Chen Cai, <If there is any accident to the laboratory I will take you into account!>

<Boss you can go in peace! I will take good care of the laboratory as well as your women.>


After Liu Yi boarded the military vehicle, all of the soldiers keep their guns.

This military troops come very quickly and leave very quickly as well. In a blink of an eye, there is only a row of hustle and bustle left behind.

Ling Tian is still staring blanking in the direction where the vehicle drove off not knowing what is going on at all.

“There is no need for Sir Liu to worry. Perhaps the higher-ups only want to have a chat with you.”

In the vehicle, the Colonel straightens his already neat military attire while saying: “But I do not know anything else, after all, I am only an underling. When the higher-ups task me, I have to get it done.”

“I know and I also understand. Relax I will not blame you guys.”

Liu Yi smiles towards the Colonel before closing his eyes.

This Colonel definitely knows of my identity of being a Dragon Group’s agent. But does not know how much stronger I am than all of them. If he cannot anger me, he will try not to anger me. After all who would wish for trouble on themselves.

Liu Yi reclined on the seat which is quite comfortable. His completely relaxed appearance is like the person being taken away is not him but another person. This kind of attitude makes the Colonel slightly uncomfortable.

At the same moment in a tall building in Ke Da, there is a thin man who is glaring at a kneeling down kunoichi.

“Bakayaro! How on earth do you work! After such a long time you still have not found out the secret of the laboratory! With your current manner, how are you worthy of the training from the Glorious Sun Conglomerate?!”


Yoko Nishikawa is kneeling there with her head lowered, not knowing what to say.

“And to think you want to seek permission to release your seal! Baka, do you know if you do it what a joke we would be in front of the Tetsu Group?!”

“But…Tetsu Choroichi from Tetsu Group already released his seal….but was still defeated by a China warrior.”


Hearing what Yoko Nishikawa said, the short man is shocked, “There is actually such a matter…there was actually an expert who is able to defeat Tetsu Choroichi within Ke De?”

“Yes…Tetsu Choroichi is currently still lying in the hospital bed…”

“I did not think that this small Ke Da actually had hidden dragons and crouching tigers! Hmm. Tonight send out our Black Wind Ten-man group! The rest of the countries spies are already in position. We need to be the first to take action and must be before the Tetsu Group takes action!”

“Do I lead the team?”

“No. For the next few days, it is best for you not to appear. This task will not be related to you and from now on all plans related to the laboratory will no longer have anything to do with you. This is the punishment for you not doing your task properly!”


Instead of being upset, Yoko Nishikawa is actually feeling relief.

Perhaps in her heart, she does not wish to be a criminal.

If I damaged the laboratory…perhaps he and Liu Yi…will both be upset with me…

But will the Black Wind Ten-man group’s mission tonight succeed?


Chapter 368 [Take a trip with us]

Teaser of the day:


At this moment a black figure suddenly appears in front of the ten-man group. It is like he walked out from the void and stood in front of them.

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